Gifting On A Tight Budget? 10 Fantastic Gifts for Boyfriend in Low Budget That'll Still Be A Hit With Him

Gifting On A Tight Budget? 10 Fantastic Gifts for Boyfriend in Low Budget That'll Still Be A Hit With Him

Love has no price, but you always want to give the best possible gift to your boyfriend, don't you? If you are finding yourself strapped for cash, fret not. You can still give fabulous gifts without breaking the bank. Wondering how? Look no further! We've got together a exhaustive list featuring top low budget gifts for you.

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Your Ideal Gift Budget Fixing Pointers

Check Your Comfort Level

When gifting something to the boyfriend, the first and foremost thing to do is check the amount of comfort level you have with him. This can help you with finding the right gift.
If it is still a new relationship or a budding romance, then get him flowers or chocolates. Do not gift him something intimate or personal if you don't feel ready. But, if you have the comfort level, then plan a cosy date night for him. You can spend some quality time and definitely spice things up for you.

Your Closeness To Recipient

Your closeness to your boyfriend will help you decide what kind of gift you should get him. This often depends on how old your relationship is. We recommend considering these things because they help a lot in choosing the gift that is best suited for the man you love.

If your relationship is just 2 months old, then gifting him a nice card or a cake is a good idea. You do not want him to gift something very personal and freak him out. At the same time if your relationship is a year old, gifting him a watch or a shirt might seem appropriate.

Importance of Occasion

A gift should also be decided on the basis of the occassion. Choose which occassions need to go overboard, in terms of budget. Thus, it is important to take care of these small things if you want the recipient to truly enjoy the gift.

Also, with a lot of occassions coming up, it is necessary to take care of the budget too. Hence, you can gift your boyfriend something expensive on his birthday but consider gifting a token on Valentine's Day. You can also consider making a gift on your own.

Low Budget Love Moments That Can You Enjoy With Your Boyfriend

Gollgappa Battle


Pani puri or Gol gappa is one snack that is liked by all. This dish has a lot of different names but most of the place it is called by these names only. With this snack, you can plan something fun with your boyfriend.

You can choose to take him to your favourite pani puri vendor and challenge him to have a competition with you. This is not only fun but will alos be a great memory for both of you. The best part is that you can sponsor this whole competition as pani puri is very cheap. So, you can cut him some slack and spend a budgetary weekend.

Lazy Romantic Walks

The whole point of a relationship is to spend some quality time. Thus, it is a good idea to plan something romatic for you. A date night or a movie date is a good idea but is pretty common.

Instead, going for a romantic walk is something beautiful. As cliche as it may sound, we reccomend trying this with your partner. You can walk hand in hand under the stars or on the beach or in the garden. It costs nothing but will give you a lot of moments to remember.

Workout Together

The other romantic thing to do is to workout together. You can either join his gym or gift him a membership in your gym. It is really cute to do some activity together. In this way, you will be spending some time doing something productive as well.

It is obvious that you can get caught up with your routine and just find time to spend on weekends. But, if you are working out together, then you get to see each other everyday. The best thing is that you can actually click some Instagram worthy pictures while working out with your boyfriend.

Few Low Budgeted But High Spirited Gifts For Boyfriend

Personalised Passport Case


You can also search and buy some low budgeted gifts. The Bling Stores passport cover from is a great gift. It is black in colour and is made of faux leather and PU leather.

You can personalize it by getting his name written on it. It is available in colours like red, green, blue and black. It has enough place to hold your passport and travel documents both. The cover is priced at Rs.500.

Help Me Bookmark


If your boyfriend is also a bookworm, then gifting him a book or something related to that will be a good idea. Exciting Lives Help Me Bookmark - Gift For Bookworm from is a great gift. The package actually contains funny little bookmarks with hands screaming for help.

The package contains 4 bookmarks in different colours. It is made out of hardened plastic and is 14.5 cm by 2.5 cm in size. The packages is priced at a reasonable rate of Rs.240.

Love Handcuffs


It is a good idea to spice up things with your boyfriend. Hence, gift him exciting Lives Love Handcuffs from They are faux covered handcuffs and your partner is sure going to be surprised with it.

They are very lightweight and soft. They are also perfect for those intimate moments. The package includes keys but the cuffs open with a switch. They are priced at Rs.299 but will definately give you a lot of priceless moments.

Emoji Fridge Magnet Set

You can also gift him Nourish Emoji Fridge Magnet Pack from, just for fun. They are made out of polyester and are laminated. The width is 5 cm and the height is also 5 cm.

The pack contains 6 different emoji magnets. You can also send him cute notes with these magnets which he can put up on the refrigerator. He will be reminded of you whenever he sees those notes. The magnets are priced at just Rs.199.

Beard Catcher

Gift him something unique and nice. s4d Beard Apron Hair Catcher for Quick Disposal of Facial Hair Mess from is a great gift. Grooming facial hair can definately be a task and the cleaning of the leftover hairs is definately one.

This product definately makes it very easy. This beard bib will collect hair easily and help with disposal as well. It comes in white colour and is priced at Rs.999.

Thug Life Pixel Sunglasses


Deal With It Glasses - Thug Life Pixelated Sunglasses 8-Bit Style MLG Shades from is a quirky yet useful gift. It features UV 400 protection. They completely resonate with the thug life meme.

These glasses are definately perfect for concerts, parties and festivals. It geninely gives the cool attitude vibe once you start wearing it. Thus, you should definately get your boyfriend one, if you feel he will be able to pull it off. The product is priced at Rs.2760.

3D Frog Eye Mask

3D Plush Frog Eye Mask from is also a very cool gift. If your boyfriend is in the habit of wearing a sleeping mask, then just get him this one. It is not only cute but it has 3D playful frog eyes.

It really blocks light so that you can have a good and undisturbed sleep. It is made with soft plus and is very compact and portable. The best part is that it has a placeholder for a gel pad as well. The mask is priced at Rs.399.

Dumbbell Water Bottle


The best thing to give your gym addict boyfriend apart from a gym membership is dumbell shaped water bottle. Infinxt Dumbbell Shaped Gym, Sport, Travel Water Drink Bottle from is the perfect fit for him. It is made out of plastic.

There are a lot of colours available for this bottle. Thus, gift him one in his favourite colour. The best part is that everytime he carries this to the gym, he will be reminded of you. The bottle is priced at Rs.389.

Personalised Pen


Golden - Silver Personalized Pen Set from is one good gift option. If your man is working or even studying for that matter, he will surely need a pen. This one is a ball pen which can be personalised with a name.

Get his name written on it and he will definately love it. For getting it personalised, you just need to upload a digital image while placing the order. The pen is priced at Rs.990.

Truffle Chocolate


If you want to gift him something and are really bored of putting in the effort, then get him a nice cake without any occassion. It will be fun and romantic for both of you to cut the cake and relish it together. Thus, in a way you will not be only treating hil but yourself too.

Chocolate Truffle Cream Cake from is a great idea. The shape of the cake is round and it is eggless. The cake is half kg and is priced at Rs.549.

Emotions Can’t Be Measured With Money

If you have a low budget, the do not get disheartened. It is the thought that counts and the love that matters. He is not going to see the price of the gift that you bought him but the emotions behind it.

So, be a little creative as there are a lot of romantic ways with which you can enjoy and make him feel special. Alternatively, you can also consider making a gift on your own. You do not have to be very creative or make masterpieces. Just baking him a small batch of his favourite chocolate chip cookie also works.

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Low Budget But Not Low Quality

No need to always splash out the bank on expensive stuff, as thoughtful gifts are possible if you just spend some time looking. However be careful of the quality of the gift you buy. Even if it is something small like a keychain make sure it is good quality stuff that he can use for long. You don't want to be embarrassed with something that falls apart right in his hands!