Get Ready to Cozy Up with These Jackets! Trendy Jackets Essential for the Winter Season to Keep You Warm and Keep Off Diseases.(2021)

Get Ready to Cozy Up with These Jackets! Trendy Jackets Essential for the Winter Season to Keep You Warm and Keep Off Diseases.(2021)

Staying warm during winter is essential to keep you safe and keep out the cold. With a good cozy jacket, you can best take care of your body avoiding conditions such as hypothermia. During winter, anybody can get cold, including men, and for this reason, BP Guide has made this list of the types of winter jackets for men and suggestions of some winter jackets you can purchase.

Choosing a Winter Jacket: Top Things to Consider

Your Budget!

So, the very first thing to consider when getting a jacket would be the cost. There are jackets of every kind and every type. So knowing what you want to spend is a good way to figure out your options. If you are budget-minded, you can spend enough time to a low-cost option with equally good material quality and overall look.

The Brand

For the brand, it is up to you. While the right jacket with the right material that will last long maybe the primary desire, we often love to flaunt cool brands. In addition to the flaunting value, buying from a good brand will ensure quality as they need to maintain their reputation.

The Material

This one is quite straightforward. So, the better quality, the better the jacket. However, don't just check the overall quality check also the quality of the lining, the zips, and the sleeves, along with other parts too. This way, you can ensure that your money is well-spent and won't have to fret over buying another one too soon.

The Color and Pattern

This one, again, is up to you. So, the darker the color, the more professional it will look. Similarly, a plain or solid pattern would be good for professional uses and look elegant for casual clothing as well. A really complicated pattern, on the other hand, usually doesn't look too good.

Types of Winter Jackets for Men

Type 1: Bomber Jacket

As you might know, bomber jackets are usually short with a ribbed waistband, matching cuffs, and a zipper front. Also, these have four pockets and are made with clothes like leathers, polyester, cotton, and nylon. For the collar, it is either flat round or like that of a shirt and can be plain or with shearling lining.

Men Navy Blue Solid Bomber Jacket by Gant

In case you really did like the bomber jacket type and have the money, we would suggest that you get the Men Navy Blue Solid Bomber Jacket By Gant. So, it is in navy blue color and is made up of great quality polyester. Also, it has a mock collar along with two pockets and a zip closure.

The M size would fit a six-feet man and, for the washing, it can be machine-washed. It also has a straight hem, long sleeves, and a great polyester lining. With a solid pattern, this jacket falls under the casual category and is great to be worn especially in winters, to keep out the cold. You can easily buy it online from Myntra for the price of INR 16,799.

Type 2: Parka

First made by the Caribou Inuit, parkas are usually worn during extremely cold times. These were initially made with sealskin or caribou in the Arctic but soon developed to be made by others like polyester. Now, these also tend to have a hood and are lined with faux fur or fur. It comes down to hip length and is sometimes waterproof as well.

Technical Padded Parka by Zara


Made by the well-known brand of Zara, this next jacket might be the best one on this list if you are really buying it to stay clear of the chilly winters. So, made in China with hundred percent polyester, it is really thick and long, helping cover your top body. Also, it has a padded interior along with a high neck and an adjustable hood for added protection.

In addition to all that, it has elastic trim and extendible detail as well as long sleeves. Other than that, the parka has zip pockets on the chest and hip and inside pocket detail for added style as well. Lastly, it has a zip closure hidden by the snap button placket and can be bought from the Official Website of Zara for INR 5,490.

Type 3: Denim Jacket

Also known as a jeans jacket or a trucker jacket, this type is made from denim and was first introduced in the US during the nineteenth century. Also, this one is a casual one and, even though it is known to be a staple of western wear, this is also worn in other parts of the world. These are usually found in blue but can be dyed into any other color too and the warmer ones have a sherpa lining.

Men Shearling Lined Denim Jacket by Shein


If you want a cheap yet stylish jacket, you should try this Men Shearling Lined Denim Jacket By Shein. This particular winter jacket for men also falls under the casual category and is in blue color. Also, it requires a medium wash and is completely plain. For the neckline, this one has a funnel neck and regular length.

Also, even though it is cheaper, it still is warm and has long sleeves. Moreover, the fabric is non-stretch and it has a regular fit along with a single-breasted placket. For the material, the men's jacket is made up of polyester and is lined with shearling for added comfort. you can buy it from the Official Website of Shein for just INR 3,243.

Type 4: Blouson Jacket

For how it got the name, a blouson or a blouse jacket has a tight waist that causes it to blouse out and hand over the waistband. Also, these often have a hood and were adopted from the American flight and police blouson. Also, it is similar to the Eisenhower jacket and can be used as sportswear or casual wearing.

Atkins Sheepskin Leather Dark Brown Blouson Jacket by Monochrome


If you are looking for a stylish jacket for semi-formal or casual parties, give this one a try. This monochrome hand-crafted jacket in dark brown color is made up of pure high-quality leather. The inner side is lined with polyester material and has one pocket. On the outside, the jacket has one top button along with the zip closure, two welt pockets, and one zipped chest pocket.

The sleeves are in a straight style with the zipped ending, whereas the hem has threaded finishing lines. The fitting of this jacket is regular and can be worn both in summer as well as winter. You can pair it up with a round neck shirt, blue denim jeans, and white shoes. You can buy this leather jacket from Amazon for only INR 6,499.

Type 5: Puffer Jacket

Often known to be the best type of jacket for the harsh winters, the puffer jackets have puffy sections. Also, these are filled with either synthetic fibers or down insulation, making them even warm but the level of warmth varies between all products. Additionally, these are lightweight yet bulky with costs ranging from just a couple of hundred rupees to tens of thousands.

Men Zip Through Hooded Padded Jacket by Shein

This puffer jacket in black is enough to spice up your bland outfit. The outer shell of this jacket is in parachute material whereas the inner shell is padded and is composed of 100% polyester. The inner side of the jacket is lined with fleece material for extra warmth. The jacket has a letter pattern along with puffer style and padded material. The sleeves are long with a regular fit and are in a round shape.

Moreover, the neckline of this puffer jacket is hooded and has a zip closure. The length of the jacket is regular with drawstring detailing. It has two zipped welt pockets on the front, a cap at the back, and a zipper placket. The jacket has a jet black color, with no shine, and the material is non-stretchable as well. You can buy this jacket from Shein for INR 3,085.

Type 6: Biker Jacket

Made up of leather, as the name suggests, this type is usually worn by motorcyclists. However, unlike most leather jackets, this type has short and tight-fitting with studs and zips. Also, these are often warm and are considered to be a casual type.

Black Nape Biker Jacket by Mango

To step up your winter clothing, give this stylish biker jacket a try. The outer shell of this jacket is made up of 100% premium quality sheep leather, whereas the inner side is a blend of 52% cotton and 48% polyester material. The fit of this jacket is regular, with long sleeves in a straight style. Furthermore, it has a casual line in the middle that gives it a chick look.

This biker jacket has a zip closure with stud fastening at the collar, two zipped pockets, and a back stitched panel. In addition to all that, the jacket has threaded detailing on the sleeves and shoulders. The sleeves are lined with 100% polyester material and have a zipper closure whereas, the lining under the pockets is of pure cotton material. You can buy this product from Mango for only INR 22,990.

Type 7: Sweat Jacket

As you might have been able to guess, sweat jackets are usually made to absorb all the sweat, hence being best for sportswear use. This is so because of the type of cloth it is made of and its thickness. It can also be worn on casual occasions with trousers and a nice shirt.

Men Black BMW M Motorsport Life Reflective Logo Solid Sweat Jacket by Puma

If you are looking for a casual wear jacket over your active-wear or even with casual winter clothes, consider this one. The outer layer of this jacket is made up of two materials; 93% polyester and 7% elastane whereas, the inner shell is lined with polyester material. The jacket has a very contemporary outlook with a 2-tone ripstop chest overlay, mock collar, and a stripe piping.

Moreover, it has a patch pocket on the left sleeve, along with 2 side zip pockets, and rib cuffs. In addition to all that, it has a reflective PUMA Cat Logo print on its right side of the chest and has an inner woven BMW Motorsport label. The jacket also a reflective horizontal Motorsport impression at the left sleeve and an M color sign-off at the left lower back. You can buy this jacket from Myntra for only INR 8,999.

Type 8: Quilted Jacket

With a great fusion of fashion and warmth, the quilted jackets are quite similar to the puffer jackets. These can be worn for traveling and hiking or as casual wearings and go great with denim, boots, trousers, or cardigans, etc. For fabric, these are often made with polyester, cotton, silk, wool, and fleece.

Technical Fabric Quilted Anorak by Mango

A great quilted jacket for winters would be this Technical Fabric Quilted Anorak By Mango. It is made up of polyester with the lining of polyamide and rib of polyamide and elastane. So, it has clean lines that provide a great aesthetic and it is crease-resistant as well as water-repellent with a thermoregulator within.

In addition to all that, it has a removable hood, two velcro flap pockets on the chest, and two on the sides as well as side zip pockets. Moreover, it has a technical sleeve on the cuff, velcro closure on the cuffs, a concealed zip with button fastening, and an inner pocket as well as a headphone slot. You can buy it from the Official Site of Mango for INR 22,990.

Type 9: Leather Jacket

As the name suggests, these jackets are made up of leather and come in various types of leather and fittings. For this reason, while some of these are great for winters, others can also be worn during summers and are another casual choice, but some might even be considered formal.

Men Black Solid Leather Jacket by Justanned

To end the article off, here is a great leather jacket. The Men Black Solid Leather Jacket By Justanned is made up of great quality leather and has a solid black patter along with a stand collar and a straight hem. We suggest that you dry-clean it and a medium size would easily fit a six-foot person.

In addition to all that, it has three pockets, long sleeves, and cotton lining along with zip closure. Also, this one is suitable for casual occasions and can easily keep the cold out. For styling, we suggest that you wear it with straight trousers and loafers. You can easily buy it online from Myntra for the price of just INR 6,000 at a sale.

Tips to Get the Best Look

A Watch is a Must

As you might know, watches add elegance as well as professionality to your outfit and should always be worn, no matter what. In case you have the money, we would suggest this one.

So, it has an analog display with automatic movement, a motion power source, stainless steel material, and features like reset time and date aperture. It has a silver-toned bracelet style with butterfly closure, a water-resistance of 50 meters, and a warranty of two years. You can get it from Myntra for INR 71,916.

Get a Good Pair of Shoes

Another tip would be that you always wear good shoes. So, even though these come at the bottom, people often look at the shoes first, and, therefore, judge you by them too. Here, you should make sure that the style and color go well with the outfit while also considering the material. Always remember not to overdo these because the simple ones are always more elegant.

From our editorial team

The Ideal Jacket for You or Your Loved One

From considerations such as budget, the brand or the type and material, getting a winter jacket won't be so much difficult if you carefully perused through. You can get an all-weather and type jacket such as a sweat jacket, useful for sporting, light or mild and even harsh weather or an always trendy jacket such as the leather jacket. While people have different preferences, some great suggestions have been given to help keep your body in optimal conditions during winter while still looking stylish.