Stun Your Visitors With Gorgeous Navratri Stage Decoration: 7 Evergreen Themes That Will Inspire You(2020)

Stun Your Visitors With Gorgeous Navratri Stage Decoration: 7 Evergreen Themes That Will Inspire You(2020)


Navratri or Durga puja is one of the most prominent festivity of the Hindu religion and is celebrated with full joy. Navratri is celebrated twice a year, first, is Chaitra or Vasanta Navratri is celebrated in nearby April, While Sharada Navratri is celebrated during September or October. In the festival, we Indians feel from core that what new things we can do. With this in mind, each time we come up with perfect ideas for decoration so that we can do something creative. Now when Navratri is at the door, surely most of us began to think about how to decorate the stage and get the amazing spiritual feel. Worry no more! Read on to find the best for yourself.

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Navratri - Celebrating The Feminine

Goddess Shakti took various forms to bring peace to the world. She is the Kali, Mahishasura Martini, who alleviated evil by killing Mahishasura. Navaratri is the time to celebrate the goddess in every woman and drive home the fact that being feminine does not mean being weak. It is the traditional way to do away the concept of the weaker sex. Glorifying the goddesses on the earth is what Navratri is all about. And it comes with the perks of decorations, sweets, variety of foods, colours, lights, hope, and spirituality. Women, not only get the acknowledgement and appreciation during the festivals of Nine Nights, which is what Navratri means. The entire society gets time and energy to explore various options to make the nine days colourful and vibrant.

Top Evergreen Themes for Navratri Stage Decoration

Navratri is the victory of good over evil. Indian celebrations are very much around this theme and boost the confidence of people; assures hope and faith. Not only the divinity and spirituality gain significance during these times but also the sense of beauty and the need for decoration arises. Here are some evergreen decoration ideas for the Navratri stage for your home or workplace.

#1 Different Forms of the Goddess

In south India, Navratri involves Golu, the arrangement of numerous dolls on wooden planks in the form of steps. In the rest of India, it is Maa Durga and her forms before she killed Mahishasura. You can decorate your house and stage based on these nine forms, and the colours attached to them. You can highlight a part of the stage with wallpapers of the colour for the day, and deck yourself with the same colour clothes and accessories. Here is a list of forms of Maa Durga for the 9 days and the colours for each day.

  • Day 1: Shilaputri avatar – Grey
  • Day 2: Brahmacharini avatar – Orange
  • Day 3: Chandrakantha avatar – White
  • Day 4: Kushmanda avatar – Red
  • Day 5: Skandamata avatar – Sky Blue
  • Day 6: Katyayani avatar – Pink
  • Day 7: Kalaratri avatar- Royal Blue
  • Day 8: Mahagauri avatar – Yellow
  • Day 9: Siddhidatri avatar – Green

#2 Ramayana or Dussehra Themed

Celebrating the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana, good over evil, is another popular story associated with Navratri is the tenth day is Dussehra. You can bring in images of Lord Ram, Sita, and Lakshman, and Lord Hanuman. Lord Ram, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu ended the saga of the demon Ravana, and this glorious occasion is celebrated as Dussehra in North India. The pandals make a striking difference when it comes to the Golu or South India and the Dusshera of the north. If you have kids, ask them to narrate the story of Ramayana, which adds to the theme’s elegance.

#3 Mahishasura-Story Themed

The pandal stages outdoors are often a combination of various types of themes. Political themes, patriotic and movie-based themes are also found. The traditional theme of Mahishasura's story, however, is the majority. When you want to bring in the significance of the Mahishasura story on the stage, then again there are plenty of options. You get blinds that can be customized. They together bring the image of Maa Durga in the desired form for you. You can find a variety of options that include the modern abstract art panels. You can find large framed paintings, small images and idols to be placed on the stage, or on the table to bring the mood of the Navratri festival.

#4 Contemporary Themes

From bringing in the tallest statues across the country, some pandals bring in the styles from all over India. For instance, Ekdalia Evergreen has exemplary replicas of temples in India. In 2019, the pandal had the replica of the Jatoli Shiva temple in Himachal Pradesh. In another pandal, the theme was the makeshift rocket launcher décor.

#5 Patriotic Themes

The blood of patriotism flows through Indians, and they find a way to showcase at all places, and Navratri pandals are no exception. One fine example of the pandal decoration with the patriotism theme is the Balkot airstrike model. Fleeing and dead terrorists and the 64 models of IAF personnel were placed in the 2019 pandal of the Sarbojanin Durga puja committee.

#6 Regional Themes

Different police wings were the décor theme of Kailash Bose street puja committee, which pays tribute to the Kolkata police. Mohammad Ali Park pandal had the Murugan temple and its features, from Kerala. A Jaipur’s of Sheesh Mahal of Jaipur, covered the idol with 50 kgs of gold, in the pandal at Santhosh Mitra Square. Suruchi Sangha pandal is themed after different Indian states each year. You can also derive inspiration from your region to decorate the stage.

#7 Social Message Themes

Navratri pandals also extend the theme to bring home various facts of India, its culture, religion, and spirituality. Pandals with the theme of the condition of refugees, a bygone era of letters and letterboxes, global warming has been seen every year. This helps create awareness.

#6 Items You Can Use to Decorate the Stage This Navratri!

The splendid stage pandals decoration at a huge scale at common places for Maa Durga always inspires many people to bring in at least a miniature décor to the home. If you are looking for simple options that would make your Navratri stage striking, and of course, if you do not have a fat wallet, here are budget-friendly and elegant choices to ensure your Navratri decoration never goes out of trend. Here is a compilation of 6 best decoration items for the Navratri stage you have set up.

#1 Toran/Tapestry


A toran is the sign of divine attraction. You need to take care of decoration aspects right from the door to the stage décor. Getting the toran has multiple purposes, you can use this to decorate the entrance, or use it at the front of the stage. This stunning toran Bandarwal door hanging can also be used during all occasions and you can use it during any of the puja activities. The colours of green and red make it appeasing and a feast to the eyes. These hues are often associated with festivities and auspicious occasions. These bright colours bring a festive mood without much ado.

This Bandarwal toran or tapestry comes for Rs. 824 from Rajrang. Get one at Paytm Mall, and add to the festivities. Made of cotton, the toran can be reused, and you need to dry clean only to keep the luster for long. It is durable and can be used for Navratri each year if you wish to use it for long.

#2 Indian Handmade Earthen Clay Decorative Diyas

Diyas add to the spiritual ambience during festivities. These diyas are handmade and made of clay. The multicolour designing ensures that these diyas are apt choices for the splendid Navratri décor. You can use multiple diyas to decorate the stage or choose a few to light before the Goddess only. The craftsmanship of the diya surely catches attention though, amidst the décor, its size can be quite small. Use oil and cotton wicks to light in an auspicious manner, or find versatile ways to use these iconic Indian handmade earthen clay decorative diyas from Shopclues. A set of four diyas come for Rs. 99.

#3 String Decorative Lights for Stage Decoration


Festivities bring in spark to life and adding various types of light to the décor only adds to the elated mood of the Navratri. When there is a stage décor, and you need to augment the beauty to it, bring in the string decorative lights. This is a set of 50 LED lights. They have a waterproof level of IP66, and you can be free from worries of getting something spilt on the bulbs that are closer to the ground. The beam angle of the LED bulbs is 90 to 180 degrees, which means that the bulbs glow well enough to make your décor beam with beauty. They can be used for 20000 hours, which is another added advantage, as you will be using the stage for 10 days throughout the function. The bulbs are available for Rs. 799 at

#4 Multicolour Decoration Net - Set of 3

When you have a creative bend of mind, why not display to the world this Navratri? Explore options to wrap gifts, or when it comes to balloon decorations, and other decorations around the stage. You can find the three colours of red, silver and gold nets available. These nets are of the finest quality, and each net is of 10 yards. You get a pack of 30 yards of the Vardhaman multicolour decoration net when you place an order at Snapdeal. They are priced at Rs. 599. The matte finish fabric adds the glow of the gift packing and improves the aesthetics of the decoration.

#5 Artificial Trailing Ivy Leaf Decorations

The beautiful vine leaves fern trails are the best choice for adding to the brightness of the decoration. These leaves decoration brings a glow of festivity on occasions. The best thing about these faux decorations is that they require minimum or no maintenance. For this Navratri, make your stage look lively with these artificial ivies. offers them at Rs. 144, and this is not something that stays only for one year of your Navratri decorations and can instead be used again and again.

#6 Artificial Marigold Garlands


The colours of the marigolds are a must to add to the aesthetics of any of your décor for puja. And for Navratri, these artificial marigold garlands can make your stage look stunning. Made of plastic, they are light in weight and you can hang them at any spot. The garland can be reused and requires simple cleaning only. The vivid hues of orange and yellow make the garlands attractive and your stage becomes the centre of attraction. They offer a feel fresh appearance to the Navratri stage, or even to the parties and other festive celebrations when used. You can come up with plenty of ideas to decorate the stage with these marigold garlands. These 58-inch garlands come for Rs. 249 from Amazon.

Three Things to Use for Decoration That Will Steal the Day!

When you want to steal the day with the Navratri stage you have set-up, here are the three things you should never miss to use.

#1 Fresh Flowers for Every Day of Navratri

Flowers and pujas are inseparable. The aura of divinity, purity, and sanctity offered by fresh flowers are incomparable. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, bring in fresh flowers for each day of the festival. Mogra, marigold, roses, and flowers of all vibrant colours can be used. The Genda Phool is the right choice to decorate the doorway.

#2 Kalash and Traditional Matkas


You can use various Kalash types. The Kalash remains through all the 9 days of Navratri. They can be decorated with traditional and vibrant flowers. The earthen pots or the traditional matkas named Garba are also icons of Navratri celebrations. They are decorated with mirrors, laces, and crystals. Available in different sizes, they can be a stunning addition to your stage during Navratri.

#3 Rangolis and Diyas

Rangolis and Diyas are must-have items during the pujas. This is the right time to bring in your creativity. Using traditional diyas, decorating your home is easy. Attractive diyas that have laces, different colour prints, and the terracotta lamps available in the market. They bring in the mood of Navratri with ease. Making rangolis is also easy these days - look for inspiration online if you want some fresh ideas. YouTube has several tutorials as does Instagram. Another option is to buy readymade rangolis and put them up at different places.

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In Conclusion!

Navratri festive days bring unlimited joy. We all keenly wait for this time when Navratri festivals come and we start preparing for the stage decoration. Only a simple decoration for Navratri will make your home festive ready. These above discussed Navratri decoration ideas will give your house a stunning look! However, it is most important to keep it simple, clear and natural. We hope these Simple and Easy Tricks helped you to make Navratri Stage Decoration in 2020.