Just Started Programming but Don't Have that Right Keyboard Yet? Here are 9 Best Keyboard for Programmers in India That You May Try (2021)

Just Started Programming but Don't Have that Right Keyboard Yet? Here are 9 Best Keyboard for Programmers in India That You May Try (2021)

Are you confused about which is the best keyboard for programmers in India? As programmers type a lot so, it makes sense to buy the best keyboard for programming that’s good for your productivity, speed and your fingers as well. If you're hunting for a new keyboard on the market, but you're not sure what to invest in? Well, fret not! this article will help you select a high-performance, fast typing keyboard for your computer device.

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Importance of Getting the Right Keyboard

The right keyboard for a programmer is a critical accessory as you will be spending hours on it. Without a good one, your speed gets affected, it may consume more time and you may start having more pain leading to issues like carpal tunnel. A good keyboard can make you efficient and make your day productive. Plus, the best ones have a great look and you will actually enjoy programming with them. And, these tend to be way more comfortable to use with really ergonomic choices, depending on your preferences.

Know the Different Types of Keyboards

So, now that you know why you might want to spend enough time choosing the correct keyboard for you, you might want to know some of the types you can choose from.

Mechanical Keyboards

As the most well-known and common type, a mechanical keyboard is made with spring-activated key switches that are made up of various moving parts. Also, these have a very good construction of the switches, making your typing easy as well as fast.

In addition to all that, these are extremely user-friendly and tend to be way more durable than most other choices. However, due to all this, the mechanical keyboards can also be a little more expensive than the ones like membrane keyboard but still have an array of choices available.

Multimedia Keyboards

In case you are a fan of home theatre, you will also like this keyboard choice. So, it has great functionality, helping remove the hassle of using more controllers for your system. For instance, a multimedia keyboard has special keys for the audio options.

In addition to that, this choice is known to have controls for video option for easy programming and the interface is also programmable with various devices. Be that as it may, some might have hard-to-program keys and some might not be compatible with a lot of devices. Other than that, some of these have quite bad durability.

Flexible Keyboards

Being just as the name suggests, this type is very flexible. So, made with very soft materials like silicone, these keyboards can be either folded or rolled into a smaller size. Due to this, these are especially suggested if you don't have enough space or if you move a lot.

Other than great portability, these might also be water-resistant or even water-proof. Moreover, these are almost completely silent and have wireless as well as Bluetooth and wired options. However, these are slower than some and tend to have a shorter lifespan than most other types.

Membrane Keyboards

For this last type, a membrane keyboard is like a computer keyboard but with no space between the keys. Being opposite to the mechanical ones in which the keys are separated and keyboards are thicker, the keys in this are part of the flat pressure-sensitive membrane which automatically senses the touch and sends the required data to the computer.

Also, membrane keyboards are usually resistant to liquids as well as dirt and are rather cheaper to manufacture. Additionally, some of these can also be placed under the category of 'flexible keyboards', making them quite portable as well as durable. Be that as it may, this type of keyboard does not provide any feedback.

Best Keyboards for Programmers in India Who are Just Starting Off

Zebronics Mechanical USB Wired Keyboard Max Plus

Source www.amazon.in

Starting off, this Zebronics Mechanical USB Wired Keyboard Max Plus is great for people who want to speed up their typing. This is so because, with the help of its 12 additional multimedia keys, it will help you to easily access various apps with just a single click.

Also, it has a very sturdy design, ensuring a long lifespan along with the ability to withstand hours of use every day. In addition to that, the multi-colour LED with five brightness levels and seven modes help give it a great look and you can easily buy it online from Amazon for INR 2,950.

HyperX Alloy HX-KB5ME2-US Core RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard

With features like great spill-resistance and a signature light bar with RGB light effects, this is another amazing keyboard. Also, it has quick access buttons for brightness and lighting modes as well as the game mode and also has dedicated media controls.

Moreover, the keys are highly responsive yet quiet and the solid frame makes it very durable. Unlike most, this also has a keyboard lock mode and you can easily customize the keyboard's looks with the five lighting zones within. Lastly, this particular keyboard is known to be very comfortable and can be bought from Flipkart for the price of just INR 4,790.

Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard with Dedicated Media Controls

Source www.amazon.in

With over 16.8 million colour choices, this keyboard is probably one of the best-looking keyboards there are. So, it can change colours to match your setup and has five zones that make it easy to use in dark. Also, the keyboard is said to be over four times faster than a regular keyboard and you can even use multiple keys at once.

In addition to that, it is highly durable as well as spill-resistant with up to 60ml of liquid spillage. And, it has dedicated media controls like skip, play, pause, and adjust for watching videos. You can buy it from Amazon for INR 4,299.

TVS Electronics Gold Keyboard

Being the cheapest choice on this list, the TVS Electronics Gold Keyboard is a great choice for people who are just starting off with their programming career. So, for its features, the keyboard has very well fitted mechanical switches that have a very long life, helping ensure that you won't have to buy another one soon.

In addition to that, it has laser-etched characters on keycaps. Also, the keyboard is very reliable with over 200,000 hours of total use and has the option of working in two different languages. Lastly, they are enabled with rupee symbols and can be bought from Flipkart for INR 2,729.

Best Keyboards for Expert Programmers In India

Razer BlackWidow Elite

Moving on to some of the expensive choices for experts, the Razer BlackWidow Elite would be a great choice. So, it is highly stable with great protection from dust as well as liquids and has three different switch types, each great for different uses. In addition to that, with this, you can do various works like assigning macros and saving profile configurations very easily.

Moreover, it has customizable buttons and is durable to up to over 80 million keystrokes. It also has dedicated media controls and is extremely ergonomic. You can easily get this product from Tech Booze for a price of INR 12,000.

Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600)

In case you can afford to spend a lot of money on your keyboard and want the absolute best, we would highly suggest that you give this one a try. So, the Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600) has an ergonomic design with great comfort, helping increase productivity. Precisely, it has split key-wells with a concave shape, an orthogonal layout, twenty degrees tenting, palm supports, and thumb keys.

Also, it has great Cherry MX Brown mechanical switches with low activation force and great feedback. Also, it is compatible with an array of devices, including Mac OS X, Chrome, Linux, and Windows 7-10. Lastly, a 3-year manufacturer's warranty is included in the package, and the layout and be customized to your needs. You can get it from asnKART for INR 39,000.

Apple Magic Keyboard - US English

Source www.apple.com

Being the highest-worth brand in the world, Apple is surely the best tech brand too. So, if you are going to be using the keyboard for an Apple device like an iPhone, MacBook, iPad, iMac, or iPod, we would suggest that you give this product a try. So, it has a sleek design with a built-in rechargeable battery and a stable mechanism.

Furthermore, it has optimized key travel as well as the ability to provide very comfortable and precise typing. Pairing it is very easy and it has a very long battery life of at most a month. The package also includes the lightning to USB cable and it is very light-weight with the ability to connect wirelessly, by Bluetooth, or with wire. You can get it from the official website of Apple for INR 9,900.

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard

Didn't like any of the above keyboards? Don't worry, this one has a huge array of features. For instance, it has very soft and comfortable Cherry MX Brown switches and the keystrokes can withstand over fifty million keystrokes. Additionally, the panel is of sturdy aluminium and it has two super-fast USB 3.0 ports that have a speed of 5GB/s.

Moreover, for ease-of-use, the volume knob is oversize and it has dedicated media controls as well as an instant sleep button. It also includes a magnetically detachable footboard so that you can raise the keyboard, and you can get it from Ubuy for INR 15,741.

Code V3 87-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard

To end off, here is the Code V3 87-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard. So, being one of the best keyboards in India, this one is made in the US, ensuring the best possible quality. Also, it has a white LED backlighting with seven different levels of brightness, depending on your choice and requirements.

Moreover, your brightness preference will automatically be saved for the future and it is fully programmable via the hardware. The design is also slim with multi-channel cable routing and detachable USB cable and you can easily buy it online from Desert Cart for the price of INR 23,779.

Things to Consider When Buying Your Keyboard

Your Budget

Like most other things, the very first thing that you will need to consider when getting your keyboard will be the price. We suggest that you plan a budget beforehand and try to stick to it as there are a lot of options available in the market. Also, consider the features vs the price and decide only then.

The Size

The next thing would be the size. So, for this, we suggest that you the smallest one you can. This will be especially important if you move a lot or don't have a huge workspace. However, while a smaller one is good, you will probably have to compromise on some of the additional keys that require lots of space.

The Look

If you really want to enjoy using your keyboard or work in groups or something, you will need to remember to get a keyboard that looks good. Here, various factors will weigh in. For instance, you might want to check for the thickness of the length or width. Or, you should check the shape of it. Some additional features like LED lights or something might also add to this further.

The Connectivity

Moving on to the next one, you should check the connectivity option. Now, even though this is up to you, we would suggest that you get a wireless one. This is so because, if you get this one, you will be able to work with it from a little further away and wires won't get into your way.

Having said that, some also have the option to connect both ways, with wire or wirelessly. And, for the wireless ones, you will have to precisely heck their range, and, the more the range, the better it is.

The Material

One last thing that will weigh into your decision would be the material. So, this can also have impacts in various ways. For instance, the smoother the material, the quicker and for longer periods will you be able to work with the particular keyboard. Other than that, the stronger the material, the longer will the keyboard be able to last. And, the flexibility of the material used to make it will also need to be checked.

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