Do You Have an Instagram Account-Based in India and Want to Set Your shop on Instagram(2021)? A Complete Guide to Set Up Your Instagram Shop in India

Do You Have an Instagram Account-Based in India and Want to Set Your shop on Instagram(2021)? A Complete Guide to Set Up Your Instagram Shop in India

Instagram is a social media application that allows users to communicate and connect with people worldwide. If you wish to market a business through Instagram, you can set your Instagram shop and increase your business at a fast pace. Here is the step by step guide on how to open a shop:

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Take Your Business to Next Level with Social Media


Social media has become a prominent channel even for businesses in the last decade. Its importance has increased even further due to the pandemic as fewer and fewer people are going out and are instead spending time on their social media accounts, including Instagram. People are also becoming more comfortable in using channels like Instagram to shop so it makes sense for brands and companies to set up a high-quality presence on social media sites.

Instagram Shopping Benefits

Instagram has today become popular with people across age groups and not just Millennials as the popular perception goes. So an Instagram shop would appeal to a large segment of people who are active online. Instagram shopping as a platform has improved a lot since the start. Firstly, there is the Shopping Tags feature that allows a business to tag its products from a store or a catalogue and allow people to access them simply by a click. You also have the option to effectively divide your products into themes and arrange them in that way to make them more easily accessible and more attractive. The product detail page option, allows the brand to show the details of a product on Instagram rather than having the buyer go to the website and check it there.

To increase the reach of your brand, you are also given the choice of Advertising. For this, the ads will show up in the feeds of the people with the most related searches while the option of Checkout On Instagram is also available for certified businesses and they can allow their customers to buy their products right from Instagram. With Product Launches, you can also tell people when your next product will come out and allow them to set reminders for the time that you set. For an even deeper connection, you can also use the Live Shopping feature.

Steps to Setting up Instagram Shopping in India

Know the Requirements

Starting off, the very first thing that you'll need to do is check if you are even eligible to make an Instagram Shop. For this, you'll have to check several different things. For instance, you'll have to have a business located in one of the supported markets. In case you do not know which ones these include, you can check it out from the Instagram Shopping Availability page.

Other than that, you will also need to have a business that sells one of the eligible products. And, your business will need to have been formed in accordance with Instagram's Merchant Agreement as well as the Commerce Policies. In addition to that, it will have to have a website through which you sell your products.

Know What Products You Want to Sell

Now you can't sell all the products. For this reason, one of the major steps is to figure out precisely what market you want to work in. For this, start by choosing a major category like technology or fashion. Then, try and go deeper and deeper till you have figured out a single sub-category that you want to focus on. For instance, if it is fashion, start by checking if you mean to work in the male section, female section, or both.

Then, try and figure out if you want to focus on any of the particular things in that category which can be things like dresses, shoes, or even accessories, lingerie, activewear, or perfumes, etc. You can always build up into others later if you want.

Figure Out the Target Audience

Now that you know precisely the product that you will be manufacturing, go ahead and figure out your target audience. For this, again, you will have to keep a few things in mind. For instance, you will have to figure out the area which you want to focus on that can be a country, a province, or even just a city.

Then, try and figure out the age of people you want to focus on and perhaps even people that speak a particular language. Then, know the interests you want to exploit through your ads and check their behaviour (as in the pages they visit and all). This can also be changed later on if you want, and, therefore, don't need to worry much if you can't figure it out just yet.

Check Out Some Other Pre-Existing Pages

Now that you have the audience figured out and the products that you want to sell, search on Instagram for pre-existing businesses that are most similar. Here, you should keep a few things in mind.

Firstly, try and check for the pages that sell products similar to yours. Look for ones that are close to your size so you can see easily how they are presenting their products, how they are marketings, the tags they are using and their pricing. Take a look at the products posted, the comments and/or any reviews as well.

Convert to a Business or Creator Account


Moving on to the actual steps for setting up your Instagram Page after the considerations, the first one would be to change your account to a business one. For this, go to the account settings and choose the option of "Switch To Business Profile".

Then, log in with your Facebook account, and before clicking the option of Next on the top right of the page. After this, add in the required information like your email address, business address, and phone number, and click Done. And that is all.

Connect It to Your Facebook Page

The next step is going to be the connecting of your Instagram Account to your Facebook one. For this, go to your profile and choose the option of 'Edit Profile'; Then, under the section of 'Public Business Information', select 'Page'.

After this, from your pages, choose the Facebook Page you want to connect to. Or, you can create a new one here if you want. And, there you go, this step is over with too.

Upload Product Catalogue

For this next step, there are two ways. If you want to make a new catalog, go to Here, choose Add Catalogue and select the type and then press Next. Now, if you chose e-commerce, select either upload product info and add the items yourself or Connect E-Commerce Platform and import from there. Then, choose Business Manager Account and enter the name for the catalog before selecting create. Now connect this to your Instagram one.

To import one, go to the same initial page and select your catalog. Now, open the Catalogue tab and choose Gata Source before choosing Add Items. Next, select the Use a Partner Platform choice and then Next. Afterward, choose the platform and follow the link to the website. Continue with the mentioned steps till you are over with it.

Submit Your Account for Review

After you have connected the catalogue, it is time to submit your account for review. For this, fo to you your profile and then the settings. There, sign up for Shopping by following the mentioned steps and the ones to submit your account for review as these might vary. Then, to check your status, simply visit 'Shopping' in your Settings.

Turn on Shopping

Once your account has been reviewed and approved, go to your business' profile and tap the triple lines on the top. Then, choose Settings and tap on Business before going to 'Shopping'. After this, you are to choose the Product Catalogue that you want to connect it too. Lastly, select Done and you move on to the next step.

Use the Shopping Tag Feature


So, now your Instagram Shop has been officially made but you will need to give it a boost. For this, use the Shopping Tag feature and get more and more people to come to your page and view your shop. For more information on how you can boost this, read the next heading.

Grow Your Business

In order to make the best of your business, you will need to follow some tips. These are as follows.

  • `Also, remember to advertise your business on Instagram and set a budget for this which should grow as your business does.
  • As you introduce new product categories, remember to alter your target audience accordingly.
  • Make sure that you set a particular number of posts you want to post every week and hire people to make them and then effectively use them.
  • Send invites to people and get them to try out your products.
  • Attract influencers and perhaps even send them free samples of the products you are sure of and get them to give reviews.

Some Popular Instagram Shops That You Might Want to Check Out

Street Style Fashion (@streetstylestalkfashion)

Being one of the cheapest, Street Style is also one of the best brands for women. So, not does it only sell women's tops but also bottoms, nightwear, activewear, and shoes, etc. Then, it includes traditional as well as Western dresses available for various functions and has a great customer service system that replies to your queries very fast.

For its product quality and pricing, a great example would be the Sleek Beige Heel. It has been made with PU leather and, as the name suggests, is of Beige colour. It can be worn at casual events as well as parties and has a heel that is about four inches tall. You can easily get it from the official website of Street Style Fashion for INR 999. For their Instagram Shop name, it is @streetstylestalkfashion.

Myntra (@myntra)

Myntra, as you might already know, is one of the most famous brands offering fashion and wellness products, including both men's and women's clothes, shoes, jewelry items, and various other accessories. They also sell products from hundreds of brands and the name for their Instagram Shop is @myntra.

An example of their products would be the Men Black AIR JORDAN 13 RETRO Leather Basketball Shoes. So, these are made up of phylon from the midsole with rubber outsole pods while the rest are made of either great-quality leather or textile. Also, they are made for basketball purposes but are also great for casual uses. The product also has a six-month warranty and should be wiped clean. It can be bought from Myntra for INR 15,995.

If you are looking for a women's smartwatch, you can give this a try. So, it has a 42mm Gen 5E touchscreen with a gold-tone stainless steel mesh bracelet. Also, it has 4GB of storage capacity, along with three smart battery modes and great speaker functionality. Also, powered by Wear OS, it is compatible with iPhones and Android, though some features may vary by phone. It also has various pre-loaded apps to get you started and a charger is also included in the package. Moreover, it has a two-year warranty and a digital display with 50m water resistance, a heart rate monitor, and GPS tracking as well as a sleep monitor. You can get it from Myntra for INR 18,495.

House of Indya (@indya)

House Of Indya is also a brand with a lot of different product categories ranging from clothing to jewelry and even skincare products. It is also one of the most famous Indian Instagram Shops and has the name of @indya on that platform.

One of their best skincare products would be the Glow Everyday Kit. So, it, as you might have been able to guess, includes products that will work together to properly condition and brighten your skin to provide a long-lasting radiant look. The first item within is the face wash that gently cleanses away dull skin and includes constituents like Goji Berries and Vitamin E, helping absorb the impurities before rehydrating your skin.

The moisture surge cream, on the other hand, is great for brightening up your skin and keeping it well-hydrated with constituents like SPF15, Niacinamide, and Vitamin E. It, along with the last product that is the sunscreen, will also protect from UV Rays. Also, it is an SPF 30 sunscreen and is made of items like Rice Bran Oil and Aloe Vera Gel. The product is great for all skin, should be used within two years of manufacturing, and can be bought from House of Indya for INR 1,900.

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