Latest Kurti Patterns You Must Have in Your Wardrobe in 2020!

Latest Kurti Patterns You Must Have in Your Wardrobe in 2020!

This article has a list of recommendations regarding the latest kurti designs of 2020. We have also added tips regarding which kurti designs would suit what body types. Read on to find out more.

Reasons to Own a Kurti


Indian outfits are gaining popularity year by year and one of the most demanded attire is the famous Indian Kurti. You will find this comfortable outfit in every woman’s wardrobe in India. They are traditional, fashionable as well and ultra-comfortable to wear. Although fashion keeps changing, Kurti is one outfit that is always in style, you can wear them with a cool pair of jeans, salwars or leggings. They are made of different fabrics and can be worn in any weather according to the fabric of the Kurti.

Kurtis is loved by women because there are millions to choose from. They come in tons of colours and styles which makes it easier for women of all ages to choose the best one for them. You will find Kurtis which can be worn either casually or to high-end parties or festival celebrations. A few points to prove why Kurtis are loved by all are:

A few points to prove why Kurtis are loved by all are:

  • 1. They are affordable.
  • 2. They come in various styles.
  • 3. You can find them in all shapes and sizes.
  • 4. You can experiment with them by pairing them with different things.
  • 5. They can be worn by women of any age.

Tips on Choosing the Best Kurti for You

Since there are so many different styles of Kurtis available in the market you will have to choose the best one for you. There are a few things you need to know before you buy a Kurti for yourself.

  • Choose the right shape of Kurti: One should always buy clothes according to their body shape and the same applies when you buy a Kurti. It is advisable to analyze your body shape before you pick a style. For example, if you are a person with an apple-shaped body, then you should go with A-line Kurtis whereas Anarkali style looks good on women with a pear-shaped body. If you are skinny then you can wear a straight cut kurta which will give you a look of fullness.

  • Proper fitting: If you wear an ill-fitting Kurti you won't look good in it. Always choose a Kurti which fits properly to enhance your look.

  • Choose the right fabric: Kurtis are made of different fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette, crepe, etc. Therefore, look for the one which compliments your body. The right fabric will give you a sophisticated and classy look.

  • Prints: You may get confused while buying a Kurti due to a number of prints. Most of the women like floral prints but you can find Kurtis with abstract patterns, animal prints or bold prints. Look for the one that attracts you more and looks good on you. You should also choose the prints according to the season.

Know Different Body Types for Choosing the Best Kurti

Here is a list of body types. You can figure out your body type and choose the perfect kurti for yourself.

  • Pear shaped body: A woman with a pear-shaped body has full hips, thighs and may have saddlebags. They also have narrow shoulders compared to hips and smaller upper body.

  • Inverted Triangle shaped body: Women with this type of body have a smaller bottom half in comparison to the top. They have straight and square shoulder line.

  • Apple shaped body: Women with an apple-shaped body have rounded shoulders with big busts and are full around the middle. They may have a flat butt but strong legs.

  • Banana shaped body: Women with a banana-shaped body have straight shoulder line and rib cage with straight hips. They have a subtly defined waist and not much tummy.

Latest Kurti Patterns

Here is a list of some great Kurti styles available in the market and since you know how to choose the right one for you, you can pick and choose the one you like and flaunt it.

Denim Kurta

Denim was once known as the fabric to make jeans with, but now you can find great Kurtis made from denim. It is one of the most comfortable fabrics and you can wear it in any weather. Denim Kurtis looks trendy and it never goes out of fashion. You must have a denim Kurti in your wardrobe for a chic look. You can try this beautiful Rangmayee Solid Denim A-line Kurti. It has a round neck with short sleeves with wonderful embroidery and tassel work on it. You can buy this Kurti for Rs.779 from Myntra.

Ethnic Dresses Style Kurti

Wearing Kurtis makes you look traditional. You can find some of the great Kurtis which will give you an ethnic look. These Kurtis look almost like a dress and you don't even have to wear a legging underneath it. They will make you look elegant and ready for a festive affair.

A great ethnic style Kurti from Inddus can be bought for Rs.2,391 Myntra. It is a beautiful peach colour Kurti with a round neck and three-quarter sleeves. You will love this Kurti as it is a woven maxi dress that can be worn on various occasions. It will enhance your elegance and make your friends envy you.

Kaftan Kurti

Kurtis is one of the most comfortable outfits found in India and the comfort is taken up a level higher with the Kaftan style Kurtis. These Kurtis are in high demand as they are comfortable, breathable and not to mention, extra stylish. If you are confident enough to try something new then you should buy a Kaftan Kurti for yourself and wear it to the next get together.

Buy this white printed Isika cotton Kaftan Kurti for Rs.2,240 from This hand block printed Kurti is great for summers. It will relax you and adds up to your femininity. You can wear it with a pair of jeans and comfortable sports shoes to look trendy and sporty at the same time.

Layered Printed Kurti


Another great style in Kurtis is the Layered Printed Kurti. A layered Kurti is made with an additional layer of fabric attached underneath the Kurti. It creates a unique look for your dress. You can find different kinds of layered Kurtis like the centre long slit Kurti, side slit Kurti, etc. This Kurtis looks great on almost anyone and they look trendy. You will be wearing a Kurti but will be one of the most fashionable girls among your friends.

You can find a great looking layered printed Kurti for Rs.560 from This beautiful Kurti is in a combination of beige and pink colour with a small pattern embroidered in the centre. It is made of viscose fabric and you can easily machine wash the Kurti.

High Low Designer Kurti

This is one style that is loved by the younger generation although it can be worn by anyone. The high low Kurtis are a must-have for summers. They look great and gives a different feel to Kurtis. You can buy a Mezo Mezo high low Kurtis for Rs.690 from This beautiful Kurti has a round raised neckline to give it a defined look with a front button placket. Wear this Kurti with a pair of cropped trousers preferable white to enhance it looks. You can wear nice, traditional Kolhapuri sandals with it and look traditional during pujas. It is one Kurti bound to make you look different.

Jaipuri Print Kurti

Jaipuri prints never go out of fashion. You will find Indians as well as foreigners wearing Jaipuri prints all the time. They reflect the culture and tradition of India. Most of these Kurtis are hand-dyed which increases its value. These Jaipuri print Kurtis come in millions of colours and designs and they look great on everyone regardless of age. Jaipuri Kurtis is known for its prints, dyes and stitching.

You can pair them with salwars, jeans, leggings or Patiala and look graceful. Buy this beautiful blue cotton straight Kurti for Rs.786 from Lime Road. It is made with ethnic motifs embroidered onto the Kurti and has side slits and tassel details. You are sure to look cool in this Kurti during the summer heat.

Front-Slit Kurti


These kurtis are like normal Kurtis but with a little difference. Instead of those normal slide slits, it comes with a front slit and looks great with jeans, palazzos or pants. You can find a variety of front slit Kurtis in the market. They can be worn as a casual dress or you can wear them comfortably to a birthday party or small events.

Buy this beautiful front high slit, cold shoulder Kurti for only Rs.499 from It will reflect your bold nature and your personal style. It is made with Viscose Rayon which makes it perfect to wear during the summers. It has a round neck and a vibrant floral pattern.

Heavy Crepe Kurtis

Crepe is a comfortable fabric and falls right on to your body which enhances your curves. You can find some great looking Kurtis made of heavy crepe. They can be worn casually or even in parties. You can easily pair them with leggings, ankle-length pants or palazzos. They look good and give you a trendy look. You can buy a great crepe Kurti for Rs.1,900 from This Kurti is of blue heavy crepe and is made in Sara Ali Khan style to give you the feel of a supermodel.

Angrakha Kurti

Angarkha Kurti has been in style for ages now. It is a must-have. It looks good on women of all ages and shapes. You can buy a short or a full-length of Angarkha Kurti. They also come in A-line or straight fit. It is made with an overlapping neckline which makes you look elegant and feminine. They can be worn casually or to family events. Go ahead and buy this beautiful grey and pink A-line Angarkha Kurti for Rs.791 from Myntra.

Shirt Style Kurti

The shirt style Kurti is also very famous among women these days. They give you a bold look. They are made with a shirt collar and most of them have full sleeves which you can roll up to whatever length you like. They look super cool and are comfortable. They can be worn during official meetings and make you look confident. You can buy this shirt style All About You Kurti for Rs.1,104 from Myntra. The rusty orange colour makes it look out of the world and it has multiple slots to which makes it classy. The shoulder flaps have a subtle embroidery on them to give it a feminine look to your personality.

Gown Style Long Kurtis

If you like to wear a gown but want to look traditional then you should buy this eternal digital printed gown style, Kurti, for Rs.1,664 from A gown style Kurti is great because even though you are wearing a comfortable Kurti but it gives you a feeling of wearing a gown and lets you feel like a fairy. They come in different styles and colours and look great during festivals and special occasions. This particular Kurti is made of Manipuri silk and the inner lining is made of crepe. This Kurti will make heads turn when you walk into the room.

Kurti with Jacket


If you want to try something new this season then you should buy a Kurti with a jacket. They are one of the most demanded styles for women of all ages. This one comes with a jacket that enhances its look and makes it look completely different. Wearing this Kurti will let you flaunt an Indo Western look and look traditional at the same time. People will love your sophisticated look. You can wear this Kurti in any length and they look great on a pair of jeans or leggings. Another advantage of wearing a Kurti with a jacket is that you can wear it during light winters and feel comfortable in it.

Buy a great straight Kurti with a jacket from Ashwani Women's for Rs.398 from Amazon. This navy blue Kurti with golden print makes it look royal and the jacket adds another level to it.

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Kurtis - The Comfort Wear for All Women

Kurtis is the go-to wear for most women in India, be it working women, or homemakers. It has a charm and comfort of its own which is unmatched, given that it also brings a flavour of tradition and ethnicity. Kurtis is versatile. They are available in a number of designs, patterns, colours, fabrics and styles. Choose one that suits your body shape and wear a Kurti to the next occasion you are attending and make heads turn!