Plan Your Next Vacation to These Countries Near India: 8 Stunning Destinations Right at Your Doorstep You Can Travel Cheaply To!

Plan Your Next Vacation to These Countries Near India: 8 Stunning Destinations Right at Your Doorstep You Can Travel Cheaply To!

Another vacation is on the way; you've had so many that took you to various places far and wide, but how about countries surrounding India? Yes, there are many beautiful countries around India you can visit. Want to know these exotic places? Come along as we unveil them one after the other.

Why Visiting The Countries Near India is A Great Choice?


Easy On The Pocket

Almost all the countries to visit near India are very easy on the pocket. It does not matter whether you are travelling from India or even from the USA, you are going to find it really affordable to visit Asian countries. From hotels to food, everything is very much affordable and hence, it is quite simpler to plan a trip to countries near India, especially when we draw a comparison between travelling to the USA and travelling to Asian countries. You can save a huge amount of money for the latter.

Tonnes of Amazing Countries To Visit

All the countries near India are amazing to visit for so many reasons that you might want to pack your bags and move here permanently.

There is so much versatility in the countries around India that you have one destination for every season. For example, for a tropical vacation, you have the Maldives, for a cultural experience, you have Bhutan and Nepal, for sky-high buildings and urban vacation, you have Hong Kong and UAE. It can’t get any better.

You Can Plan A Family Trip Too

As the countries are quite affordable, it won’t be an issue to plan a family trip to these countries, without a doubt. Our recommendation is Vietnam, UAE, Bhutan and more of such countries to explore amazing activities out there with your family.

These places are totally safe for the family, including elders and kids too. Most importantly, culturally rich countries near India like Nepal, Cambodia, Burma etc. have so much to offer families.

You Get To Visit Culturally Rich Countries

When you find out about countries to visit near India, you will be attracted to them immediately because of their rich culture and heritage. Some of the examples of such countries are Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and many more.

From beautiful temples to amazing history holding it all together, visiting these countries around India is no less than a beautiful spiritual journey on its own.

Pretty Safe for Solo Travelling

Vietnam is one of the safest countries to travel in the world even for solo travellers. So, it clearly justifies the fact that countries near India are quite safe and secure when it comes to travelling on your own. If you are a solo traveller, then you can also visit countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Mongolia etc.

8 Beautiful and Culturally Rich Countries to Visit Near India


Vietnam is a breathtakingly beautiful Southeast Asian country. This country is popular for its greenery, beaches and Buddhist Pagodas. So, if you are looking for a cultural and spiritual ride for soul searching, Vietnam might be a great place for you. The best time to visit Vietnam is either from July to August or from December to February. Talking about the things to do in Vietnam, it mostly consists of beach visits and nature exploration.

The places you would love to visit in Vietnam are Ha Long Bay, a compilation of 1600 limestone islands, Cu Chi Tunnels, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and many more. The latest attraction in the country is the Golden Bridge which is a 150-meter long pedestrian bridge. Make sure that you book your hotel in the capital city of Hanoi in Vietnam.

Sri Lanka

If you are that kind of traveller who wants to know about such countries near India which are perfect for your chill mood, Sri Lanka is definitely one of them. This island nation is best for a beach-loving person and the best time to visit Sri Lanka is from December to March. You cannot find a better combination of hills and beaches elsewhere than Sri Lanka. From Ella gap in Southern Mountain Wall to Mirissa beach hideaways, this is quite like the best of both worlds.

You are going to love the historically significant places in Sri Lanka like Polonnaruwa which is ancient city ruins, Dambulla Cave temple etc. When in Sri Lanka, you cannot afford to miss out on watching the sunrise from Adam’s Peak which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site too. A family trip to Sri Lanka can be a great idea.


Malaysia is no less than a true cultural amalgam and it would be great to plan a trip to this country with your significant other. You can find the major influence of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European culture here. The best time to visit Malaysia is from March to September for the East Coast and November to August for the West Coast. So, basically, you can plan a trip to Malaysia any time you want. One thing that you can’t afford to miss in Malaysia is the food out there. Pay a visit to the Capital City of Kuala Lumpur and try the local delicacies out there.

Other places you can visit in Malaysia are the city of Penang and Melaka for cultural and food exploration, plenty of theme parks like Genting Highlands, Legoland and of course the beaches out there.


Turkey might not be included amongst the top countries to visit near India as it is a nation covering areas of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. However, it does not change the fact that it is one of the most beautiful nations to visit around India. The best time to visit Turkey is from April to May and from September to Mid-November.

If you are a fan of nature’s own creations then you would love to visit Kabak Bay and Butterfly Valley in Turkey.

The most visited spot in Turkey is Cappadocia which is a place that resulted from a volcanic eruption. You can enjoy a hot air balloon ride there and can also hire a horse to ride. For cultural exploration, you can visit places like Mount Nemrut, Hagia Sofia and the City of Ephesus. Shop from the Grand Bazaar for the local stuff.


Cambodia or Kingdom of Cambodia is a peaceful and nature loving nation in Southeast Asia which is popular for its temples and biodiversity. If you are someone who wants peace and less crowd, the best time to visit Cambodia would be from May to early October. However, there is a crowd from November to February.

The greatest tourist attraction in Cambodia is Angkor Wat temple in Angkor. This Buddhist temple is spread in a large area and also counted amongst the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you are a couple on your honeymoon, then you should go to Koh Toch Beach at night. You can enjoy the various water sports at day time, and at night, the bio-luminescent plankton turns the water at the shores sparkling blue. Other places to visit in Cambodia are Phnom Penh, Virachey National Park, Koh Ker etc.



Thailand is a country which strikes the perfect balance between natural retreat and sky-high buildings. The peace of mind and amazing nightlife comes handy here and the best part is that visa on arrival for Indians is not an issue here. The best time to visit Thailand is from November to Early April.

Thailand is one of the most loved destinations by couples for their honeymoon. It is mainly because of Phuket which has some of the most amazing beaches of Thailand including Phi Phi island too.
Other interesting places to visit in Thailand are Phang Nga Bay, Khao Sok National Park for a natural experience. For a cultural retreat, you can visit places like Sukhothai Historical Park, Ayutthaya Historical Park and Grand Palace in Bangkok. Do not forget to enjoy the nightlife in Thailand to make the most of your trip.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is entirely different from the countries which are mentioned above. This nation is all about its skyscrapers, the lights and nightlife, and the gorgeous concrete jungle built around. If you want to get introduced to urban life and delicious food, then Hong Kong is the place to go.

The best time to visit Hong Kong is from October to early December for sunny and cool weather. The must visit place in Hong Kong is definitely Disneyland that you just can’t miss.

The best way to enjoy life in Hong Kong is by exploring various theme parks out there like Hong Kong Wet Land park, Ocean Park etc. Make sure to click some pictures from Victoria’s Peak, the highest point in Hong Kong. And finally, grab the amazing items and shop your heart out from Lan Kwai Fong.


Bhutan is not only one of the world cheapest countries to travel to from India, but also a place to treat yourself with nature’s purest form possible. This country in Southeast Asia is popular for its Monasteries, breathtaking landscapes, mountains and valleys.

The best time to visit Bhutan is in the springtime from March to May. This is the time when valleys are filled with beautiful flowers and the whole Bhutan literally come alive.

Bhutan is definitely worthy of a family trip because of its culturally rich environment. Some of the best places to visit in Bhutan are Rinpung Dzong (fort), Chele La Pass (altitude of 3989 meters), Buddha Dordenma Statue (169 feet tall), Taktsang Monastery (pilgrimage) and many more. When in Bhutan, you must visit its beautiful valleys and you will find yourself the closest to nature.

Tips for Planning Your Vacation


Whether it is about travelling to the countries around India or anywhere else, there are some tips and tricks which are important for you to know. Any vacation can be turned into a disaster if you do not abide by smart travelling rules. Here are some of them to ensure that you have a great vacation experience always.

Check the Best Time to Visit the Country


It is very important to do some planning for your vacation at least weeks in advance. You can check on the internet about the best time to visit the specific country. Every country has some special events which are held on specific dates only. So, make sure that you keep a check on these events and do not give them a miss when visiting that country. The respective travel sites for the countries are going to help you out for the same.

Book Your Tickets Months in Advance

If you want to save big, then make sure to get all done with all your bookings months before your trip. From flight tickets to hotel bookings, everything should be done at least 3 - 4 months in advance. You can check the flight rates every day to see the increase in them, especially, right before your vacation dates.

Late time bookings are always expensive and the whole trip can turn out to be pretty harsh on your pocket in this way. Also, while booking the hotel and flights, always look for refundable tickets only.

Make A Medical Kit for Emergency Situations

This applies to your vacation to any country. First of all, check it out on the internet what kind of health issues are most common in those specific countries. Prepare a medical kit for the same, having all sorts of medicines in them in case of any emergencies. It might turn out to be very hard to find medical care in a country you have no idea about. So, keep everything ready with you.

Pack Light (Always)

Whether it is about the countries to visit near India or anywhere else, you should always pack light. Not only would it be helpful in passing through customs, but it will be easy for you to carry your luggage around. You should also know that there is only a specific max weight allowed in flights and carrying more luggage can cost you extra money too. So, always pack necessary things and clothing only.

Always Try Local Cuisine

You cannot enjoy a place fully if you do not try the local cuisines out there. This is what represents a country and you have to get involved in their delicacies and culture to enjoy every moment out there. Pay a visit to the local market and ask people about the local food out there. Try it, picture it and post about it to make the most of your vacation.

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Afforadable and breathtaking destinations

From Vietnam to Bhutan, these countries are not just beautiful places to visit, but they are quite affordable to experience. From the beautiful greenery in Vietnam to the breathtaking landscapes and valleys in Bhutan, these countries avail you an experience that's easy on your pocket. So, for this next vacation, consider at least one of these 8 countries and thank us later!