It’s Navratri- A Festival of Immense Zeal, Fervor, and Enthusiasm(2019): Keep the Festive Spirits High with These Fascinating Navratri Gift Ideas.

It’s Navratri- A Festival of Immense Zeal, Fervor, and Enthusiasm(2019): Keep the Festive Spirits High with These Fascinating Navratri Gift Ideas.


Enjoy the festive season by exploring our exclusive Navratri gift collection at amazing prices. After all, a well-chosen gift is one of the best ways to express your heartfelt emotions for the ones you love. It can bring an instant smile to faces and spread love and merriment.

Tips for Celebrating Eco-friendly Navratri

Clay Idols

The immersive idols of Goddess Durga are usually made of Plaster of Pari, which is damaging to the environment and painted with layers of chemicals which release harmful components into the water bodies. The best way of avoiding pollution in our environment is to create and invest in Clay Idols, which are made of natural clay and can be easily immersed in a water tank or a bucket of water at home, rather in the natural water bodies to prevent pollution. During the festivities in some traditions, it is customary to display a Golu/Dolls during Navratri and these too can be made out of clay, wood or cloth.

Eco-Friendly Décor

Décor items made of Styrofoam material are always in great demand, given their easy assembly, dismantling and of course visual appeal, however, they are also a grave threat to the environment and human health too. Rangoli too is an additional décor feature during all kinds of festivities. To avoid polluting our surroundings and the environment at large, it is best to adopt décor items made out of natural or other eco-friendly products when adorning idols, doors, wall hangings or mandaps, as also avoid the use of chemical paints and replace them with flour, rice, pulses or leaves. Yet another step in preventing unnecessary wastage and save on energy is to decorate your home/space with candles and Diya instead of using up the precious power supply.

Preventing Pollution

According to popular research, the incense we use for spiritual/religious, medicinal or meditative purposes doesn’t really help our cause for the environment as such or human health as well. However, if we you use hand rolled incense with natural fragrance, that is still better and a better ventilated room will also help of course. Further, avoid polluting the atmosphere with loud noises, fireworks, use of loudspeakers, et all. Avoid the use of plastic bags completely and once the immersion is complete, encourage people, local associations, NGOs, volunteers and social workers to come together and work on a clean-up drive.

Amazon Navratri Gifts

Mata Rani Ki Puja Chunari


An integral part of festivities, Mata Rani ki Chunari is a soft net cloth made with Golden Lace/Border as an offering to Goddess Durga and is relevant for Idol Décor. Draped on the head and shoulders like a scarf, a chunni is usually worn by Indian Women during religious occasions, prayer rituals and ceremonies as a mark of respect and also draped around deities and altars as an honoured seat, in addition to adding colour and festivities to the religious events. Priced at Rs.251, Mata Rani ki Chunari available on measures 70 cms x 25 cms and is made in a beautiful and auspicious red colour base with absolute zari work, with lovely embroidery design and golden lace, perfect for Navratri festivities and Kanya Pujan too.

Brass Akhand Diya


In Hindu religion, the ritual of lighting an Akhand Jyot or Akhand Diya signifies a desire to invoke the blessings of Goddess Durga/Lord Ganesha/Lord Hanuman and in comparison to a normal diya, this diya’s overseen for a specific period, to avoid extinguishing it. With the Borosil Akhand Diya, you can now not only light up your puja room but also create an aesthetic aura and tranquil ambiance around you. Made of a unique borosilicate glass composition & premium quality thick brass material metal body, the Diya is resistant to thermal shock despite long use and emit a crystal clear glow. Measuring 13 x 13 x 18cm in dimensions, the Borosil Akhand Diya is both economical and convenient, safer than an open flame Diya, given its glass chimney and can continue burning even during breezy conditions/all night long without replenishing the oil. Priced at Rs.725, the Borosil Akhand Diya can be cleaned easily under running water and then wiped clean with a dry cloth.

Door Hanging Toran 2 Pieces Set


Hanging a Toran is considered auspicious and culturally warranted to invite the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi to your home. Hung usually on doorways, windows and pathways, a Toran adds to the festivities by enhancing the interiors and décor of any space. Typically handmade, Torans can be crafted with flowers and beads, in addition to artificial add ons. The 2 pieces Toran Set is made of artificial flowers and beaded with pearls with a cage on the base of the Garland, ideal for inviting positive energies and abundance to your home. Priced at Rs.405, the Toran Set comes in a set of two garlands, one in red and the other in yellow colour.

Handmade Set of Wooden Diya Tea Light Candle Holders


Enhance the charm of your décor and home with beautiful and decorative candles, that would make for an ideal festive accessory and create an ambiance of celebrations during Navratri and other special occasions. This handmade set of Wooden Diyas comes in a set of 6 T-Light Candle Holders with colourful wooden bases in green, red and orange with pretty hand-painted and embellished features and a decorative metal candle holder coloured in gold at the centre. The T-light candles are smoke-free and burn without damaging the atmosphere with any odour or smoke, so you need not worry about any soot residue! The Handmade Set of 6 Wooden Diya T-Light Candle Holders is priced at Rs.549.

Roli-Chandan, Chawal-Akshat haldi-Kumkum Box Chopda


Used typically for reverence, the Roli Chandan/Chawal Akshat, Kumkum Box Chopda is a brass décor item, handcrafted by Rajasthani artisans out of premium materials and detailing to create a visually appealing and antique finished product, designed and inspired from the royal charm of bygone days. Made in white metal casting (zinc & gold) with a silver antique finish, the handmade Duck Chopda measures 11cm in length, 5cm in height and 5cm in width, and is priced at Rs. 364, best wiped cleaned with a dry/wet cloth. The Roli-Chandan, Chawal-Akshat Haldi-Kumkum Box Chopda weighs just 140gm.

Acrylic Leaf and Modak Shaped Kundan Rangoli


Made in traditional colours red, green and gold, the Acrylic Leaf & Modak shaped Kundan Rangoli is a 9 piece décor item, ideal for adorning your home walls, pathway, doorway during all kinds of festivities and celebrations. Measuring 14.5” in dimensions, the package includes a 9 piece rangoli set, handcrafted with 4 leaves shaped, 4 modak shaped and a circular centrepiece, that can all be arranged in a pattern of your choice and transformed into different designs. With beautiful rhinestone embellishments, the Acrylic Leaf and Modak Shaped Kundan Rangoli is priced at Rs.1,174.

Handmade Earthenware Decorative Flower Pot


A décor flower pot showpiece by Village Décor, the Handmade Earthenware Decorative Flower Urli is made of terracotta clay with premium quality and durable clay material, used by skills artisans using conventional methods, hand-decorated and hand-painted using henna cones and stonework. Considered a symbol of elegance and creativity this Handmade Earthenware Decorative Flower Pot is water-resistant and painted in black with decorative flourishes around the neck of the urli in neon colours and stones. Measuring 11.5-inch x width 11.5-inch x h - 3 inch in dimensions and weighing 1000gm, the Handmade Earthenware Decorative Flower Pot is priced at Rs.1,234,

Incense Sticks with Holder Gift Set


The Indian Incense Sticks with an Elements of Life in a Gift Box comes in a set of 3/12/24/48 varieties of incense sticks in different colours symbolic of the 4 elements of life – air, water, fire & earth. Each set includes 60 pieces of bamboo fewer incense sticks measuring 15 x 4” and a ceramic holder, packed in a mango wooden box with a transparent resin top measuring 4 x 4 x 1.5 inches. Priced at Rs.407/1,542/2,913 and 5,484 respectively, the Indian Incense Sticks with an Elements of Life in a Gift Box is ideal as a gift on the occasion of Navratri and other Indian festivals.

Five Bells Brass Metal Sculpture Wall Hanging


The 5 Bells Brass Metal Wall Hanging is a wall décor item with the sacred inscribing of Shubh Labh words or Auspicious Blessings on a square metal base with 5 bells hanging beside the square base, all made of brass metal, measuring 9.25 x 5 x 2.5 inches and weighing 400gm. Crafted by the skilled artisans of Muradabad, this brass metal carved décor items has been made using sand casting techniques and is priced at Rs.1,526.

Maa Durga Brass Statue


Goddess Durga is known as Adi Parashakti, a principal and well-known avatar of the Hindu Goddess, known for her warrior skills and fierce protective form, revered in 3 principal forms of Maha Durga, Aparajita and Chandika. Made of high-quality brass metal, measuring 9” in height, 8.5” in width and 4.25” in depth, Maa Durga’s Brass Statue weighs 3kg. Priced at Rs.5,400, Goddess Singhwahini Maa Durga Brass Statue is best cleaned with a soft and dry cloth rag.

Bonus Tip: Tips on Navratri Fasting

A time of festivity and celebrations also turns beneficial for most religious enthusiasts for their health and overall well-being by observing fast, making way for an ideal opportunity to detox the body, mind & spirit. Here’s how you too can fast the healthy way without losing out on the celebratory fervour!

  • Fast Break: When you break your fast in the evening or ihe night, choose a light meal with small quantities so you can digest it easily.
  • Exercise & Meditation: Make the most of this detox by practicing gentle yoga postures, stretches, bends and twists that complement your fasting ritual, and will aid in the detoxification, uplifting & energizing you as well.
  • Diet Plan:Before you commence your fast, it is best to consult your doctor, if you have any existing health conditions. From Day 1 to 3 follow a fruit diet that may include sweet fruits like an apple, banana, papaya, grapes or watermelon with juices like Amla, Lauki or Tender Coconut. Days 4 to 6, opt for one time meals with the traditional Navratri fares in addition to consuming fruit juices, milk and buttermilk rest of the day. Days 7 to 9 are best followed with the typical Navratri diet that will not only appease your digestive cravings but also be delicious. The typical Navratri diet includes a blend of ingredients like buckwheat chapati, shamak rice, dosa made of shamak rice, delicacies made of sago/sabudana, water chestnut (singhara), colocacia (arbi), rajgira yam (suran), and boiled sweet potato (shakarkand). The consumption of ghee, milk and buttermilk will have a cooling effect on your body while soups, juices and tender coconut water will not only energize your system but also prevent dehydration, in addition to flushing out the toxins from your body.
  • Dos & Don’ts: When following a traditional Navratri Diet, it is best to avoid common salt and opt for rock salt. Use healthy cooking methods like grilling, steaming, boiling or roasting and observe a strict vegetarian diet. It’d be wise to avoid consuming grains in the first few days and use of garlic or onions completely. If you’re one who cannot fast, then in reverence do abstain from non-vegetarian food, onion/garlic and alcohol during the puja days as a mark of respect.
  • Additional Tips to Please the Goddess: As per popular belief if you’d like to appease Goddess Durga, following some simple yet essential tips can help you invoke her blessings. For instance, your home should be clean and uncluttered, especially the puja room to reflect positive energies. Bathe and take head showers every day before sitting in reverence before the Goddess, offering your prayers and Prasad with holy chants and fresh smelling breath. Chanting the mantras befitting the festivities or to invoke the blessings of Goddess Durga are best done with a rosary bead, at least a 108 times. Also, your offerings before Ma Durga should always be after taking a bath and include items like kumkum, sandalwood paste, betel nut, kaleva, fruits, and the hibiscus flower.
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Gifts are an essential part of our festivals. I hope you like these Navratri gift suggestions for your friends and relatives. Have a great time with your loved ones, form wonderful memories with them, and enjoy all the days and nights of Navratri. May Devi Durga wipe away all tensions and stress from your life and fill it with courage and happiness.