Brilliant Hacks for Fridge Storage! Smart Ways to Organize Your Fridge Too Keep Items Fresh for Longer and Keep the Fridge Clean.(2021)

Brilliant Hacks for Fridge Storage! Smart Ways to Organize Your Fridge Too Keep Items Fresh for Longer and Keep the Fridge Clean.(2021)

Hygiene is a significant aspect in everyday life, especially when it come to food items and kitchen matters. Since one major element of the kitchen mostly associated with food is the refrigerator, it is thus mandatory to keep the fridge clean. Here is a manual from BP Guide to help walk you through the best practices to help keep your fridge neat through some fridge storage hacks that will come in handy.

Keeping Your Fridge Clean and Fresh Smelling: Top Storage, Cleaning Tips, and Deep Cleaning

The refrigerator is the cornerstone of food storage in our kitchens, so make sure that it is completely cleaned and hygienic. This is so, because, if it is left uncleaned bacteria can stack up in the fridge and destroy the food. It can also cause various health problems like diarrhea, food poisoning, and vomiting, etc. For this purpose, deep cleaning of the fridge after every 3-4 months is necessary. Deep cleaning not only prevents health problems, pungent odors but also prevents germs as well. Start by washing shelves, drawers, racks, then wipe down the interior. Next, clean the outer surface, handles, doors, and other containers. After this, wait for the shelves and drawers to get dry and place all newly cleaned items back in the fridge in their respective areas.

Apart from cleaning, focus on various tips to keep it maintained. Try to set the temperature to 40 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent bacteria. Store leftover food in the glass container to prevent pungent odors and smells from spreading. After this, avoid mixing fruits, vegetables, and meat in the crisper as it can lead to food spoilage. Furthermore, do not cut or slice the food until you are ready to consume it, as it will either go waste. Lastly, avoid keeping the milk and other liquids in the doors, as it can easily spill down rather than keep them safe in the middle shelves.

Brilliant Fridge Storage Hacks You Should Try Out Immediately

Use an Egg Carton as a Condiment Rack

One of the best ways to save some extra space in the refrigerator is by using an egg carton as a condiment rack. The carton can be placed in the door of the refrigerator to fit in different bottles of sauces. The bottom half of the egg carton can be cut and that tray can be used as a holder to even put beer and juice bottles. This holds all the bottles in one place and can be used efficiently. This hack saves space as the bottles are placed upside down rather than placing their base which takes up more space. Also, it looks stylish and is budget-friendly too.

Label Everything

Another hack that you can try is by labelling the containers. This way, you will not have to spend a lot of time finding any of the items when you need them and will know exactly where to find them. In addition to that, by letting you stay organized with the placing and all, this hack will save a lot of space.

Furthermore, once everything is labelled, you will know exactly how to take a thing out and place it in, preventing spillages and mess. This way, you will not only have to clean less often but the fridge will also stay in a better condition for a longer period of time. For this purpose, you will only require a roll of painter’s tape and a sharpie. For the labelling, we suggest that you first form a checklist, and then divide the products into how many categories you want. Also, the soon-to-be-expired products should be kept upfront and labelled as such along with the products of daily use as this will help reduce stress over finding these items again and again.

Give Pantry Products a New Home


As you might not know, it is not necessary to place the pantry items in the fridge and they will do just as well in the kitchen cabinets. Products like soy sauce, maple syrup, organic nut butter, honey, vinegar, whole grain, and nut flours, etc last as long on the shelves as in the fridge. This is so, because, they have a specific expiry date and it does not make any difference to the ingredients present in them, where they are until it is away from direct sunlight and heat. So, instead of putting them in the fridge, you can save some space by placing these items in a dark and chilly cabinet. Additionally, it will help you save a lot of time and trouble from finding a specific bottle from the cluttered space of the fridge.

Magnetic Containers

In case you are looking for a pocket-friendly hack to save a lot of space in the fridge, try out using magnetic container and bottles. These are used to create an extra layer to place things on. You can use them to attach the bottles with iron caps, tins, beverages, and jars, to the top of the refrigerator then place other products and containers beneath them. Similarly, small magnetic containers can be used to store the spices that need to be refrigerated, and then these containers can be attached to the door and other empty spaces of the refrigerator. This helps to keep the refrigerator clean and better organized. Furthermore, this saves space for other products to be placed.

Create a Snack Zone

Another hack that you can give a try, is by creating a separate snack zone in your fridge. This hack will not only save you space but also from the hassle of mixing the snacks with the regular food products. This way, the snacks will be more accessible, and you or even your kids can easily get them.

Through this hack, you will not have to move lots of containers, and mess things up. You can just simply grab whatever you are craving from its separate compartment. This will also benefit you from cluttering up things and from spillage of foods during finding these things as well. You are recommended to allocate a place in the fridge door for this purpose. This is so, because, this way, you won't even have to look things up on the refrigerator shelves, and this hack will save you sufficient space on the shelves where you can put frozen gravy containers.

Fridge Containers

The food and condiments will last a lot longer in the fridge if you store them in airtight containers and bags. You can put liquids in the mason jars, whereas the cooked gravy and curry in the glass container. Moreover, for a few things, you will need plastic jars, bags, and tins.

Plastic jars with lids are a great choice for cooked foods as they do not let the aroma out and also decrease the amount of surface area they occupy. Next, it is a good idea to put fruits, leafy greens, and vegetables in reusable bags. This helps to keep them fresh, crispy and can be used for up to a week. In addition to all that, if you keep pungent foods like sliced onions, white radish, and guava's, etc open in the refrigerator without any barrier between them and other foods, you are going to have a lot of foods that unintentionally taste like onions in the coming days or they absorb the smell of these items. Thus, it is recommended to store everything in a different container in order for your food items to last longer and taste fresh.

Rack Up Open Bags with Binder Clips

Through this hack, you will not only be able to save space but also keep your food fresh. Binder clips are used to seal the bags shut so the product inside them do not lose their freshness quickly. This also aids in saving space by putting the bags organized in the fridge because it solves the problem of using a new bag every time. You can also clip the bags and hang them to the top of racks or trays making them stand in a vertical way rather than horizontally, which creates more space for other containers. The same trick can be used to hold different bags together. For this hack, you only need plastic or zipper bags, a few binder clips, and you are good to go.

Meat and Fish Belong at the Bottom

It is a general rule to place raw and uncooked foods below the cooked foods and generally in the last section of the refrigerator. It is done so that juices from the cooked food do not drip and fall on the other products placed in the fridge such as the cooked gravy or simply for margination. Secondly, the lowest part of the fridge is the part where it is coldest, as the cold flows there.

So it is best to place the fish and meat products in that section. This will help to preserve them for a longer period of time. In addition to all that, meat and fish have strong pungent smells, so putting them in the crisper drawers will not only prevent the cross-contamination of other foods but also saves you space for packaged food and vegetables. Furthermore, you can remove the original packaging and wrap them in tin foils. This way you can keep the wraps one above the other, thereby saving additional space and also preventing the juices of the meat.

Use a Binder Clip for Beer

The beer bottles when placed in the refrigerator spread all over the shelf and takes up a lot of space. The binder clip is used to hold the three or four bottles in a row and the rest of the bottles are stacked on top of those bottles forming the shape of the pyramid. The binder clips help to hold the base in place and saves a ton of space. With this hack, up to 6 bottles can be arranged in place of three. The same technique can also be used to keep other types of beverage bottles in a small place. This stops all the bottles from rolling around, thereby prevents pills as well as occupying less area. For this purpose, you only require a clip holder and just have to bind all the bottles in the binder. This is a very easy and useful hack to save space in a fridge.

Separate Certain Fruits and Vegetables

This hack will not only provide you with extra space but is also beneficial for your health. Keeping fruits and vegetables in a separate compartment, stored in separate containers not only keeps them fresh and crispier but occupies less area as well. If we just place fruits and vegetables without bags they will move around, thereby taking more space and thus cluttering the area. Vegetables can be cut beforehand and put in separate airtight reusable plastic bags to be frozen. This way, they can be used for a longer time and also takes very limited space. In addition to all that, you are suggested to keep fruits in a separate compartment and vegetable in a different one.

This is so, because, fruits give off ethylene which is a ripening agent and can cause the vegetables to spoil. Moreover, some fruits have a strong smell that can even affect other vegetables too. Hence, you are suggested to invest in some trays to keep the fruits organized. You can also label them according to their expiry date and place them in order so that you know which one is needed to be consumed first. This hack will not only keep the things organized, saves space, keeps the products fresh but also keep your refrigerator clean.

Fridge Storage Hacks: Smart Products You Can Use for Better Space Utlisation

fullstar Refrigerator Organizer Freezer Stackable


You can use these fridge organizers to save space and keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and in a specific place. These plastic organizers are very versatile and can be used for various purposes. You can put the fruits and cut vegetables in the reusable bags and then put them in these organizers. Moreover, you can also use them to store soda cans, condiments, food containers, and jars on the refrigerator shelves. This not only looks stylish but occupies less space. You can put these in the kitchen cabinets to store the pantry items. These are made up of premium quality crystal which is a durable material and is also shatter-resistant. Furthermore, they come with 2 non-slip mats to prevent sliding of the boxes. You can buy these from Amazon for only INR 3,649.

Seal Bags


To save some extra space in your refrigerator, try putting food items in these seal bags. These bags are made up of high-quality polythene material that is food-grade safe and is designed to last longer. You can put sliced onions, frozen vegetables, spices, and other food products in this zip locker seal bag. It has an interlocking grip seal at the top that does not let the aroma out and thus keeps the pungent smell away from other food items. These bags are highly flexible and reusable. You can simply reuse them again after washing them thoroughly with soap water. Another convenient feature of these is that after taking out the food they can be resealed again. You can buy these from Amazon for only INR 161.

Solimo Plastic Kitchen Storage Container Set


To put your gravies and curries, you can buy these airtight containers. These are made up of high-quality plastic which is BPA-free and is 100% food-safe. These boxes are highly durable and sturdy. These stackable containers help you to save space and organize your refrigerator in a better way. Furthermore, they have a capacity of up to 1 liter and have a lock mechanism to keep the products safe and prevents spillage. Additionally, the boxes are shatter-proof, leakage-free, microwaves safe, and dishwasher safe as well. You can buy these fridge organizer containers from Amazon for only INR 499.

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Maintaining fridge cleanliness is a custom that should be intently adhered to. While maintaining cleanliness doesn't necessarily mean cleaning everyday or too constantly, cleaning it often says, after 3-4 months would be a good way to go. It also helps reduce the cleaning workload. So, some good ways to maintain the fridge cleanliness will be through implementing some of the hacks provided to help keep your fridge and kitchen clean.