Your Paint Brushes are the Most Important Tool to Create Your Masterpiece: Check out the Best Paint Brush Sets on Amazon and Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Paint Brushes (2021)

Your Paint Brushes are the Most Important Tool to Create Your Masterpiece: Check out the Best Paint Brush Sets on Amazon and Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Paint Brushes (2021)

If you already love painting or are planning to take it up as a hobby it is important for you to know that your paint brushes are one of the most important tools you need to create your paintings. It is therefore important for you to know the best paint brush sets available and also the important factors to keep in mind when buying paint brushes. This BP Guide will surely help you in getting the best by showcasing the top paint brush sets available on Amazon currently, and it will also share with you some important tips to consider when buying them.

Your Masterpieces Deserve the Best Paint Brush Sets

Painters let their thoughts flow elegantly on canvas using colours and strokes. They create masterpieces using their artistic talents and technical mastery. However, they must navigate the canvas and work through the various challenges that come up in the process which could be anything from translating ideas property or it can be something technical.

The paintbrush is the magic wand for artists. While the professionals may be aware of the types of brushes to be used, the amateurs may need help. This article discusses the best paintbrush sets for you.

Best Paint Brush Sets for You Available on Amazon

Faber-Castell Tri-Grip Brush - Round, Pack of 7 (Assorted)


Faber-Castell is a renowned brand for stationery items. These brushes are suitable for acrylic and watercolours. They have durable hair and seamless ferrules. The brushes in this set have triangular non-slip dots that give you better comfort while painting. These brushes have limited rolling too and provide enhanced control. They are easy to clean and help in detailed painting. The brushes also feature a round tip for better strokes. A pack of seven assorted brushes is priced at ₹ 128.00 on Amazon.

Camlin Paint Brush Series 66 - Round Synthetic Gold


Camlin is the choice of several avid painters, and this product lives up to its reputation. It is compatible with watercolours, poster colours and acrylics too. The ferrules are nickel-plated and have wooden handles. The bristles are soft and help you to create the best features in your paintings. The brushes have synthetic gold hair and come in sizes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12. The Series 66 set of 7 comes for ₹ 239.00 on Amazon.

Camlin Champ Flat Brush Set


The third entry in the list is also from Camlin that is a well-known stationery brand. This set is ideal for children who wish to paint their thoughts with the best colours. The brushes have the best quality synthetic bristles and have attractive handles to attract children. The ferrules are made from aluminium, and the flat brushes come in seven different sizes, viz. 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. The brushes make acrylic and poster colouring easier for children. The set is priced at ₹ 135.00 on Amazon.

Kamal Arts Quality Mix Brush Set


This set of paintbrushes can be used for different paintings, viz. oil paintings, acrylic paintings and modern art. This set contains different brush types like dagger, fan, round, flat, filbert tip, etc. The brushes are flexible and soft too. The ferrules keep the hair secure and are made from high-grade aluminium. The handles are best for close work, and the brush has a brilliant capacity to hold the colours. They are made from the best fibre. This set of seven brushes is available at ₹ 399.00 on Amazon.

Generic Artist Painting Brushes Set


This set of paint brushes has high-quality brushes for creating the best paintings. The brushes have wooden handles, and the hair are made from nylon material. The assorted set of brushes can be used for acrylic, watercolour and oil paintings. This set has an assorted set of brushes of different sizes. The brushes are between 17.5 – 20.5 cm. This set of 12 brushes is priced at ₹ 275.00 on Amazon.

Kabeer Art® Short Black Handle Synthetic Mix Artist Paint Brush Set


This set has five brushes that are made from the best fibre and are ideal for face painting. They can also be used to create masterpieces in watercolour, oil, acrylic, gouache, etc. The brushes have an excellent capacity to hold the colour and provide smooth paint flow. The short handles help in close work. This set has one fan brush, 2 round brushes, one flat and one angular brush each. You can easily clean them by placing them in warm water. The brushes remain flexible and soft even after cleaning. The set is priced at ₹ 292.00 on Amazon.

Brustro Artists Natural Hair MOP Brush Set of 4


This set of four brushes is highly ranked among its users. It is ideal for gouache, watercolour, animation and illustrations. The brushes are made from premium quality wood and work best for adding finer details to your paintings.

The brush heads have adequate firmness that makes the brushes more flexible and creates the best movements for the painters. The brushes have a brilliant spring and are an excellent option for wash and mop techniques. The brushes are pointed, which helps you to create the full strokes. The size of the brushes available in this set are 0, 2, 4 and 8. The set is priced at ₹ 847.00 on Amazon.

Artist's Den Synthetic Hair Mix Brushes Set


These brushes provide precise strokes on several mediums. They are easy to handle and are made from anodised aluminium ferrules that hold the bristles firmly. Cleaning is hassle-free, too, and the set is ideal for watercolour, oil painting, gouache and acrylic.

The bristles have synthetic hair, and the wooden handles add to your comfort. The set of brushes comes in a zipped pouch that makes carrying it more manageable. The set of eight brushes is priced at ₹ 299.00 on Amazon.

Bonus Tips: Points to Keep in Mind When Buying a Paint Brush Set

Matching the Bristles

As a painter, you must be aware that the type of bristles you use depends on the paint being used. If you use varnish or paint that can be cleaned with water, you can use synthetic brushes. They are available in Chinex, nylon or a blend of polyester and nylon. The polyester/nylon blend is suited for a smooth finish.

What Are You Drawing?

You may need different types of brushes in a single painting too. The square brushes will help if you are drawing a straight line. When you are trying to blend the edges, use the chip and filbert brushes. The flagged bristles in a chip brush can ensure a smooth painting without any signs of brushstrokes. You can use round paint brushes for small details.

Small or Long Handles

One of the critical features to consider is the size of the brush. The small ones are used when trying to paint a small area. The small brushes are also best for detailed work. The ones with longer handles are best suited when painting on an easel. You can hold the brush towards the lower end for better strokes.

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Choosing Your Paint Brushes Carefully is Very Important

Once you have decided to take up painting you should carefully evaluate the paint brushes available in the market before deciding to buy them. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which factors to keep in mind when buying paint brushes and also familiarised you with some of the best products currently available. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.