Can't Make up Your Mind to Go for a Laptop Cooling Pad? Follow this Guide to Know are Laptop Cooling Pads Worth it.

Can't Make up Your Mind to Go for a Laptop Cooling Pad? Follow this Guide to Know are Laptop Cooling Pads Worth it.

All of us own a laptop today. While smartphones have become so advanced that they can finish all our office tasks, there are specific tasks like collaborating and playing video games, which are enjoyed the old-fashioned way - on a laptop! But long use can make our laptops heat up and get damaged. Follow this BP guide to know why you should invest in a laptop cooling pad.

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What is a Laptop Cooling Pad?

Have you been recently hearing people talking about buying a laptop cooling pad and wondering if it is worth buying it? As a matter of fact it is. Laptops are one of the most used devices now be it at work, at home to watch movies or play games. Most of us use laptops on our beds and keep them on our laps which after a while, gets uncomfortable due to heat produced by it. A heating laptop can cause many issues regarding your health as well as the durability of a laptop. This is when a laptop cooling pad comes in handy.

A laptop cooling pad or a chill mat is simply an accessory for laptops which reduces the temperature of the system. They are used to protect the laptop from overheating due to prolonged use as well as health issues. These laptop cooling pads come with an inbuilt fan which helps keeping the laptop cool. They are made of different materials and come in various sizes. You can find them with foldable cooling pads, mini vacuum cooling pads etc therefore you need to know which one suits your need the best before buying it.

Know the Different Types of Laptop Cooling Pads

Laptop cooling pads come in two formats, active and passive. The passive cooling pads do not use a fan. They simply provide you with a flat surface to your laptop and allow the air to circulate freely under it. If you use a small laptop or use it for small amount of time then the passive cooling pads can be beneficial for you. They are compact in size and can be carried in a laptop bag which makes it easier to carry it while you travel.

The active cooling pads come with either one fan or more than one fan in it which provides cool air through the vents of the laptop. They provide better cooling system in comparison to the passive cooling pads but tend to make some extra noise. The passive cooling pads also need power to use usually from the laptop's USB port. It is recommended to use the passive cooling pad while your laptop is plugged in or else it will drain out the battery of the laptop faster.

Are Laptop Cooling Pads Worth it? Yes! Here are Top 8 Reasons Why

Here are some of the points which can prove that laptop cooling pads are actually worth investing in.

Faster CPU and GPU Performance

The CPU and GPU are the main heat producing components in a laptop. They can heat up and cause your laptop to work slower. Using a cooling pad can actually lower the temperature of the laptop and make it work faster by keeping it cooler.

Lower Temperature

As the name suggests, a cooling pad's most obvious work is to decrease the temperature of the laptop and keep it cool. A laptop which stays cooler while being worked on it, is deemed as a healthier laptop. They not only keep your laptop working for a long time but are also good for the environment. People staying in warm regions or who work in a compact room with a number of laptops being used can increase the heat in the laptop as well as of the room. You can easily keep your laptop cooler by using a cooling pad instead of making modifications to your laptop. A laptop works better when exposed to about 70 degree ambient temperature than 100 degrees therefore buying a cooling bad is a good idea.

Ideal Resting Places


You can see people working on laptops on weird angles because they usually are not able to find proper surface especially when working on a bed. A cooling bad provides a proper resting place for a laptop and allows the flow of the air easily. Some of the laptops use the bottom of the laptop to circulate the air which is obstructed due to improper resting place and leads to permanent damage. When using a cooling pad you are able to put your laptop on a fabric surface and not worry about it getting overheated.

User-Friendly Design


A cooling pad is made with a user friendly design and anyone can use it with ease. Most of these devices are made with a USB port to connect it with the laptop. You simply place it on top of the cooling pad and let the airflow freely. You can also adjust the speed of the fans in it depending on the temperature. It also has extra USB ports in it which lets you use it without taking up ports which can be used for other devices. This user friendly design makes a cooling pad worth buying.

Enhancing Your Setup

If you like to stay in style and look cool among your friends and co workers then buying a cooling pad can help you do that. A cooling pad is one of the trendiest laptop accessories in the market right now and owning one can make you hip. You can buy a cooling pad with built in LED display which changes color and make you the talk of the office. It will enhance the look of your study table and be one of the decor items on it.

Comfortable Lap Use


Laptop is called a laptop because it was meant to be used by keeping it on your lap but little did we know it brought many health hazards with it. Keeping a laptop on the lap for a long time can be very uncomfortable mostly due to the heating of the device. When you place a laptop on the lap it obstructs the vents and causes it to heat up more than usual therefore using a cooling pad can actually make it comfortable to keep a laptop on the lap although it is not recommended due to health related issues.

Keeps Laptop Cool while you Play Games for Hours

If you are a gamer you'll know what it takes to play on a laptop to win. Gamers spend a lot of time on their laptops for a long period. Games like Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto 5 are great games to play but cause a extra burden on the device therefore if you use a laptop cooling pad you can easily play for long time without heating your laptop.

Helps you Maintain a Perfect Posture

It is common for people to suffer with back and neck problems these days. You will find young people from age 20 onwards are also suffering with these issues and one of the major causes of this is bad posture. People are spending an awful lot of time on their laptops be it for work, studies or playing games. They sit on the bed or view the laptop on uncomfortable angles which leads to many posture problems. Using a cooling pad helps you raise the laptop screen and adjust the viewing angle hence prevents posture issues.

5 Tips on Buying a Laptop Cooling Pad

Here are some things you should look for when buying a laptop cooling pad.

  • These cooling pads are made with metallic mesh covered rectangles and have built in fans in them to keep the laptop cool. They come in different designs like having one large fan or multiple small fans. The amount of air provided by it is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). A pad with a large fan is a better choice as higher CFM will cool your laptop effectively rather than multiple smaller fans.
  • They also come in various sizes therefore look for the one suitable for you. It should fit underneath the laptop perfectly.
  • Your laptop cooling pad should be compact and portable so that you can use it easily and carry it with you. It should also be ergonomic for maximum comfort.
  • The objective of a cooling pad is to lower the temperature of a laptop therefore look for a good brand and preferably with a diameter size ranging from 90 to 110mm and have a speed of 1000 RPM.
  • They also come in various prizes therefore always set a budget according to the features you want in your cooling pad. You can find some very effective cooling pads in affordable prices as long as you do your research.
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