Send Lohri Gifts to India Along with Good Wishes This Season: A Guide to the Best Lohri Gifts to Send Home (2019)

Send Lohri Gifts to India Along with Good Wishes This Season: A Guide to the Best Lohri Gifts to Send Home (2019)

It's natural to miss the Lohri festivities when you stay abroad, but sending gifts to your loved ones can help you partake in the festivities to some extent. So we have compiled a list of the best Lohri gifts to send home and also tips on how to have a great Lohri.

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The Importance of Lohri Gifts

A Great Way to Convey Your Wishes

The festival Lohri is celebrated mostly in the Punjab region of India during the winters. Unlike the other Hindu festivals, Lohri is celebrated every year on 13th January; this date does not change. The reason for its celebration is marking the end of the winter season and welcoming the brighter days after the chilly winter. Like any other India festival, it has also many stories about its origin. However, Lohri today is all about food, fun, dressing up and of course the lighting of the bonfire. Lohri signifies making a fresh start and the burning of the ceremonial Lohri fire is meant to burn off all the negativity of the past year.

Being physically away from your family shouldn't stop you from celebrating Lohri. Show them your love and support by sending your love and of course gifts from wherever you are in the world.

Enjoying the Festivities in the Right Spirit

Lohri being the first celebration of the year, it is important that you enjoy the festivities in the right spirit. It is a fun filled ritual with loads of good food and music. Make proper plans, purchase Lohri gift hampers for everyone and with the advent of the internet, it is pretty convenient also. By keeping in mind the need of each one, you can send Lohri gifts to India and make their day more exciting. You will surely love to bring the smile on your loved ones face, but doing it requires efforts. You have to know the need of each one and make sure that you are gifting them with something which already has or has brought for the occasion. You can take help of someone residing in your neighbourhood to plan things appropriately. Also, ensure to order the gifts well in advance so that they reach on the festivity day without any delay. This will surely make their day while making you a part of this auspicious celebration.

Showing Your Family and Friends that You Value Them

Friends and family members surely miss you on days like Lohri when you are far away from them. They may not express their feelings explicitly but they obviously miss you. In our busy schedule, we often tend to overlook such sentiments, but occasions like Lohri is the time for the reunion, it is the time to express your love, and show them how much you value them. With little effort you will be able to make your family members and friends know how important they are in your life, and in spite of not staying with them, you care for them wholeheartedly. Simple gestures like a phone call and thoughtful gifts can make them feel special while eradicating the geographical barriers between you and them.

10 Stunning Lohri Gifts to Send to India for Your Loved Ones

Now, you might have the intention to send Lohri gifts online, but you don’t know where to start from. With the huge number of options available on the internet, it is at times a bit difficult to make a selection. Moreover, if you are using an online service, you also need to know that you are purchasing your gifts from trustable sellers. To make your ordeal easier, we have prepared a list of the 10 most stunning Lohri gifts that your friends and family members will surely love to receive from you. We will also help you with the names of the trusted online retailers with an assurance of quality and timely delivery. What's more? We have gift suggestions for all budgets and tastes.

Best Sweetness Deal


Sugarcane and nuts are an integral part of the Lohri celebration. So, why not send them something sweet and something nutty on this special occasion? This delicious gift hamper contains 100 grams of cashew, 100 grams of almonds, a box of soan papdi weighing 200 grams, 2 Cadbury fruit and Nut chocolates of 38 grams each and can be an awesome gift for Lohri. You can buy it for Rs.1299 from Ferns N Petals.

Women Black Solid Stole

For the ladies of the house, nothing else can be better as a Lohri gift during the winter than a designer stole. The black colour with knitted designs at the border gives a classy look to the stole. Made up of Viscose Rayon, very suitable for carrying at the time of the bonfire, but precautions should be taken to keep it away from the fire. You can buy it for Rs.749 from Myntra website.

Lohri Gift Packs and Chocolate Gift Boxes

Picking out Lohri gifts for various family members takes some time and work but we have something which will be adored by kids and elders alike. These delectable chocolate boxes from are available in packs of 6, 9, 12 and 18. These delicious chocolates are sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth. The chocolates are stuffed with roasted almonds, fruit & nuts and butterscotch. They are individually wrapped in Lohri themed wrapping paper and the box they come in is also quite sturdy. The boxes are priced at Rs.595 each.

Ferrero Rocher Tray

For the chocolate lovers, a Ferrero Rocher Tray is a fantastic choice. It has 15 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolates wrapped neatly and independently. The exterior is crunchy while it is milky and smooth inside. While the chocolates are so yummy, the tray is equally elegant and can be proudly flaunted as a gift from you. You can buy it for Rs.1195 from

Womens High Neck Solid Poncho Top

A poncho top can be quite a statemnet making piece. Buy this high neck poncho top for a stylish woman who likes to experiment with her looks. This top is an ideal gift for the winters and super comfortable. The fabric it's made of makes it skin friendly and causes no irritation. The Fratini Woman’s top is available for Rs.839 at the Shoppers Stop online store.

Men Multicoloured Striped Muffler

This stylish multicoloured striped muffler is a great gift for any man with a sophisticated taste. It is an ideal winter gift and useful too. This muffler will not only keep the neck warm but also let one make quite a style statement. This muffler from The House of Tossido will make a great gift for any man, be it your twenty year old cousin or your father. You can buy it for Rs.699 from Myntra.

Assorted Sweets


Who doesn’t like sweet and mostly during the festivity season? Gift your entire family with this 1kg box of sweets from Ferns and Petals and let them have a happy Lohri. It has assorted sweets and comes in attractive packaging, making it more suitable as a gift item. You can buy it for Rs.1499.

Womens V-Neck Knitted Pattern Sweater

Another lucrative gift for ladies from online Shoppers Stop store is this green colour sweater from Aurelia. The pattern gives a traditional look and is apt for the traditional dress that she might be planning to wear during the celebration. Moreover, the acrylic fabric ensures that the person feels warm on wearing it. You can buy it for Rs.979 from Shoppers Stop online store.

Bonanza Of Luck


Gift luck and sweets in one box with this Bonanza of Luck, It contains 2 layered bamboo plant (which brings luck), a vase made of glass to hold the plant, and 250 grams milk cakes. This hamper contains a lucky token and a box of sweets to satisfy the need of all in the family. You can buy it for Rs.999 from Ferns N Petals.

Black Bomber Jacket

If you have a biker in the house, then this black bomber jacket is something you must gift him in the coming Lohri, Chinese collar, full sleeves, and complete zip enclosure will make you feel warm and comfortable. The smart cut gives a classy look to the recipient and he can happily flaunt it among his friends. You can buy it for Rs.1499 from Myntra online.

Tips for Buying a Memorable Lohri Gift

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect Lohri gifts for everyone in your circle.

The Gift Can Be Traditional or Modern

Lohri is a popular festival in Punjab and is being celebrated for a long time now. For Lohri, women and men love to dress in traditional clothing and have a celebration surrounding the ceremonial bonfire. As dressing up is an important part of the festivities, gifting apparel seems like a good idea. You can gift traditional Lohri clothes or something that can be mixed and matched to create a fusion look like a jacket or a stole. Kurtas or kurtis, dupattas, bright colourful jackets, scarves, hair accessories like paranda for the women, are all great Lohri gifts.

It Should Be Handpicked for Each Recipient

If you want your gift to make a difference in the recipient’s life then never go for generic gifts. Choose your gifts properly, keeping in mind that person’s likes and dislikes. If you are going for clothes, confirm the size, also get an idea of the recipient's preferences. The person you gift it to may not reject it up front but at the same time will end up never using it. All your efforts will go in vain and the person might feel more hurt than happy with your limited information about him or her.

Opt for Lohri Delicacies and Other Edible Gifts

When in doubt take the sweet route...literally! Edibles and sweets are universally accepted and adored as gifts. One big pack can make everyone in the family happy and you do not have to be bothered with things like size and colour. However, just ensure that the edibles do not contain allergens. Also, make sure to check the quality of packaging so that there is no damage on the way.

Go for Personalised Gifts

Nothing can be more cherished than a personalised gift. From the efforts, you put in to choose a gift, to personalise it, to add a message to it denotes how much you care for the person. However, in case you do not have the time or creativity to go to this extent, at least get it wrapped properly and add a small note to it for your loved one(s).

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Spend Lohri in the countryside!

The fact that can't visit your hometown during Lohri shouldn't stop you from celebrating the festival in all its authenticity. Drive down somewhere outside the city with close friends and have a small Lohri celebration. Pick a place where you will be able to have a small bonfire, to keep the essence of Lohri alive.