Your Best Knife Lost its Edge? Worry Not! Here are the Tips for How You can Sharpen a Knife at Home 2020

Your Best Knife Lost its Edge? Worry Not! Here are the Tips for How You can Sharpen a Knife at Home 2020

After using them for long, it is common for knives to become blunt or 'lose their edge'. It might not be practical to invest in a new knife for your kitchen every now and then. That's why, we have curated a list of easy methods to sharpen your knife at home. Read on to know more.

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Sharp Knives: Keeping A Vital Kitchen Equipment in Good Working Order

When we make a list of essential items for the kitchen, the first name that we insert in the list is a knife. It could be the slicing knife, paring knife, chef's knife, and a bread knife. It would be ideal for shelling out some money to have a set of knives for various activities in the kitchen. However, over time the sharpness of the blades that get reduced and you would need to have it sharpened.

A dull knife can not only take a long time from your busy schedule; it can also lead to injury. It is also challenging to find a knife sharpener around in the house. And not only in your home, but you may also need the knife to be sharpened when you are travelling or out on an adventurous trip. In this article, we will take you through a few quick hacks that can help you to sharpen your knife quickly.

Easy Ways to Sharpen Your Knife at Home

By Using Ceramics

Your knife is an essential item that is needed for various activities in your house. If you are worried that the kitchen knife has become too dull, all you have to do is to get hold of a ceramic bowl or a cup. There is bound to be an unglazed rim at the bottom. It is the portion that will help to sharpen your knife.


  • First, you must turn the ceramic mug or bowl upside down on a table or any level surface.
  • Take the knife that you must sharpen in one hand and hold the ceramic mug firmly with the other hand.
  • Next, you must put the rim of the blade at the rim at an angle that is suitable for you.
  • You have to pull the edge of the knife against the rim for a few times.
  • When one side of the blade has sharpened, you must repeat this with the other side.

Using a Newspaper

It would be best if you sharpened the knife at regular intervals. In case you find it necessary to sharpen it in short notice, you can also use the daily newspaper. The ink of the newspaper contains carbon, and the grit that it has can help in sharpening the knife.


  • First, you have to lay the knife flat on the paper and run it over the newspaper a few times while keeping it flat.
  • Check if the knife has sharpened. If it is a one-side knife, you are done, else you have to repeat the process with the other edge.
  • When it is done, you have to rinse the knife to remove the residue of the newspaper ink.

There is another way to sharpen the knife.

  • Take the newspaper and place it at a 45-degree angle.
  • Then you put the knife-edge on the edge of the paper at a shallow angle and slice it through the edge.
  • You must repeat the process for a few times through a different portion of the blade.

Using Whetstone

Many of us prefer a whetstone to sharpen a knife. It is the traditional way to sharpen your knife. They can be procured easily too.


  • You must place the whetstone on a flat surface or on a wet cloth to prevent it from slipping.
  • Put the knife on the stone with the coarse side at an angle of around 15 – 20 degrees.
  • The blade must be dragged across the whetstone in a circular motion for some time.
  • The activity must be repeated for a few times to ensure the knife is as sharp as before.

Some of the whetstones may need to be lubricated with a small amount of oil. Always check with the manufacturer if this has to be done. You can also place a sharpening guide to ensure that the angle of the knife remains constant.

Using a Honing Rod

Another option available to you is to use a honing rod or a sharpening rod. You must hold the rod in your left hand. The honing rod may point in whichever direction you feel like, but the ideal way to point it downward resting against a flat surface.


  • You must use the right hand to hold the knife blade at a suitable angle.
  • The knife must be kept at an angle of 22.5 degrees and pulled in a back and forth motion for around ten to twelve times.
  • When one side of the blade has been done, you can work on the other side of the blade.
  • You must ensure that the honing rod must be long enough to ensure that it is convenient for you to sharpen the knife.
  • A wet towel can be used to wipe the honing rod to wipe off the small metal filings.

Using your Leather Belt

A piece of leather can also help in sharpening your knife. Just get hold of your leather belt that can be used for this activity. It will help if the belt does not have any stitching, else it may get damaged. If you have a leather strap, it will be better for you.


  • You can place the leather belt or strap on a flat surface.
  • The leather strap can also be hung from a peg.
  • Take the knife at a slanting angle and make a few to and fro movements.
  • After around ten strokes, check if the knife has been sharpened.
  • Once done, work with the other side of the blade.
  • Do the same action top sharpen the other edge too.

Using a Smoothening Stone

Another option that you can choose is to use a smoothening stone to sharpen your knife. There are several types of sharpening stones from which you can choose. If you do not have a smoothening stone at home, you can take any smooth stone that you can find.

It is ideal to lubricate the stone too, as it will be easier for you to carry out this activity. You must always use honing oils, but never use edible oils on the sharpening stones. It is suggested that you discuss with the manufacturer if any oil must be applied or not.


  • You have to place a wet cloth on a flat surface and place the smoothening stone.
  • You can use the coarse side as it will be easier for you to sharpen the knife.
  • You must place the knife at an acute angle against the stone.
  • Then carry out the to and fro movement for some time to ensure that side of the blade is sharpened.
  • You can then do this activity on the other side.

Using Sandpaper

You must be wondering what use sandpaper would have other than when your house is going to have another coat of paint. Another unique and easy way to sharpen a dull knife at home is to use sandpaper. It comes cheap and is also readily available. You must check the grit of the sandpaper, and it will also depend on how sharp you want the knife to be.


  • You must place the sandpaper on a flat place and hold the knife at around 20 – 22 degrees against the sandpaper.
  • Next, you drag the knife down, while it remains tilted, diagonally towards you.
  • ou must repeat this step for around nine to ten times.
  • Then you do this with the other side of the blade.

Using a Nylon Strap


Nylon has several uses, and you can also use the nylon strap of your backpack to sharpen your kitchen knife. Sounds good, but how can it be done?


  • Like before you can place the blade at an acute angle by holding it with one hand.
  • Use the other hand for holding the nylon strap in place and provide support.
  • Slide the knife over the nylon strap at the acute angle and ensure that the whole of the blade can slide it over the strap.
  • Repeat if for a few times and check the knife for sharpness. When one side has been sharpened, repeat this activity for the other side.

As another option, you can tie the nylon strap to a peg and make a loop at the bottom. Next, take some mud and put it into half of the strap in the middle. You can then slide the knife, with the mud providing the abrasion needed to sharpen the knife.

Using a Strong Piece of Cardboard

Another way to sharpen your knife is to use firm cardboard. There may be quite a few of the packaging cardboards that you may have thrown away. Get hold of one of them, and it can help you to sharpen your knife. Please note that it may not be as effective as the other options mentioned earlier, and you may use it only if there are no other options available.


  • You place the knife at an acute angle at the firm edge of the cardboard box.
  • Then, you slide the whole of the blade over the edge of the cardboard.
  • Repeat it for a few times and check the sharpness of the knife.
  • If you are fine with the sharpness, you can do it for a few more times.
  • If it is a double-sided knife, you do this activity for the other side too.

Using Electric knife sharpeners: Convenient Solution to Sharpening Knives at Home

You may find the quick hacks cumbersome to use to sharpen your knife. It is where an electric knife sharpener can help. It can help you by getting the work done in no time. You are also saved the manual effort, and these devices are economical too.

FLYNGO Manual Knife Sharpener


The Flyngo brand is known to be among the best electric knife sharpeners in the country. It is ideal for all types of household knives. It has Tungsten Carbide blades that help to sharpen the knives on both sides. The product has a three-step sharpening system. In the first step, there is a diamond sharpening rod that can straighten any damaged blade. The second step ensures that the edge regains its V-shape. The third slot is for providing the perfect finish to the blade. The product can sharpen any dull kitchen knife within minutes.

It is priced at Rs. 399 on Amazon.

CLOUDTAIL CHOICE Electric Knife Sharpener


This electric knife is sturdy and durable and can be your companion in the kitchen. It can sharpen all knives, including pocket knives, fruits knives, choppers, fillet knives, etc. and can create sharp knife edges within a matter of few minutes. The product has very thin diamond abrasive sharpening wheels along with high-speed rotating sapphire stone shapes that help to sharpen knives easily. The product is powered by four AA batteries that can save on your power too. It also has four silicone points to ensure the device sits firmly on the flat surface.

It is available for Rs. 450 on Amazon.

Top Knife Sharpeners Tools You Can Consider

Rena Germany Knife Sharpener


This product from Rena is a knife sharpening rod. It may look deceptive but can sharpen a knife within a few minutes. It is made from a high-quality carbon stainless steel that has fine ridges on the surface. These ridges provide the ideal sharpness to the knife. The handle is made from polypropylene and provides the firm grip and support that is necessary while sharpening.

Using it is easy too. You have to place the tip on a table and hold it firmly with one hand. Take the knife in the other hand at an acute angle and bring the blade towards you. Repeat it for a few times.

It is priced at Rs. 575 on Amazon.

ZHAOLIDA 2 Slots Knife Sharpener Tool


This sharpening tool from Zhaolida has elegant looks and is available in several different colours. It has two slots; one of them has carbide blades to sharpen blunt knives. There is a second stage that has fine slotted edges made from ceramic and is ideal for sharpening or honing the knife before using it. The edges are removable and can be washed. The device is lightweight, has a simple design and is durable too.

It is available at Rs. 499 on Amazon.

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