You Can Now Achieve That Flawless Finish by Using These Soaps for Combination Skin and Manage Your Skin Like a Pro without Using any Fancy Products!

You Can Now Achieve That Flawless Finish by Using These Soaps for Combination Skin and Manage Your Skin Like a Pro without Using any Fancy Products!

Combination skin can be most tricky. You can not decide if you should focus on the dry patches or the normal ones. Facial soaps are highly recommended for combination skin, as they are mild on skin, thus effectively remove impurities from the skin without changing the skin PH level. Here is a list of the most popular and highly recommended facial soaps, which will help you solve all the combination skin complications!

Understanding Combination Skin

Combination skin comes in between the oily and dry skin which we need to understand before knowing about what kind of products we should use, if we have this skin type.

What is Combination Skin?

Combination skin is just that, as the name suggests - a combination of different skin types. It is like the skin has a ‘split personality.’ Your skin can feel dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, especially the T-zone regions of your face. It might feel dry, especially around the eyes, cheeks, and oily with large visible pores on the forehead, nose, and chin area. This kind of skin may need extra care in different parts of the face. Combination skin means you may have clogged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and shininess, along with uneven skin type and large pores on your nose area.

How to Find Out If You Have a Combination Skin?

In general, the nose, chin, and forehead have active oil glands for those who have combination skin. Often people with combination skin find dryness on their cheeks and lip area and need some moisturiser over there to retain the hydration.

Taking Care of Combination Skin

Having combination skin can mean a challenge to balance the regular act, as you need to address both excess oil and dryness. To keep that entire balance, one needs to follow some tips to continue a stable regime. Cleanse our face daily, morning and night, with a gentle cleanser, and never forget to remove your makeup at night before going to sleep. Finding a single proper product for this type of skin might not be possible, as you may need different kinds of products for other areas of the face.

Best Soap for Combination Skin

When your skin is either dry or oily, it is pretty easy to take care of it with a few targeted products and regimes. Things start to get complicated when you have both types of skin together. Balancing lotions never seem to do much balancing, and hydration all over the skin becomes tough to maintain. Many people love to use soaps to clean the face. But none of soaps are a good option for your delicate combination skin. Let us find out some soaps which can be beneficial for your skin.

Cetaphil Bar Soap

Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar is safe for anyone, even for babies. It is a non-soap bar and is highly effective as a cleanser. It can be used daily as an effective way to moisturise the skin. Its active ingredient is shea butter, which is extremely useful to keep the skin well-moisturised. It cleanses without irritation or dryness and leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated. It is designed for sensitive, dry, and combination skin. Though it is not a soap exactly, it cleanses all the impurities and removes dry flakiness by balancing the skin’s moisture. You will need to store it in a soap case without any lid, as it dissolves quickly. The price for this Cetaphil bar soap is INR 334 for a pack of two. It is recommended by the dermatologists and has no adverse effect.

CeraVe Cleansing Bar

CeraVe cleansing bar is a hydrating moisturizer soap that is gentle for sensitive, normal, and dry or combination skin. It is a non-comedogenic soap that cleanses gently and soothes the skin. It is dermatologically tested and recommended by the National Eczema Association to be used by the people who have psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, or have dehydrated and itchy skin. The formula has ceramides, which restore the skin barrier but does not clog pores. It has no fragrance and gently removes all impurities. It easily removes makeup and effectively makes your skin feeling fresh and clean. The price for Cera Ve is INR 1,999 for a 4.5 oz soap bar.

Dove Bar Soap

Dove is a classic soap people believe in using without any hesitation. It has a moisturizing formula with ¼ moisturising cream and a mild cleanser, which helps retain its moisture. After each use it leaves the skin soft, smooth, and healthy-looking. It does not contain harsh soap-based chemicals, making it ideal for use at the face, hands, and body. It won't strip your skin; it will nourish dry skin and can be used every day. There is a vast difference between available soap and dove, and you can find it out quickly after using dove. You can buy pack of 4 for INR 516 from Here.

Himalaya Bar Soap

Himalaya is an age-old brand, which is considered herbal and safe for everyone. Himalaya has many products for babies, and also a vast range of products are suitable for any age. They have herbal medicines and health-related supplements. The brand is a global herbal health and personal care organization. They have emerged as an unparalleled pioneer in exploring the synch between Ayurveda and modern science and produces the products that spread happiness and wellness in life. The Almond and Rose soap bar comes with all Almond and Rose’s goodness, leaving the skin soft and smooth. It comes in two sizes, 75 gm, and 125 gm. The bar soap comes in around INR 45 from Himalaya Wellness, and it moisturizes and cools the skin.

Nivea Creme Care Soap

If you are concerned about maintaining a germ-free hand, face, and body, you must use soap and at least 20 seconds each time. General bar soaps tend to take out all the moisture from your skin in this time. Nivea is a leading brand in some of the best cosmetics products, and its creme care soap is an excellent addition to that. This soap gives a moisturised and soft feeling to the skin after every use. It is a light bar soap that leaves the skin with a soft, wet, and clean feel.

It has the typical scent of Nivea cream. It treats dry, damaged, and rough skin and treats impurities. The provitamins and oils present in the soap take care of hands and face, leaving them soft and mildly scented. A pack of two bar of soaps of 125 gm each will cost around INR 158 from Purplle. It is dermatologically tested to be gentle on the skin with this purifying and refreshing bar soap.

Natural Handmade Soaps

The soap industry is a prominent place to get various kinds of products. We can find many types of soaps in the form of a bar that is easily available in the market. Among them, there are some cruelty-free soaps that are less harmful to the sensitive combination skin. Soaps contain cleansing chemicals, water and oils to cleanse the skin and restore its pH balance. Store-bought soaps mostly have a plethora of harsh chemicals and detergents.

But natural handmade soaps are mostly made from glycerine as base components and are cruelty-free. You know what you are putting on your skin every day. They are mostly made from natural sources and do not irritate the skin. This natural and ayurvedic soap can also be found at Amazon, which costs around INR 649 for eight soaps 100 grams each. They are free from sulfates, parabens, animal fat, and mineral oils. They do not use any artificial smell or colour. They are made from 100% pure coconut oil. It reduces skin ailments like acne and blemishes, and it also protects the skin from the heat. These soaps contain 15 herb formulas that nourish the skin, and are safe to be used by men, women, and kids.

Oat Soap

Oatmeal is popularly used as diet food, as it helps us shed weight and be fit. You also might know that it is equally suitable for our skin; therefore, oat soap products are hugely popular. People suffering from various skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema, etc. rave about oat soaps as it contains fantastic skincare properties. There are many other benefits of oatmeal soap, like it relieves skin irritation and itching; it exfoliates the skin naturally, it reduces oil from the skin, and covers up odours.

Oatmeal soaps are also great for acne treatment. It removes wrinkles and lightens skin tone. The Natural Wash Oatmeal Honey Moisturising soap is an appropriate bar soap for combination to dry skin. The soap will cost around INR 229 for 100 grams on Amazon. It is a face and body soap that is paraben, silicone, and sulfate-free. It is a naturally moisturizing soap enriched with honey, which gives soft and glowing skin. Oat soap acts as a natural exfoliator and cleanses the pores. The rich ingredients of this soap provide flawless skin and also reduces tanning or pigmentation.

Organic Cold Pressed Soap

The commercial soaps often reduce use of essential elements like glycerine and use synthetic lathering agents, making them harsh for the skin. An alternative option is to use organic cold-pressed soaps, which are incredibly high quality, all-natural and real soaps. They have fewer or no toxins and are eco-friendly. Juicy Chemistry offers an organic cold-pressed soap made from potato, tomato, and lemongrass.

This natural soap will cost around INR 550 for 100 grams, and they can be shipped in a hassle-free way. It heals scars and removes tan. It also helps tighten the pores and even out skin tone to flaunt a flawless, smooth skin texture. The natural ingredients in this soap works wonder for any type of skin. Tomato contains healthy vitamins that remove pigmentation, organic butter keeps skin hydrated throughout the day, and black pepper inhibits bacterial growth and fights free radical damage. This nourishing bar soap imparts maximum efficiency on the application due to its use of the traditional cold-pressed method retained from all vital plant nutrients. It keeps the skin healthy and pampers the skin whenever used.

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Combination Skin Glow

Combination skin gets the experience of both oily as well as dry patterns of skin problems. Sometimes breakouts and mixed dry patches both happen at the same time. It is prevalent to look for dull and dry skin, with an uneven skin tone for this skin type. Various weather conditions also determine the elevation of the combination of skin problems. It is such a sensitive type of skin that needs to be taken care of regularly. Along with beauty products, some measures and skincare treatments can be maintained to eliminate such problems. Let’s take a look at these options below:

Skin Care Routine

Source l Skin Care Routine

Great skin does not only depend on your DNA. Your daily habits, lifestyle, and skincare regime significantly has an impact on what you see in the mirror as your reflection. The skin might differ from person to person, so does the care and products. But what generally does not change is the process - cleansing, toning, and moisturising (CTM routine). Cleansing means washing your face gently yet thoroughly, toning means balancing your skin, and moisturising means hydrating and softening your skin. It is not about creating perfection. It is like a daily routine, which fortifies your skin to improve texture and complexion.

What to Avoid?

Just like maintaining a daily routine is essential for a person with combination skin, one should also be aware of what to avoid to keep the skin healthy. Avoid any harsh soaps which are formulated with the ingredients that can strip vital moisture from combination skin. These soaps not only irritate the skin, but also aggravates the existing skin concerns.

Do not rub your face with towels while you sweat or feel oily in the T-zone. Rather keep blotting paper in your purse to blot the excess oil and sweat from your face. Blotting papers temporarily absorbs the extra oil and mattifies the face, keeping the makeup intact. Exfoliate the skin but not frequently, as over-exfoliation can irritate your complexion and damage its sensitive layer.

Natural Skin Care Routine

An organic skincare routine is crucial for combination skin. Essential oils like rosemary, jojoba, hazelnut, grapeseed, lavender, lemon, tea tree oil, etc. are incredibly great moisturising options. More oils like those are excellent for combination skin. Green clay, rice water, rice powder, oatmeal, organic yogurt are a few more things to have balanced problem-free combination skin. Natural skincare regime, if followed regularly, can be a life-changer for people with combination skin. It is a long time habit that needs to be developed.

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Also Focus on What Goes in Rather Than on Your Body!

It goes without saying that healthy skin can only be achieved by developing good eating and sleeping habits. Your skin only reflects the health of your body. In order to maintain dryness and oiliness level of your skin, you need to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, avoid unhealthy food, sleep for at least 8 hours and have plenty of water to rid your body of all the toxins. It is also important to manage stress appropriately in your life and to avoid overexposure of your skin to pollution!