Form,Fit, Function and Price(2020): Our Top Ten Smart Watches for Every Wrist and Every Budget Plus 3 Other Smart Wearables to Shape Connected Lives.

Form,Fit, Function and Price(2020): Our Top Ten Smart Watches for Every Wrist and Every Budget Plus 3 Other Smart Wearables to Shape Connected Lives.

Wearable smart devices, more commonly known as wearables, have earned a steady following among consumers. Smartwatches like the Apple Watch are likely the best-known wearables, but many other kinds of wearables have emerged, and continue to emerge today. Read on to learn about types of wearables that are likely to appear in your lifestyle in the coming years, and why they are important for you to know.

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Wearable Gadgets Improve Our Lives

Most of us are interested in keeping ourselves healthy, and this is where technology can come into play. Various gadgets can measure your vital statistics in real-time and send out predetermined alerts. The gadgets can also allow you to set up fitness goals and keep you informed about the status of the goals. The data can be analysed by special applications and provide valuable feedback for informed decisions.

Apart from tracking your fitness, it can also send alerts when your body statistics fall below a threshold. Several patient monitoring devices can allow paramedics to monitor their patients in real-time. The devices also ensure that users need not access their smartphones when they are travelling. The gadgets are smart enough to allow you to make calls and receive messages. In this article, we will some of the wearable gadgets that you can use to improve your daily life.

How to Select a Wearable Gadget

The Purpose

You must understand the reason for buying the gadget. Are you willing to track your exercise routine, or will it be used by a patient to monitor their vital statistics? Activity trackers can help you measure the activities undertaken by you. A smartwatch will help you track your essentials as well as allow you to make calls or send messages.

The App and the Device Go Together

When you are selecting the ideal smart wearable device, you must also consider the features offered by the app associated with it. The app will help you to track the data from the activities and show exciting reports. The app must also allow you to set fitness goals and alert you when you are crossing a threshold.

Security of Data

The gadget must be able to store the data online at a secure data center. The issue of data breaches are increasing, and you must ensure that the vendor adequate online security policies in place to thwart data breaches. The application must also allow you to browse real-time reports to show the progress of your fitness.

Best Smart Wearables in 2020 Available in India

Apple Watch Series 5 Cellular


When you are searching for smart wearables, how can the leader be far behind? This wearable from the Apple brand utilises the same smart technology that goes in making the best smart watches globally. It is available in two options, viz. GPS and GPS plus Cellular. It works with iOS devices only.

The watch has an always-on OLED display that shows the time always and can be used without the need of connecting any smartphone. Apart from an ECG app, the device has a noise app that detects when the surrounding noise is at alarming levels. The device also helps women to track their menstrual cycle.

The device has advanced workout metrics, and the Activity Rings app tracks your activity and helps to participate in challenges with your friend. Users can have the entire Apple music library at their disposal, and the Compass app helps to track your destination. It also helps to send SMS, monitor calls and make emergency calls.

This Apple smart watch is available for Rs. 52,990 on the website.

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Samsung is another brand that is known for its smart watches. These smart watches look like the standard analogue watches along with the dial with an AMOLED display. Apart from its vintage design, it has an excellent battery life, and you can listen to music for a long time.

It comes with an intuitive rotatable bezel that is used to scroll through the menus and text. The device runs on the incumbent Tizen operating system and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The device can track six activities when you are doing your workouts apart from measuring your pulse and heart rates. It can also measure your sleep while creating a log about your four stages of sleep.

An in-built GPS tracks your location, and it is water-resistant too. However, Tizen has been plagued by the problem of developers and ii also feels a bit heavy. It is priced at Rs. 19,990 and is available on Flipkart.

Fossil Hybrid Collider HR


This smartwatch from Fossil is the one of choice for people who prefer one with high battery life too. It is classy and has a two-week battery life too by using an e-paper display. It also has an elegant design and is clad in metal on all sides along with sturdy lugs. There is no touchscreen, but there are three pushers on the side for navigation.

The device has an e-ink display for notifications, but the device is also known for slow display and is a challenge to view in the dark. Users can ensure that their activities are tracked easily, and they can also track their messages and social media profiles while on the move. The device also allows you to accept calls by using earphones.

It can track your calories burned, workout times and the heart rate. The device can also track your sleep and can be used for navigational purposes too. The device comes for a price of Rs. 14,995 and is available on Amazon.

Fitbit FB507BKBK Versa 2 Smartwatch


One of to the top international fitness wearable brands, Fitbit scores high on the performance front. The Fitbit product has built-in Alexa compatibility that will help the user to gather information about the weather and use voice commands for several actions. It can monitor your sleep and various other activities along with the heart rate.

The device allows the user to download several apps and keep track of notifications for messages and calls when paired with your smartphone. It also has an always-on display and supports a payment facility too. It has a Spotify app that provides access to several songs. The smartwatch can also calculate the calories burnt and measure the heart rate and fitness levels.

The battery life is excellent with almost five days of backup, that can increase if you switch off the Always-on feature. The device is priced at Rs. 19,499 and is available on Amazon.

Mobvoi Ticwatch E2


The Mobvoi device works well for swimmers and is waterproof for up to a depth of 50 metres and 10 minutes. The device has a feature to monitor your swimming activities. It has an inbuilt GPS, and you can get various other features like Google Assistant. The device also supports USB connectivity.

It is taken to be a premium product from the Mobvoi brand with high-end design along with the dual-screen technology. The device is waterproof, but you need not wear it for swimming. The watch is made of hard nylon and glass fibre that gives the robustness it needs. The device has two buttons on the sides to find out the apps you need to access.

The device display is a combination of an LCD and OLED and saves energy. Users can read the screen directly even in direct sunlight. It uses the Wear OS and has access to all apps on the Google Play Store. The fitness app can help you track your activities at the gym. It also has a heart rate sensor, and the battery can last for 30 days too.

It is priced at Rs. 20,999 at the website.

Garmin Venu

It is a fitness-centric smartwatch from the Garmin brand with an AMOLED display. It has more than 20 indoor sports apps preloaded in the device, along with a coach to train the users properly. The device is elegant and is made of silicone and plastic along with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for the display.

The device can track several activities, including swimming, running, skiing, etc. It can withstand water at a depth of 50 metres for 10 minutes. It can track your respiration rate and estimate how much you had been sweating after an exercise. It can also show tips on calorie and fluid tracking

- It has a reasonably good GPS along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support. The battery backup is of five days but goes down to six hours with GPS and music. It has several sensors including a thermometer, barometric altimeter, a gyroscope and an accelerometer. The device is priced at Rs. 35,990 and is available on Amazon.

Honor Magic Watch 2


The Honor brand is known for its smartphones and has also used its technological superiority for its range of smartwatches. The device has the dial appearance and is known to be sturdy too with a stainless steel body. They are also less vulnerable to scratches.

It has an always-on AMOLED display and has a SpO2 monitor to check the oxygen levels in the blood. Users can store multiple photos and can add some of them on the screen. It has a long-lasting battery. The device has around 15 goal-based fitness models that make it the ultimate tool for health freaks. It also has 13 different running courses with real-time guidance

Users can store music on the 4 GB storage and can connect to the earphones over Bluetooth. It also has a built-in speaker and microphone that allow you to connect when you are carrying over your daily activities. It is priced at Rs. 9,999 and is available on Amazon.

Fossil Gen 5

We have another device from Fossil on this list as it is among the best Wear OS smartwatches. It has a decent battery life and operates fast too. It has a subtle design and has a fully circular 44 mm display. It has three buttons on the side, and one of them is used for going through the menus smoothly. The device works on Android as well as iOS.

It has an incredible speed that is attributable to the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. The device has a built-in sensor for calculating the heart rate and a speaker and GPS. It is water-resistant and has a swim-proof speaker. Users can track their fitness levels as the device uses Google Fit applications.

Fossil Gen 5 is a device that will be liked both fitness enthusiasts and fashion lovers. It has decent looks and is versatile too. It is priced at Rs. 22,995 and is available on Flipkart.

Other Smart Wearables in India

Google Glass

The advent of technology is evident from the Google Glass that has taken the world by storm. It allows the users to undertake voice search. The glass has an LCD screen in front of your eyes that you can navigate using touch or your voice. The glass allows you to record videos and share whatever you view.

The compatibility with the iPhone has improved due to the launch of iOS MyGlass app. The glass has a titanium head that is spread across both the ears. It is available in charcoal and cotton colours. While the battery may be a bit bulky, the glass is otherwise lightweight. The glass can be connected to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology.

Google Glass has a premium price band of around Rs. 1,12,240. It is difficult to buy online, and you must keep track when it is available at the renowned e-commerce sites.



-These days technology can also help fitness freaks to take care of their health by real-time monitoring of the vital body statistics. The GoQii has an OLED display that is activated by touch along with a 360-degree motion sensor that can measure your sleep and other activities you carry out throughout the day. It supports Bluetooth and has a reasonably excellent battery backup of around 4.5 days.

The gadget helps to monitor body temperature, and that too within a short time. It can also track the steps that you have taken along with the heart rate. You can also use the device to track and monitor several exercise modes too. It can send caller ID along with WhatsApp and SMS alerts. The face of the watch can be customised according to the moods of the user.

It has a list price of Rs. 3,500 and is available on Amazon. You may also get hold of a heavily discounted price of Rs. 1,999.

Lechal GPS Shoes

Are you aware of navigational shoes that can be connected over Bluetooth? While it may be a problem to keep track of direction by being hooked on your smartphone while hiking, these shoes can notify its users about the correct path in place of the navigational maps. The GPS tracker informs the user about the direction by vibrating the left or the right shoe.

Are you bothered what will happen if you are lost? No more worries, as you can send the location to any of your friends or family. If you find a faster way to reach your destination, it can be stored as well. It can also be used as a fitness tracker. You can calculate the distance covered, find out the calories burnt or count the number of steps taken.

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