Wondering What Valentine Gift Your Boyfriend Of 3 Months Will Like? Break the Cliché With Something Extraordinary from Our 10 Awesome Picks

Wondering What Valentine Gift Your Boyfriend Of 3 Months Will Like? Break the Cliché With Something Extraordinary from Our 10 Awesome Picks

Sometimes getting a good Valentine's Day gift can seem like an impossible task especially when you've only been dating for 3 months and you don't want to overdo it. We totally understand your feelings and know how important getting the right V-Day gift is! So we have put together a fantastic list of cute, useful, and sweet gifts for your boyfriend that you can pick from, and make the day of love one to remember.

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Why Valentine's Day Is Actually Worth Celebrating

Reasons to Celebrate Your First Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is about love and romance, which is the most important thing in human life. Valentine’s Day is different for everyone. Some people hate it, and some love it, but there is no harm to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Of course, Valentine's Day becomes more of interest if you are newly dating with someone and love is blooming in your heart. You may be planning to buy something for your man and celebrate this day of love with your new man!

An Excuse to Dress Up, Go Out And Buy Gift

Spending Valentine’s Day is an excellent reason to dress up, eat delicious food, and spend intimate time with your partner. The relationship is new, so every milestone in your connection is worth celebrating. You can use this opportunity to get to know your partner more closely and in a better and unique setting. It is a perfect time to start a deep conversation which is surprisingly romantic and build up more openness in the relationship. So, never let this day pass by without making it a special one.

A Chance to Treat Your Partner

You want to keep the perfect balance between keeping it passionate and playing it cool. You can think to treat your three-month-old partner with some unique and loving gifts, date ideas or couple activities on the special day of Valentine. Buying gift for your new boyfriend may be a little awkward as you may not yet know all the likes and dislikes of your boyfriend. But surely you can pull it off with some thoughtful attention.

Make It a Special Day for Your Loved One

Look for exciting date ideas that will appeal to your boyfriend. If he likes to spend quiet time with you then find out some beautiful and serene places nearby to spend your first valentine’s day. If he is the sporty kind, then plan a day of adventure challenges like rock climbing, or even an amusement park. If he is the sophisticated kind, then make reservations in a jazz club. You can also cook him a meal like spaghetti and chocolate mousse or something that he might have never had before. Don't forget to give him a heartfelt card and make your appreciation of him known.

Best Gift Ideas to Celebrate Your First Valentine's Day with Your Boyfriend

Source turnto10.com

You might want the best gift for your boyfriend during Valentine’s Day, but in three months you might not have got the total clue about his liking and disliking. Whether you want to keep your gift budget low, or you want to choose the perfect gift without thinking twice for the cost, BP Guide has a few great suggestions to gift your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

LED Photo frame

Source www.igp.com

A picture always reminds you of the good days you spend with your mate. You can surprise your boyfriend with a cute personalised photo frame which is an excellent gift for him from you as well as a romantic sign of love. It is an excellent option to hang it in the wall of bedroom or living room. You can add a picture of both of you, a moment that you want to remember and cherish forever. The frame lights up as soon as you connect it with the adapter. It remains visible in the dark, and it has a modern theme. The material of the photo frame is of plastic, and the dimension is 6.3 in x 6.3 in width and height. It is a perfect romantic gift for your beloved. The price for this LED photo frame is Rs. 1,300 approx. at igp.com.

Heart Shaped Cup

Valentine’s Day reminds the tale of love which symbolises heart. What can be more beautiful than something unusual like a VFDC Heart-Shaped Cup, which your boyfriend can use for having tea every morning or evening? Pour out your heart through this unique gift and enjoy Valentine’s Day together while sipping these cups. This cup is transparent and ideal for having a hot drink of your choice. The capacity of this drink is 240 ml, and it has a durable double-layered glass to provide maximum insulation from heat. It is also heat resistant. The liquid stays hot for a longer time in this acrylic plastic glassware. It is not microwavable and dishwasher safe though. The price of this cute cup is Rs. 599 for the single piece.

Lighter And Charger All in One

A pocket-friendly gift is always a great option for you to choose for your boyfriend during Valentine’s Day as guys love small but handy things that they can use anytime anywhere. A USB is a must-have for most boys, and if it comes with an extra feature, then it can be their go-to thing. This charger comes in a glossy and gorgeous blue colour with an Eiffel Tower printed on it, which symbolises love. This stylish USB Charger also has the extra feature of a lighter included with it. It will help to spark up your Valentine’s Day like nothing else. The price of this item is Rs. 999 at archiesoneline.com with no charge for shipping.

Romantic Magic Mug

Love is magical, it makes everything beautiful and each day comes with the new surprise of feelings and experiences. Valentine’s Day is a particular moment to celebrate your love life with your boyfriend and give him something that will bring a smile on his face. The Magical Mug is a special gift for someone who is so important in your life, and you love him so much that he is one in a million for you. This mug can be customised with a personalised caption on it. A special thing about this mug is that the message appears every time any hot liquid like coffee or tea is poured into the mug. The pattern appears every single time and disappears as the drink is finished. The size of the mug is 330 ml, and it is not too expensive too. It comes at the price of Rs. 275 on the website.

Fujifilm Instax Camera

Source www.amazon.in

If you love to save your memories in the photo album or want to make a photo album and give it to your boyfriend, then start making memories with the Instax Mini Point and Shoot Camera.

Instax Mini Series 8 colour models are compact in design and offer new features and enhancements. It has a slimmer and lighter body thus it is easier to carry around everywhere. It has automatic exposure measurement, and the camera signal recommends the aperture setting with the flashing LED light. The brightness adjustment dial has different modes like indoor-nights, cloudy-shade, sunny- slightly cloudy, sunny and bright. This helps the user to capture an effective shot every time. It has a new high key mode which enables to take brighter pictures with a soft look perfect portraits. It has a new and improved viewfinder which provides greater clarity and visibility. The dimension of the product is 7.6 x 12.7 x 14 cm, and it requires 2 AA batteries. The price for this item is Rs. 3,699 with free delivery.

Couple Sweatshirt

Source www.amazon.in

Nothing is cuter than a couple of sweatshirts as a gift for Valentine’s Day. The Couple Sweatshirts are of premium quality fleece fabric with great stitching and digital printing which are long-lasting and bright. It has a double knit hood or cap and kangaroo pockets which keeps you warm during chilly weather.
These matching sweatshirts for men and women come in a package of two sets for men and women. You can also add a gift message and gift wrap it. It is a full sleeve 280-320 GSM sweatshirt, and you can choose the sizes from the drop-down menu by referring chart in the images. It comes in various sizes S (38 inches), 40 (40 inches), L (42 inches), XL (44 inches), XXL (46 inches). The price for this set is Rs. 2,099 with all taxes included.

Personalised Pillow Case

Source www.amazon.in

A personalised pillow in the living room or bedroom of your boyfriend will be a great gift from you as it will remind him of you every moment and it is a great accessory to decorate the room too. This Pillowcase is a white satin cover which expresses your inner feeling to your beloved. You can personalise it with your digital pictures to make it more adorable. It has modern prints and bright digital picture finishing. The shape is square, and it is a cushion cover with filler. The size of the pillow cover is 12-inch x 12 inch ( length x breath). This is washable but not for ironing. The price is Rs. 375 with a minimum delivery fee.

Compass for Adventurous Boyfriend

When your boyfriend loves adventure, he must need several gadgets for his trips. It is quite natural that most of the things he will have, and there is hardly anything that you can buy for him as a small token of love. However, a compass is such a classic adventure gadget which is always needed, and more than one is still welcome. Even if he is not that sports lover kind of people, this compass will be a great addition to his collection and of course a special thing because you will gift that to him.

The adventurer’s Compass has a vintage look to it, and it has an engraved poem of Robert Frost. ‘The Road Not Taken’ is a classic gift and a beautiful collection. It has a removable lid which is made of beautiful solid brass reproduction of an antique air-damped compass. The famous poem from 1916 is under the top which is a tale of making choices and taking the different path of life. It is an excellent gift for the explorers and comes with a special carrying case. The dimension of the compass is 6 x 1.75 cm, and it has an old antique look with brass finishing. The price for this item is Rs. 499 with discount.

Customised Photo Calendar

Source www.amazon.in

An office table without a Calendar is incomplete. Your boyfriend will be thrilled if you make it complete with a customised gift tabletop calendar. It is one of the best quality calendars which will need 12 photos for 12 months, and you can select the special moments as pictures to personalise it. The default month is January, but the interesting thing about this calendar is you can mention your ‘Start Month’ in email if you need a different one. It is a great home décor too beside the office table and one for the best gift for your new love on Valentine’s Day. The price of this calender is Rs. 350.

"Together Forever' Gift Card

Source www.amazon.in

When you do not have any idea of what to buy for your boyfriend then buying a gift card is always a relief and one of the best idea. It is Amazon Pay Gift Card, and it is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. It carries no fees and comes in great designs for any occasion including Valentine’s Day. You can write your wishes and choose any denomination ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 10,000. The receiver can apply a 14 digit alphanumeric code on amazon.com and add the Amazon Pay Balance in their account. This gift card is non-refundable and non-returnable too.

Bonus Tips to Celebrate Valentine's Day

  • Cook the Meal He Loves: Spaghetti or chocolate mousse whatever is his taste bud you need to know that as nothing will make your man happier than a delicious and favourite valentine meal. Get yourself ready with a cookbook or a recipe video, cook and eat the dinner together. You will be surprised to see your guy moving around you in the kitchen.
  • Arrange a Holiday on a Special Spot: Take him down the memory lane of your first date place or a place which is important for him and celebrate the moment. This is a great way to make the special day more personal and promising.
  • Appreciate Him: When you are buying something with love for your man, you hope that he will be happy to get it from you. Along with that, appreciate him whatever he does for you on that special day and acknowledge the effort he makes. You will surely have more fun and a memorable day which you can cherish in future.
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Make It A Day He'll Love, But Be Flexible

Valentine Day is the festival of love - but make sure you celebrate it in way that feels right. The commercialization of the day means that we are faced with the pressure to make the day a special celebration. But how you celebrate ultimately depends on you and your boyfriend. Maybe your boyfriend loves the idea and likes to make a big deal. Or perhaps this year he is not keen on celebrating in a grand way, and just wants to keep it low key. So be mindful of how your boyfriend is feeling before you start planning an elaborate date on Valentines Day.