Stress in Kids is Very Normal these Days, Don't Panic and Instead Tackle this Situation with these Stress Relief Ideas.(2021)

Stress in Kids is Very Normal these Days, Don't Panic and Instead Tackle this Situation with these Stress Relief Ideas.(2021)

Stress doesn't affect adults only, kids too are susceptible to stress. Whether young, teenage or young adults, they can all be stressed out by many different factors of life. To help them overcome the stress, BP Guide has researched some effective stress relief for kids ideas. Some reasons why kids may be stressed out are also looked at to help you as guardian pin-point the factors and reasons to help them better cope with the conditions.

Know the Signs of Stress in Kids

Behavioral Changes

One of the many warning signs or symptoms you can spot in stressed kids is behavioral changes. You can start with the stress relief for kids only when you can spot the signs in them. These behavioral changes can be about anything i.e. the way they talk, getting more hyperactive or extremely dull. In fact, constantly being disobedient or temper tantrums are also a sign that they are very much stressed. As a parent you should be cautious enough to see these signs in initial phases only.

Withdrawing from Friends and Family

Constantly seeking alone time/ solitude, away from the entire family or friends, is a strong sign that your kid is very much stressed. This can come out either because they feel left out or ignored or maybe they don’t want to face anyone out of their anxiety or frustration. You can also cross check with their teachers if they behave the same way in school too and then take necessary actions to sort out this issue.


Bedwetting isn’t a common sign in kids especially when they are old enough to go to washrooms on their own. Children who are feeling insecure or have had an unpleasant incident are more prone to bedwetting. You shouldn’t take this lightly at all and instead confront them about it. As stress relief for kids, you can also consult with a doctor for this.


One of the most common responses towards stress is having nightmares whether you are an adult or a kid. These nightmares are like the flashback of the traumatic experience they have had in the past. This can further fuel their anxiety instead of quenching it and you should definitely take this seriously if they are having these nightmares regularly.

Stress Relief Ideas for Kids: Top Ways to Help Them Cope with Tension and Anxiety


  • One of the best things you can do to destress your kids is to promote the habit of exercise in them. It can be in any form i.e. playing with friends, team matches, sports activity with family etc. The main essence of this activity is to take their mind off all the tension and pressure going on in their life and to put their attention towards something productive and constructive. Exercise or workout is a wonderful form of recreational activity which must be promoted amongst everyone irrespective of their age. Amidst the rush of the day, make sure that your kids always find time to relax and playing and exercising is the best way to do it. Exercise boosts your level of endorphins which transmits a good/happy feeling. Not only does it improve the mood instantly but also reduces the negative effects of stress too.

Deep Breathing

  • Stress relief for kids can be made easy with the help of these interesting tips and tricks. Another one of it is trying deep breathing for your kids. Whenever your kids shows hyperactive and aggressive behaviour out of stress, you can calm them with the help of deep breathing. Not only is it super therapeutic but also help your kids to take their mind off all the stress and mess going on in their head. In fact, there are some breathing apps available too. For this, you can try this breathing exercise where you can ask them to count to four as they inhale and then again count to four as they exhale. You can also make them try belly breathing where they put one hand on chest and another on belly and breathe in a way that only their belly moves.

Engage in Family Activities

  • Family is the biggest support system anyone can have and utilizing this support to destress your kid is the best thing you can do. In fact, destressing starts from home and the way your family functions can affect the mindset of your child a lot. You need not to do anything major, even small steps are enough to relax your kid. It can be about spending time with family, playing games together, having a meal together and much more. Every once in a while, it is important all the members do an activity together as a family. Not only does it help in de-stressing your kids but also strengthens the bond between all the family members. In this family time, you can ask your kids to share their feelings so that they can open up with their issues in a better way.

Play with Pets

  • One of the most proven and effective ways for stress relief for kids is to let them spend time with family pets. Interacting and spending time with animals decreases the amount of cortisol which is a stress-related hormone. Moreover, it also lowers blood pressure too. So if you do not have any pets, you could think of getting a dog. Also, if your kid is lately feeling lonely out of stress then spending time with their pet can cure this feeling too. Playing with pets can instantly boost up the mood of your kids. Even cuddling and being together is enough to lift up the mood of your kid when they are super stressed. Pets not only offer distraction but also comfort and company too which helps your kid to forget about their worries and move past it.


  • It can be a bit complex to get kids to practice meditation but with everyday efforts you can definitely make it happen. Meditation is one of the scientifically researched effective ways to get rid of stress bit by bit. Meditation is quite like taking breathing exercise to next level. With the help of meditation your kids will not only feel a lot calmer but also improve their skill to focus too. Just like deep breathing, there are apps to help you with meditation too like Headspace. The more your kids will practice meditation, the closer they will feel towards nature and to their own mind space. The deep state of relaxation and tranquil mind can only be achieved by meditation and you should definitely make your kid learn that.

Head Outside

  • Instead of keeping your kids in the four walls of house, you should better let them spend some times outside. Spending time in nature can be a big stress reliever for kids. Not only does it have major immediate results, but also last for a long time too. Once your child feels light and relaxed, he/she can work on their problem in a completely different perspective. This clear head space is only achieved by stepping outside. Ask them to leave their video games and smartphones for a while and head outside to play some outdoor games or to spend time with their friends. You can also organize family activity in your garden area or go on a picnic in a nearby park.


  • When we are talking about older kids, things get a lot more complicated. At this phase, regular ideas won’t work and this is why we would recommend journaling above all. Journaling is a very safe and secure place for older kids to explain and let out their stressful feelings. This is a space where they can be true to themselves without the fear of judgement and opinions. In fact, writing about your thoughts, feelings and issues a very calculated scientific approach towards destressing. Moreover, journaling also helps kids to work on the solution to their stressful situation in a better and mature way. The same can be done to younger kids by the process of drawing instead of writing to handle their stress. You can also encourage kids to decorate their journals to make them more personal.

Listen to Music

  • Another step towards stress relief for kids is to incline them towards listening to some good music. Apparently, science also thinks that listening to music can actually help you to destress to quite some level. Music has the power to change your mood and lift it up instantly. Whether you are an adult or a kid, music always hits the right spot at the right time. Music is a great distraction from all the worries and also helps in triggering happy memories too. However, as a parent you should be quite cautious what kind of songs your kids are listening and it should be appropriate to their age. Moreover, along with some music you can also give their hobby of singing and dancing a boost too.

Understand their Feelings

  • Kids like everyone else also have troubles which albeit may seem small in context to your worries. You should thus take the time to pay attention to what they have to say, regardless of however small it may feel. Indeed, it might seem like a petty issue to you but it can be such a big deal for them and you should be there to understand it. Your child should be able to explain what they are feeling with you like a friend. Sometimes doing nothing but listening to them can help them heal in a way that you cannot imagine. Maybe you can find a solution for them or go talk to their teacher or concerned person about it. When you are handling your child, every little detail is important and being a parent you should be very sensitive towards their feelings. This will definitely promote the feeling of trust amongst you two.

Hobbies Exploration

  • Indulging in Hobbies is probably the most common and definitely the easiest way towards stress relief for children. Childhood years can be a very sensitive phase but it is definitely the time where the foundation of their future lays out. Make sure that they get to spend time in doing things that they love. This is the kind of activity which can totally distract their mind off the stressful things in their life and who knows maybe they open up with you through this process. Painting, sketching, creating clay items, reading books, writing are excellent hobbies to engage their mind in something creative and constructive. Moreover, you can also indulge in them in any activity they like and you can develop a good bond with them.

Understand What Causes Stress in Kids

We believe that you would have liked our stress relief ideas for kids and being parents you are the only one who can talk to them and get them out of their stress and anxiety. However, now that you know about these ideas, you should first know about some of the causes behind this stress so that you can save your kids from it before it happens.

Academic Pressure

It has become an obsession with parents to make their kids perform well in academics irrespective of their capacity and interests. This huge academic pressure builds up to that point where your child starts to suffer from not only stress but depression too. This is one of the most common reason behind your kid getting stressed and you as parents are to blame here. Instead of comparing and pressurizing, help your child to grow at their normal pace.

Packed Schedule

Gone are the days when kids used to come from school and could finish their naps, could watch cartoons and play with their friends. Instead, now their schedules are fully packed with extra-curricular classes, too much homework and more. Let your kids have some time where they can do what they actually want to do. Use activities like sports, arts, music to relieve your kid’s stress, not to fuel it.

Media Saturation

Stress relief for kids is a much complex subject than we used to think. Thanks to the technology, kids are now exposed to a lot of negative and unwanted stuff. Of course, the technology helps with their studies but the same comes with a lot of disadvantages too. Listening to terrifying news and watching explicit content on the internet can boost their stress which can be really harmful for their growth and development.


Bullying has become another reality of the society no matter what age you are and what you do. We adults can handle it much better but kids are at high risk when it comes to bullying. Bullying can come from anyone, whether from fellow students or from cousins or even from you as parents. You do not even know it but you can hurt your child without even realizing it. Make sure to keep communications open with your kids to help them about anything they are going through.

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Mitigate Stress with these Stress Relief Ideas for Kids

Combating stress in kids should be handled with utmost diligence and gentleness. The wrong methods could trigger more stress outburst and issues. With modern day science and treatment, researched are some therapeutic clinical ideas that have proven to work. For kids in different age groups, finding and knowing the way to approach and curb the matter effectively will help you in relieving stress in kids. This article will help you in dealing with stress in kids and helping them live a healthy stress free life.