Need Some Help with Your Rangoli? Choose from These Amazing Makar Sankranti Rangoli Designs That Come with Useful Tips to Make Even Complicated Designs Seem Easy

Need Some Help with Your Rangoli? Choose from These Amazing Makar Sankranti Rangoli Designs That Come with Useful Tips to Make Even Complicated Designs Seem Easy


We Indians love to celebrate each festival with great joy. Our homes celebrate with us! Makar Sankranti Rangolis add to the charm of our houses by providing an exciting and colourful experience. So, check out these amazing rangoli designs you can use this festival season.

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Making a Perfect Rangoli Design

Indian festivals are colourful, joyous and lavish. And beautiful rangoli is always part of the Indian festivals. Rangoli is a form of art and is something that has been in our heritage since the Indus Valley Civilization. Featuring intricate designs and amazing colours these Rangoli designs bring a strikingly unique charm to the festival. They can be created in living rooms, prayer rooms and most importantly in the courtyard of the house.

There are simply limitless designs that you can draw in different sizes and colours. Modernization has made rangoli designing much simpler introducing tools like stencils, cones and other means which make drawing these designs really easy. Here is some useful information about how to choose the size of Rangoli, how to pick the best paper designs and stencil designs, and also some of the best rangoli designs for you.

First and Foremost, Determine the Size of the Rangoli

The first thing that you need to do when you are drawing a rangoli is to determine the size of the Rangoli. This of course, largely depends on where you are going to draw it and your skill levels. A large rangoli may look cluttered in a small space while a very small rangoli in a huge open space also looks poor.

So, choose the size of the rangoli after assessing the space available. Also ensure that the area is easily accessible. An easily accessible place ensures that the Rangoli can be drawn without any hassles. The second factor is your skill - are you comfortable drawing large rangolis ? Keep in mind what you want to accomplish before deciding.

Secondly, Choose the Design of the Rangoli

Once you are done with the selection of place and size of rangoli, you need to make a choice of the designs. You can go for designs with dots or you can even choose freehand designs for making beautiful rangoli provided you are comfortable. Otherwise you can look through paper designs and stencil rangoli.

There are a number of designs available for you to choose from. If you are planning to draw the rangoli inside your home or near your pooja room, it is best to choose a paper-based one. Paper-based rangolis are easier to draw and can be cleaned without a mess. If you are planning to draw a rangoli outside your house, you can use stencil based ones.

Last but not the Least, Select a Design Online and Plan Ahead

If you wish to go for freehand rangoli designs, but not sure which design to draw, then the internet can be of great help to you. You will be able to find anything and everything on the internet. You can search for designs online, plan it according to your requirements and then just go ahead.

You can do a lot of creativity when you are opting for freehand designs or using dots. You can use different designs to combine and make a single rangoli or you can replace the colors with flowers and much more. Make sure you dig out some basic information regarding colors and designs before drawing a rangoli.

Top Rangoli Design for Makar Sankranti

Peacock Design Acrylic Rangoli


Rangoli is not just meant for the floor, you can draw them on the walls and on your tables as well. This peacock design Acrylic rangoli is a perfect choice for designing your floor, your walls or your tables. You can use it for designing walls or doors, outdoors as well.

This rangoli is designed with fine quality material and hence it suits any place perfectly. This design is approximately 10 to 11 inches and it is set of 13 pieces. You will be able to choose from different colours and shapes from the same art piece. You do not have to use glue for sticking it as it comes with sticking material and all you need to do is just place it where ever you wish to and it is all set. This comes in a plastic box packing and hence, there is no damage to the rangoli while shipping. You can buy this at Rs.319 from

Round Shape Velvet Rangoli


Round shaped rangoli is the most famous rangoli shape in India. This is a round shaped rangoli made using velvet fabric material. This rich material makes it just ideal for any kind of festival or even decorating your home or office. This is a beautiful flower on the velvet fabric with small leaf-like structure inside the flower.

The designing on the velvet fabric is done with the help of yellow, green and white plastic beads. This is a homemade product and it is also reusable. The size of the rangoli is 30 cms X 30 cms, which makes it perfect for any room. It is not going to look too big or too small. You can buy this round shaped velvet rangoli at Rs.610 from

Handicraft Designer Rangoli


This handcrafted rangoli design from KIRWIN is good a choice for your beautiful home. This is made of Acrylic material and is 10 inches. It is a green color rangoli design, one of the auspicious colors in the Hindu culture. You can decorate your pooja room or your house for any occasion. You do not have to stick it with glue or stickers as it is reusable material. You just need to place it on the floor and you are done. It is a set of 6 pieces which come in a plastic box packing for perfect delivery in shape. You can buy this acrylic rangoli at Rs.299 for 6 pieces from

Acrylic Handcrafted Decorative Kundan Rangoli

Here is another rangoli design in Acrylic material for your house, but this time it is made of kundans. Kundans add that grand look to any decorative piece and so is this piece of artwork as well. It is made of kundans in Gold, blue and Maroon colours. You just need to place it on the floor where ever you wish to and it is all ready to shine.

You don't need any glue or other sticking material and hence it is perfect for reusing as well. If you want to fix it on a wall, then you can make it a permanent rangoli using glue. It is 20 cm X 20 cm and hence not too big for any room. You can buy it for Rs.350 per single piece from

LED Diya Rangoli Stencil

LED diya rangoli is a different style of rangoli for those who are looking for some creativity in the simple rangoli designs . You need not to have to spend hours creating a design of rangoli and then colouring it. You can just place this rangoli stencil on the floor or where ever you wish to and then it starts shining with LED lights .

This is a good choice of rangoli for festivals like Diwali or Ganesh pooja . It is made with red, yellow and green colours with a Diya in the middle of the rangoli. You can safely store it after use and use again for another occasion. It is a set of 7 LED Diya rangolis and you can buy it at Rs.750 from

Making Rangoli with Everyday Objects

For those of you who just don't like ready-made designs, we present to you some DIY rangoli designs which can be made using simple everyday items. Read on to know more.

Rangoli Design Using Kitchen Utensil

If you are a person who likes to try out new rangoli designs and not fond of readymade designs, we have few suggestions were you can draw your own designs. You can also explore various designs or search the internet for innovative ideas. In fact, you will be able to make some interesting designs with the help of some of the kitchen utensils, teacups, and forks. Here's how to do it:


  • Draw a freehand design without any outline or dots.
  • You can make small holes in the disposable tea cups and start sprinkling color in a pattern of your choice.
  • Then with the help of a fork and other utensils, try to make some design on the sprinkled color.
  • At the end, add some kundan and mirrors to the colorful rangoli design to make it more beautiful.

We are sure that this is going to be an amazing free hand rangoli design for any special occasion or festival. Check out this illustrative video on Youtube

Creative Art Rangoli Designs Using Basket

You can draw numerous rangoli design by using a small plastic fruit basket. For this purpose, you will have to pick a small basket which has small, mesh like holes in it.


  • Place the fruit basket on a flat surface and start filling different colors in each section of the basket mesh.
  • Remove the basket, then with the help of a small bottle and cotton bud, you can make new designs.
  • Create an amazing design of small and colorful flowers with a lead like designs to each of the flowers.
  • You can experiment with different designs by using some beautiful colors to make the design even more interesting and colorful.

It is a very simple design that can be done by people who have no experience in making such freehand designs. Check out this illustrative video on Youtube

Rangoli Using a Paper Cone

You can also create another beautiful rangoli design that can be made with just a paper cone and small bangles.


  • You will have to take a paper and roll it into a small cone with a small hole at the bottom of the cone.
  • You should staple the cone so that it does not open up when you are using it for making rangoli.
  • Take a small bowl and place it upside down and then make small dots with the cone. Try to use two to three colors for making the dots.
  • Then remove the bowl and then with the help of a coloring brush or small stick, make the design with the dots.
  • Now place the bangles around this design and start making dots again. You need to repeat the same with these dots as well and make leaf or flower-like designs.

This is going to be a perfect design if you are using the right colours. Check out this illustrative video on Youtube

Rangoli Using a Comb

Now have a look at another creative way to make rangoli at your home. You can make some beautiful rangoli designs with the help of a comb that you are using daily.


  • Place a round ring of medium size on the floor and with the help of random colors, you can make small dots inside the ring in a round shape.
  • Now remove the ring and role a belan on the colour powder dots.
  • Sprinkle some color around this ring of color and with the help of a comb, make some semi-circle designs on the sprinkled color.
  • Around this design, you can now make flowers and leaf-like designs to make it look more beautiful and innovative.

It is very simple and easy to make, but it will take some time. You can keep adding more designs around the circle. Check out this illustrative video on Youtube

Festive Rangoli Using Plates

For a rangoli with a grand festive look, you can create a new design by using plates of various sizes.


  • You will have to take two plates of different size, one is medium size and the other is a small size.
  • Now make a circle with the medium sized plate first and then place the small plate inside it and then make a small circle.
  • Without removing the small plate, sprinkle color in the bigger circle outside the small plate and on the circle make small white powder dots.
  • Then with the help of small stick make lines towards the inner circle. Repeat the same with the small circle as well.
  • Place white powder dots and make lines towards inside. Now add some color in the middle of the rangoli.
  • Make some more leaf-like designs around this circle and this will finish the design. It is going to be an amazing design for your festivals.

You will not have to worry a lot as they can be done easily with the help of rangoli powder. Check out this illustrative video on Youtube

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Whether it is Makar Sankranti, or Diwali, or any other festival, a Rangoli adds charm to your home. So, go ahead and either choose from ready-made designs or explore your creative prowess with the DIY rangoli designs. Whichever one you choose, the rangolis will make your home look splendent!