Care Package: Tips to Choose and Give The Ideal Care Package to Friends and Family and Some Common Mistakes to Avoid when Gifting. (2022)

Care Package: Tips to Choose and Give The Ideal Care Package to Friends and Family and Some Common Mistakes to Avoid when Gifting. (2022)

A care package is a pampering gift to give to close friends and family to show how much they mean in ones life. There are many different care package ideas. One can start small, especially for DIYs, and build it bigger with delectable accompaniments such as chocolates, sweets, baked goods or even a bottles of wine for the aficionado. Herein, BP Guide has listed 10 of the best care package gift ideas, how to choose the gift and some mistakes to avoid when gifting.

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Care Package: Tips to Choose and Give a Perfect Gift

We all have some close people who aren’t family but still are considered as one. They’ve been with us at all times and have shared some unforgettable memories. Then there comes a time when we are separated whether it be because of education, career, marriage, etc. But there is one thing we can do, provide them gifts and make them remember all those clips of moments in a second. We don’t specifically need an occasion to send them a care package but something special. In this article, we will be focusing on care package ideas for friends. What you should keep in mind while gifting, suggestions that help you get a good idea, and some mistakes to avoid for the same.

8 Tips to Help you Find a Perfect Care Package

Let’s take a look at some tips that’ll help get the right care package for your loved one.

Money, Energy, or Time

As it’s a close friend or family member you’re going to send a care package to, you’ll understand that what they value holds the most importance. At this moment, you’ll have to choose how to use your resource to get the most of it or at least which one to use. The three resources are money, time, and energy. It depends on you whether you use all of them or not. According to a study, people who are close to us like to have words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts. Hence, you get some care package ideas.

Observe the Personality

The person is a part of your family, hence, you’ve observed them throughout the time you’ve spent with them. You know their personality, so, take it to your advantage. If not then, at least you know what they might not like, hence, remove them from the list. Taking their personality into account, they must’ve told you probably something your house lacks, or their apparel, or probably something fun in their life. If they are spiritual, a care package idea would be to send a spiritual pendant. Furthermore, there have been such instances where they’ve given you hints regarding the same.

Online or Offline

Online stores indeed have tonnes of varieties whereas offline stores can be more perfect regarding the item like its size, durability, appearance, etc. if your close friend does online shopping a lot then, the size wouldn’t be much of an issue. But there are certain things like shoes that you should try getting offline. You may know that certain online products don’t fit the size chart criteria. Also, if your friend likes to go on with the trend, you might as well help him or her with that. For instance, if the person’s a Potterhead then, sending them the latest version of the book set might be good, or the Elder Wand, muffler, or merchandise.

Bring Out Their Hobby

We all are either busy building our careers or getting ahead in education. During these times, we tend to enjoy our hobbies less as probably we don’t get that much time. But, that’s where friends come in. Let’s take an example, we all have that one friend who knows how to click amazing photos and also suggests poses for the same. Gifting them a better phone or a camera and starting a page for their hobby may make them feel better and alive. There can be loads of care package ideas regarding art, music, dancing, etc. you have to focus on how and what may bring it out.

Long-Term Thinking

A care package idea for a friend not only has to be special but also something that stays in the long run. You’ll have to look into their lives and it’ll tell what’s missing or what needs to be replaced. For instance, if the person loves to bake then, providing them a set of glass bowls or oven mitt would be right. If they have to stay all night doing work or attending international meetings or preparing for an exam, a coffee machine would be a saviour. Hence, a care package that fulfils long-term needs would be the perfect one to choose.


The budget has an important role and should not be neglected. If you already have decided on the item or the category then, setting a budget becomes easier. For instance, if you confirm what you should send like an electronic device or appliance, book set, study material, or crockery item, etc. then, things become a bit easier as you may have to keep shipping charges involved as well, who knows the care package may go across the globe. Setting a budget may allow you to send more than one thing like a proper package, wouldn’t that be great?


It’s true that if make something by yourself, it holds great value. The reason is that the person won’t be looking at the result but the efforts you made to make it. It also makes them feel special as you took the time to make something for them. It can range from a variety of things like crafting, letter, flowers, etc. as mentioned earlier, words of affirmation have an effect on the person like in a handwritten letter. This, again, makes them feel special. If not the whole thing then, consider a care package idea, deliver it to you. Make some changes which you may like and send it.

Gift That Reminds Something

There have been countless moments through your time when you’ve had made memories. Then, come such gifts that take you back to that time. Finding one is like a boon so, if you find one grab it. There can be various incidents, for instance, if you both love space then, gifting a floating moon would be nice, or taking an old photo and making its 3D figurine. Such care package ideas would blow their mind as they’ll fall into their nostalgic world.

10 Care Package Ideas Worth Sending

1. Stress Ball


If your friend is preparing for an exam or for a deal to crack, there is a lot of stress on them. This is where they can use some distractions and think better later. The stress ball is used to De-stress you. Not only squeezing but you can play with it as well. It lets your mind relax for a moment and then, you can start focusing on your work in a better mood. Available on Amazon, this simple care package idea is yours for Rs.218.

2. Selfcare Kit

We have that one friend who takes care of their body like no one else. For them, this self-care kit would be perfect. It has 4 kits inside it that are Glow, Sparkle, Vision, and Greens, each focusing on a different body parts. Glow is for the face and nourishment. Sparkle is for your teeth and improving oral hygiene. Vision is for your eyes and treats everything like dryness, muscles, degeneration, retina damage, etc. and Greens is for your whole body and provides all the nutrients and supplements necessary. Available on Cureveda, you can add this to your cart for Rs.2,751.

3. Customized Hamper

Whether it’s their birthday, or they have achieved something, or some occasion, hampers are one of the ways to go. This customizable hamper will get it all and, you can add stuff accordingly. There are choices under categories like Coffee: What flavour? Chocolates: Which one? etc. The base price of this hamper will be Rs.400 but adding vanilla coffee, cookies as snacks, blueberries, a personalized Nutella jar, and Hershey’s chocolates would make the hamper of Rs.1,985 from Gifts by Rashi this gift hamper care package is still customizable.

4. Customized Hoodie

Whenever the word “customized” is added, we enter a whole new world of possibilities. As you’re about to design it, it can be anything like a logo your close friend made, or some series they are a fan of, etc. Also, there are 6 colour patterns to choose from which are available in 5 different sizes. Made of pure cotton, stretchable in nature, lightweight, and customizable, it can be one of the perfect care package ideas for friends. This customizable hoodie is is available on DigiPrintShop for Rs.999.

5. Stainless Steel Bottle(Gym)


People who are hit the gym or jog every morning and take their physique seriously need a water bottle by their side to keep them hydrated. If you friend’s one of them then, this would be one of the suitable care package ideas. This 750ml water bottle is made of stainless steel and has an airtight packing feature. The design lets it stay in almost any cup holder plus, you can add ice cubes to it as the mouth is wide enough. This lightweight water bottle is available on Amazon for Rs.323.

6. Amazon Echo Dot


We all have heard people say “Alexa” and their statements ahead of it. The spherical design has improved bass and better audio quality. If your friend has smart home appliances then, Echo Dot will simply connect them all and make the controls a lot better. Alexa speaks Hindi and English so, whatever it is you need, say it in your language. You can also pair it with your smartphone and use it as a Bluetooth speaker. This beautiful piece of technology from Amazon is priced at Rs.4,499.

7. MagSafe Charger


There’s a friend who is a fan of the Apple Ecosystem and utilizes their products only. There have been certain advancements in the iPhones and they don’t provide a charger anymore. So, there are chances that your friend might not have the MagSafe charger. This would be the perfect opportunity to provide them with one. The wireless charger works for iPhone 8 to the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max. Available on Apple Inc this care package for a friend is yours for Rs.4,500.

8. JBL Flip 5


The current era is of wireless technology and Bluetooth speakers are a big example of it. Hence, this JBL product could be one of the best care package ideas for friends. Almost every one of us wants clear quality sound and added bass to feel the music. Having a 4800 mAh battery, its performance will last for up to 12 hours straight. Also, it’s waterproof with an IPX7 rating, voice assistance, PartyBoost feature, etc. The Flip 5 is available on Amazon at Rs.8,699.

9. Fur Slippers

There has been an incident where your friend must’ve told you about getting or wearing fur slippers. Well, this could be the right moment to surprise them by sending it as a care package. The fur is of high-quality material and provides you with a luxurious and exquisite feel. They are perfect as room slippers and are good in winters to keep the feet warm. These soft slippers are available on Myntra at Rs.1,499.

10. Customized Newspaper

If you take our choice, this would be the perfect care package idea. Even if they don’t read newspapers, they would surely love to read this one. The newspaper has 4 sides in which 3 articles are present with a minimum of 10 photos worth of space. You can add everything about your friend in terms of breaking news to a wanted criminal. This would be a literal time machine as it’ll have more than one article about them. This perfect newspaper will start your friend’s morning. Available from The Dotted i, the price starts at Rs.1,500.

4 Mistakes to Avoid While Gifting Something

#1. Last-Minute Gifts

Let’s make it clear, care packages do not depend solely on occasion. So, if you’re going to gift something at the last moment on their birthday, it isn’t supposed to be termed as a care package. Plus, we all know that we have less time and a lot of options in front of us. So, we tend to make the wrong choice. Hence, put a note or alarm to remind you that you have to choose a care package. This way you’ll be a lot ahead of time.

#2. Assembling Gift

Care packages are supposed to be fun and help them feel good. If you provide them something that isn’t fully thought-out DIY, it can get tricky. Chances are that they may like building it up but it was supposed to be your responsibility to present it nicely. Sure, he or she may love cakes but you’re supposed to send them the whole thing and not ingredients.

#3. Gifting a Pet

Majorly, it’s a puppy or dog. Indeed they are very playful and keep everyone in the house happy but they also require care and attention. Plus, it would be the wrong move if they live alone or go to work. Without a doubt, they are mood boosters but aren’t fit as a care package. One must look after him in your friend’s absence (i.e if they live alone).

#4. Your Interests

Whether it’s an online or offline store, we tend to pick things that catch our eyes. It works for us but not necessarily for your friend. A care package proves that you know about that person deeply and know what they require at times. Care package ideas that interest you may remind them of you but probably won’t be of any use to them.

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Pamper Loved Ones with these Care Package Ideas.

One great care package idea for a friend is a memorable gift. This can span from different gifting options among some which have been listed above. For instance a customized newspaper, a customized hoodie or even a gym bottle, since such gifts may last a long time. This makes them remember you for a long time while also providing some usefulness. There are other gift ideas that also show how mindful you are of them, be it their health, daily regimen like face, skin or hair care routines or even their hobbies. Some of these such great gifts have been listed above. These have been considered among the best suggestions of care package gift ideas when it comes to gifting friends and family.