How to Wear a Scarf Male(2021): A Guide on Different Scarf Styles- Step by Step for You to Ace the Look.

How to Wear a Scarf Male(2021): A Guide on Different Scarf Styles- Step by Step for You to Ace the Look.

Gentlemen, it’s time to talk about your neckwear. A scarf will keep your neck warm on a cold winter day and will add extra style and personality to your outfit. Learn how to wear a scarf for men in these ingenious styles!

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Style Up Your Winter Looks with the Right Ways to Wear a Scarf

Most of us have a love and hate relationship with winters. Windy, icy days can be uncomfortable and we have no choice but to wear our warmest topcoats and suits. Looking good with all those layers is hard! However, knowing how to wear a scarf easily and in attractive ways with a coat and suit can make you happy that the season is here as it can add a fun element to your outfit with the least effort!

Often men don't invest much effort wearing a scarf as they remain unsure about looking good with it. However, the scarf becomes your best friend in winters as you can use this as a smart accessory to add a splash of colour and jazz to your look. Scarves let you introduce different textures, contrasting patterns, and bright shades. We cover some top reasons for wearing a scarf and then have an exhaustive guide on the best methods of wearing one.

Why Wear a Scarf?

  • Function:Scarves do a great job of preventing the neck. A thick wool scarf can keep the neck warm and free from cold chills in the winter mornings. On the other hand, a lightweight, synthetic, or cotton material protects the neck in summers.
  • Flair:Scarves can serve as a great style element for your looks. It can also be used to balance a bolder outfit. In winters, wearing a lightweight scarf needs a dapper gentleman to be confident with the style sense. It is a great thumb rule to maintaining simplicity in the rest of your outfit to avoid competition with the scarf for attention.

What to Wear a Scarf with?

Scarf with Jeans

If you want a more casual look, wear a scarf with jeans. You can style up the non-layered look of jeans with the thickness of a scarf knot. On the other hand, if you want an aesthetic and simple look, go with a Parisian knot. Simply fold the scarf in half, put it over the necks' back, and pull the loose ends via the looped end. This type of knot is simply adjustable.

Scarf with a Sports Jacket, Coat or Bomber Jacket

Wearing a scarf with a jacket gives you an ideal look. If you don't wear a tie with a jacket, pull off the scarf knots to fill the void. Adding a colourful outer layer with a scarf is an excellent method to improve your appearance. You can also dress a bolder sports jacket using a solid and neutral coloured scarf in beige, grey, or taupe. All in all, wearing a scarf makes you look more stylish.

Scarf with a Suit


If you want to add a flair to your suit during the winter season, a scarf is the best choice. And when wearing it with a suit, dropping the knotted look is an essential style add-on. Simply drop your scarf over the neck without twisting a knot. However, If the scarf is long, drape it and fold the scarf as required.

Scarf with T shirt

Did you know you can wear a scarf with a t-shirt? Select a bordered or lightweight scarf to wear over a favourite t-shirt, and you can end up with a great combination. To get a casual look, simply loop your scarf around your neck and pair it with your favourite bag and jeans.

Scarf with Sweater

Did you know you can wear a scarf with a t-shirt? Select a bordered or lightweight scarf to wear over a favourite t-shirt, and you can end up with a great combination. To get a casual look, simply loop your scarf around your neck and pair it with your favourite bag and jeans.

Best Ways to Wear a Scarf

Did you know you can wear a scarf with a t-shirt? Select a bordered or lightweight scarf to wear over a favorite t-shirt, and you can end up with a great combination. To get a casual look, simply loop your scarf around your neck and pair it with your favorite bag and jeans.

The Drape

The drape is a fast method to throw on the scarf before stepping out. This method makes you look slimmer and taller. Since it gets tucked under your jacket or coat to echo the lapel lines, you can add patterns, flairs, and a little color to the outfit.

  • Put your scarf around the back of the neck with significantly one end hanging lower than the other.
  • Then, take the bigger end and swoop it across the chest over the opposite side shoulder.
  • At last, adjust accordingly.

The Reverse Drape

The reverse drape is a good method to tie your scarf in the winter season. The scarf knot is not very much worn, but it's an ideal way to protect your neck from the cold. It's an absolute cozy, classic, and casual way. Perfectly combined with smart casual wear, the knot easily covers your neck and a part of your face. Follow these steps to the relaxed knotted style.

  • To wear this knot, wear your scarf over the neck.
  • Ensure that both scarf ends are of the same length.
  • Take one end of the scarf and carry it across the neck to the opposite side.
  • Remember one thing; wearing this way of scarf doesn't need an actual knot.

The Once-Around

The once-around style provides a good balance between relaxed and polished appearances. It could make you look awesome with a cardigan, a winter coat, or a tee. Wearing this style easily and quickly enhances the fissionability of your outfit. It is also an effective way to keep the neck warm in cold weather. Even if one end of the scarf becomes larger as compared to another, don't take any stress. The style looks as good as messy it can be.

  • As per its name, the approach includes loosely wrapping the scarf one time around your neck.
  • Also, you can drape it in a more relaxed manner.
  • The dashing style can be attained with a lightweight and thin scarf of wool, cashmere, heavy, or chunky material with texture and elasticity.
  • The scarf tie is suitable for dressing a buttoned-up topping or blazer off a casual look.

The Fake Knot

The name says it all. The fake knot needs a little bit of deception and technique to get the look. This is a handy method when you desire to create a statement without looking it done up. Not very difficult to make, the look is the best for a weekend in spring or autumn. Wearing a fake knot brings the best opportunity for attempting a daring match of silk and patterns. However, during some cool days, you can opt for slightly bulkier choices like cashmere wool scarves. It is also an excellent option for business wear, professional and sober style. The fake know is fast to tie and take off style.

  • Drape down the scarf from the front side of the body and not the back.
  • This makes it simple to adjust and control.
  • Use a scarf's mid-length for this knot that comes perfectly with a patterned or thicker weave scarf.
  • Keep its one end long, notably twice the other end, and spread your scarf around the neck.
  • Grasp the loose overhand knot and bind the other shorter end, leaving almost 10 to 20 inches.
  • Pull the knot a bit and slip through the other end.
  • Finally, adjust the fitness as per your comfort and desired length.

French Knot

This knot is known as a Slip or Simple style knot. It's the best choice for a night out as the simple knot is proficient at giving the required warmth while making you look stylish. Appropriately polished and masculine, the french knot is great for casual outfits.

  • For getting this look, you need a long scarf so that its medium-length would not cut it.
  • Ensure that the scarf is not very bulky and thick.
  • Take the scarf's middle part and fold it in half to touch the ends.
  • Then, take the double over the bend in 1 hand, process the loose ends, and place them around with each other.
  • When doubling, a thick scarf can rapidly create a disproportionate look when you wrap it around the neck.
  • Prevent this by tucking every end to pull the snug via bend of earlier loose ends.

This knot style goes well with formal coats, riding jackets, and jackets. It also looks great with a peacoat or single-breasted jacket. This one dresses you up a little bit for more casual wear, going well with denim jackets or bombers.

Overhand Knot

Overhand is a formal method for wearing a scarf. Referred to as Double Ascot and Ascot, this knot style is the best one to pair with a blazer (tucked in manner). With a stylish and functional look, the overhand knot style gives you some warmth and huge sophistication. It looks great with patterned designs and goes well with a scarf of medium length. Being the simplest and the easiest method to tie a scarf, it challenges deciding how low or high you should wear. Instead of other knots, it generally hangs a little bit loose around your neck. To make this style handy, you need to follow some simple steps.

  • Take scarf's both ends and put them over the shoulder.
  • Tie it under and over the same way you would grasp on the shoelaces.
  • Ensure that the front side remains smooth.
  • Use the other side to create a balance so that you get the best fit around the neck.
  • However, if you pick a thinner scarf, you can transform this style to bohemian from polished in no time.

Twice Around

A scarf knot is a perfect option for cold weather. Being an easy option to tie around your neck, it works great with a long scarf. Adding a variation to the once-around scarf style, the twice-around technique is a good option for when you have a thin and long scarf. You can go for a scarf of a minimum of 72 inches in length.

  • Wrap a long scarf wrap around the neck, and leave two small ends hanging on the front side.
  • Drape your scarf around the neck, creating one end longer.
  • Take the scarf's longer end and wrap it around the neck.
  • Then, repeat the step again, carrying the scarf around the neck a 2nd time.
  • It is another knot where you don't actually tie your scarf.
  • Adjust your scarf if required to cover the neck fully.

Four in Hand

Another suitable method to tie your long scarf, Four-in-Hand protects your neck, making it an ideal choice for freezing days. Because of lots of folds, this style brings an intricate-looking method to tie your scarf.

  • Same as with the fake knot, you need to fold your scarf in half-width and lengthwise, draping it over the neck.
  • Take 1 of the scarf's loose ends and pull it via the loop created by the loop end.
  • Turn the loop, and bring in the scarf's other end via the loop to tie your knot.
  • Adjust your knot till the scarf is placed well around the neck.

Reverse Drape Tuck

Not a very common style, but it works great with long scarves.

  • Drape your scarf around the neck and make one end larger than the other.
  • Take the scarf's long end and loop it once around the neck.
  • After this, take the same end and tuck it via the loop you made.
  • Hold the scarf's other side and tuck it via the loop and tie your knot.
  • At last, adjust your scarf if required.

Wrapped Up

This style is effortless to achieve when you are rushing around or continuously on the move in and out.

  • Tuck your scarf's ends into a topcoat or suit jacket to keep cold drifts.
  • Drape your scarf around the shoulder and leave it to hang around the neck.
  • Keep the same length on every side.
  • Carry one side of the scarf towards another side.
  • Pass over one side and wrap the other end around the back of the neck.
  • Then, adjust these ends to your desired length.

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Wash Them with Care

Scarves actually are hand-washed. Hand washing is actually gentler and more eco-friendly. Simply soak the item for about 20 minutes to clean your garment. If time is of the essence, placing your item inside out in a garment bag on the delicate cycle should work as well.