Summers Can Create Havoc on Your Skin: Tips for Summer Skincare To Keep Your Skin Glowing (2020)

Summers Can Create Havoc on Your Skin: Tips for Summer Skincare To Keep Your Skin Glowing (2020)

Summer is here. You must be afraid of how you will look after your skin. The pollution, scorching heat and humidity take away the natural glow of the skin. Before getting any complications it is better to take care of your skin proactively. The tips which we have shared here will help you to avoid the hassles and keep your skin pure and perfect. You can thank us later for saving your skin.

Skin Care is Important in Summer!

Hot summer days call for cold refreshing drinks, most comfortable cotton wear, lazy flip flops and most importantly, a good skincare routine! Yes, the skin is more prone to consequent effects of the hot sun and hence, it is very crucial that you take good care of it.

Apart from keeping away and protecting your skin from direct exposure to the sun, there are other ways also that you can and ‘should’ adopt to take care of your sensitive skin. In this article, we give you the top 10 amazing skincare tips to take care of your skin. Keep reading as we also discuss some fascinating ayurvedic tips for summer skincare.

Top 10 Skincare Tips for Summer

As the warm weather kicks in, it is no surprise that you hear a lot of complaints regarding oily, dull and acne-prone skin. It is probably the most trying time for the skin. The blazing sun and scorching heat are indeed difficult to deal with. But by choosing to try out certain tips and tricks, it is sure that you can avoid quite a lot of skin mishaps.

Embrace the original skin (whatever may be the skin type) that you are dwelling in, but make the sincerest of efforts to bring out the best in you. Here are some easy and affordable summer skincare tips that anybody can follow!

Use the Right Cleanser

As we move across the seasons, it is also not to be forgotten that the texture and composition of the skin also changes. In winter, maybe your skin would have felt less oily than it is now in summer. So, it is very important that you identify the current condition of your skin and choose a face wash accordingly. Nonetheless, most people tend to have oily, glossy skin with possible infections or breakouts. So, it's most likely that you will need a cleanser that draws out the excess oil from the skin.

Every morning, make it a point to wash your face with a mild cleanser to start off fresh for the day!

Consume Plenty of Water and Fruits High on Water Content

Water is a magical liquid that has many beneficial properties. Not only does it act as a coolant for the body in summer, but it also prevents dehydration and also, flushes out all toxins from the body. Take sips of water all throughout the day, preferably every 30 minutes. Additionally, try to consume fruits rich in water content like watermelon, oranges etc. You can go for natural fruit juices like lime juice but avoid sugary drinks as they are full of calories and is sure to weigh you down and feel sluggish.

Strictly Follow the CTM (Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize) Skincare Routine

Warrant a skincare regimen that takes you through the summer season and is bound to give you good results. Once or twice in a day, cleanse your face thoroughly with a face wash to remove dust and sweat. Then, apply a light coat of toner on the skin to close all the pores. Next, moisturize your face with a light moisturizer, preferably water-based, even though you feel like skipping this step. Moreover, you can wash your face frequently with plain water, especially if Your skin is prone to breakouts and pimples.

Sunscreen is a Must

Any moment you feel like stepping out of the house, make sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen all throughout the body. UV rays of the sun are harmful to the skin anytime round the year, but more so in the hot summer months. A sunscreen containing a minimum SPF of 30 must be applied on the body at least 20 to 30 minutes before heading out into the sun. Sunscreens get easily absorbed into the skin and hence, must be reapplied frequently if you are staying out in the sun for long. Sunscreens are much needed for the skin to keep away freckles, sun spots and early signs of ageing.

Exfoliate More Often

In order for the skin to shed off the dead cells faster and to glow, it is important that you too lend a hand in the natural process! In the summer you are likely to sweat more and thus, easy for dust and dirt to accumulate in the face and body. Lotion alone will not do any good, as this can only aggravate the oiliness in the skin more. Exfoliate your body, twice or thrice a week in summer to achieve soft, supple skin. You can use store-bought products to exfoliate or else can also use homemade scrubs like a combination of lemon and sugar to exfoliate.

Maintain Overall Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene goes a long way in helping to tackle the heat. Make sure that you take a shower at least once in the day. And, if you are a person who suffers from body odour, then you must take at least two! Also, consider dropping a few neem leaves and a dash of lemon into a bucket of water and then, bathe yourself in it. Also, wash your hair more often as dirt, dust and sweat are definitely going to get accumulated in the scalp too.

Don't forget the Eyes and Lips

The skin around the eyes and on the lips are the most delicate and sensitive of all. Hence, ignoring to take care of them in summer probably would be a bad idea. The harmful UV rays of the sun take a toll on these areas too and so, must be well-taken care of. Anytime when you step outside the house, make sure to use sunglasses for the eyes and a balm for the lips. Wash your eyes with cold water frequently. You can keep cotton pads dipped in potato juice in the fridge and use them on the eyes.

Carry Light to Feel Light

This applies to avoid both heavy clothing and makeup! Always go for minimal makeup during the hot summer months. Under the intolerant sun, it is best if you keep aside all the fancy makeup products away because they could turn out to be irritants for your skin. In case you prefer to use foundation, then make sure that you use a face powder with SPF over it to avoid patchy skin. Also, wear breathable clothing made from materials like cotton and jute to feel light and comfortable.

Bonus: Ayurvedic Tips for Summer Skin Care

  • Coconut oil has a calming, cooling and soothing effect over the body. Before taking a bath, massage your body with coconut oil and then wash off with cleanser and soap.
  • You can include rosewater in your summer skincare routine, as this is an amazing product that acts a toner as well as a mist and always keeps your face hydrated.
  • Avoid the intake of garlic, chilli and such heat- increasing items from your diet. Instead, you can choose to include sattvic food items like cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum, cabbage, apples and watermelon.
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Always Carry Mist with You

In summer, always carry a cooling mist with you. Spray it on every few hours to keep your skin cool and hydrated. You can make one at home by extracting cucumber juice and mixing it with rose water and mint. Spritzing it on your face in the scorching heat will give you and your skin major relief. Also, remember to have cold-water showers during summer. This will prevent excessive drying and itching of the skin.