Give Your Crowning Glory the Attention it Deserves: Check out the Best Hair Oils in India and How to Apply Them to Get Silky Smooth, Strong and Healthy Hair (2022)

Give Your Crowning Glory the Attention it Deserves: Check out the Best Hair Oils in India and How to Apply Them to Get Silky Smooth, Strong and Healthy Hair (2022)

Regardless of your gender, your crowning glory or hair, are an extremely important part of your personality. It is therefore important that you accord them the attention they deserve to keep them healthy, nourished and radiant and prevent hair ailments like hair-fall, greying, etc. A good hair oil nourishes your hair and keeps them healthy. If you are wondering which are the best hair oils, then this BP Guide has curated a list of the best ones currently available in India. We also discuss various factors on how to use the hair oil correctly and why is it essential for you.

Why Hair Oil is Essential for You

For centuries hair oil is known as one of the best remedies to get healthy and problem free hair. There could be arguments over which hair oil is the best but the importance of using hair oil cannot be ignored. Today, in the market there are all types of hair oils, from cold pressed to mineral infused and so on. In a space that crowded it becomes difficult to pick the right hair oil for you. Let us understand a few tricks that will help you in picking just the right hair oil for yourself.

How to Pick the Right Hair Oil

  • Type of Hair:

    Although not uncommon, you may often tend to pick just about any hair oil for massaging your hair. If you are picking a general all-purpose massaging hair oil then it is fine, but if you want it to treat a specific issue then a bit of research is required. For example, if you have dry hair and dandruff but you have picked a hair oil which is anti-dandruff but meant for oily hair then that is not the right choice.

  • Prone to Allergy:

    Again, a very important consideration to make is skin allergy that you may or may not know of. Many a times you may fail to understand what is causing issues in your scalp such as itchiness, dryness, etc. Thinking that good oil might fix everything, you may ignore the fact that the oil you are using might be not fit for your skin. We recommend doing a patch test before applying the hair oil and using it on a regular basis.

  • Chemical Free:

    Chemically induced hair oils promise big gains such as hair re-growth and hiding the greys for starters. However, these towering claims hardly work with the chemicals in the oil slowly damaging the quality and the texture of your hair. It is always better to check the fine print on the back of the pack that talks about the ingredients in the oil. If you feel that the oil is chemically laced then it is better to avoid it.

  • Close to Nature:

    By closer to nature we mean, the ingredients, packaging, etc. of the oil should be sustainable and recyclable. Moreover, the oil or any other product that you are using should be cruelty-free i.e. it should not have been tested on animals. Responsible companies do mention this information on their packs. On the other hand, if you see a company silent about this information, then consider switching to a product that is closer to nature.

  • Delivers What is Promised:

    It is hard to put this aspect into measurable criteria as the effect could be different from person to person. However, if you are using some haircare product for long you will notice either a considerable difference or there could even be a side-effect. In both the cases you are the best judge of whether the product has delivered what was promised or is it time to change it.

Top 30 Hair Oils in India for Every Hair Type

Top 5 Hair Oils in India for Frizzy Hair

1. St. Botanica Moroccan Argan Hair Oil


A globally recognised brand, St. Botanica has launched Moroccan Argan Hair Oil for the frizzy hair type. Induced with the goodness of ingredients such as coconut, jojoba, avocado, rosemary, etc. this hair oil is a sure shot if you want to get rid of frizzy and dull hair. Moreover, the texture of this oil is such that it gets easily absorbed in the scalp. The oil helps in hair growth by removing the deposits and residue. Among all the good things that this oil has to offer, if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to sharp fragrances then you might want to reconsider your decision while buying this oil. You can buy this oil on Amazon for just ₹ 584.00.

2. WOW Skin Science Macadamia Nut Hair Oil


The fatty acids present in the macadamia nuts seep into the scalp thereby improving the texture and quality of the hair. The oil extracts from macadamia seeds are used in the majority of hair masks and oils, especially for repairing damaged hair. WOW Macadamia Nut Hair Oil packs the goodness of this natural ingredient along with lemon oil and vitamin E. This oil from WOW promises complete nourishment for your hair. It is available to buy on WOW Skin Science for just ₹ 371.00.

3. Nature's Absolutes Cold Pressed Marula Oil for Hair and Skin


Marula oil is yet another oil that works very effectively on frizzy and dry hair. Since the oil is rich in vitamin C and oleic acid, it leaves a smooth texture and gives shiny hair when used on a regular basis. The cold pressed marula oil from Nature’s Absolutes maintains its quality during the extraction process. You can add this cold pressed oil in any career oil of your choice before applying on your hair. You can buy this oil on Amazon for just ₹ 335.00.

4. WishCare Pure Cold Pressed Natural Unrefined Jojoba Oil for Face, Hair & Skin


This oil from WishCare packs the goodness of jojoba which promotes smoothness and shine in the hair. Among other nutritional contents, jojoba oil is also rich in chain essential fatty acids and fatty alcohols enhancing the growth and quality of the hair. WishCare claims that the extraction process ensures that the essence of the oil is not altered. This oil is available for purchase on Nykaa for just ₹ 499.00.

5. OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil

If you are looking for a lightweight formula then this argan oil of Morocco is the perfect pick for you. The light and non-sticky formula of this oil penetrates deep into the hair follicles and provides the much needed nourishment to the hair. If you are struggling with frizzy, brittle and dull hair then this oil from OGX is the perfect option for you. This oil is available for purchase on Netmeds for just ₹ 799.00.

6. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment


This Ayurvedic formula from Kama Ayurveda can be your one-stop solution for all hair vows. Enriched with the goodness of false daisy, licorice, gooseberry and indigo, this bringadi oil provides deep-rooted nourishment retaining the shine and smoothness of the hair. With this one oil you can now say goodbye to hair problems such as dry hair, dandruff, premature greying and hair fall. Buy this extremely effective oil from Amazon for just ₹ 795.00.

7. Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hot Oil


Parachute does not need any introduction when it comes to hair oils in the Indian households. Specifically for dry and frizzy hair, the brand has launched this hot oil formula. Loaded with the goodness of white thyme, piper nigrum, hibiscus and malkangani, this oil is a potent solution for dull hair. Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hot Oil is available on Nykaa for just ₹ 140.00.

8. Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil

Yet another known name in the haircare space, Bajaj Almonds Hair Oil is one of the oldest and most trusted hair oils. The sweet almond formula contains vitamin E which is known to be effective against dry hair by retaining the moisture. On the other hand, the light and non-sticky formula ensures that you can use the oil on a daily basis. With a long list of goodness, this oil certainly does not drain your pocket as it is available on Big Basket for just ₹ 274.50.

9. Jovees Bhringraj & Olive Intensive Restructuring Hair Oil


Olive oil is a proven solution for most hair issues such as dryness, frizz and dull hair. Bhringraj on the other hand adds to the richness of this oil by keeping the scalp hydrated and preventing split ends. This oil from Jovees protects your hair from becoming brittle and breaking. As per the instructions by the brand, you can use this oil twice a week for best results. Buy this oil online on Amazon for just ₹ 240.00.

10. Khadi Natural Ayurvedic 18 Herbs Hair Oil

Loaded with the goodness of 18 herbs, this hair oil from Khadi Natural is a perfect solution to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Apart from nourishing the hair from within, you can also use this hair oil to cool down the scalp and remove dandruff. If you are looking for a solution which is paraben and SLS free and has no mineral oil, then this oil from Khadi Natural is a perfect option for you. Buy this enriched hair oil on FirstCry for just ₹ 268.65.

Best Hair Oil for Oily Scalp

11. Indus Valley Bio Organic Growout Oil


Indus Valley Bio Organic Growout Oil comes infused with herbs, essential oils such as urtica dioica, allium cepa, clove oil, eclipta alba, and so on. Other vital nutrients help in protecting the scalp as well as hair follicles. All these vital nutrients and ingredients help in restoring the natural balance of your hair. Some essential oils such as sunflower oil help in improving the dry hair and itchy scalp. Moreover, other ingredients help in fighting dandruff and repair hair damage. You can buy this haircare oil on Nykaa for just ₹ 179.00.

12. MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil


This oil comes has coffee oil, redensyl, argan oil and caffeine. On one hand the coffee oil strengthens hair and stimulates the roots, whereas argan oil provides just the right amount of moisture. Moreover, redensyl increases the hair growth and provides the right strength. If you are looking for a solution that is mineral oil free and vegan then this MCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Scalp & Hair Oil is the right choice for you. Buy this hair oil on Nykaa for just ₹ 359.00.

13. Chamomile Essential Oil

This chamomile essential oil is a perfect option for those of you who are looking for something extra from your hair oil. Apart from enhancing the quality, moisture and hydration in your scalp, the oil also has soothing properties. The pure Roman chamomile oil can be added to any carrier oil of your choice and can be used. However, before applying the oil to the full scalp, make sure to do a scalp test. Buy this Organic Harvest Pure Chamomile Oil on Organic Harvest for just ₹ 529.00.

14. Indus Valley Bio Organic Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon oil with its strong antimicrobial properties can be effective against dry and itchy scalp and frizziness, making your hair shinier. Moreover, the citric acid helps in reducing hair fall whereas the anti-fungal property gets rid of scalp problems. This lemon oil from Indus Valley is a solution worth considering if you have the above mentioned problems. The oil is 100% organic and is completely safe for application on the skin and hair. However, some people are allergic to certain ingredients and therefore should do a patch test first. Buy this oil on Nykaa for just ₹ 269.00 and mix it with any carrier oil for application on your hair.

15. Kaya Hair Root Regen Scalp Nourishing Oil


Kaya Hair Root Regen Scalp Nourishing Oil is infused with macadamia, avocado and natural olive oils. This non-sticky formula works effectively to reduce hair fall and promote hair volume. Furthermore, ingredients such as avocado extract, sugarcane, apple extract and lemon provide all-round nourishment to your hair. The oil is easy to apply and can be left overnight or for up to 6 hours before rinsing. Buy this oil on Amazon for just ₹ 595.00 and give your hair the care it deserves.

Best Hair Oil for Coloured Hair

16. 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a one-stop solution for any type of hair such as dry, itchy, dandruff prone, chemically treated, etc. The oil is known for its properties that help in reducing the hygral fatigue as the oil sticks to the protein in the hair and protects from absorbing excessive water. Furthermore, coconut oil is also effective in filling the protein holes that are compromised after colouring, combing, conditioning, etc. The Coconut People Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is loaded with the wholesome benefits of coconut and is an organic solution to your hair vows. Buy this pure coconut oil on The Coconut People for just ₹ 550.00.

17. Earth Rhythm Organic Grape Seed Oil - Cold Pressed

Grape seed oil is often associated with facial care but it packs great benefits for hair too. The oil contains over 70% ceramides providing strength and moisture to the hair. For chemically treated hair, grape seed oil is one of the best solutions. Earth Rhythm Grape Seed Oil is enriched in linoleic acid, anti-oxidants, vitamin C and E, all of which are proven ingredients for reducing hair damage. This 100% cold-pressed natural oil can be used by mixing it with any carrier oil for best results. You can buy this oil on Earth Rhythm for just ₹ 549.00.

18. Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil Japapatti

This ayurvedic formulation from Forest Essentials is spruced with japapatti which works as a hair cleanser and promotes hair growth. Over time chemically treated hair could result in breakage, frizziness and loss of sheen. This Forest Essentials hair oil includes sesame and coconut oil known for their hair repair and nourishing properties. Moreover, the oil is free from any chemicals, parabens and petrochemicals, the ingredients that your coloured hair definitely cannot stand. Give you hair the much deserved care with this organic hair oil available on Forrest Essentials for just ₹ 1,450.00.

19. Black & Green Extra Virgin Multipurpose Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is known for its vitamin B and E content which penetrates deep into the hair follicles and helping in nourishing damaged and chemically treated hair. Moreover, the oil nourishes the hair from deep within, thus preventing it from any future damage. If you are looking for avocado oil then the one from Black & Green could be the answer. This oil is cold pressed and made from the highest quality of avocados thus giving your hair just the right amount of nourishment. This multipurpose oil is free from chemicals, preservatives and refinement. You can buy this oil on Big Basket for just ₹ 1,599.00 and apply generously to your hair.

20. Krya Hair Oil for Heat & Chemically Damaged Hair


Chemically treated and coloured hair is extremely prone to other hair issues because the hair cuticles suffer injuries. This Kyra Damage Repair Hair Oil comes with a unique blend of 20 herbs such as rosemary, ram tulsi, beetroot, etc. for repairing the damaged hair. Improve the elasticity and texture of your hair with this nourishing hair oil from Kyra available on Amazon for just ₹ 600.00.

Best Hair Oil for Dandruff

21. Luxura Sciences Onion Hair Oil with 14 Essential Oils


Get an effective solution against dandruff with this hair oil from Luxura Sciences which is loaded with the goodness of 14 ingredients such as jojoba oil, onion oil, bhringraj oil, cedarwood oil, olive oil, argan oil, etc. Irrespective of your hair type, if you are suffering from dandruff then this oil is definitely worth trying. Apart from being effective on dandruff, this oil also nourishes and revitalises the hair bringing back the shine and volume. Buy this hair oil on Amazon for just ₹ 375.00 and make your hair dandruff free.

22. Earthiya Onion & Ginger Hair Oil with 14 Essential Oils


Would you not love it if you get an oil with 14 enriching ingredients such as coconut, castor, almond, etc. and 18 extracts such as nagarmotha, latakasturi, harada, baheda, etc.? Furthermore, the olive oil and ginger in this oil help to relieve you from the itchy scalp and also aid in hair growth. Moreover, other plant based ingredients with antiseptic and astringent properties help in keeping away most of the hair problems. Get this silicon and sulphate free and any other chemical free hair oil on Amazon for just ₹ 348.00.

23. Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil


The lightweight and non-sticky formula from Himalaya is an effective solution for removing dandruff permanently. This oil is induced with the goodness of tea-tree oil which fights dandruff and rosemary oil which is an anti-fungal agent. Regular use of Himalaya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil will ensure relief from dandruff and also provide better nourishment and care for your hair. Get an infection-free and dandruff-free scalp with this anti-dandruff hair oil available on Amazon for just ₹ 119.00.

24. Newish® Organico Onion Hair Oil for Hair Growth


If you want to get rid of dandruff and other scalp problems such as itchiness, flakiness and sensitivity then Newish has a solution for you. Induced with black seed oil, this hair oil offers protection against hair loss, enhances hair quality and gives an overall bouncy texture to your hair. Furthermore, onion oil in this solution protects against dandruff and hair thinning. Also, almond oil, jojoba oil and castor oil stimulate hair growth. The oil works on all hair types and every texture from dry to oily and so on. You can buy Newish® Organico Onion Hair Oil on Amazon for just ₹ 309.00.

25. Soulflower Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil has proven benefits for hair growth and scalp care and Soulflower Tea Tree Oil does exactly that. Additionally, tea tree oil is known to work as an anti-dandruff agent for all types of hair. Soulflower Tea Tree Oil is nothing but 100% pure tea tree oil along with jojoba oil, castor oil and sesame oil. Moreover, if you are looking for a product that is sourced, harvested and delivered from a sustainable farm then this oil from Soulflower is perfect for you. Give your scalp a nourishing and soothing experience with this oil available on Amazon for just ₹ 349.00.

Best Hair Oil for Men

26. Beardo Beard and Hair Growth Oil


Beardo has made a mark with their products exclusively for men. In the hair oil category also, they have a range of oils for both beard and hair. Contrary to common belief that Beardo caters only to the needs of the beard, the brand also has other products as well. Beardo Hair Growth Oil can be used as a hair massage oil with its nourishing ingredients such as sesame oil, vitamin B6 and hibiscus. The oil solves one of the biggest problems which is uneven growth of beard and hair in men. You can buy this natural ingredients loaded hair oil on Amazon for just ₹ 487.00.

27. Kama Ayurveda Organic Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is one of the most ancient remedies known to mankind for promoting hair growth and keeping the scalp healthy. Kama Ayurveda Sesame Oil is enriched with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals such as proteins, magnesium, calcium and so on. If you are looking for an oil that has anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties then this hair oil from Kama Ayurveda is your best bet. Just warm the oil a little bit before applying it and massage it gently into your hair. Leave the oil for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. Regular usage of this oil will definitely produce positive results for you. Buy this oil on Kama Ayurveda for just ₹ 975.00.

28. Man Matters Hair Oil for Men


Yet another brand that has made a mark for itself in the men's products category is Man Matters. Man Matters Hair Oil packs the benefits of onion oil, bhringraj oil, brahmi oil, shikakai oil and amla oil. The oil does not contain any harmful chemicals, mineral oil and artificial colours which makes it completely safe for regular use. Among other benefits, Man Matters Hair Oil for men promotes hair growth, nourishes hair follicles and prevents premature greying of hair. Get healthy, dandruff-free and shiny hair with this hair oil from Man Matters for just ₹ 489.00 from Amazon.

29. Marico Jataa For Men Ayurvedic Hair Fall Oil


This hair oil from Marico is enriched with jatamansi and it claims to strengthen the hair follicles by 50%. Bhringraj is another ingredient present in this oil which helps in increasing blood circulation in the scalp by increasing the hair growth by up to 25%. There are 14 herbs in total enriching this oil along with coconut oil and sesame oil known for promoting hair growth. The oil is paraben-free, sulphate-free and does not include silicones. Reduce dandruff and improve the health of your hair with this oil available on Amazon for just ₹ 425.00.

30. The Man Company Coconut Nourishing Hair Oil


The Man Company Coconut Nourishing Hair Oil is enriched with menthol for cooling effect. Moreover, menthol is known for its stress relieving properties and for keeping the scalp dandruff and itch free. Coconut oil on the other hand is a proven solution for all your hair vows. The oil is also infused with sesame oil which plays a key role in strengthening the hair and boosting their growth. Furthermore, sesame oil is also helpful in removing the itchiness and dryness of the hair. The lightweight formula of the oil does not make your head feel heavy after application and it is definitely not sticky. The Man Company coconut oil is available on Amazon for just ₹ 250.00.

How to Apply Hair Oil the Right Way

Apply and Massage

Applying hair oil regularly has numerous benefits but not massaging it properly reduces those benefits to a certain extent. Many times you may do the mistake of just applying the hair oil before shampooing your hair. Most of the hair oils take time to get absorbed in the scalp and provide deep-rooted nourishment. By quickly applying the hair oil and rinsing it off immediately, it only conditions your strands. If you want to extract the maximum benefit then make sure to apply it and massage it at least for 15-20 minutes. Massaging ensures that the oil is absorbed in the roots of the hair and is also good for blood circulation. Therefore massaging the hair oil on to your scalp is as important as applying it regularly.

Cover the Hair

Some of you tie your hair after applying and massaging the hair oil but often skip the covering part. Ideally, you should not tie or comb the hair after applying oil because it weakens the roots and ultimately damages the hair. Covering hair on the other hand makes a lot of sense for deep nourishment. A head massage oil works best when warm so wearing a shower cap or covering it after oiling ensures that the oil is penetrated into the roots and provides the best nourishment. Even if you are in a hurry, cover your hair at least 5-10 minutes after massaging it.

Shampoo Next Day

If you want maximum benefit for your hair then leave the hair oil overnight or at least for 6-7 hours before rinsing it off. Contrary to popular TV advertisements that show immediate benefits of applying the hair oil, it takes time for it to penetrate in the scalp. Some of you may tend to put the hair oil right before applying shampoo which is fine for those emergency situations but should not be treated as a norm. Have you ever felt that even after using the oil regularly, it is not delivering the benefits promised? Then you have your answer as oil seeps slowly into the scalp and needs time to work its magic on your hair.


Conditioning has been a debatable topic for long as some believe that conditioning is not healthy for hair. The truth is that conditioning your hair is very healthy only if you are using a conditioner that does not have high level of chemicals. You can try home-made conditioners if you do not want to expose your hair to chemicals and toxins.

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Select Your Hair Oil Carefully

Once you have decided to use a hair oil regularly to boost your hair's health it is important to choose the one which addresses your hair type and hair problems normally faced by you. You may also decide to seek professional advice in the matter from a dermatologist to get maximum benefit. We hope this BP Guide would have familiarised you with the best hair oils currently available and helped you shortlist the one perfectly suited for your needs. Share your experiences with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.