A Guide to Know Everything about Atta Kneader Machines and the Best Atta Kneaders in India to Get Those Soft and Fluffy Chapatis Prepared in a Jiffy! (2021)

A Guide to Know Everything about Atta Kneader Machines and the Best Atta Kneaders in India to Get Those Soft and Fluffy Chapatis Prepared in a Jiffy! (2021)

Pieces of bread like chapatis, parathas and pooris are an integral part of Indian cuisine. However, the preparation of the dough is a cumbersome process that consumes a lot of time. This BP Guide will help you cut down your time in the kitchen so that you can spend more quality time with your family. It will introduce you to atta kneader machines which will considerably simplify the preparation of the dough.

What is an Atta Kneader Machine?

Bread is eaten in different forms all around the globe and India is famous for its soft chapatis or pooris. An Indian meal is incomplete without it. Making chapatis and pooris is quite easy but kneading the dough for the two is quite a hassle. Women in India knead the dough on a daily basis to make chapatis which takes a lot of time and energy and they look for an easier way of kneading the dough to save time. Another thing that makes kneading the dough a difficult thing to do is that the temperature in India gets very hot especially in the summers which makes it very uncomfortable for the individual kneading the dough in the kitchen. This has brought the atta kneader or dough maker appliance, and also made it quite popular. These appliances are easy to use and make perfect dough for your parathas, chapatis or pooris. They can make your life very easy, especially when you are running late for work in the morning.

The Different Types of Atta Kneaders Available

Atta kneader machines can be easily found in the market as they have become a convenient addition to many kitchens. You can either buy a simple manual dough maker or an electric dough maker. Both the machines are easy to use and are quite reliable. The electric dough makers come with various features but before you buy them make sure to check what kind of atta kneader would work for you and your household.

These atta kneaders come with two mixing blades which rotate towards each other at different speeds. Both the blades move the atta in opposite directions and use the cross mixing process to make a perfect dough. The blades in the machines pass through the walls and each other at close clearances and knead the dough perfectly.

If you are looking for a manual dough maker then you need to know that this type of dough maker is made from good food-grade plastic and has two blunt blades in it which are connected on the outside of the device by a handle. You need to rotate the handle to move the blades and make the dough. It takes about 10 minutes to get perfect dough for the chapatis. These machines are compact and inexpensive but do need careful rotating motion to prevent them from breaking.

The electric atta kneader uses electricity to rotate the blades in it. You simply have to add the ingredients and switch on the device. The machine prepares the dough in minutes and gives you perfect dough for your meal. The electric atta kneader has a high power consumption but makes your life a lot easier, particularly if you are extremely busy.

The vertical cutters are a lot like the food processors. They can do a variety of things like chopping the vegetables, making different chutneys and kneading the dough. They are easy to use and do not take a lot of your time. The dough made in the vertical cutters is a little on the harder side which makes it a little less popular when it comes to kneading dough for rotis, etc.

Tips on Buying an Atta Kneader

Here are some tips that will help you buy a great atta kneader. Buying a dough maker is a one-time investment therefore you need to know the important features it should have to make it easier for you to make dough every day.

  • If you are planning to buy an electric atta kneader machine then look for one with multiple speed options. It should have a low speed option to start with to avoid spilling dry atta on the kitchen counter and making a mess. You can then gradually increase the speed after a couple of minutes and make the dough. These machines have an automatic speed controller which usually has three different speeds you can use. You can easily decide which speed is best for the kind of atta you want.

  • Your dough maker should give you good quality dough. Perfect dough helps you make perfect and soft chapattis. The vertical cutter machines usually make hard dough which is not suitable for chapattis but you can use them to make pooris.

  • An atta kneader machine should be easy to use. If you are using too much of your energy and time to make dough in a machine then it is not worth it. Look for a machine that has different speed settings and is easy to operate.

  • Dough is needed daily in Indian homes to make different kinds of breads. You need to clean the machine after each use, therefore look for a machine that is easily to clean or can be washed in a dishwasher. If you buy a machine which has a stainless steel body then you can easily throw it in the dishwasher and get a clean atta kneader for each use.

  • Another thing to look for in a machine is its capacity. Different brands of machines come with different capacities. You can find the one suitable for your family. The smaller machines come with a capacity of 400-500 gm and for a larger family you can buy a machine up to 5 kg capacity.

  • Also look for a machine which is made with good food-grade plastic or stainless steel. A good atta kneader should be durable.

  • Check your budget before buying a dough maker. You can find atta kneaders at different price points. The automatic machines are a little more expensive than the manual ones. Decide on how much money you want to invest in a dough maker before buying one for your family.

  • Another important thing to look for is the warranty on the machine. Most brands do not offer warranty, but the reputed companies do offer a minimum of 6-month warranty on their dough makers.

Best Atta Kneaders in India: Top Brands to Consider Today

Here is a list of some of the best atta kneader machines in the market. These machines can be bought online or from the market. They are easy to use and come in different price ranges. You can go through the list and decide on which one you like the best for your family.

Kent 16010 550 W Atta and Bread Maker

The Kent 16010 550 W Atta and Bread Maker is a good machine which lets you make dough easily at home. You can make fresh dough every day automatically in just 15 minutes and make chapattis and pooris easily. You can also use the machine to make dough for your cakes, breads, etc. You can easily use any kind of flour in this machine. The machine can also be used to make quick breads, French breads, desserts, jams, stir fry, etc. This is a fully automatic machine which is easy to use. It has 19 pre-set menu options which make cooking a lot easier for you. Kent has more than 1,500 service centres in the country which makes it easier for you to get customer service. It comes with 1-year warranty and you can buy it for ₹ 7,790.00 from Tata CLiQ.

KenBerry KB-1003 Dough Maker/Atta Kneader

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The KenBerry KB-1003 Atta Kneader is a compact manual machine which is easy to use. It is made with good quality plastic and can make perfect dough for your everyday use. The machine has 3 types of blades in it which let you knead the dough, chop your vegetables, beat eggs, etc. easily. The machine is compact in size and therefore does not take too much space on the kitchen counter. You can easily store it in your shelf after use. The machine is lightweight which lets you carry it with you for picnics or camping without hassle. It comes with a measuring cup to give you perfect dough each time. The machine is available on Amazon for ₹ 695.00 only.

Sunbeam 2594 350 W Stand Mixer With Dough Hooks and Beaters

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Another excellent atta kneader you can buy is this Sunbeam atta kneader. The machine is an electric atta kneader and its power consumption is 350 W. It comes with a stand mixer with dough hooks and beaters along with it. The machine easily mixes all the ingredients together and makes perfect dough for rotis, pooris, cakes or pancakes. It is easy to use and you can change the accessories or remove its bowl when needed with the help of the release button. It has an open handle which makes it easy to carry the machine or clean it. It also has a power button which adds boost to its speed and you can use the 12 different speed settings given with it. The machine can be bought for ₹ 14,097.00 from Amazon.

Wonderchef Turbo 6-in-1 Dual Speed Food Processor

Another good and reliable manual atta kneader is the Wonderchef Turbo 6-in-1 Dual Speed Food Processor. This machine is a 6-in-1 machine which lets you do chopping, slicing, shredding, whipping, mincing, ice- crushing and atta kneading all-in-one. It comes with high-grade stainless steel blades which let you use it perfectly and get the desired results. It is compact in size and has a non-slip body to prevent it from slipping from your hands and breaking. You can easily wash it in your dishwasher and clean it without wasting too much time and energy. This compact food processor can be bought for ₹ 899.00 from Home Centre.

Prestige Electric Atta Kneader and Chopper

You can also consider buying this Prestige atta kneader which is also a chopper. It is a powerful machine which makes dough in a minute and chops vegetables in a few seconds. It has a break and scratch resistant polycarbonate jar which makes it durable. The machine comes with a firm grip and has ergonomically designed handles which make it easy to carry it. Using this machine on a daily basis can make things a lot easier in the kitchen. This Prestige atta kneader can be bought for ₹ 3,200.00 from Prestige Xclusive.

Inalsa Easy Prep 800 W Food Processor

The Inalsa Easy Prep 800 W Food Processor is another great atta kneader available in the market. Inalsa is a popular brand which makes great kitchen appliances. This food processor comes with a 800 W motor which chops and kneads easily in just a few minutes. You can also emulsify foods, shred, slice or beat eggs for perfect omelettes in the morning. The machine weighs 1.4 kg and is therefore quite durable. It does not make too much noise and lets you use two different speed settings as per your need. The food processor comes with a 2-year warranty and can be bought for ₹ 3,981.00 from Flipkart.

Preethi Master Chef MGA-524 2.1-Litre Atta Kneader

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The Preethi Master Chef Atta Kneader is yet again a wonderful machine for those of you who do not like to knead the dough. This is one of the top selling atta kneaders in the market. It kneads around 150 grams of atta in less than one minute which is enough to make around 6 rotis depending on the size you make. It comes with two blades, one for kneading and one for chopping which makes life very easy. Upon buying it you will get a 2.1 litre jar, chopper and kneading blades and an instruction manual for easy usage. This jar is compatible with Preethi Blue Leaf Diamond, Gold, Platinum and Preethi Daisy. It is very easy to use this machine. All you need to do is to add 1 cup atta and ½ cup water when the machine starts and you will get perfect dough in a minute. The machine comes with 1-year warranty and is available for ₹ 1,770.00 on Amazon.

Slings One Stop Shop Manual Dough/Atta Maker

Another excellent manual atta kneader is the Slings One Stop Shop Manual Dough/Atta Maker. It is made of unbreakable glass which is transparent so that you can see the result. You can use this machine to knead the dough or churn perfect buttermilk. You can also chop your vegetables in it and save a lot of time. The machine comes with a set of scoop spoons. It is made of 100% food-grade plastic which is BPA free and can be washed in a dishwasher without damaging it. You can buy this machine for ₹ 699 from Instamojo.

Libra Automatic Electric Dough Kneader/Atta Maker

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The Libra Automatic Electric Atta Kneader is again a great electric machine for your family. You can use this machine to chop your vegetables or knead your atta for making rotis, pooris and parathas. The machine is quite large and therefore you can use it to knead atta for big families without any hassles. It comes with a polycarbonate, transparent jar for you to check the contents in it without opening it repeatedly. You can also use it to whip eggs for your cake and save a lot of your time. The machine consumes 350 W and is powerful. You can buy it for ₹ 3,299.00 from Amazon.

Uspech Plastic Manual Roti Maker

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The last on our list of atta makers is the Uspech Plastic Roti Maker. This is a good quality manual roti dough maker. This machine is very simple to use and you can even ask your children to help you out with the atta kneading without worrying about damaging it. It is made of high quality food-grade plastic which makes it a healthy choice for your family. The package contains 1 container, 1 transparent lid, 1 blade, 1 mixer handle, an atta cup, a water cup, 1 oil cup and 1 lid cap. This perfect atta kneader machine will make your neighbours’ envy you. It can be bought for ₹ 339.00 from Amazon.

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Evaluate and Choose the Atta Kneader Machine Carefully Before Buying

Once you have made up your mind to buy an atta kneader machine for your home, it is important that you consider not only the various products showcased in this BP Guide but also the important factors mentioned herein before buying one. This is because every family is different and so are your requirements. You should choose a product which suits your family's requirement perfectly. We hope you would have loved this BP Guide. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.