Do You Want to Understand Why Lord Shiva is Called Lord of the Lord(2021)? Check Out the Best Books on Lord Shiva to Understand the Fundamental Reality of Lord Shiva.

Do You Want to Understand Why Lord Shiva is Called Lord of the Lord(2021)? Check Out the Best Books on Lord Shiva to Understand the Fundamental Reality of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva doesn’t require any introduction across the global world. After all, Shiva is the name of inner peace, divine knowledge, and incredible strength. This is the reason people from all over the world; loves to read about Lord Shiva. If you are also one of those vivid readers who are interested in reading about Lord Shiva, then you are in the right place. We present to you the best books on Lord Shiva.

Improve Your Knowledge of Lord Shiva

We come across several management gurus who teach us life lessons. But are we aware that we can have the best life lessons from Lord Shiva? The Lord's disposition supports several fundamental principles that we can incorporate into our daily lives. He has several shades to his personality that can allow us to lead a better life. Just learning about His stories can help us be better human beings. This article will discuss some of the books on Lord Shiva that can be of help.

Best Books to Know about Lord Shiva

Immortals of Meluha (From the Shiva Trilogy) by Amish


It is among the famous books based on Lord Shiva. The legends and the stories mentioned in the novel are fictional. The book is a part of the Shiva Trilogy written by the Amish. According to the author, a Tibetan immigrant named Shiva becomes Mahadev due to his actions.

The author introduced the Lord as a superhero. The Suryavanshi rulers were facing several problems. Their only hope was a legend that a hero would emerge when the evil increases enormously. Shiva would be the leader of the Suryavanshis and destroy the evils.

The paperback is priced at Rs. 308 on Amazon.

Dancing with Sivaby Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami


The illustrated book is about spirituality and provides the reader information about how to know the Divine. It also states that God can be seen everywhere, and so everyone must be honoured. The book provides insights about spirituality and is relevant towards personal awakening.

The book articulates in simple language why the reader must have a firm foundation of good character. It also lays down the Vedic-Agamic attitudes and beliefs of Saivite Hinduism. This book is also part of a Trilogy named The Master Course.

The paperback is priced at Rs. 7,000 on Amazon.

Shiva: Stories and Teachings from the Shiva Mahapurana by Vanamali

The book describes Lord Shiva's through various stories taken from the Shiva Mahapurana. It explains the contradictory forms of the Lord and how it depends on the devotee's needs. The reader understands how the teachings of Lord Shiva can allow us to through the illusions prevalent at the root of alienation around us.

The author describes the various avatars of Lord Shiva. The famous stories of God are aptly covered in the book. We also learn about the Shaivite teachings and how there is a difference between Vedic and Western science. Shiva is also shown as the wielder of Maya and who does not come under its spell.

The paperback is priced at Rs. 474 on Amazon.

The Siva Samhitaby Srisa Chandra Vasu


The book is a storehouse of Sanskrit text on Yoga and covers its principles and concepts. It is one of the three Sanskrit Veda texts on Hatha Yoga. The book is a compendium of the Lord and explains Vedic shastra, Yoga and the Yogic philosophy. Several parts of it are from the conversations with Goddess Parvati.

An objective of Hatha Yoga is to have a balance between the soul and the mind. It also describes the details of the concepts of Yoga – the theory and the practice. The book also covers how an ordinary person can practice Hatha Yoga and benefit from it.

The paperback is priced at Rs. 150 on Amazon.

The incredible Qualities of Lord Shiva: Life Lesson to Learn from Shiva


The book shows the qualities of Lord Shiva uniquely. It is well received among the readers. We also come to know about the various attributes of the Lord. It details the charismatic personality and shows the virtues of Lord Shiva.

This book throws light on the qualities that can help us to lead a blissful life. We also know that while Lord Shiva is the greatest destroyer of darkness, we also learn about humanity from Him. The book provides the readers with a representation of supreme mysticism.

The paperback edition is in limited circulation. It is priced at Rs. 1,489 on Amazon.

The Love Story of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti: A Tale of Divine Love by Santosh Gairola


This book deals with a more humane aspect of Lord Shiva. It deals with the stories of love between the Lord and Goddess Parvati. Shiva is depicted as a peaceful, powerful, and attractive person. It also shows Him as the ultimate transformer of the world.

The book shows that Goddess Shakti kept manifesting herself to get married to Lord Shiva. It also speaks about Lord Shiva being more humane than us. The love story between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati provides a message of love and respect.

The paperback version is priced at Rs. 2,660.99

The Benefits of Chanting Om Namah Shivaya


One of the most potent mantras is "Om Namah Shivay", dedicated to Lord Shiva Himself. Chanting the mantra creates a vibration on your body. The author lists out the benefits that we can get by chanting this mantra.

The reader understands that they can have a glimpse of Lord Shiva's divinity through this mantra. You can feel lighter, and there is always a sense of calmness around. The book describes the spiritual and physical benefits of chanting the mantra too.

The paperback edition is priced at Rs. 1,369 on Amazon.

Shiva, the Lord of Yoga by David Frawley


The author is a respected teacher of the Vedas and Yoga and is among the greatest exponents of Vedic knowledge. The book showcases Lord Shiva as the personification of Yoga practices. It shows the consciousness of the Lord and has an in-depth study of the various dimensions of the Lord. The book also has several yoga secrets and different unique practices.

The paperback edition is priced at Rs. 255 on Amazon.

Bonus Tips: Few Life's lessons from Lord Shiva

Apart from being the Lord for destruction, Shiva is also known for compassion. He is one of principles and discipline. His core principles can also help us to be better human beings. His Trishul shows the control of the ego and the mind. It will help us to work better and succeed in our work. Meditation can allow us to remain calm and help us to find happiness even in small events.

The blue throat of Lord Shiva symbolises the control of anger and evil. It is necessary to express anger correctly. He also teaches us not to tolerate evil and makes us believe that self-control is the key to live a fuller life. The Lord is also known to be free from desires and is never obsessed with things. We also learn from Him that life is transient and time also changes like us.

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It is Easy to Worship Him

The benefits of worshipping Lord Shiva come along with several other things. Worshiping him will transform you into a better person and make people respect and fear you at the same time. To worship Shiva you do not require the services of a priest. You can walk into any Shiva temple and offer him prayers directly, or you can pray to him in your own heart and offer anything with love. This means you have a direct connection with Shiva and he listens to your prayers directly