10 Thoughtful Gifts for Gluten-Free Eaters - All Things the GF Person in Your Life Will Appreciate (2019)

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Gluten-Free Eaters - All Things the GF Person in Your Life Will Appreciate (2019)

As the holidays approach, you may be searching for a great gift idea for someone that adheres to a gluten-free diet. Use this list to simplify your gift buying or provide it to relatives asking for ideas. From practical to extravagant, there is something for anyone on a gluten-free diet!

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Confused about What to Get for Your Gluten-Free Friend?

The gluten-free craze has been around for a while now. And, it is most likely that the average health-conscious Indian has picked up a vegan diet by now. So, is your friend also a gluten-free eater? Let’s check the odds of getting an out-of-the-box gift for that friend of yours. The market now has a wide variety of trendy and innovative products for gluten-free eaters. Read along as we discuss a few.

Why Do People Follow a Gluten-Free Diet?

Before we get into the details, it is necessary to understand the reasons behind being a gluten-free eater. This will help you in choosing the right gift for your gluten-free friend. So, what are the reasons why people follow a gluten-free diet?

Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a medical condition of serious diagnosed allergy. People with celiac disease are prone to an autoimmune situation where their immune system violently attacks the small intestine when gluten is consumed. It is very important to follow a gluten-free diet in this case.

Wheat Allergy

While gluten allergy is apparently the resistance to “gluten”, a protein found in most of the grains, wheat allergy is attributed to only consumption of wheat. Patients usually prefer to follow a gluten-free lifestyle to avoid wheat in food and even nonfood products.

Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten sensitivity or intolerance is a relatively common problem with mild symptoms like bloating, headaches and skin problems. By following a gluten-free diet, people prefer to keep these symptoms at bay, though they may be not very serious.

Weight Loss

The motive behind any diet, let alone the gluten-free diet, is to reduce weight and stay healthy. People are ready to go to any heights to achieve the perfect hour-glass figure. The gluten-free lifestyle is one such way to deal with shedding the extra weight.

General Health or Fad Diet

Fad diets are those which remain popular for a time and promise to offer quick fixes like rapid weight loss and health advantages. A gluten-free diet is in fashion now and is being followed by many all over the world. People following a keto or paleo diet, also tend to follow gluten-free eating habits.

We suggest you find out the reason that your friend follows the gluten-free diet to make a mindful purchase of the gift. If it is because of a medical condition, then it is always a good idea to be extra cautious while choosing an edible gift. We suggest that you refrain from buying anything totally new to the person and stick to familiar tastes and preferences.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for a Gluten Free Person

Here is our pick on the top 10 gift ideas for a gluten-free friend

Ambriona Gluten Free Dark Chocolate

Source www.amazon.in

Who doesn’t like chocolates? Bet your gluten-free friend likes them too. In fact, chocolates are the perfect gift for any occasion. This 100% natural single origin dark chocolate from Ambriona is ideal for vegetarians and gluten-free eaters. It is made from high-quality fresh cocoa and fermented in a clean environment. Cocoa solids form 55%-80% of the chocolate and are the key ingredients. The chocolate contains no artificial flavouring substances. Hence, is completely gluten-free. The item comes as a gift pack of three and costs Rs. 650. You can find it on Amazon.

Green Canteen Snacks Gift Basket

Source www.amazon.in

Snacks are an integral part of an everyday diet. It is in fact, overrated at times to be quick fixes to satisfy the sudden hunger pangs. Being a gluten-free eater, many times the options remain limited. Green canteen is a brand focused on healthy consumption choices in its food products. This snack basket gift contains items that are completely sugar-free, gluten-free and preservative free, making it ideal for a vegan diet. The crunchy ragi chips, buckwheat chips, and crunchy almond papads are snacks that are unique and a thoughtful gift for a gluten-free friend. The gift basket is available on Amazon for Rs. 600

Gluten Free Pasta Gift Set

Pasta has captured a prominent place in our everyday diet these days. However, usual ingredients like maida or wheat flour are not suitable for vegan or gluten-free diet followers. Several alternatives to ordinary pasta are available now in the Indian market. This combo set of two varieties of pasta made from multigrain and quinoa is a great idea as a gift for your gluten friend. It may be a little expensive compared to ordinary pasta, but is definitely worth a buy! This pasta combo set is now available on Flipkart for Rs.365.

Gluten Free Almond Flour

Source www.amazon.in

Gluten-free eaters have restricted choices when it comes to flour used in baking cakes, rotis, etc. They need to switch to grain free alternatives. Almond flour is one among the most popular alternative to conventional flour. This is made out of 100% pure unblanched almonds. Since it is low in carbs and high in proteins, it is also a favourite among health-conscious people in general. Almond flour adds a rich texture to baked goods likes cakes, muffins, puddings, and other Indian sweets. You can also check out other flour options like coconut flour or quinoa flour on Amazon. 200 grams of Almond flour from Just Nuts is available at Rs.375.

Vegetable Shredder and Spiralizer

What if you could make noodles out of vegetables at home? It sure would be a great idea for dinner for a gluten-free friend, right? With the vegetable shredder and spiralizer from Bonzeal, you could do just that. This unique gadget is convenient to handle and easy to clean. Noodles can be made from vegetables like zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes and much more. it is made from high-quality BPA-Free ABS plastic and heat-treated stainless-steel blades. The spiralizer is fun to use and great as a gift. Check out this innovative tool on Flipkart costing Rs. 399.

Gluten Free Cooking Ideas Book

Source www.amazon.in

A cookery book with a variety of gluten-free recipes to try from would be the perfect gift for your gluten-free friend. The American author, Lucy fast, details about baking recipes with paleo-friendly ingredients and the general do’s and don’ts in gluten-free cooking. This book is available both as a Kindle edition and as a paperback for Rs. 839 on Amazon.

Stainless Steel Pan

If your friend is a person with serious allergic conditions like the celiac disease, they are generally more prone to food contamination and such. Such patients are ideally recommended to change their cooking utensils from time to time to prevent any possible mishaps. A stainless-steel pan is a very versatile tool in cooking and would be a great idea for a gift. The prestige platinum stainless steel pan on Flipkart costs Rs. 830.

Personal Blender

Smoothies and juices are great choices for a meal or snack for a gluten-free friend. A nutritious smoothie with healthy and tasty ingredients is as filling as a meal and is easy to prepare. Personal blenders are perfect for a single serving of the smoothie. This personal portable blender from Valida is battery operated and can be recharged while even on the go. If your friend is a person who likes to travel a lot, then this gift is an amazing choice. Check out this product on Flipkart for a discounted price of Rs. 615.

Gluten Free Lip Balm

Source www.amazon.in

Lip balms are everyday essentials. This Lip balm from Pansy is made from pure organic ingredients and are completely chemical free and gluten free. The cold pressed oil and natural extracts used in the lip balm, are processed at low temperatures to maintain its essential nutrients and enzymes. The brand focuses on using safe and food grade ingredients in their cosmetic products. Hence, is ideal for a person following the gluten-free lifestyle. You can find this product on Amazon for Rs. 350.

Tote Bag

Tote Bags are one of the most popular and practical among gift ideas. They are easy to carry around and goes well with almost any attire. If you have a whole lot of things to carry around, then a tote bag is definitely the best option. This amusing tote bag from Ramposh would be a great gift for a friend who enjoys a good laugh. The print on the bag saying “sorry I’m gluten free” is fun to carry around and useful too! It is made of 100% cotton and is very durable. The bag is now available on Flipkart for a 53% discounted price of Rs. 399. There are similar bags available in different colours too.

Bonus Tip: Take Them to an Exclusive Gluten-Free Restaurant

If you are still skeptical about the above-mentioned gift ideas, then we recommend yet another practical idea. What could be more appreciating than spending quality time with a friend? Take him/her to an exclusive gluten-free restaurant and they wouldn’t thank you enough. There are plenty of gluten-free eating outlets in India that offer safe and healthier meal options for customers. They cater to all sections of the society, yet primarily focuses on people peculiar about their diet. All dishes are ensured to be free of gluten and are safe to eat for a gluten-free person. You can find restaurants offering cuisines like Thai, Chinese, Italian and authentic Indian in all major cities in India. It is possible to reserve the seats in advance for a hassle-free visit. Also, some restaurants offer gift cards or vouchers that can be purchased and used within the valid timeline. Check with the restaurant convenient for your friend and explore the various options available.

Make It Easier to Follow a Diet Plan

It is not easy to lead a gluten-free lifestyle, whatever may be the reason. You have to always watch out for healthier and specific alternatives, especially when it comes to eating. They are less likely to be invited for dinner (or any meal) at home by friends, considering their condition. Now is a good time to invite your gluten-free friend over for dinner.

It is easier said than done. There are lots of things that you need to give special attention to while hosting a gluten-free friend.

A friend who is following a gluten-free diet would definitely appreciate a gift that is thoughtful and suitable to their needs. We suggest you do enough research while purchasing gifts for a gluten-free friend. The options are endless if you are ready to explore. Take out time and be mindful while choosing a gift!

  • Plan a menu and consult with your friend: It is recommended to chart out the dishes on the menu in advance. Then, check with your friend whether he/she finds them ok. You can either skip the dishes or make alternative switches according to his/her feedback.

  • Clean your prep station and utensils: It is very important that you keep the kitchen and utensils gluten-free and clean. This particularly applies while hosting a friend with celiac disease or other medical conditions. Any cross-contamination or even a very small presence of gluten can prove adverse effects on their health.

  • Check labels on ingredients: Double check the ingredients list while using any packaged or processed foods. We highly recommend that you stick to fresh ingredients while cooking. But, at times you have to use packaged food like sauces or spices. Be very sure of the contents in that case.

  • Avoid previously used surfaces in the kitchen: It may sound weird, but it is true that you have to avoid certain things in the kitchen or be super mindful about using them. This applies to the cutting board, electric mixers or blenders, toasters etc. We advise you to cover their food separately in foil paper while grilling in the oven or pan.

  • Comfort and assure them: There’s nothing more comforting to a gluten-free friend to know that a friend is taking their condition so seriously. They will totally appreciate the care and assurance that you provide them.
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Drink- to celebrate the gluten-free lifestyle. Wine and champagne are made from grapes, so they are gluten-free. Distilled alcoholic beverages are gluten-free as long as nothing glutenous is added after distillation, which would be unusual. You can even find gluten-free beer locally.