Wondering If Neem Oil is Safe for Dogs(2020)? A Guide to Address All Your Queries and How to Use It Safely and Effectively.

Wondering If Neem Oil is Safe for Dogs(2020)? A Guide to Address All Your Queries and How to Use It Safely and Effectively.

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Neem oil has been touted as a miracle product and is most commonly used as a pesticide and bug repellent. It also a common ingredient in natural skin care products. But does it live up to the claims? And even if it does, is it safe to use on your furry family members? We’re going to answer all of these, and more, today!

What is Neem Oil and How It's Extracted?

Neem Oil is prepared by extracting the juice from the bark of the Neem tree and the seed kernels of Neem by pressing and crushing them using the cold press method. Neem has been mentioned as an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in Ayurveda and people in India have been using it for thousands of years for skin diseases, as an insecticide, pesticide, and medicine. The potent antifungal, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, and antiseptic properties make it a natural disinfectant minus any side-effects. The only drawback being the strong smell which is very pungent and few people are not able to get past the odour.

The Many Benefits of Neem Oil

The combination of being a natural anti-germ makes it effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil which has been long used by humans to deal with a lot of skin and hair related problems. It is also said to be a great natural pesticide. For dogs as well it can be an effective solution to kill hidden mites and insects in the dog’s fur and is also useful in skin allergies and treatment of wounds, etc. The oil has a pungent smell that makes it less likely to be licked off by the dogs from their skin or fur.

4 Ways You can Use Neem Oil for Your Dog

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Neem Oil is an effective pesticide for dogs and acts as a repellent against mites, mosquitoes, internal parasites, ticks, and fleas, etc. But before using Neem Oil on your dog, use it on a small area of his skin to check for any redness, itchiness or allergic reaction, etc. Now let’s check a few ways in which Neem Oil can be used safely for your dog.

Using Neem Oil Directly on Dog's Skin

Neem Oil is very potent, thus diluting it with olive or grapeseed oil (1 part Neem Oil and 10 parts olive oil) before dabbing it directly on the areas which are most prone to parasites like ears, tail, head, flanks, and shoulders is essential. If your dog is suffering from itchiness and skin infection, then you can apply it to the affected areas on alternate days for quick relief. If the condition persists after 2 – 3 days, then you can increase the ratio of Neem Oil in the mixture.

Using Neem Oil with Shampoo for Dog

You can use Neem Oil with Dog Shampoo by mixing 1 part Neem Oil with 2 parts of Dog Shampoo. But make sure to mix them just before you use it because keeping the mixture for a long time will break down the oil and make it inactive. Massage the shampoo into the dog’s skin and leave for at least ten minutes before rinsing it off. Regular usage of this mixture for shampooing your dog will remove the parasites, lice, and itching, etc. and leave a shiny furry skin.

Using Neem Oil Spray on Dog's fur

You can make Neem Oil spray by mixing one part Neem Oil and ten parts of warm water. You can also mix a few drops of essential oil to suppress the pungent smell. Make the quantity for one-time use only as keeping the mixture for hours may weaken the strength of the oil. Spray it all over the dog’s body and let it dry for 8 – 10 minutes before unleashing him.

Using Neem Oil to Clean Your Dog's Ears

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Most of the dogs have large and sensitive ears, thus keeping them clean is of utmost importance else they can be home to many diseases. Small insects, ticks and fleas, etc, hide in the furry portions of the ear which are hardly visible, thus a bit difficult to clean. Clean the ear of your dog by wiping the dirt with wet cotton. Apply diluted Neem Oil (1 part Neem Oil mixed with 2 parts Olive Oil) to the ear edges to kill the germs and insects, but don’t apply in the inner area of the ear as it may cause irritation to the dog.

Benefits of Neem Oil for Dogs

Neem Oil is beneficial for dogs in various ways which include preventing them from common to deadly viruses including Malaria and Dengue and keeping the disease-causing bacteria at bay from the dog’s body. Moreover, the anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties fight the fungus and micro-organisms responsible for various skin and hair related diseases in dogs. Few more benefits include promoting overall health, preventing diabetes, results in a shiny coat, kills insects, and relieves itching. Neem Oil kills free radicals that are responsible for liver damage, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and eye disorders. It’s also effective in reducing the risk of neurodegeneration (fall in the brain cells and nervous system) and also repels internal parasites like tapeworms and roundworms.

How Often can Neem Oil be Applied to Your Dog?

To prevent bugs, lice, mites, and parasites from making their home in your dog’s hair, apply Neem oil on the entire body of your dog every 2 – 3 days by means of dabbing, spraying, or shampooing. If your dog’s fur has bugs etc, then try it every alternate day for better results. You can feel the difference is visible within a week of starting the Neem Oil treatment.

Other Neem Oil-Based Products: Is Neem Oil Toothpaste Effective for Dogs?

Neem Oil has strong anti-bacterial properties that are effective in treating dental plaque and preventing tartar formation. Also, the bitter taste of Neem deters the dogs to swallow the paste. There are many kinds of toothpaste for dogs available online and they are effective in keeping the teeth and gums of your dog healthy and clean, plus also helpful in maintaining fresh breath in your dog.

Precautions while using Neem Oil for Dogs

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With the numerous benefits of Neem Oil for Dogs, there are few precautions that should be taken before applying Neem Oil to your canine. Firstly, you should consult your veterinarian before using Neem oil on your dog. Moreover, never apply Neem Oil on cuts, wounds, and ensure that the Neem Oil doesn’t get into the nose or mouth of your dog; neither should it come in contact with the dog’s eyes. Also, keep your dog outside the room for some time after applying Neem Oil else he may rub the Neem Oil off on furniture, etc which may leave an unappealing smell in your room.

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Neem is one of the ingredients which can help prevent numerous problems of your dog. It is a cost-effective solution too, which makes it all the more attractive. But you must follow certain precautions while applying on dogs. Neem oil should never be applied to open wounds, cuts, or sores, and should not come into contact with a dog’s eyes, or get into the dog’s nose or mouth.