10 Showstopping Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents of the Bride and Groom You Haven't Thought of as Yet (2019)

10 Showstopping Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents of the Bride and Groom You Haven't Thought of as Yet (2019)

Wedding finery, clothes, jewellery, fine watches and boxes of sweets; these are but the standard gifts that are usually exchanged between families at a wedding. But if you really want to impress the parents of the bride or the groom, add an extra gift that goes beyond traditional wedding gifts, and we have just the things for you. If you're looking for standalone wedding gifts for the parents, or looking for new ideas to complete the gift set prepared for them, these gifts work well for all situations.

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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Gift for the Parents

Make Sure the Gift is Culturally Appropriate

We have a strong gifting culture surrounding weddings and the presents given to the families of the bride and groom hold special significance, thus, must be chosen with care. While looking for wedding gifts for parents, you should make sure that the gift is culturally appropriate. This means that the gift you choose should match the cultural values of the recipient. Not all gifts are suitable for every culture and doing some research well in time should be the way you go about it. For example, the things that are suitable for North Indians might not appeal to South Indians and vice versa. Your gift will be put to a good use if you give it a thought. With a rise in cross-cultural marriages across the country, such things need to be kept in mind.

Don't Cut Corners and Give Good Quality Products

Wedding gifts have a significance of their own and play an important role in the Indian society. Weddings are indeed sentimental and the gift you give the parents should be a high end product. A good quality gift will certainly impress the recipient and they will appreciate the effort that you are putting in the process of gifting. For elderly people, you should look for gifts related to home decor. Home decor items can be used by both the mother and father of the bride and groom and can be a decent gift for them.

Give them Sweets and Delicacies

If you are looking for gifting options for the parents of the bride and groom then you can consider giving them sweets as well as delicacies. Usually such gifts are exchanged between the families of the bride and groom and comprise of multiple things likes clothes, possibly jewellery, watches, perfumes, home decor items, etc. Fruit, flowers and sweets are also essential to the mix.

You can buy these from the popular sweet shops near you that are known for making good quality sweets. Go for premium quality sweets that are famous in the market and the region that you stay in. You can also buy delicacies that they can relish during the wedding period and after. It is always advised to shop for fresh sweets so that they taste the best. You can also pack them such that they look attractive and present it accordingly in front of the relatives.

Traditional Gifts Like Personal Accessories and Jewellery

Weddings are all about glamour and celebration and your gift should be such that it complements the occasion; and the role of gold jewellery at an Indian wedding cannot be over emphasized. It is always a great idea to gift the the parents of the bride or groom with jewellery and accessories. For women, you can choose neck pieces, earrings, and bracelets. Go for something classy and multicolor as it will go with most of the outfits. For men, you can gift them cufflinks, kadas, and chains that can be worn as a neck piece. Be mindful of their age while you gift and choose your gift accordingly. In certain cultures men do not wear jewellery so opt for a luxury watch. Traditionally clothes are also given so you can pick out a nice silk saree for the mother and premium suit fabric for the father.

Top 10 Wedding Gifts Ideas for Parents of the Bride and Groom

Have you already picked out the sweet boxes, clothes and other traditional items given as gifts to the parents of the bride or the groom? After the gifts are all laid out, something still seems to be missing, doesn't it. As nice and safe as these gifts are, you need one more stellar gift to complete the gift set. Pick from any of these great gift suggestions to truly impress them.

Diva Quadra Blue Moon Opal Ware Dinner Set: Set of 29 Pieces by La Opala

This elegant dinner set is ideal for any special occasion. It certainly decorates the dinner table and makes it look luxurious. Each piece of the set is designed with utmost precision. It comes with long lasting durability as well as utility. This dinner set by La Opala contains 6 quarter plates, 6 dinner plates, 12 square veg bowls, 2 serving bowls, 2 square multi utility bowls and one platter. They are blue in color and are made of Opal Ware. Its classy design will surely appeal to anyone. You can shop for this dinner set from pepperfly.com for Rs.2,716.

Multicolor Polyresin Musicians Set Figurine by Kariggari

Ethnic figurines are always a good choice when it comes to gifting the elders. The multicolor polyresin musician set figurines are made by kariggari and give an all-new look to the room that it is kept in. The figurines do not require any assembly and can be used as is. The figurines depict musicians that are playing various instruments. The bright colors like green and yellow make the figurines look very attractive. They light up any room that they are kept in. You can shop for this awesome gift from pepperfry.com for Rs.2,149.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Photo Album

Source www.amazon.in

Give this Fujifilm Instax mini photo album to your relatives at a wedding. It can be used to keep all the beautiful memories safe. It has a simple and stylish design that makes it an ideal gift for parties and weddings. It has a double size show and the photo album can hold up to 68 photos. It has a calendar design which enables you to see the photos and flip through them easily. It has a hard card cover with soft inner pockets. The album can hold both pictures and cards. It comes with a 12-month guarantee and is very durable. You can shop for this photo album from Amazon for Rs.2,764.

White & Gold Polystone Ganesha Idol by Statue Studio

Gift these heavenly and divine idols to the elders of the family. The Ganesha idol has positive vibes to it and it is very elegantly shaped in order to capture the essence of spirituality. The white and golden Ganesha idol is a very well suited wedding gift for the parents. It is perfect for home decor and can be easily kept in the living room or even pooja room. The glossy exterior and perfect blend of colors make a classy figurine that adds an aesthetic appeal to any interior. You can shop for the statue from pepperfly.com for Rs.3,315.

Multicolour Fabric Table Lamp by Unravel India

The multicolor fabric table lamp depicts traditional as well as conventional art. It is an Indian ethnic table lamp that has amazing and eye catchy designs as well as prints. The bright colors used in the lamps along with the intricate design bring an intriguing and stylish look to any room. The piece does not require any assembly and the base is made of terracotta material. This ethnic piece will suit any modern Indian household. Its color, print, and ethnic design make it look amazing. If you need one last showstopper in the gifts you've prepared for the parents of the groom or of the bride, this piece can be it. You can shop for this piece from pepperfly.com for Rs.2,259.

Crystal Glass Jewellery Box by The Yellow Door

Giving jewellery to the mother of the bride? Then why not give it in a beautiful jewellery box instead of the standard box that you received from the jeweller. This crystal glass jewelry box by the yellow decor is an awesome wedding gift for parents. It is made of glass and helps in keeping the accessories in an orderly as well as sophisticated manner. The jewelry box is handcrafted with beautiful detailing. The product can be used for keeping accessories as well as jewelry. It is perfect for any modern household and the ladies would love it. The material of the box is glass and it is very durable. You can present this as a gift on Indian weddings for the elderly family members or parents. Shop for this gorgeous piece from pepperfry.com for Rs.2,396.

Wonderchef Aluminium Non-Stick Handi

In the past it was common to gift household items such as utensils and even furniture but fewer people do so now. But if you do feel such items will be appreciated by the groom's parents, this Wonderchef aluminum handi is a great buy. It is non-stick and can be used for frying, sauteing and cooking. This 7750 ml handi is a must have for any big family with a modern kitchen. The nonstick handi by Wonderchef is purple in color and is made of aluminum. The handi is durable and helps in making delicious dishes. It comes with an easy to open the lid. The lid has a small hole in this that helps the steam to pass away. This handi has a stylish appearance and you can gift it as a wedding gift for parents. Shop for this awesome gift from pepperfry.com for Rs.2,349.

Nachtmann Glass 5 Piece Square Plate and Bowl Combo Set

This trendy and classy Nachtmann combo set has a 5-piece square plate along with a bowl. It can be used to keep the healthy veggies and fruits at home. It serves as a home decor piece and also a kitchenware. The set has 1 glass plate and 4 bowls and is made of glass. It is dishwasher safe and has a stylish appearance. If you are looking for wedding gifts for parents then this could be the perfect gift for them. It could be kept in any household and will give an awesome appearance. Shop for this amazing gift from pepperfry.com for Rs.3,161.

Copper Elephant Brass Curio by Statue Studio

This copper elephant brass curio by Statue Studio is perfectly made to suit any household. The showpiece is specially designed to spruce up the look of any place. The piece is styled with care and detailing and is symbolic of prosperity and wealth. This showpiece has compelling looks and a very good appearance. You can shop for this awesome curio by statue studio from pepperfry.com for Rs.2,652. Gift this to the parents of the bride and groom on the occasion of the wedding and they will be really glad to receive it.

Multicolour Iron Musicians Wall Hanging

This wall hanging has musicians playing a variety of instruments in one place. It is made up of iron and is multicolor. The beautiful decor can add oodles of charm to any wall. The creative wall hanging has a pleasant and adorable vibe to it. It has an artistic make and intricate detailing that comes with beautiful designs. You can very well give this as a gift to the elderly at any wedding. They can use it to decorate their living spaces. Shop for this awesome gift from pepperfry.com for Rs.3,359.

Indian Wedding Gifting Etiquette You Should Know

Only Relatives Give Gifts to the Parents of the Bride and Groom

Knowing the gifting etiquette while attending an Indian wedding is very important. However, you must read the invitation carefully before buying any gift. Some invitations clearly specify that you should not bring any gifts. In this case, it means that they only want your precious presence at their wedding and nothing else. If it is clearly mentioned in the invite then you can choose not to carry a gift. Giving gifts to the parents of the bride or the groom is expected only from close family, and other guests need not give them presents. However, what you can do is congratulate them heartily, and even give them flowers and a congratulatory card.

Give Gifts to the Bride and Groom Instead

Another popular trend in India is to gift something to a couple as a group. This is typically applicable if you are a relative of the bride or the groom. Instead of giving small gifts, the relatives usually give their contributions to buy an expensive and fancy gift for the bride and the groom, and perhaps a token present for the parents. The gift is usually a household item that the couple can use as they start their new life together. You can get creative and give them something that the couple will always cherish. So, if you are planning on gifting something to the newlyweds, you might as well group up with others and plan a gift.

Gift Vouchers to the Rescue

If you are simply clueless about what to gift to your friends and relatives on their wedding then it is a good idea to go for gift vouchers. You can get gift vouchers in almost all the major brands and these days, the gift vouchers are available on online stores too. You can either gift those to them at their wedding or you can also send them directly. When it comes to gifting them with money, it is considered to be a good ritual if you give them cash with odd numbers. For example, you can give them money like 101, 1001, 501 and the like as it is considered to be auspicious in the Indian society. When you gift the couple with money, it is actually a good gift as the couple has the liberty to buy anything that they want.

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A fresh perspective on traditional wedding gifting

There are different prevailing customs surrounding wedding gifts, but they all began with the need to infuse the occasion with happiness and celebration. A wedding in India hardly concerns just the bride and groom, it's more like a marriage of two families; and wedding gifts exchanged between them are meant to celebrate the union of two families and should come from a place of joy. Don't let this become a cumbersome tradition where one family, or even both are burdened with catering to expensive demands from the other. A marriage is a happy occasion, let it remain so.