Stop Hunting for the Perfect Recipe and Worrying if Your Cake Will Rise, These Easy Bake Premixes Can Make Yummy Deserts and Snacks in Minutes!

Stop Hunting for the Perfect Recipe and Worrying if Your Cake Will Rise, These Easy Bake Premixes Can Make Yummy Deserts and Snacks in Minutes!

Do you wish to bake your own desserts and snacks but the complicated recipes seem difficult to follow? Rest assured that you are not alone in facing this predicament which has been faced by many. For our numerous readers who wanted to have delicious homemade desserts and snacks minus the complex recipes and extended preparation times, we started looking around whether any such products were available in the market, when we stumbled upon BawiWhisk which met these requirements perfectly. Read on to find out more.

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Delectable Desserts and Snacks Premixes: The Delights of Quick and Easy Baking

Inclusivity has been on the rise and accompanying it has been the beginning of an intense globalization. With people sharing news, values, beliefs, feelings with each other across hundreds and thousands of miles and with technologies that made this inevitable, it is anything but surprising when we see huge chunks of a culture getting integrated with completely oblique cultural setups.

Since food is an essential reflection of any culture, it is not surprising that the cuisine across continents has experienced a major phase of globalization and inclusiveness. Consider, for example, India. Whether it is the growing popularity of the Korean kimchi or the Italian churros, Indians too are getting exposed to and loving the flavours of multi-national cuisines.

But what if you wish to bring these flavours to your home? What if you wished to satisfy your cravings for delectable desserts and snacks that could be baked at home in the mere 5 minutes your work culture spares you? Until recently, this would have been a dream. Well, not any more.

In sync with the rising demand of home-baked desserts and snacks minus the fuss associated with baking, India has been seeing the rise of several brands offering delectable ready-to-bake premixes. While each brand has its own uniqueness, very few are truly able to capture the wide array of dessert options available to be explored or can guarantee the high quality of ingredients used in the premixes. This is where BawiWhisk aspires to make a change.

BawiWhisk: The Simplest Answer to All Your Cravings for Desserts and Snacks!

From the hands that stirred up India's first specialty churros brand comes another one-stop destination for dessert premixes, BawiWhisk.

When Sharmain Khoree returned from Spain, the idea of introducing her beloved churros to India refused to leave her mind. Finally by 2015 end when she started 'Gobble Up Churros' with a 10×10 kiosk in a mall, she had no inkling about how successful this idea would be or how fast it might grow. And grow it did, becoming so popular that by the time the pandemic struck, Sharmain had concocted another brainwave of preparing her own desert premixes. A few trials and errors later, BawiWhisk was born.

While the 'Bawi' in BawiWhisk, a colloquial term for a Parsi woman, alludes to Khoree's Parsi roots, her baking premixes are a reflection of the 35 years of her life as a baker and even more so of her childhood memories of watching her grandmother bake while she sat at the dining table enjoying the whiffs of freshly baked Swiss rolls.

Starting from basic churro premixes, the company now offers a wide array of dessert premixes specially designed for typical Indian cooking methods using daily household utensils like pressure cookers, idly makers and chakli makers, instead of ovens. Each premix type is designed for bakers of all experience levels. So whether it is the very simple pancake, doughnuts and mug cake premixes or the more complex cookies and churro recipes, BawiWhisk has a plethora of options for every type of baker.

BawiWhisk ensures high quality by using only the choicest ingredients, purchased from reliable sources. The company is FSSAI certified, and their products are suitable for vegetarians as they don't use egg or any egg bi-products to further stabilize the product's shelf life.

We have created premixes for desserts that every Indian family would crave. We have also been conscious to keep in mind that every Indian household may not have ovens hence we have designed the premixes and recipes to be made using everyday household cooking utensils like pressure cookers, idly makers or chakli makers.

Sharmain Khoree, Founder, BawiWhisk

The BawiWhisk Journey: Interview with BawiWhisk's Founder, Sharmain Khoree

Founder, BawiWhisk
Sharmain Khoree
Sharmain Koree is a true-blue Bangalorean and a veteran chef, baker and an entrepreneur. She initially worked for the corporates for many years but after experiencing delicious churros during a visit to Spain the idea of introducing them to foodies in India sprang to her mind and she founded Gobble Up Churros in 2015 which later evolved into laying the foundation of BawiWhisk a few years later. In her leisure time, Sharmain loves to spend time with her family, experimenting with new vegetarian dishes and rescuing cats and dogs. She is also extremely passionate about the environment and advocates environment-friendly practices, wherever possible. She loves watching documentaries on Netflix.
  • Q. Tell us about yourself and your background.
  • BawiWhisk is the loving and careful creation of a passionate cook, baker and entrepreneur based in Bangalore, who opened India’s first specialty churros brand “Gobble Up Churros” in 2015 and went on to open more outlets in the years that followed.

    Born and brought up in old Bangalore, I worked in corporates for about 15 years before I had my first taste of churros in a beautiful setting in Spain. From that first bite and for nearly two years I could not get the idea of introducing churros as a concept to India out of my thoughts. But, I had just had my daughter and I needed some more time to venture away from the stability I had. It was in early 2015, when the team I worked for was restructured and I was forced to take on a role that I had no interest or like for. Here, instead of seeking other corporate opportunities, I decided to take a leap of faith and created Gobble Up Churros. I launched at the end of 2015 with a 10x10 foot kiosk set in a mall.

    As I grew fairly quickly and the popularity increased for the product. In my pursuit for perfection and to make the process of churro making easy, I developed my own churro premix.
  • Q. Why did you create BawiWhisk and how did you go about it?
  • In the wake of the pandemic, as the economy slowed and the reality of business standstill set in, I knew that I had to pivot my business in another direction. The premixes that I had developed for my franchises were already a sitting inventory, and so I started sending out the premixes to friends and family and my community.

    From these beginnings I developed a wider range of dessert mixes to bring the baking experience to every home. I am fondly called “Bawi” a colloquial term to refer to a Parsi woman, and thus BawiWhisk was born.

    BawiWhisk has created premix desserts that every Indian family would crave. We have also been conscious to keep in mind that every Indian household may not have ovens hence we have designed the premixes and recipes to be made using everyday household cooking utensils like a pressure cooker, idly maker or chakli maker.

    Our first steps involved creating a wider range of mixes, during which I had a great time experimenting with recipes with my daughter and this remains my favourite part! My husband is my sounding board and supporter in all my efforts. He helped me in the initial branding effort, while I worked on recipes, production, contracts and channel sales and marketing.
  • Q. What is your process and how do you introduce new products?
  • My daughter is my inspiration, she is the foodie that I am, only 10x more. Our churros and cake mixes were developed for Gobble Up, the doughnuts mix was a personal challenge for me. And the other range of products - cookies, mug cakes and pancakes were developed with her by my side. The process takes me back 35 years to a single memory of when I was a toddler. I watched my grand mom making a cake, I was seated on top of the dining table at one far end, and she was set up at the other end. And I would watch her, the whiff of enticing smells drifted my way, I watched the meticulous way in which she would measure, it was all too exciting for a 5 year old. I relived this memory with my mom when she baked the most amazing Swiss rolls, and once again I recreated this moment with my daughter. We are always excited to try something new.

    But maybe, not everyone has been exposed to baking in their life. Many people are scared of the failure, don’t have the appropriate equipment or don’t understand the nuances of baking. I was sure that deep inside there must be a desire to make the memory without the mess and the wash up! So every dish/mix I create keeps this in mind. What would one desire to make that could be done easily, quickly and taste yummy at the end.

BawiWhisk's Most Popular Products

Doughnuts Mix

The perfect premix for making soft and delicious vegetarian doughnuts at home. A single 200 gm pack can help you make 12 doughnuts for your family and loved ones. Available for ₹ 200.00 you can get it here.

Churros Mix

In case you are not aware, churros are delicious golden strips of deep-fried dough with a sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon. They are normally eaten as a snack with a chocolate dip. A single pack of this premix will help you make 15 servings of churros in minutes. Available for ₹ 250.00 you can buy it from here.

Pancake & Waffle Mix

If you are a pancake and waffles fan then this is one premix which you cannot miss out. Each premix pack gives 13 servings of fluffy pancakes and waffles. Available for ₹ 190.00 you can check it out here.

Where Can You Find Them?

Interview with Sharmain Khoree (Contd.)

  • Q. Your premixes can be made without an oven and using traditional Indian cookware. What was the challenge of developing such products?
  • Development of recipes that are doable in the traditional Indian household was a necessity. Many homes do not possess ovens, in fact the modern day oven itself is a phenomena only in recent years in India. In the 90’s Betty Crocker entered the Indian market and they were quick to release the “cooker cake” version because of this very reason. The challenge I faced here was mainly to get the right recipe. There is no difference between the cake mix for oven and cake mix for cooker in terms of composition.
  • Q. How do you ensure quality?
  • All BawiWhisk products are made using quality ingredients, bought from reliable sources in the industry that are as per the food quality standards. We have obtained a FSSAI certificate. Our products don’t have any egg or egg bi-product so shelf life is stable. We do not add any colour either.
  • Q. What are your interests?
  • I have an eclectic interest range. Apart from being an entrepreneur and a full-time mom and daughter, I love eating out and exploring new spaces, trying out new vegetarian recipes. I also spend some of my time rescuing or caring for dogs and cats, I have fostered puppies, and I am an active environment enthusiast and advocate of reforesting and environment friendly practices. And I love documentaries on Netflix!

What's Next for BawiWhisk?

We are already selling across India, but we plan to get listed in many grocery and e-commerce platforms. We are already on Amazon for example. Meanwhile, we really hope that the great response we are getting on the products will catch the word-of-mouth wave and take us to the next level. On the other side, we are also expanding our flavours, watch out for a range of cookie mixes coming out, and a Choco lava cake too.

Any Important Tips and Recommendations for Our Readers from the Master Chef and Baker?

  • Q. Which premixes would you recommend to someone trying BawiWhisk for the first time?
  • A first time BawiWhisk customer should try the doughnut premix and the pancake premix. These are super simple and fun to make. We have created recipes that are quick, easy and yum keeping in mind a wide age group. Which means this could be a fun activity with kids too.
  • Q. What are some common mistakes new bakers make and how can they improve?
  • There could be many mistakes, but mainly I can point out 2 very common ones that are fatal for the end product!

  • Pre-Heating the Oven – People often forget or don’t preheat their ovens. And sometimes people put the item they want to bake in the oven while preheating it. Both of these are a no-no. If the recipe calls for 10 mins in the oven – it means 10 mins in a PREHEATED oven. Any change in the time will mess up the end product.

  • Using Proper Measuring Tools – Yes, measuring spoons and cups. That’s what I mean. Use them for exact measurements, you cannot just scoop and shake it off. Pick up the scoop into the measuring cup, then, level off the top with a straight-edge, like the back of a knife.
  • Q. Please can you give some tips on giving baked goods as gifts.
  • Baked cookies and biscuits are one of the oldest gift ideas in the book. You can even customise a decoration on top of the cookie or use fun stamps that you can press on the top when they are hot out of the oven. Tie them up in pretty strings or boxes. You can get creative even by adding some creams or fudges in-between two cookies or biscuits and make them into your own version of a Choco Pie treat. Any of these will suit any occasion, especially Christmas which is just round the corner.
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Premixes can be a lifesaver

Although many of us would love to make everything from scratch, the truth is, in today's busy world even the best of cooks can do with some help. And premixes like Bawi Whisk which are made thoughtfully and with carefully sourced ingredients, give us the best of both worlds - homemade goodies that taste just as good (or maybe even better!) as store bought ones. Stock up on these, especially if you are a busy mom, and treat yourself and your family to delicious food without spending hours in the kitchen. Using a premix does not make you any less of a cook!