10 Jewellery for Wedding that Every Groom-to-be Must Take Inspiration from!

10 Jewellery for Wedding that Every Groom-to-be Must Take Inspiration from!

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It’s high time for grooms to level up their fashion game. He deserves to flaunt some dazzling jewellery and make a statement. To ensure that grooms look dapper than ever, we’ve enlisted some timeless and classic accessories.

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Accessorize Your Wedding Dress with the Best Groom Jewellery for Wedding

Wedding is one of the special days in one's life that is remembered even decades later. Everyone is eager to their best, be it the bride's care about choosing her jewelry and outfit or the groom's excitement on looking his best. Most grooms in Indian weddings usually go for that ethnic look. They opt for royal-like accessories and outfits to create an impressive appearance. Guests look forward to seeing the bride's and the groom's special look and how well they go together. At times, the to-be husband doesn't like wearing jewelry but, for many, a gold band can be the right option for the groom while not bothering about maang tikka or passa.

Indeed, there are lots of options that the man can choose to accessorize his sherwani and pagdi. To make sure that the groom looks smarter than ever, classic and timeless neck jewelry could be a great option. They help accentuate the style of traditional outfits, adding a great pop of edginess and colour.

Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Outfit and Accessories

Choose According to the Season

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What you choose for a summer wedding is different from a winter outfit. For summers, you should select breathable fabrics such as cotton silk, linen, etc. On the other hand, you can go for heavier materials such as Tencel velvet, wool, and tweed for winters.

Know Your Fit

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Your wedding dress will probably be the costliest and exquisite, but if it does not fit, it's going to be a waste of money. Thus, you should keep some things in your mind for that outfit. It should not open wide from your chest and shoulders and naturally follow your shoulders' contour. The sleeve length should be around your wrist bone.

Finding the Right Accessories

Accessories will entirely change your look, and they can be used to express your presence as a groom by adding some unique items. Choose quirky prints for the pocket square, silver skull, or colourful marble button for the achkan. All these small things will help make a style statement and stand out as a groom.

Prioritize Comfort

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One of the essential considerations is the comfort that you should keep above all factors while selecting the accessories. For example, you may desire to wear mojris along with a wedding achkan. However, if you don't feel comfortable, there is no need to waste money to buy them.

Wedding Theme

The overall wedding theme will have significance on the accessories you purchase. If you fail to do it, maybe you will look odd or like an older person. And this is one thing that you will not desire, particularly when you are going to your wedding.

Pick the Perfect Pair of Shoes

Your shoes should be leather, lace-up, and black. For the sole, prefer leather over rubber. Both the materials differ by a slight variation, making a difference in the look and sophistication of your shoe. For a formal look, black footwear is the best. Even if you are wearing a tuxedo, morning dress, suit, or formal dress in the dark, go for black shoes. However, you can opt for medium to dark brown shoes for navy blue suits. Colour diversities like burgundies and dark green are available if you choose to go in with a casual look.

Best Wedding Jewellery and Accessories for Groom

Now, after learning about a brief buying guide, let's see the top ten groom jewelry for the wedding you can choose.

Turban Brooch

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Turban is usually a part of north Indian weddings, but south Indian grooms have also started adoring this accessory. And, kalgi, a brooch worn on the front side of the turban, is the best part of groom jewelry that goes with it. You can find turban brooches in numerous materials such as kundans, gemstones, and pearls. Brooch, also referred to as Sarpech, with upside design is called ek kalangi and with three projections is called teen kalangi. The accessory multiplies the suave level while giving soft touches to the overall personality. Adding a matching chain further adds a vintage look to the aura.

Choosing a golden brooch with golden accessories can be the best culmination for a groom's outfit. This golden finish brooch comes with a feather that can be used or not according to the needs. You can buy FURE Metal Dazzling Drop Kilangi Brooch (Golden) with Feather for Men from Amazon for Rs. 329.

Emeralds and Pearls Maala

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In modern times, it is the most trending accessory for grooms. Typically, you can find four or more layered pearl strands. The use of emerald beads or ruby beads without pendants makes it a perfect complement to outfits like kurta, sherwani, and wedding suits.

This necklace is adorned with sparkling stones and prepared with golden polished metal. It easily gears up the appearance in functions, weddings, and events due to its less weight. Further, the groom necklace is skin-friendly because it is free from toxic materials. Also, it can be worn for an extended period without any complaint of swelling and ache. The green colour necklace gives a classy traditional look with its multiple layers. You can purchase Raadhe Creation Pearl Base Metal and Dulha Moti Mala Haar Necklace for Men from Amazon at the cost of Rs. 799.

Turban (Pagadi)

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Turban plays an essential role in north Indian weddings. It is a long and plain unstitched fabric that grooms wear as headgear. However, the material's length can be changed. Turban is linked to respect, pride sense, and a male character as per the Indian convention. This is the main reason that makes the turban an essential part of Indian weddings.

This wedding turban from Krypmax is entirely handmade and elegantly stitched and crafted. It is made of soft fabric and available in green mixed shiny colour. The average turban size is 22 to 22.5 inches that mostly fits all. In addition, a tail gives the royal Maharaja look to the groom. Overall, the turban adds a classic look to your ensembles. This Krypmax Men's Ethnic Wedding Safa/Turban/Pagdi for Dulha Marriage/pagdi for Groom is available for Rs. 1,349 on Amazon.

Buttons and Cufflinks

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Jewelled cufflinks and buttons can add a sparkling touch to the groom's outfit while giving a fancy look. In modern times, the groom adorns accessories prepared from diamond and gold.

This cufflink is made of a highly durable brass bullet back. It can match your formal wear and shirt, making it a suitable wear for several occasions. The stone of cufflinks is round and white. The gold plated cufflinks are one of the best items you can gift your groom. You can buy Miami Crystal Gold Diamond Cuff Links for Mens Cufflinks Set with Gift Box from Amazon for Rs. 356.

Golden Watch

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Every man likes to wear a watch, which could be a techy gadget or a stylish classic timepiece. This love for watches can be considered similar to women's love for handbags. And, men can use this accessory to highlight their wedding appearance. Wearing one with a golden chain and case can add a grand and rich outlook.

This watch from JAINX comes with a golden dial that makes it a catchy and attractive accessory. Further, the golden times, golden crown, and golden hand add a luxurious and royal touch to the watch. Its gold-plated band is prepared from metal and comes with an adjustable clasp to let you get a perfect fit. The rectangular chain links make it an excellent accessory for parties and weddings alike. And the Quartz movement with a quartz crystal for control ensures that the timepiece lasts long. You can easily adjust the watch on your wrist with a clasp-type fold-over closure.

The list doesn't end here. The watch also comes with a functional date display and an analog day and square dial carrying the brand name. The JAINX Analogue Men's Watch is available on Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 509.


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Many grooms wear bracelets to add a specific theme or style to their appearances. While reasons can be many, wearing one accentuates the overall look for sure. And when it's a stainless steel one, you get the promise of durability, strength, and safety.

The one from Moneekar Jewels comes with a polished smooth surface, crafted with electroplates to avoid loss of colour 22cm in length and 10.6mm in width, the 2-tone (silver and gold) bracelet perfectly suits every outfit. Further, it has wheat braids and a link chain. Besides a wedding accessory for the groom, it can be a perfect gift option for your brother, father, or husband. This Moneekar Jewels Stainless Steel Bracelet is available on Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 1,099.

String Necklace

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A beautiful pearl necklace is a piece of lovely groom jewelry, considered a perfect piece for Indian weddings. This men's necklace goes perfectly with a sherwani, and you can get a stylish moti mala to match an Indo-Western Sherwani. The set will be cherished in all jewelry collections you got. Besides, the wedding season attracts joy similar to a festival, and you can find a massive collection of necklaces and malas in the market to get that pretty and royal wedding look.

The necklace from I Jewels adds elegance to your personality. A piece of advice; Store it in an airtight pouch and keep it away from chemicals and water perfume. Also, use a soft and dry cloth for cleaning it. The use of artificial pearl and stone further enhances this alloy-based layered mala's charm. You can buy I Jewels Dulha Necklace Groom Moti Mala from Amazon by paying Rs. 699.

Beautiful Emeralds

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Everyone likes the beautiful and awe-inspiring emeralds because of their charm. The beautiful neck jewelry is another perfect add-on for grooms.

Check out the emerald quartz necklace available in green. It comes with an oval shape of 6X8/8X10 MM size. With two strands, the stunning emerald necklace has a length of 27 cm, down from the neck. The emerald jewelry carries Vermeil material. Put a small quantity of oil in your hand and gently rub it towards each strand of beads to enhance its shine and lifespan. You can purchase The Craft Maniac 2 Strands Necklace of Emerald Quartz from Amazon by paying Rs. 1,100.

Lapel Pins

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These add the final decorative touch. You can pick from subtle or extravagantly loud lapel pins according to your preferences. Whichever you buy, this will stay as one of the best accessories for adding style and elements to the groom's outfit.

This lapel pin features a plated brass metal material with a plating of silver, gold, and black colour and multi-colour options on the outside. The pins are ideal jewelry for adding a personalized touch to wedding events. Besides weddings, the pins help make memories with friends and family on other occasions like bachelor parties as well. A butterfly clutch and safety pin lock make it a safe and beautiful choice.

However, before buying one, consider the lapel buttonhole's position to make the right choice. Finding the correct boutonniere pin is also an essential factor. Get a white one for light-shade suits and a black one for dark suits. Pin It Up: The Groom to be Lapel Pin with Black and White Plating is available on Amazon for Rs. 299.


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Cummerbunds are also known as girdle ties with chic crumb pleats or catches. Usually available in free size, this groom jewelry has a total length of 31 inches and a maximum width of 7.5 inches. Its primary purpose is to cover your waist, and it makes you look thinner and taller after wearing it. You can wear a cummerbund at your waist on your wedding with pleats facing the upward side.

This means your trousers should be across the navel along with half of the cummerbund covering the shirt and pants, respectively. Matching with a bow tie further enhances your appearance. This cummerbund from Peluche is made of premium quality satin and will go the best with a classy tux. Moreover, it comes at a great price. Get the Peluche Men's Debonair Black Satin Cummerbund and Bow Tie Set for Rs. 1,398 from Amazon.

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