Barware Glass Types! Have the Right Glass for the Set Occasion. These Are Some Awesome Suggestions of Barware Glasses You Ought to Check Out.

Barware Glass Types! Have the Right Glass for the Set Occasion. These Are Some Awesome Suggestions of Barware Glasses You Ought to Check Out.

While barware glasses are distinct to a particular setting, that is the bar, having different barware glass for your home bar could also work out great. Different glasses are used for different reasons, figure out which ones are for what particular reason. BP Guide has also given great suggestions to some barware glasses types you may acquire.

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Why Different Types of Barware Glasses!

Imagine drinking beer in a shot glass or champagne in a beer mug! No fun and no match, right! Well, it’s pretty much the same for all the different drinks as the quantity, method of serving, the style to hold your drink, and occasion, all call for different Barware Glasses. Few classic examples are – Red wine in a balloon glass, White wine in a sleek balloon glass, Martini in specially designed cocktail glasses, champagne in a V-shaped, tall- flute glass which keeps it bubbly for a longer period; Strong Beer in a thick glass mug with handle and Lager Beer in a tall Pilsner glass that clearly shows the foam at the top.

You won’t be able to enjoy a specific drink until you sip it in a barware glass designed specifically for that particular drink. The occasion also plays an important role while choosing the right barware glasses. If you’re throwing a party at your house, you must have different types of barware glasses so that the guests can be served the drink of their choice in those glasses. It would be quite embarrassing to serve lager beer to someone in a wine glass. Similarly, whisky lovers enjoy their drink with ice in the old fashioned or thick bottomed diamond-cut glasses. For cocktails, you should use Low-Ball glasses or Collins glasses which have enough room for ice and cocktail. Similarly, for the guests who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, you can use sleek juice glasses.

Different Types of Barware Glasses: Know the Right Kind to Use and Buy!

We have selected a few of the most popular Barware Glasses which can be used at home and parties. You can purchase them from a store or order online.

Martini (or Cocktail) Glass

Cocktail glass, also known as Martini glasses are available in various styles like painted, frosted, and fun stem design. The stem allows you to hold the drink without touching the upper part to avoid warming the drink due to the heat of your hands. As cocktails are mostly non-iced drinks, thus holding them this way keeps them colder for a longer time.

Wexford - Firenze Cocktail Glasses - Set of 6 - 175 ml

These stunning Firenze Cocktail Glasses by Wexford are must-have barware glasses set for a party. The sleek and curvy design with a strong stem makes them easier to hold and the large rim allows easy flow of drink. The 175 ml capacity provides enough room for a 150-160 ml cocktail so that the drink doesn’t spill while moving. These glasses are imported from Turkey and are ideal for get-togethers, cocktail parties, and small parties. You can order them from Amazon courtesy of Home Centre for Rs. 799.

Red Wine Glass

Red Wine Glasses are balloon-shaped with a rounder and smaller bowl with a tapered rim which allows the aroma of the drink to stay for a longer duration as red wine is sipped slowly. These stemmed glasses are a bit longer and can hold between 250 to 650 ml of red wine. Though, stemless glasses are also popular nowadays and are meant for specific red wines.

TAGROCK Balloon Red White Wine Glass, 650Ml - Set of 2


Your favorite wine has waited for many years before you can sip from it, so giving it due regard is imperative. The balloon-shaped glasses by TAGROCK have a unique ‘inspire’ design which is a modern design and is a perfect gift for any wine lover. The capacity of each glass is 650 ml and has dimensions 30 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm. This set of 2 wine glasses are made in Thailand and can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 699.

White Wine Glass

White wine glasses are shorter in length than red wine glasses and contain a smaller mouth. The smaller balloon-shaped bowl prevents quick oxidation of the wine and retains the flavor for a longer period.

Schott Zwiesel Diva White Wine Glass 302ml

These premium glasses by Schott Zwiesel are imported from Germany and are perfect for a cocktail party. The glasses have a long and strong stem which helps to hold them effortlessly without touching the bowl, so your drink stays colder for a longer period of time. The height of each glass is 23 cm, the top diameter is 7.3 cm and the capacity is 302 ml. Crafted from crystal, the 6 glasses pack comes in safe packaging with a free gift wrapping option, and a 7-day return policy is also provided by the seller. Schott Zwiesel Diva White Wine Glass 302ml (6 glasses set) is available for Rs. 5,700 at Urban Dazzle.

Highball Glass

A cocktail glass which is a tall and skinny tumbler-shaped glass used for serving cocktails, gin, vodka, and whiskey, etc is a highball glass and the taller variant of this glass is known as a Collins glass. A highball glass is a bit taller than the Lowball glass and holds about 240 to 350 ml drink. These chimney shaped glasses have a thin wall and thick base to hold your cocktails.

Texas Elements Glass Highball Glass Set


This elegant and attractive Highball Glass Set by Texas Elements is a must-have barware glass set for your bar collection as you can serve cocktails, mocktails, and other drinks in these stylish glasses. The glasses are dishwasher safe, but it’s advisable to wash them by hand with a mild detergent. This Texas Elements Glass Highball Glass Set of 6 pieces is available for Rs. 499 from Amazon.

Flute (Champagne) Glass

As the name suggests, these glasses are shaped like a flute and belong to the wine glasses family. This thin, tall, and narrow glass has a lesser surface area and the tapered rim is useful for serving champagne and sparkling wine as the bubbles stay for a longer time in these glasses. These glasses are designed to hold around 200-300 ml liquid and the long and slim surface is perfect for showcasing the garnishing on a drink, be it a lime cut long and spiraled inside the drink or a berry floating inside the glass.

Personalised Set of 2 Champagne Glasses


You can gift this set of 2 champagne glasses to your friends or spouse on a special day by personalizing the glasses with their names. This set is perfect for gifting to a couple on their anniversary as they can celebrate their personal moments with their favorite champagne poured into these beautiful and sparkling glasses. Each glass has a diameter of 1.8 inches, height is 7.5 inches and capacity is 180 ml. You can order the set of these personalized champagne glasses from FnP for Rs. 1,299.

Old Fashioned Glass Tumbler

Most whiskey lovers like it the old fashioned way in these timeless and classic glasses. A tumbler shaped short glass with a thick bottom represents the Old Fashioned Glass and their presence in your barware speaks a lot about your style. These glasses are generally used for short drinks which include ‘on the rocks’ drinks. Old fashioned glasses easily hold 180 – 240 ml while the double old-fashioned (for double amount of rocks) have a capacity of 290 ml – 350 ml. A smaller version of Old Fashioned Glasses is also available for serving neat drinks (like malt whiskey) with an ice ball or single ice cube of large size. Having a couple of these glasses in your barware can solve the purpose of serving almost any cocktail, thus are quite useful if you have a limited storage area.

VIDIVI Luce Double Old Fashioned Tumbler 400ml

The double old fashioned tumbler by VIDIVI Luce has a massive capacity of 400 ml, thus can easily accommodate double rocks plus a large amount of drink. The thick base has a beautiful design while the dimensions of the glass are – height 9.5 cm, top diameter 9.4 cm, and the bottom diameter is 7 cm. These glasses should be washed by hand as per the instructions from the manufacturer. Made in Italy the set of 6 glasses come in safe packaging and can be ordered from Urban Dazzle for Rs. 1,927.

Shot Glass

These are easily identifiable glasses in a bar as these small glasses come in many shapes, styles, and sizes and would look super cool in your personal bar cabinet. Shot glasses generally hold a 45 ml drink, but shot glasses with a capacity of 30 ml and 60 ml are also available. These glasses are meant to serve neat drinks that are consumed in one shot, hence the name.

GOODHOMES Solid Quartz Shot Glasses

These Solid Quartz Shot glasses by GOODHOMES have a capacity of 70 ml and dimensions are – 5 cm x 6.5 cm. These stylish and transparent glasses are microwave and dishwasher safe, 100% food grade and hygienic, freezer safe, and have a smooth surface. The set of 6 shot glasses can be owned for Rs. 777 from Myntra.

Beer Mug

Large glass mugs in which you can hold your beer without warming it with your hand’s heat, these mugs are a style statement and are available in many cool designs. Most of them have a thick base to easily handle a hit if someone puts it down with a force and generally have a capacity of 300- 400 ml, though bigger beer mugs are also available.

BENTEX Skull Beer Mug (500 ml)

Impress your friends the next time they come for partying at your place, with these Skull Beer Mug’s, which will increase the fun quotient in your parties. With a massive capacity of 500 ml, the set of 6 beer mugs by BENTEX if available for Rs. 869 at Flipkart.

Margarita Glass

As the name suggests, these beautiful double bowl-shaped glasses are used for serving margarita and frozen cocktails. The upper half is for holding the liquid while the frozen solid ingredients go into the lower half. The wide rim makes it easy to have sugar or salt coated rim while serving drinks.

QGPLS Europe Non-Lead Crystal-Clear Glass Margarita


Made from lead-free glass for crystal clear shine and permanent clarity, the QGPLS Europe Margarita glass (set of 2 glasses) is a heat and scratch-resistant product and can be ordered for Rs. 484 from Amazon.

Lowball Glass

Quite similar to the ‘Old-fashioned’ glass, these are short glasses with a thick base and are generally used for neat drinks, on the rocks drinks, or drinks in which ingredients are to be muddled as the solid base easily takes the pressure of muddling.

OCEAN Lucaris Rim Low-Ball Glass


The Low-Ball glasses by OCEAN Lucaris can be an excellent and elegant addition to your barware. These glasses have a laser-cut rim and enchanting glint, and the set of 6 glasses (410 ml each) is available for Rs. 2,749 on Amazon.

Care for Barware Glasses

Barware Glasses are delicate and expensive, thus they need special care and precautions to keep them shining and long-lasting. You wouldn’t like to serve drinks to your guests in faded, stained, or scratched glasses. If not washed properly, the odors and toxic substances from drinks may remain in the glasses. Moreover, the chemicals in water (bleach, etc) may leave watermarks on the glasses which can result in losing the sheen of these glasses.

You also need to store them safely to protect the barware glasses from mechanical and thermal shock. Also, always wash barware glasses by hand before the first time use; to remove any smell of the packaging, etc. Hand wash each glass separately and avoid soaking with other glasses to minimize the chances of mechanical shock. Clean them with a glass cleaning detergent with warm water and a soft sponge. When washing the barware glasses in a dishwasher, don’t clean them with cutlery and crockery, and wash the glasses at low temperatures to avoid any chances of crack.

Air-dry the glasses in an upturned position and remove any watermarks using a soft and clean cloth once the glasses are completely dry. Keep the glasses separately and don’t stack them over one another as it may damage the rims of the barware glasses, especially the ones with wider rims like cocktail glasses. You can also use soft mats inside the cupboards before keeping your glassware.

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Barware Glasses to Enjoy the Tipple As It Is Supposed to Be Enjoyed

Usually and at times, one may use the wrong glass for certain drinks. While it might seem out of place drinking Red Wine from a Beer Mug or sipping your Beer from a Shots' Glass, slight mistakes such as drinking Red Wine from a White Wine Glass could be at times understood and not come off as extremely awkward. All the same, it is best to enjoy the drink from the vessel it was designed to be used from. It makes it feel even more worthwhile and is surely an elegant tendency. To help you use the right glass for the specific drink are some awesome barware glasses types listed above.