Rice is a Food Staple of Kitchen Cupboards Up and Down the Country(2021): Try These  Electric Rice Cooker Hacks to Make Perfect Rice Every Time.

Rice is a Food Staple of Kitchen Cupboards Up and Down the Country(2021): Try These Electric Rice Cooker Hacks to Make Perfect Rice Every Time.

Rice can either be cooked in a normal pot or a traditional cooker. But when we drain the water a lot of nutrients are lost. To help preserve these nutrients and to make cooking rice easier, a rice cooker can be used. It allows you to cook rice and ensure that they remain hot for a long time. To help you decide which rice cooker to buy, we have compiled a list of the best electric rice cookers in India.

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Rice Cooker: An Essential Utility in Many Kitchens

Rice cooker is simply an electric kitchen appliance to cook rice quickly. It is automatic, and hence you do not need to check-in between if your rice is nicely done. After automatically making rice, it will turn in warm mode from cook mode to keep the rice warm until you eat. You can also use it to reheat the rice when needed. There are several advantages to using a rice cooker at home. It does not matter what type of rice you are cooking each time, it will always be cooked in perfect shape. Besides the automatic cooking of rice, it makes uniform cooking too. There will be no overcooked or undercooked rice on the top or bottom of the pan like a traditional stovetop cooking. It makes the rice non-sticky, which means each grain is separated from the other. Rice cooker has multiple programming options with different timings which makes it easy for you to produce perfect food. It reduces cooking time and your precious effort.

Hacks for Other Uses of Rice Cooker (Apart from Cooking Rice!)

It is a myth that rice cookers are bought and used only to make rice. But it can make your life easy with some hacks by helping you to make some fantastic dishes that you might not have thought of before. Let's talk about some unconventional ways to use rice cookers.

Make Hard Boiled Eggs

Most of the rice cookers come with a steam basket which can be a great hack to use for making a boiled egg. You can steam-cook eggs in the steaming water of the rice cooker undisturbed in the steaming tray. The cooking is gentler than the traditional egg boiling process so you can get the desired doneness without any grey colour around the egg yolks. Put the eggs in cold or ice water to stop the cooking process after removing them from the rice cooker tray.

Giant Pancakes

You can imagine how much effort it takes when you are doing pancakes on a stovetop. You need to stand for a long time and make the pancakes, but in a rice cooker, you can make it easily at a particular time all by the cooker itself. Make the batter of pancake and pour into your rice cooker and cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Your cooker will turn off in between as per the timer, so take a good look at the pancake. When the pancake is domes, and a toothpick comes out clean without many crumbs, then you can be sure that the cake is made. Flip the rice cooker bowl into a plate and top it with whipped cream and fruits.

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fondue in a rice cooker, sounds crazy? It is true, and you can do it with minimal things at home. Take some chocolate, milk, vanilla extract and mix together. The warm mode will keep the chocolate melty and deliciously silky. Drip over fruits, pancakes or marshmallows for having a sweet indulgence.

Rice Pudding

If you want to have a perfectly cooked rice pudding for your kids, then use your trusted rice cooker this time. Use some skim milk, white rice and sugar, with a pinch of cinnamon put in the rice cooker for 20 to 25 minutes. When it is done, allow it to cool and then put some cinnamon dust over it and let it be in the refrigerator before serving.

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is a dish that definitely demands the traditional stovetop heat and a big pan to make. But your own rice cooker can do the magic in oil: put some onion, garlic, curry powder, chicken, tomato and cilantro. Close the lid and put it in cook mode. After it's done, add curd and raisin and put in warm mode for 5 minutes. Your chicken curry is done in no time.

Hacks for Cleaning Your Rice Cooker

After making so many dishes apart from traditional rice in the rice cooker, you might think about how to clean the stains or even the burnt-out portions due to overheating of food sometimes. Here are some hacks to clean your favourite rice cooker utensil for you before you start to experiment with the cooker. Put some water in the rice cooker and make it warm up or boil for a few minutes. It will loosen up the food particles that are stuck at the bottom. If your rice cooker has particles that are burnt at the bottom, use some hot water, baking soda, a few drops of lemon and vinegar. Keep the solution for a few minutes to an hour, maybe overnight, as per the stain or burn. Wash and dry as usual for a visible difference.

Hacks for Cooking Perfect Rice

You might think your cooker will cook the perfect rice for you itself. Yes, it's true, but you can also help a little bit to make the rice far better. Always wash and soak the rice half an hour before you cook in a rice cooker. You can put some oil or ghee on the surface of the utensil inside for a natural aroma. You can put some pinches of salt to make the plain white rice tasty. It will also help in the perfect cooking process. Measurement of rice and water is the key point to follow while cooking for a delicious no-worry perfect rice in your rice cooker.

How to Choose a Perfect Rice Cooker

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Choosing the right rice cooker for yourself needs you to know your daily cooking habits. Rice cookers come in different sizes, and you should purchase according to the quantity of rice you generally prepare every day. You can understand the ratio if you know how much rice you need to cook every day. If you cook 1 or 2 cups of rice, then a 3 cup rice cooker will be useful, for 3 or 4 cups of rice 5 cup rice cooker is needed and for 5 cups of rice, you will need a 10 cup rice cooker for yourself. There are a few types of popular rice cookers - traditional, jar-o-mate, and micro-computerised. You can choose according to your needs and budget.

Get the Most Out of Rice Cookers

For the past few years the rice cooker is used in most of the households for making a pot dish or different kinds of rice everyday. It is a great thing to utilise even when you are travelling somewhere by car. You will need to learn various uses of the rice cooker and you are good to go.

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Read Manual for Cleaning

Cleaning your rice cooker after each use is important in order to prevent dried-on food from negatively affecting the appliance’s performance. Before you dive in and start cleaning your rice cooker, we recommend reading the included user’s manual. The following safety precautions will ensure that you clean your rice cooker correctly, without damaging the electrical components.