Do You Ever Just Want to Scream(2020)? Discover in This Guide,10 of Those Best Anger Management Books that Can Help You Control Your Anger

Do You Ever Just Want to Scream(2020)? Discover in This Guide,10 of Those Best Anger Management Books that Can Help You Control Your Anger

Is your mind on fire all the time? Are you burning down all your relationships, opportunities with anger? We have curated a list of books for anger management that will help you get that fire contained through mindfulness. At the very least, you’ll learn how, when and where to spark up your brain appropriately.

Effects of Anger on Your Health and Life

Anger, the very powerful emotion is like a double-edged sword and if not handled carefully, it can harm you and the people around you. Anger can directly have an impact on physical and mental well being from mild to a severe level and can also cause harm to your wealth, social status and reputation, etc.

Few ill effects of anger on your health include increased blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration which directly affect the health of your heart. Prolonged anger issues can cause headaches, insomnia, depression, increased anxiety, high BP, digestion problems, skin problems, and even serious medical conditions like stroke or heart attack. A study has shown that people, who have less control over their anger, also have a slower ability to heal their wounds as compared to people who are less angry or can manage their anger in a better manner. Another study studied the hostile behaviour of men and the results revealed that men with more hostile behaviour are more prone to breathing problems and experience higher rates of death as their age increased.

Research done on a group of children and adults showed that even the younger lot who are unable to handle their anger, tend to have poor interpersonal relationships. They are also more susceptible to health-related risks and have poor mental and physical health as compared to those who are less hostile. Thus, anger management is a skill that should be taught at an early age.

Why Anger Management is Important

We have discussed the ill effects of anger on your health and life, and how much damage it can cause to your general and mental health. Moreover, it can also impact your relationships and your personal and professional life as well. Hence, it’s all the more important to know about ways to manage your hostility and temper in a better manner. Firstly, we need to understand that anger is also a normal emotion like other emotions and a little bit of this emotion is necessary for a healthy state of mind. The problem occurs when anger gets out of control and overpowers your logical and rational thinking.

Have you ever wondered that what was the actual reason behind your sudden outburst of anger? There can be various reasons for your short fuse which include a traumatic past, the way you have seen your family members react in anger during your childhood, masking other feelings like insecurity, shame, embarrassment, or vulnerability. Few other reasons can be stress, not getting the desired results in a task, old disappointments, failures that are still haunting you, or the inability to express other emotions.

Best Anger Management Books

The best anger management books are the ones that can guide you in detail about the possible reasons behind your sudden or frequent anger, can provide reasonable solutions about how to deal with them and better ways to express your anger. Mentioned below are ten such books which are the bestsellers in this category and are widely liked and accepted by the readers.

Anger: Taming a Powerful Emotion - Gary Chapman


Written by Gary Chapman, an American author and radio talk show host, and better known for his book about relationships, ‘The Five Love Languages’ which is a New York Times bestseller for 10 years with more than 12 million copies sold worldwide. Gary has impressive credentials as he is an M.A. in Anthropology, Master of Religious Education, and Doctor of Philosophy as well. In his book, ‘Anger: Taming a Powerful Emotion’ talks about anger, its effect on relationships, and how to conquer it. He has provided real-life examples and his advice will help you to understand yourself better, differentiate between good anger and bad anger, overcome shame and bitterness, let go of your resentment and grudges, and make positive changes in your life. The Kindle edition can be read online for Rs. 535, while the paperback edition can be ordered for Rs. 884 from

Anger Management for Women by Jennifer Lee


Anger is often associated with men and mostly the articles and books written on the topic of anger management explain the perspective of men and how they can deal with anger. But Jennifer Lee, in her book “Anger Management for Women: The Self-Help Guide rich in Tips and Solutions for taking Control of Negative Emotions and Give Peace to your Mind. Specially written for Women with angry Disorders” has specifically targeted the reasons behind the anger in women and how to deal with it.

She understands that men and women have different ways to express their emotions with anger being no exception. Lee has written many books on human behaviour and emotions which include ‘Self Discipline’, ‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’, ‘Emotional Intelligence Mastery Collection: 7 Books in 1’, ‘Master Your Emotions’, ‘Anger Management for Men’ and ‘Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks’, etc. Anger Management for Women is a self-help guide for women which explains ‘what is anger’, ‘difference between the anger of a man and a woman’, ‘effects of anger in women’, ‘anger management strategies specific for women’ and ‘tips for cooling down when you are angry’ etc. You can get it free with kindle unlimited while the paperback edition is available for Rs. 1,568 on

The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life


One of the best-rated books on Amazon for anger management, The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life is authored by Dr. Les Carter, and the foreword is mentioned by Frank Minirth M.D. Dr. Les Carter has written best-sellers like ‘Enough About You, Let's Talk About Me’, ‘The Anger Workbook: An Interactive Guide to Anger Management’, ‘Getting the Best of Your Anger: Before It Gets the Best of You’, ‘Grace and Divorce: God's Healing Gift to Those Whose Marriages Fall Short’ and ‘The Worry Workbook: Twelve Steps to Anxiety-Free Living’ etc.

In his book, The Anger Trap: Free Yourself from the Frustrations that Sabotage Your Life, Dr. Carter has cleared the myths and misconceptions associated with anger and how to choose a spiritually awakened path. He has mentioned practical techniques and real-life examples of people who have dealt with anger-issues. You can buy the kindle edition for Rs. 370 and paperback for Rs. 1,342 from

Anger Management: How to Overcome Hurts and Anger by Wallace Foulds


The book by Wallace Foulds, Anger Management: How to Overcome Hurts and Anger - Improve Your Relationship, Neutralize Hostility, and Abuse to Stay Productive and Positive teaches you about expressing anger in productive ways. This book acts as a guide that can help you to mentally prepare yourself while you are in an anger prone situation, how to act while you are angry, how to normalize quickly from a state of anger and how to cool down angry people. Wallace Foulds has authored many top-rated books like Mindfulness, Stoicism, Self-Control, Social Intelligence, Communication skills, Introvert and Small Talk, etc. The online version of Anger Management is available for free to read with kindle unlimited and the paperback edition can be ordered for Rs. 1,558 from

Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men by PhD Harbin Thomas J.

Thomas J Harbin, a psychologist has written the book ‘Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men: How to Free Yourself from the Grip of Anger and Get More Out of Life’ keeping in mind that men are often more aggressive and less willing to express their true emotions. Beyond Anger is a true guide for men who are in a miserable condition due to mishandling of their anger issues and how they can take back the charge of their lives and relationships.

The book specifically talks about the symptoms of constant anger, how the anger issues affected family, friends, and colleagues, and how to control the violent emotions with the help of simple exercises. Harbin has given many references and discussed the role of the internet and social media, etc in this revised edition. Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men can be ordered from for Rs. 1,674.

Anger Management: Complete Self-help Workbook by Michael Garcia


‘Anger Management: Complete Self-help Workbook on How to Control Negative Emotions, How to Deal with Stress, and Anxiety’ is written by Michael Garcia and in this self-help workbook, he tries to explain that no matter what’s your age, gender or profession; anger can control you.

Further, he emphasizes on the fact that it’s difficult to fight our emotions when we are in a raged state of mind. Garcia explains the secret methods to control your anger and remain calm in any situation in his book. You will also know about the reasons which create anger and how to refrain from them, easy to do exercises which will help you to have a new behaviour and efficiently manage your anger and become more friendly and lovable. You can read this book for free with kindle unlimited on

Letting Go of Anger 2nd Edition by Potter-Efron


Ronald T. Potter-Efron MSW Ph.D. has written many books on relationships and anger management like ‘Angry All the Time: An Emergency Guide to Anger Control’, ‘Lewy Body Dialogue’, ‘Handbook of Anger Management and Domestic Violence Offender Treatment’, ‘Reclaim your relationship’, ‘Healing the Angry Brain’ and ‘Working Anger: Preventing and Resolving Conflict on the Job’, etc.

In his book, ‘Letting Go of Anger 2nd Edition: The Eleven Most Common Anger Styles & What to Do About Them’, he discusses about the eleven most common styles in which people tend to vent out anger and how to deal with your anger in a healthy way. The book also explains how controlled anger can be beneficial for certain situations, while it can lead to disaster when it controls you. The Kindle edition can be purchased for Rs. 1,115 while the paperback can be ordered from for Rs. 2,114.

Anger Management: 12 Step Guide to Recognize and Control Anger by Ray Vaden


Ray Vaden, the author of this book, is the writer of another bestseller, ‘Self-Discipline: Develop Daily Habits to Program Your Mind, Build Mental Toughness, Self-Confidence and Will Power’. In the book ‘Anger Management: 12 Step Guide to Recognize and Control Anger, Develop Emotional Intelligence, and Self Discipline’ Vaden takes you through 12 effective and critical steps to manage your anger.

In the process, he explains the importance of self-discipline and emotional intelligence as essential tools to recognize the reasons behind your anger and how to get hold of them. In his book, the writer indicates that instead of suppressing the anger you should learn to accept it. This excellent book on anger management is a free-read on kindle unlimited and paperback is available for Rs. 1,175 on

Rage: A Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming Explosive Anger by Ronald T. Potter-Efron


Another top-rated bestseller by Ronald T. Potter-Efron MSW Ph.D., ‘Rage: A Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming Explosive Anger’ is a handbook for people who have extreme and unpredictable anger. This book explains how intense rage can be a threat to your relations, job, health, etc. and that you aren’t the only one reeling under this condition. Millions of people suffer from recurring periods of unusual anger which is a condition known as intermittent explosive disorder (IED) and this book helps you to identify the symptoms and how you can overcome the problem in a step-by-step manner. Kindle edition is for Rs. 642, while the paperback hard copy can be purchased for Rs. 1, 499 from

What to Do When Your Temper Flares: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Problems with Anger by PhD Huebner Dawn

This book acts as a guide for parents who have kids having anger issues or who lose their temper quickly. Kids should also read this book to understand the reason behind their anger, the aftereffects, and how to douse anger at the moment of heat. Huebner Dawn has also explained the cognitive-behavioural techniques which are used to treat anger pertinent problems and provided many lively illustrations and engaging examples. You can order this book from for Rs. 1,478.

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Remember the adage: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? This old saying is especially true in the case of anger management. Providing children with tools and strategies to manage anger before they become overwhelmed with anger will greatly reduce anger outbursts and frustration.