Looking for the Best Portable Blender? Top 10 Portable Blenders in 2020, Decide Quickly with This Epic List

Looking for the Best Portable Blender? Top 10 Portable Blenders in 2020, Decide Quickly with This Epic List

This article tells you all about portable blenders and why they are a good option for you. If you also love to have the regular healthy smoothie every day, check out our recommendation list for the best portable blenders available online in India.

Why Portable Blenders?

Are you trying very hard to keep up with a healthy diet these days and have switched to having more smoothies and juices recently? Have a business meeting ahead in the next few days, wondering how to go about sticking to your healthy lifestyle? Or in another scenario, you have moved to a new home where there is a very small space in the kitchen. Can’t find enough place for your hefty blender on the counter top? The answer to these problems is simple- get a portable blender. In this guide, you will get to know about the best portable blenders available in India that are also affordable!

Why are Portable Blenders Very Popular Now?

In today’s busy world, the latest trend among young and old is following a smoothie-based diet. The easiest and most convenient way to get this done is by getting a personal blender, or in particular, a portable blender; as it serves more purpose. So, why exactly have portable blenders been very popular these days?

Perfect for a Single Serving

Preparing a smoothie for one in a big blender is literally pointless. Moreover, if you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning the pitcher and lid every time, it’s always better to get yourself a portable blender, as in that case, the pitcher acts as a drinking cup for one as well!

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Portable blenders for smoothies are the best option when it comes to having your smoothies while on the run. These blenders are not only light in weight, but also super convenient and easy to carry around.

Compact and Saves Space

Like we said earlier, if you are limited on counter space in your kitchen, then a portable blender could be pretty much what you need. These blenders are very compact and occupy very little space in your kitchen.

Easy to Charge

With the USB charging facility, it is literally very easy to use your portable blender while on the run. There are electrical personal blenders too which are available.

Easy to Operate

Portable blenders are pretty much limited to a single button to start and stop the operation. Hence, it is very easy to operate and handle.

10 Best Portable Blenders in India

Portable blenders may seem like tiny little gadgets. But, mind you, a good portable blender can powerfully out-power its size. In fact, a portable blender can even replace your hefty and bulky big sized blending machine. Moreover, a portable blender allows you to avail its service outside of your home. Considering these amazing facts, we think a portable blender could be a good option for the healthy, conscious and always busy person!

Here are some of our recommendations of the top portable blenders available in India. This list is compiled based on the working functionality, performance of the machine and the customer reviews seen online.

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend

Source www.amazon.in

Investing in a Nutri blender is almost like investing in your health and fitness. With a powerful gadget like the Wonderchef Nutri-blend portable blender, making your daily energy drink could be one of the easiest tasks. It is one of the best portable blender for smoothies. Essentially, smoothie recipes involve blending harder and fibrous ingredients like nuts, dates and herbs. With a powerful portable blender like the Wonderchef Nutriblend, it is very easy to break down and blend in these ingredients to get a smoothie with a smooth texture with no lumps.

The super-fast motor with a power of 380 watts, allows you to do more than just make smoothies. Making dry masalas and chutneys is also possible with this portable blender. There are two sets of interchangeable jars of 300 and 500 ml each made of stainless-steel blades, which can be interchangeably used for grinding and blending purposes.

This portable blender has a non-skid rubber footing for added safety. It also has a two-year warranty for assurance. What is more exciting about the purchase, is the complimentary recipe book! With a single touch button, this portable blender is very easy to operate. This sleek and beautiful machine comes in a black shade with a floral design on it. It is available on amazon.in for Rs.2,580.

GLEN SA4047 i Blender with Powerful Motor

The actual goodness from fruit or veggie-based smoothie is best received when you use it as it is, without straining. This ensures that you get the required fibre along with the nutrients and vitamins in the drink. This is only possible if the portable blender or juicer is strong enough to break and blend in the ingredients perfectly. That is exactly why this portable blender from GLEN is on our recommended products' list. With the rust-resistant and sharp stainless-steel blades, it is easy for the machine to extract nutrients from the ingredients. In fact, it is even possible to chop ice, seeds and nuts with ease.

Hit the gym with the sporty-looking sipper that comes along with this portable blender. One important feature of this portable blender is the one push start button switch that allows easy access control and constant blending. Most blending operations require only 15 to 30 seconds of operation. It is thus recommended to give breaks while running the machine.

The 250 watts motor makes the portable blender powerful and helps you make shakes, smoothies, energy drinks and juices with no hassles. This attractive and slender portable juicer/blender is easy to operate. Check out this product on flipkart.com for Rs.1,885.

Hestia IQ blender

Source www.croma.com

Hestia Appliances is an Indian company that is dedicated to offering the best line of products to its customers. All products are thus, of very good quality and performance. This portable blender is no different. This portable blender has new and improved third-generation blades of 2.2mm thickness, which gives the same high performance as that of any professional blender. The portable blender comes with two BPA free Eastman Triton material jars that can withstand a very wide temperature range - hot or cold.

The blender ensures the best nutrient extraction from breaking, blending and pulping the ingredients. The smooth as silk texture of the smoothies and shakes, make your food the most digestible and easily absorbable. The rotational speed of 22000 rpm and the 100% copper motor integrated into the motor, makes it one of the sturdiest and most durable of machines. The company recommends that hot ingredients not be added to the blender as the blending process could further increase the temperature of the food. This compact, stylish and multifunctional portable blender is available on croma.com for Rs.4,699.

Whipsip Personal Blender

Source www.amazon.in

Most portable blenders operate in simple steps. Fill the jug or jar with fresh ingredients, attach the blades and secure tightly on the motor base, twist, blend, remove from the base, place the lid over the jar and take-to-go! This portable blender from Whipsip is a multitalented electric blender that is reliably tough with a quality tested motor. The 300 watts motor and the distinctively sharp blades allow you to get the maximum benefit out of the fruit or veggies added in the smoothie. The two large 600 ml BPA free jars come along with an ultra-seal leak-proof lid. The flexible and slim carry handle makes it conveniently portable and user friendly.

The measurement indicators on the jar/drinking bottle ensure that you don’t go wrong on the quantity of your drink! These sleek bottles can be slipped into your bag, pouch or car bottle holder with ease. They are also scratch-resistant and resilient to breaks and dents. This portable blender is available on amazon.in for Rs.1,983.

Balzano Bullet High Speed Blender

Source www.amazon.in

The High-speed blender from Balzano may be priced a bit high. But the performance, quality and durability of this portable blender are commendable for its price! The 900 watts motor is strong and powerful, yet very quiet. The 28000 rpm ensures the best nutrient extraction from the ingredients and processes almost all food items within just 45 seconds! The BPA free triton jars double up as drinking portable jars with a seal proof lid.

This 10-piece machine is ideal for all your blending and grinding needs. The copper motor base gives a longer service life. The intelligent auto cutoff, silicon feet and sturdy cooling fan ensure the highest safety while operation. Just twist in the jar and release to stop - no hassles of pressing a button! The product comes with a one-year warranty and is available on amazon.in for Rs.4,530.

Borosil Nutrifresh BNB400PB11 Blender

The Borosil Nutrifresh blender will not disappoint the smoothie lover who is particular of getting the best! The strong 400 watts motor will help you achieve the most smooth and nutritious smoothies, shakes and drinks. Besides the stainless-steel blades and the three jars also cater to specific grinding needs too. There are Pulse and two-speed options equipped with this portable blender. The rotary switch with dual switch on function ensures safety.

The in-built jar locking switch adds to the extra safety and functionality. This portable blender’s aesthetic design and colours are sure to capture some attention! This heavy-duty portable blender is available on tatacliq.com for Rs.2,445.

Rylan Rechargeable Portable Electric Mini USB Portable Juicer Blender

If you are looking for cheaper versions of a portable blender, then here is an affordable blender that is also more portable. This blender comes with a built-in 2000 mah rechargeable battery that can be charged by USB devices or a power bank, laptop or mobile phone. The one-touch multifunction blender can make smoothies, shakes, juices and even baby food with ease. This portable blender is super light, compact and very easy to carry around. The smart safety protection functions like the magnetic sensing switch make it very safe to use. This creative portable blender comes in many vibrant colours to choose from.

The 380 ml jar acts as a drinking cup and is perfect while on a business trip, outdoor activities or travel. The built-in stainless-steel blades make smoothie and juice making effortless and time-saving. This blender is super convenient to carry around and one of the best portable blenders for travel. However, the quality of the blender is comparatively lower than the blenders mentioned earlier on the list. Check out clubfactory.com to find this product for Rs.665.

Cook Well 450 W All-in-One Magic Powerfull Bullet

Source bnbfashion.in

Here is yet another powerful portable blender that gives an outstanding performance and quality. The super-fast 450 watts motor performs all functions of that of a bulky food processor, yet gives you the liberty to save on space, time and effort. The sharp stainless-steel blades can break down the hardest of ingredients with ease and helps in extraction of nutrients. Now you can not only make juices, smoothies and shakes but also dry grind spices and seeds as this portable blender acts as grinder too.

The blending jars double up as drinking cups with a handle. Spill proof lids are also provided with the blender. The quick push start function makes the operation very easy and with no complications. The stylish and elegant design makes for a wonderful kitchen décor as well. All the parts are detachable and easy to clean and manage. It is recommended to give the motor a break of 2 minutes in between operation. Available on bnbfashion.in for Rs.1,890.

LIOMES Portable 4 Blade USB Electric Blender

This is yet another portable blender that is super cheap, yet very convenient to carry while travelling. The blender comes with a built in 2000mah rechargeable battery that can be charged using USB devices like laptop, power bank or a mobile phone. The 380 ml blending jar is perfect for a single serving. So, if you are at work, at the gym or on a holiday trip, there is no reason to compromise on your daily energy drink. With this light weight portable blender whipping up a smoothie, shake or juice is as easy as it could be.
Also, if you are a busy mom, cut down on your time by blending in baby food or healthy shakes in this portable blender and serve right out of it!

Coming in different vibrant colours, this portable blender is a delight to the eyes! You can find this product on quickcart-shop.com for only Rs.550.

Inalsa Nutri-Blender Tia-300Watt

Why buy Inalsa portable blender? Besides the sleek design and attractive colour, there are other reasons that this portable blender has made it to our list. The patented FIN stainless steel blade technology ensures the smoothest drinks with maximum nutrient extraction. The powerful 300 watts motor operates at 240 volts makes the blender very sturdy and robust in operation. This portable blender lives up to its description and is well worth the money. The two BPA free blend, carry and sip bottles comes in two capacities - 600 and 400 ml. The quick start button makes the operation of the portable blender very easy. This stylish and functional blender is available on dealsheaven.in for Rs.999.

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Health is Wealth

With health and immunity from diseases being the top priority these days for people of all ages, it is good to have a healthy smoothie everyday and a portable blender helps you in many ways. Apart from that, you should have a balanced and healthy diet, a proper sleep schedule and should also set some time aside for some kind of physical exercise to help blood circulation. After all, health is wealth!