Wondering How to Wear Lehenga to Flatter Your Body(2020)? 7 Ideas of all the Possible Ways You Can Actually Wear to Make Your Lehenga Look Unique and Trendy in Any Event.

Wondering How to Wear Lehenga to Flatter Your Body(2020)? 7 Ideas of all the Possible Ways You Can Actually Wear to Make Your Lehenga Look Unique and Trendy in Any Event.

We all love wearing and styling lehengas, and the one way we can differentiate our look is via dupatta. There are so many ways to style Lehenga Dupatta. No matter what occasion, there are different dupatta draping styles that you can go for. We have shared different lehenga dupatta draping styles with you all, keep scrolling.

Why Wear Your Saree as a Lehenga

Indian women love to dress up especially for events like weddings and they have a ton of things can choose from. One of their favourites is a lehenga. Earlier women liked wearing sarees but the young girls usually don't like to wear sarees as it is a little difficult to tie it and carry it properly. So, the next best thing is to wear a lehenga that shows their curves as well as adds an extra charm to their feminism. A lehenga is much more convenient and is easy to carry it while they dance or have loads of fun in an event.

These days you can find lehengas in various styles, the best one is the lehenga saree in which you can easily tie your saree as a lehenga and get the exact look as if you were wearing a lehenga. It looks beautiful and traditional plus you don't need to buy a new lehenga for every other event you want to attend. They are super stylish and makes you look different. We have compiled a list of different kinds of lehengas and various ways on how you can tie your saree as a lehenga and look gorgeous. You can also check out the section which tells you on wearing your lehenga dupatta in different styles and make you every day lehenga look different and stylish.

How to Drape Lehenga Dupatta in Different Styles on Your Lehenga

Here are the different ways you can wear your dupatta on a lehenga and make it look super stylish and cute.

  • The waist band dupatta drape style is probably the latest way of wearing your dupatta. You can see a lot of Bollywood actors wearing their dupattas in this style and look charming. All you need is a regular gold or silver waist band or a belt and tie it around your waist over the dupatta. It keeps the dupatta in place and looks good. You can find these belts from wholesale stores in different colors and sizes choose according to the color and work on your lehenga and you are set with a unique style.
  • Holing the dupatta from the back on both hands is a cool way to hold your dupatta. It is a common style and girls like to wear their dupatta this way. Just hold your dupatta at the back and put it on your both arms. It gives a very stylish look and makes a girl feel very girlish.
  • If you enjoy dancing in a party then you can take your dupatta brought from the back to the front diagonally over your right shoulder to your waist. It keeps the dupatta from falling off and you can enjoy the dance floor to the max.
  • Another cool way to wear your dupatta over a lehenga is when you drape it like a saree over your left shoulder with pleats. It gives your lehenga a saree look so this way you are wearing your lehenga, but it'll look like a pretty saree.
  • A classic way to wear your dupatta on a lehenga is to get a heavily embroidered dupatta and pleat one end of it and secure it with a pin on your left shoulder so it falls freely lower than your waist. You can the other end and bring it to the front on the right side. You can simply wrap it around your right wrist or tuck it in the corner of the lehenga to get that U look at the back. If you are a daughter in law, you can also take the U and put it on your head to give it a more traditional look and keep your in laws happy.
  • The double dupatta style is a great style for the brides. It enhances the look and makes you look very pretty. You can use two dupattas; you use one to cover your head and the other one is draped around in any way you want. You can use contrast colors and mix different fabrics as well to make it look nice. Remember to use the longer dupatta to cover your head and the shorter one to drape to achieve the best look.
  • If you are thinking of wearing a heavily embroidered blouse with your lehenga then the casual drape would look perfect on you. Take one end of the dupatta and tuck it on the left side of your waist then take it from behind your left arm and put it over your head. You can also let it rest over your right shoulder if you like. Another way of wearing this style is to leave the dupatta loose at the back and let if falls on the front. You can wrap the loose end over your wrist. This look is great for the modern brides of todays.
  • A classis way to wear a dupatta is to wear it like you would wear it on a salwar kurta. Simply throw the two ends over both your shoulders. This looks good if you have a sheer or a heavy dupatta with your lehenga.
  • If you are the mother or an aunt of the bride then you can wear it like a Guajarati seedha pallu saree look. All you need to do is to tuck one end of the dupatta on your left side from the waist and bring the rest over your right shoulder from behind. Make pleats and pin it on your shoulder. Take the left corner of the dupatta and tuck it again near the first tuck and you have a Gujarati style dupatta which. It is an elegant way to wear it and look classy.
  • If you want to show off the heavy design on your blouse then you can go with the over the shoulder, pleated drape which makes a triangle shape in front. Simply pleat the dupatta and put it over your right shoulder from the middle of the dupatta. Take the left corner of the fabric which hangs at the back and take the left corner from the front. Secure both the ends on your left shoulder. Let the other corners hand freely. This will create a triangle shape in front and looks great.
  • Another cool way of wearing your dupatta on a heavy lehenga is to put the dupatta on your right shoulder and tuck the other end on the opposite side of your waist. It will keep the dupatta in place and looks really good during weddings.
  • The next style is quite popular among Pakistani brides but is catching up in India too. It's when you wear your dupatta in a salwar suit dupatta style and put it over your head. The brides look really good in this style.
  • This is a great way to wear your dupatta. You need to use two dupattas and you can choose different colors and fabrics according to your lehenga. You take one and put it over your head and the other one is draped like a saree.
  • A unique way to wear your dupatta is to wear it like a cape. Take two ends from the both the sides and pin it in front of your neck. Let the rest of the dupatta fall back behind your back like a cape. It looks different and stylish.

5 Different Styles of Wearing a Saree as a Lehenga

Women have been wearing the lehenga saree since a long time but recently it has become a trend. It is the smart way to draping your saree and will make your outfit look life half saree and half lehenga. Here are some ways you can easily drape a lehenga saree and look cool.

Half Saree Style – Saree like a Lehenga

  • Start with wrapping your saree over your petticoat like you usually do
  • Next start making small pleats of 2 inches faced on the left side and tuck in around the petticoat.
  • Continue to make pleats and keep tucking them securely each time.
  • Keep doing it till you reach the pallu then fold it and tuck it inwards and tuck it on the right side.
  • You will end up with the whole saree look like a lehenga. You can now use a matching dupatta and choose a style from the list above to make it look complete.

Half Saree Style in Lehenga Choli Look

  • Find the saree you want to use
  • Drape it from the right side to the left side in one wrap and stop on the right side.
  • Make pleats like told in the one above.
  • Don't make the pleats at the back, stop on the left side and from here the pallu border starts.
  • You need to take the pallu around from the back and throw it over your right shoulder in an open style or even pleat it up and then throw it over your right shoulder to the front.

Wearing a saree like a lehenga

  • Get a saree that you like and buy a matching blouse and petticoat with it.
  • Start with tying your petticoat (you can use a belt fastener petticoat instead of the regular one).
  • Wear your heels.
  • Wrap the plain end of the saree till you reach the right side of your waist.
  • Take a full turn like you do when you wear a regular saree and tuck it in the petticoat.
  • The border of the saree should be on the bottom.
  • Make small pleats around the waist. You will get a lehenga effect with the most pleats.
  • Start with the right side, make pleats and tuck it in your petticoat.
  • Now, bring the rest of the saree to the opposite end and tuck in the rest of the middle part well. Leave plenty of fabric to drape the saree around your waist with the pallu.
  • You can also make pleats on your pallu if you want to show off your blouse.
  • Now take the pallu and wrap it around your waist on the right side and bring it over to your left shoulder.
  • Pin the pallu neatly on your shoulder. You can also leave it hanging if you like.
  • Wear appropriate accessories to complete the look.
Source saree.guide

Another way of wearing your saree like a lehenga

  • Wear a high-quality stain or shimmer fabric petticoat. A good petticoat gives a refined look to your saree and will make it look more like a lehenga.
  • Take the end of the saree and tuck it at the back in the center and bring it to the right-hand side.
  • Start pleating it, the pleats can be at a width of 4 to 5 inches. Make pleats till you reach the other end of the waist on the left side and tuck the last pleat there.
  • Tuck in the saree till you reach the back and cross the already tucked in the first layer, cover it and continue to the right side of the back of the waist.
  • Now, take the leftover fabric and make pleats. Let it drop as you do in a seedha pallu saree.
  • You can also take one corner of the saree and tuck it at the waist on the left side.
  • You can now tie a kamarbandh on the waist to give it an enhanced look.
  • Make sure all the pleats on your waist are equal and are the off the same length.
  • You can also use a second dupatta and take it over your head if you like.

Another version of saree lehenga

  • Start like you started the above lehenga but stop the pleats at left and use a foot of saree to fold it over in a diagonal alignment.
  • Tuck it over the front waist covering the pleated tucks.
  • Take the remaining saree (pallu) and drape it from the back to the front and make pleats on the shoulder.
  • Drape it on the front bodice to the left shoulder and pin it properly.

7 Different Styles of Wearing a Lehenga Saree

A lehenga saree has become very popular these days. You can easily get a local tailor to create a lehenga saree from your favorite saree. Here are some great lehenga saree drapes for you.

The Classic Drape

  • Take one end of the saree/lehenga dupatta and pleat it along its length.
  • Pin the pleated section on the left shoulder and let the longer fabric in the front.
  • Take the flowing part from the front and wrap it around your blouse and lehenga.
  • Pull it to your left and tuck it in your mid waist.

The Casual Drape

  • Take one end of the dupatta on the left side of your waist.
  • Pull it on your right shoulder from the back side.
  • Pin it on your shoulder and let it hand in the front on the right side.

The Bracelet Drape

  • It looks a lot like the classic drape.
  • Start with one end of the lehenga dupatta/saree and pin it on the right shoulder, leave the longer part behind.
  • Make a single pleat of the longer part and pull it on the left side.
  • Now, wrap it around the waist as a bracelet and pin it.

The Hanging U Drape

If you like to show off your back then you can use the U drape
  • Start with pleating one end of the dupatta and pin it on your left shoulder, leave the longer part behind.
  • Now, take the front half of it and pin it to the right side of the waist.
  • Take the end of the longer part and pleat it neatly.
  • Pin it on the right at the waist to make a U shaped fall at the back, it should hang below your hip.

Border Lehenga Saree

  • Start with making pleats with your dupatta so that the border shows up in the end.
  • Pin the pleats.
  • Now wear the drape on your left shoulder and tuck the back end inside your lehenga.

Here are a few of YouTube video links that will show you how to drape your saree as a lehenga.

  • 1. https://youtu.be/lbaMocipfTk
  • 2. https://youtu.be/xp0fG3t616A
  • 3. https://youtu.be/NM0_XEhkTNw

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Wearing Lehenga Saree

We all love to wear lehengas in different events but at times we are not able to achieve the best effect. Here are some common mistakes we make which if avoided will give our lehenga a perfect finish.

  • Don't tie the lehenga too tight, you won't be able to more freely and after eating it will dig in to your waist.
  • Don't tie it too loose or you will have to keep adjusting it during the event.
  • There are high waist lehengas but make sure you don't tie them right below your bust. It looks odd and is very uncomfortable.
  • It is ok to show off your waist line but it you tie it too low it will make you look weird. Wear it along the line of your belly button.
  • Always wear your heels before you tie your lehenga this way you will know the exact length of the lehenga. You don't want to keep stepping on it. Your lehenga should only glaze not sweep the floor.
  • Always pin your dupatta securely to your blouse and even with your lehenga to keep it where you want it.
  • Make sure you have a hook and eye bra loop inside your blouse to prevent your bra peeping from your blouse.
  • Always use a nada instead of elastic to hold your lehenga on your waist. You can use elastic if the lehenga is lightweight. You wouldn't want your lehenga to slide down during a dance number.
  • Wear deep neck blouse only if you are comfortable with it or you will end up covering yourself throughout the event.
  • If you are wearing a heavy embroidered lehenga go for light jewellery unless you are the bride. Pick jewellery which matches the embroidery of the skirt.
  • If you are going with a heavy blouse then use a plain dupatta to show it off. Tie your hair so that it does not cover up the pretty blouse. If you want to keep your locks open then go for a blouse with embroidery on the shoulders.
  • showing some skin is ok but if choose which part of the body you want to show off and keep the rest covered to look elegant. Keep it balanced.
  • Wear the right footwear. If you are tall you can wear flats and go for heels or wedges if you are short. Your lehenga should cover your shoes slightly not completely.
  • If you like tassels put them on your lehenga instead of having it on your dupatta. They should not be too long or heavy and should complement your lehenga.
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Wear a Smile

The choice of accessories varies depending on the style you opt for. The most important accessory we guarantee you will not find in any shop, which actually should have been the first thing on our must-have lehenga choli accessories list – but, you’ll agree when we say a surprise element is always worth the last minute. A beautiful smile is the most important accessory for a female. So, make sure you have the biggest and brightest smile beaming through your attire.