Is it Possible to Make Your Kitchen Smart? Yes, Checkout These Tips to Make Your Smart Home Kitchen 2020.

Is it Possible to Make Your Kitchen Smart? Yes, Checkout These Tips to Make Your Smart Home Kitchen 2020.

Everything is turning to smart, smart T.V, smart watch and so on. But, the latest advancement in this field is the smart kitchens. They are efficient and sustainable. This article discusses on various gadgets to make your home kitchen smart.

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What is a Smart Kitchen?

A smart kitchen is a pinnacle of pioneering design. It is equipped with gadgets that automate tasks normally performed by humans. One can operate these appliances using voice commands, applications of artificial intelligence. The main purpose of a smart kitchen is to be efficient and sustainable. The combination of innovative design, electronics and AI are behind the success of these smart devices.

If you want to create a functional kitchen space at home then include the innovative smart appliances mentioned here to make your life run smoothly.

Benefits of a Smart Kitchen

Increased Energy Efficiency

Although smart kitchen appliances are expensive when compared to traditional gadgets, there is no doubt that it will ultimately pay off. These appliances can be easily monitored from a phone, which will keep you informed that everything is functioning properly. For example, smart dishwashers can clean quickly with little water while the transparent doors of the refrigerators will reduce the frequency to open and close it. These functions will minimize energy cost.

Cooking Made Easy

With smart ovens, microwaves and fridge, things are less labour intensive. For example, smart ovens are programmed to monitor how well the food is cooked and shifts to warming mode automatically once done. There is no need to monitor the device step by step until the food is done. Things can be managed with your smartphone.

WiFi Enabled Devices

Connectivity is what makes smart devices so convenient. Kitchen devices are being connected that enables easy communication with a smartphone. You can monitor these appliances even from afar, and they are always accessible.

Get the Smart Home Kitchen of Your Dreams! Top Gadgets to Consider

Smart Wifi Instant Pot


Smart Wifi Instant Pot is the best smart pressure cooker in the market currently. It is stainless steel and weighs about 5.5 kg. It is a much-needed appliance in a kitchen, especially if it compact. It has a sleek design and does everything an instant pot does like pressure cooking, steamer, rice cooker, slow cooker, cake maker, yoghurt maker and warmer. Along with all these standard features, the technological advancement here lets the user connect it to an app through Wi-Fi connection.

It also pairs with Alexa to make the task easier for the user. It allows the user to set temperature, time and pressure through an app. It is easy to use, and once the pot lid is closed, the timer starts and notifies the user about the cooking status once it is done irrespective of the proximity between the pot and the user’s phone. The price of this Smart Electric Pressure Cooker in India is approximately Rs. 28,000 and is available on

Smart WiFi Air Fryer

Cosori Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer is definitely unique and has about 11 different cooking modes. It pairs with an app, which allows the user to choose from 100 different recipes to cook. It also pairs with Alexa and Google Assistant, which helps the user control without having to even touch a button. This takes cooking to a new level of convenience.
The design of the product provides better viewing and the compact design is perfect for small kitchen spaces. It has many one-touch pre-sets such as Bacon, frozen foods, poultry, seafood, shrimp, steak, root vegetables, vegetables, French fries, desserts, breads and a preheat option. It has automatic shut off and overheat protection features, which provides a safe and secure environment for the user. The price of this Smart Air Fryer is Rs. 10,776 and you can buy this from

Nescafe E Smart Coffee Maker and Travel Mug


E Smart Coffee Maker by Nescafe is definitely first of its kind. It is smart and can be paired with an app through which to select the controls for hot and cold coffee. They have introduced a Mug App, which is connected through bluetooth to the coffee maker to provide the user a much better personalized experience.
The mug is completely leak and spill proof, which makes it perfect on the go coffee. This coffee maker has both heating and frothing features and a variety of coffee recipes to choose from. It takes only about a minute and a half to prepare the coffee and produces no sound. The mug capacity is 210 ml and has thermal insulation to keep the coffee hot or cold as per preference. It also comes with one-year warranty. Available on, the cost of this Coffee Maker and Travel Mug is Rs. 5,524.

NutriBullet Balance, Bluetooth Enabled Smart Blender

NutriBullet Balance Blender is the perfect addition to a kitchen of health-conscious individuals. This blender not only helps the user set control through an app, but also supports a healthier lifestyle. There is a built-in smart nutrition sensor that calculates the nutritional value of the recipes and keeps track of the nutritional value of the ingredients. This in turn helps in customization of the grocery list as per the user.
This comes as a set of 1200 watt power base, smart nutrition sensor, 2 flip-top to-go lids, 2 colossal cups, 2 lip rings, extractor blade, user guide and manual. It also contains a plan for optimum wellness. The app in correspondence to the product contain hundreds of healthy recipes. This product also includes one-year warranty. The product is available on

Smart Meat Thermometer


Smart Meat Thermometer has definitely made the job easy when it comes to cooking recipes like thanksgiving turkey. The app and the thermometer help to keep track of the temperature of the meat deep within to understand if it’s cooked through. It has a range of 200 feet so even if the user is held up with other tasks, it notifies when the meat reaches a set temperature.

There is also an LCD display on the thermometer, which shows the temperature. It is safe to leave this product inside the oven throughout the cooking process. It weighs only about 200 grams and easy to use. Available on, the price of Smart Meat Thermometer approximately Rs. 16,000.

Wireless Kitchen Robot Auto Stirrer Blender

Wireless Kitchen Robot Auto Stirrer is a cook’s best friend. This stirrer enables to stir or blend anything the recipe requires. This is sure to give rest to the arm and allows the user to even step away. There is a timer option as well so that the device shuts off or stops stirring when the time is up.

The user meanwhile could use that time to prepare other things while cooking or perform some other task. It is suitable for making sauce, gravy or whipped cream, etc. It is wireless and safe to use even when the mixture is hot or on top of a stove. Available on, the price of this product is Rs. 1,691.

Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser


This touchless automatic soap dispenser is sure to bring a new spark to the kitchen. It totally stops the need to ever touch the soap dispenser. All the user has to do is place the hand under the sensor and the device dispenses the soap automatically as it contains infrared motion sensor. It has a sleek design, which is a good addition to home décor as well.

Due to its compact design, it perfectly fits the space near the sink. This does not need an active internet connection. It is suitable for all sorts of liquid from hand wash to body lotion. The sensor range is usually between 3cm to 5cm. It is waterproof and easy to use. The Touchless Soap Dispenser is available on for Rs. 1,649.

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker

Anova Precision Cooker has revolutionized cooking methods with its hands-free cooking technology. The precision cooking that this device offers allows the user to cook restaurant-quality meal anywhere with a Wi-Fi connectivity. It avoids the instances of dry edges and rare centres completely. The dish turns out perfectly as all the juices and flavours are packed in with room no escape. It has a temperature range of 0 to 92 degrees Celsius.

The cooker is easy to clean and maintain as it is dishwasher friendly and detachable. The user is allowed to set controls by downloading the Anova app on the smartphone through Google play or the app store. It is easy to use as it is attachable to any pot and the cooking starts at a touch of the button. Available on, the price of this product is Rs. 18,467.

Automatic Touchless Motion Sensor Trash Can


Automatic Touchless motion sensor trash can is yet another great innovation that uses sensor technology where the lid of the trash can open when a hand is placed against the sensor. There is a good reason why people don’t like to touch trash cans, the main reason being the bacteria present in and on them.

This product works on eliminating the need to touch a trash can and also has the feature of locking in the odour and stop cross-contamination. It is battery run and requires 3 C size batteries/ 2 D size batteries. It is constructed with stainless steel and is also water-resistant. It contains an anti-skid base and the user may use standard fitted trash bags. The Motion Sensor Touchless Trash Can is available on for Rs. 19,000.

Smart Water Purifier


Smart Water Purifier is a device with RO purification accuracy to ensure the water is free of health hazardous compounds. The device also contains five-stage of purification and has smart app connectivity where the user connects the water purifier with Mi home app. This app enables the user to track the quality of the water, filter life, real-time TDS and the status of the UV sterilization process.

This purifier requires a change in a filter depending on the usage however this is easily doable at home with the help of the manual. The purifier also ensures the killing of microbes and prevents waterborne illness through its UV sterilization feature. The filter is long-lasting with a life of up to 12 months, although this duration entirely depends on the usage. The Smart Purifier is available on for about Rs. 10,000.

Smart Refrigerator

You are out on grocery shopping, but don’t remember what’s in your fridge? Not a problem if you have a smart refrigerator, as you can use your smartphone to get a glimpse of things in your fridge. You can control various features of the refrigerator even if you are away!

The LG Door-in-Door refrigerator has a cool design which is sure to add up to the kitchen décor. It has a capacity of 668 litres and allows the user to control the refrigerator using a smartphone through an app even while being away from home as long as the refrigerator is connected to Wi-Fi. The user may express freeze, control temperature and diagnose with just a touch on the smartphone.

It contains four baskets, LED lamps, a child lock feature and tempered glass shelves. The smart diagnosis option available on the app is the best way to troubleshoot issues in the initial stages of use before they grow to become serious issues. It has multi-air flow cooling technology, multiple digital sensors, mirrored glass panel and water and ice dispenser. It allows the user to easily access their favourites through a transparent window on InstaView Door-in-Door. The price of the LG Refrigerator is approximately Rs. 1,49,990 and is available on

Smart Chimney

No one likes to cook in a kitchen that has no means for the smoke to escape. The smart chimney is making waves in the world of smart appliances. This impressive kitchen appliance is packed with various features and is perfect for a modern kitchen.

The Hindware Optimus Auto Clean chimney is everything a kitchen needs to provide a good environment to cook in. It comes with Max Silence Technology, which ensures the noise produced by the chimney is very less. It also has Thermal Autoclean Technology which ensures the cleanliness inside the chimney. This provides an enhanced cooking experience for the user. This smart chimney is connected to a smartphone and the user may operate this from anywhere with internet connectivity.

The smartphone app also alerts the user about the status of cleanliness for regular cleaning. It has a motion sensor, max suction, display of real-time clock, auto shut off option, dual-LED strip and filter less technology. Available on, the price of this Hindware Auto Clean Chimney is Rs. 22,490.

Tips for Buying the Right Appliances for Your Kitchen

Buying kitchen gadgets can often be overwhelming, especially if you are investing on smart devices. There is an array of choices available these days and the evolving technology has made it possible to add new features making them quite high-tech. Hence, decision-making is often difficult. Here are few tips that will come handy if you are planning to shop for kitchen appliances.

  • Find Reliable Brands – Do some research to find the best brand for a particular product in the market. You can read online reviews or check with your family and friends to know the products that you must avoid or must-have.
  • Choose Wisely – Smart devices doesn’t mean that they are easy to use. You can get tempted to buy high-tech smart gadgets for your kitchen. However, buy these smart devices only if you are comfortable using such high-tech devices. Moreover, if these items break, the local professional is not trained to repair these cutting-edge appliances.
  • Avoid Impulse Buy – Great design, new innovative features and a big sale is quite tempting. However, think what your home needs, how and who will use these appliances before shopping.
  • Set a Budget – Today, there are a range of kitchen appliances available in every price range, brand, and advanced features. So, decide a budget before you shop for these gadgets, which will help you narrow down the choices.
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Get Everything At Your Fingertips in Your Smart Home Kitchen 2020

Smart homes are the future and smart kitchens are just one step, towards that future. You don’t have to tear down walls or take out a second mortgage to build a smart kitchen. Your smart kitchen dream can start with small appliances and devices. Best of all, you can make smart updates that won’t break the bank. So, try one of the above-mentioned gadgets and take that step your step to the next level. You can thank us later!