There Are So Many Options Available to Your Regular, "Plain" White: Best White Formal Shirts for Both Men & Women (2020)

There Are So Many Options Available to Your Regular, "Plain" White: Best White Formal Shirts for Both Men & Women (2020)

For working men and women, some good white shirts take a special space in their wardrobe. But choosing from various types and designs takes a lot of effort as most whites to look the same. Here are some affordable and trendiest selection of whites to make that work easier for you.

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Choosing the Right Formal Shirt for Your Office

The professional world needs special attention to how you carry yourself, whether during a presentation or an office party or even regular workdays. Understanding the difference between formal and casual wear is the foremost thing. Choosing the right things before buying an official shirt can help you build up your professional garments' wardrobe. Formal shirts are often referred to as the 'tuxedo shirt' as it comes in a long-sleeve, collar, and front buttons down the shirt's entire length. In men's wear, it is often called the dressiest shirt.

  • Choosing the right size: If you are buying online, then make sure to choose the right size for yourself. It would be best if you took the correct measurement at home before you buy a brand. All the brands have some specific measurement criteria, so one should go according to the particular brand suggestion. To get your perfect measurement, you will need to follow some simple guidelines. Take a cotton tape and measure your neck circumference where the collar will usually sit, try to keep a one-inch gap so that the shirt should not snug to your throat. While standing, measure our arm and across the shoulder. Measure your waist where the waistband stays. The measurement of waist size and collar is mostly given in the shirt's details, yet check it before you buy it.

  • Choosing the right colour & pattern: Solid or conventional colours like white or pale blue are best for a formal day like job interviews or first few weeks in your office. Once you are established in your role at your job, you can experiment with subtle stripes and tasteful checks. Stay away from anything overpowering in your formal shirt, which can make you look too bold. You can certainly go for a more versatile colour for an official shirt for formal evening parties, which will look great with a grey or black suit. Just remember a classic clean formal shirt must have that crisp, clean line on it.

  • Choosing the right fabric: You can choose the right fabric for yourself by focussing on the ply and thread count, which means the weight of the yarn if you are looking for a two-ply or two-fold material, which means that each thread is made from two strands of cotton bound together and it is made from more beautiful yarn. If the thread count is higher, suppose 120s two-ply shirt is made from 60s strand, the two-ply shirt is of much better quality. Choosing the right fabric is also needed according to the purpose of the shirt. A hot and humid climate needs to choose pure cotton or linen shirts, and if you are going for a formal party, then along with linen, you can go for semi-cotton shirts too.

  • Finding your fit: Always check the body fit of the shirt. A slim fit shirt will be close to the body, suitable for a lean man, and a regular fit is preferred for average body shape. A formal shirt should make you feel pleasant and relaxed when you look at yourself because you will carry it for the whole day. So finding the right fit is always needed. This will make you focus more on your work and give a confident look to your personality.

Best White Formal Shirts: For Men

Pure Linen Shirt for Men

Linen is a solid and absorbent textile made from the flax plant, and it dries faster than cotton. Because of these specific characteristics, linen is used in hot and humid weather as a garment choice. Linen is a luxurious textile relatively produced in small quantities. Due to its higher conductivity, linen feels cool to touch.

It is a smooth fabric that makes the cloth lint-free and gets softer the more it's washed. Linen should not be dried too much in a tumble-dried machine, and it is easier to iron when it's slightly damp. The wrinkle is a charm for linen shirts, and the modern linens are not often needed to iron. has some beautiful collections of men's linen shirts, which are called 'Medrine 2 linen shirts' in pure white colour. It comes in different sizes like S, M, L, XL, XXL, and its price range is Rs. 3,499. It is a slim fit collection yarn dried chambray with a spread collar and naturally breathable fabric. It is modern workwear which will look best as formal wear with matching pants as well as a pair of jeans on the weekends.

White Formal Shirt for Men to Wear at Dinner

If you have a great, well-maintained physique or are naturally blessed with a slimmer body, a slim-fit white formal shirt will perfectly enhance your body. It offers a flattering fit design tapering towards the waist. They also fit slightly differently around arms and chest, and it varies to different brands. The main reason to wear a slim fit shirt is its fit. If you want to avoid the bagginess, then go for a slim shirt option during the professional dinner parties. is a popular name when it comes to buying shirts online. It has stylish and top quality products which you can consider for your formal wear.

The slim-fit pure cotton dinner shirt in white comes at the price of Rs. 2,999 and seven UK sizes. You will also get a size chart to review their size guide if you are not comfortable with the UK measurement technique. It possesses quintessential formal features such as wing collar and double cuffs for a traditional bow tie along with a modern cut. It is easy to iron fabric and has pleated details on the chest for a finished, polished look. It is button fastening with long sleeves and comes with the cufflinks, as shown in the picture. It is machine washable at 30 degrees and made from 100% cotton.

Simple Formal Shirt for Men


Honestly, no man can ever have enough white shirts in his wardrobe as it is like a white canvas that can be used to create any look. A crisp white shirt with a tuxedo or business suit can be the most appropriate attire for any formal cause. A simple formal white shirt is a vital piece of clothing that is absolutely irreplaceable. It is a safe toned colour that can be paired with anything and worn anywhere. Myntra has an exclusive formal white shirt from H&M men's original product. It is priced as Rs. 1,299, and it is a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. It has a long sleeve and spread collar with a slim fit and solid pattern. It has a curved hemline and a buttoned pocket, and is regular formal wear, which can be comfortably paired with any kind of bottoms.

Short-Sleeve Formal Shirt for Men


Short sleeve white shirts look excellent along with black or grey half jackets and formal pants. This gives a classy and stylish look, which is enough to give you the needed confidence. Short sleeve shirts in white also look great as custom fit with formal pants for regular use. AJIO has a formal cotton white shirt at Rs. 899 in different sizes - 38,40,42,44,46,36 and 39. The design is tailored for a comfort-fit, and the length is 96.5 cms. It is an extraordinary collection of formal white shirts from Peter England for professional use.

Best White Formal Shirts: For Women

White Solid Placket Shirt For Women

The term placket in a shirt generally means the part of the shirt where the buttonholes are placed. Plackets are mostly made with a double layer of fabric and are mostly found in dress shirts. It gives a clean and elegant look to the shirt. Allen Solly has a placket shirt for women in the pure white shade at Rs. 959 in sizes X, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. It has a collar neckline with a three-fourth sleeve length, and the fabric is a cotton blend. It is machine washable and looks extremely comfortable. Available for purchase on

Three-quarter Sleeve Shirt for Women


A semi-formal women's shirt is well-accepted beside the totally formal shirt for men at the office. As women can wear formal pants as well as skirts, so there are a lot of options to experiment with shirts. A white shirt doesn't shout for having a tie or bow to wear with it regarding women's office wear. Neither it needs to be presented with cufflinks.

It can be with or without a collar and short or medium sleeves. Myntra has this beautiful woman wear a white shirt that has a stand collar and front button system. The price for this item is Rs. 449, and it comes in various sizes S, M, and L. It has buttoned hem and full-buttoned chest placket. It also has curved back hem and yoke at the back. It looks cool and sophisticated when paired with a pencil skirt and heels for a formal ensemble.

Full-sleeved Women's Shirt

Pantaloons has some of the best formal white shirts for women, which can be easily used for any office days as well as office parties. They are of good quality, reasonably priced, and comfortable to wear. The full-sleeved women's shirt by them has the front button, regular fit, and v-neck with a collar. Its price is Rs. 540 after discount, and it comes in sizes - XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. It also comes in various colours other than white.

Estonished White Shirt for Women


Do you crave to wear something comfortable, formal, as well as a stylish white shirt to look and feel amazing? Then visit for this chic looking shirt for women at Rs. 599. This shirt can be used without tugging it in your pants, and you can also make it half sleeve from full easily by folding and attaching it in a button given in the arms. This shirt has a great fitting, and it can be paired with formal pants or a pair of jeans anytime.

Tips to Maintain Your White Formal Shirt

White is the most soothing and appropriate colour for professional people. The colour looks perfect with any pair of dresses, but it takes a lot of effort to maintain the whiteness. Here are some tips to keep your favorite white shirt brand new for a long time:

  • Wash and keep separate: The first thing to keep your whites perfect is to clean them after one or two uses. Keep them separate before cleaning and load only proper white items together or single. Use a smaller load of only white items to avoid bleeding from other semi-colour garments and getting mixed with white shirts.

  • Choose right detergent: Use mild hot water if your whites are more dull looking or thick fabric. For linens, normal water is preferred. Take light bleach and mild detergent to clean the whites. It's better if they are not tumble dried as the crease looks more prominent over white clothes if they are not properly ironed.

  • Keep your washing machine clean: When we wash everything in one washing machine, the dirt and residues stay inside. Before putting white garments, it is recommended to follow a simple tip to clean the inside of the washing machine with plain water and then put fresh water for washing whites. This will help the whites not to catch any other colour or dirt.
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Do Justice to Your Formal White Shirt When You Wear it!

If you are wearing a formal shirt, you should always wear a clean white shirt as whites have a tendency to have yellowish tint very often. You can use a black sleek looking belt to give that polished look. If you are arousing a suit, then try to wear a tie always which you can carry with the shirt. Most formal shirts are meant to be used with a tie, so if you decide to go without one, then make sure the collar stands out for attention with a formal look. Try cufflinks to give extra formal and stylish labels to your attire. Buy a semi-casual shirt with a robust collar if you want to wear it with blazers or a sports jacket.