Can't Find the Right Sunglasses for Oval Faces? Here are 8 Perfect Options for Both, Men & Women (2020)

Can't Find the Right Sunglasses for Oval Faces? Here are 8 Perfect Options for Both, Men & Women (2020)

Do you happen to have an oval face? Or have you been looking for the perfect sunglasses for your beloved who has a rounded or oval-shaped face? Here, you've found just the right place! In this post, we bring you 8 cool sunglasses for oval faces, with some tips you must consider before buying sunglasses next time.

Types of Sunglasses You Need to Know about If Your Love Your Shades

Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators were first created by Bausch & Lomb and constitute oval-shaped lenses that are narrower near the bridge of the person's nose with a top bar just on the browline. Because of their shape, they aviator sunglasses are an excellent choice for people with an oval face as these people have balanced proportions between their forehead and the jawline.

Most of the aviators nowadays have either smoke or reflective lenses along with metal frames for added style. In addition to all that, the large teardrop lenses of these shades were made this way to allow the complete blockage of sunlight from all sides, making them perfect for people that spend most of their time right under the sun.

Sunglasses with Square Frames

Square sunglasses are a great choice for people with oval faced shape. These sunglasses are a lot like the retro square shape, and, therefore, can sometimes feel like rectangular shades. Besides, these glasses are equal at all edges, and because these come in various styles, ranging from trendy and colourful to sporty, these sunglasses are among the most versatile ones.

When buying square shades, you will need to keep a few things in mind. For instance, you should know that the ones with some particular features like gradient, mirrored, polarized, night vision, or UV protection are the best. Also, the frames of these sunglasses look good if made with stainless steel, wood, metal, alloy, acetate, or titanium.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

They were first manufactured in 1956, and, over time, they lost their fame before coming back now, in the 21st century. However, their shape has changed a bit now, and they have a shape like that of square glasses just with a curve on the lower part.

These have become very fashionable, and the printed wayfarers especially are suitable for oval-faced people. These are readily available at a lower price than most other styles, and, like most other styles, these also come in many materials with the most famous lens materials being glass, mineral glass, TAC Resin, acrylic, and fiber. Many of these glasses also have lens features like gradient, polarized, mirrored, riding glasses, and night vision, etc., for a better experience.

Best Sunglasses for Men with an Oval Face

Square Sunglasses by Ted Baker


As mentioned earlier, square sunglasses are great for oval face shapes, and these shades by Ted Baker are among the best square sunglasses you can buy online. The glasses feature a sleek temple that fit perfectly and also has nose pads for increased comfort. Also, these are made up of top-quality material, and the frame has a silver colour with brown lenses.

For extra protection against the sun, these glasses have UV-protected lenses. Furthermore, these shades have a one-year warranty with an eye width of 56 mm, a nose bridge of 15 mm, arm length of 140 mm, and frame width of 127 mm. You can get them from Myntra for Rs. 9,499.

Elegante Branded Brow Bar Round Inspired from Allu Arjun Sunglass for Men


Elegante is an Indian brand that manufactures not only high-quality items but also makes sure that its products are in trend right now and are fashionable as well. These particular sunglasses are an excellent show of their expertise and astounding designers. The Elegante Branded Brow Bar Round Inspired From Allu Arjun Sunglass for Men is perfect for both men, as well as boys, and has been specially made for people oval face shapes.

The shades are also available in two colours. In one of them, the frame is of golden colour with black lenses, and, in the other, the frame is of golden colour with brown lenses. Also, in both of them, the lenses' width is 55 mm, and the sunglasses have a single size perfect for everyone. You can bur them from Amazon for only Rs. 2,499.

Men Brown Aviator Sunglasses 13175-F by Ferrari


The Men Brown Aviator Sunglasses 13175-F By Ferrari are again a great choice if you have an oval face. These particular glasses have a brown lens colour, and these are also UV protected, so you will not have to worry about hurting your eyes when going out in the sun.

Furthermore, the frame is made up of hard plastic and has a full rim style. The aviator sunglasses come in a Ferrari cover, and, for the best use, the dust and grime from the stylish glasses should be removed gently by wiping the lens with a soft cotton cloth, or you risk getting them scratched. These marvelous sunglasses are available on Myntra for Rs. 35,200.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Polarized

Ray-Ban is not only one of the most famous brands for glasses in India but all over the world. These particular Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Polarized glasses are great for both men as well as women with the oval face shape and were launched in the year 2007. These shades have a gold frame with green lenses, and the frame is aviator-shaped.

However, if you do not like this colour combination, another colour for the same glasses is also available that has a crystal green lens and a black frame. Furthermore, both the frame of both the shades is made up of metal, and the frame style is a full rim. Not to forget, the lenses are made up of high-quality glass. You can buy them from Smart Buy Glasses for Rs. 21,191.

Best Sunglasses for Women with an Oval Face

Unisex Square Sunglasses by Ducati


Ducati is an International brand know mainly for its motorsports accessories but also excels in various other fields. For instance, they create amazing sunglasses, and these particular ones are a fine example of their expertise. These shades have brown lenses that feature UV protection, making them perfect for people worried about their eyes getting hurt by the rays of the sun.

They come with a full rim frame style, which is made up of acetate material. These are great for people with the oval face shape, and a Ducati cover comes in the package along with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. They also have a soft pouch cover and should be gently wiped with a soft clean cloth. You can Buy them from Myntra for Rs. 21,499.

Boucheron BC0030S 003

In case you want extremely lightweight as well as attractive sunglasses, the Boucheron BC0030S 003 shades are the perfect choice for you. Boucheron has been among the finest manufacturers of shades all over the world for a long time now, and this particular piece is among the best ones it has ever created.

These sunglasses are especially for women with oval face shapes and were manufactured in the year 2019. Also, they have a gold frame that is made with metal and have a pilot glasses shape along with a full rim style. In addition to all that, the silver lenses of these shades are made with CR39 which is one of the lightest and most scratch-resistant materials for lense in the whole Indian market, and also allows more choices for tint and coating. These come in the luxury section and will cost you Rs. 106,709 on Smart Buy Glasses.

Carrera Polarized Aviator Unisex Sunglasses


If you want great sunglasses from a trustable brand that will adequately protect your eyes from the rays of the sun, these are a fine choice for you. They have a black frame with a black temple made of metal, and they are good for both men and women with oval face shapes. The red lenses of the glasses are made of polycarbonate, one of the most durable materials in the market. The lenses have a width of 63 mm, a nose-bridges of 14 mm, and the temple length of 135 mm.

Furthermore, a one-year warranty is in the package, and the lenses are also UV protected. The frame has a full rim style with an aviator shape, and these are best for casual events and will also last for a long time without getting damaged much. You can get them from Amazon for Rs. 8,800.

Aviator Sunglasses by Calvin Klein Jeans


Calvin Klein is another reliable brand that has just become more and more popular. These particular shades are a fantastic choice if you have an oval face shape and want glasses that go well with both the casual as well as the formal outfits. They have a lens width of 59 mm, a bridge length of 14 mm, and a temple length of about 140 mm.

These Aviator Sunglasses By Calvin Klein Jeans have a lens colour of brown and a “full rim” style of the frame. In addition to all that, the lenses feature a hundred percent UV protection to ensure that the rays of the sun don't hurt your eyes, and they also have a gold-toned frame. Other than that, these amazing shades also have a six-month warranty and a hard case that is included in the package. These are available at Myntra for Rs. 10,900.

Things to Consider When Buying Sunglasses

Lens Tint and Your Face Shape

The very first thing to consider when buying new glasses for yourself is the lens tint and your face shape. So, first, you should determine your face shape and check if you have a round face, an oval one, a heart-shaped face, a square face, a diamond face, or a rectangular one. Once you have checked this, it will be easier for you to choose the perfect sunglasses for yourself. This way, you can use the shape of these sunglasses to hide some of your features or make them more prominent.

Next, you need to check the lens tint. Meaning, you will have to see if the lenses have any particular features for some purposes. For instance, the glasses with yellow-coloured lenses are best for skiing purposes as they will help you to hide the 'flat light'. And, you can check the various filters the lenses of the glasses have and find the best-suited one for you.

Size and Colour

One of the most important things to consider when buying sunglasses is their colour and size. This is vital because if you buy glasses that are too big or too small for you, they will make you look a little childish, funny, and somewhat unorganized.

Other than size, the colour is also important as it can also make or break your look. If you buy too bright-coloured or shiny glasses, they may also create a funny and somewhat dumb look that you do not want. So, opt for the dark-coloured sunglasses, or, if you go for the bright-coloured ones, choose them carefully.

Durability and Cost

This is also very important because you do not want your glasses to break apart the next day you buy them. So, you should check the material used to make the glasses and buy the one made with only the hardiest material like a strong plastic or a top-quality metal.

Other than that, you should also make a budget, mentioning the rage of money you are willing to spend on the sunglasses, both the least amount that you want to spend and the most that you can.

Most Important Tip: Consider UV Protection and the Quality of the Material Used to Make Them

This may not seem important to you, but, in actuality, it is one of the most important factors. You do not want your eyes to be damaged because you didn't spend enough time figuring out if the glasses provided enough UV protection. For this reason, you should ponder over your purpose and decide accordingly if you require glasses that provide the best protection or if even the average ones will work.

The same goes for the quality of the sunglasses, including the quality of the glass used to make lenses as well as the rest of the body. Now, there are many different types of glasses used to make glasses, and you don't necessarily have to buy the most expensive ones, the average ones are also fine. The body of the glasses also needs to be of the top-quality; if it constitutes of plastic, it should not hurt your skin, and if it's made of metal, it should be a little flexible.

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