Worried about Over-Dressing at Work (2020)? We Have the Best Styling Tips to Dress Casually at Work with Complete Perfection and Casual Office Wear to Slay at Office!

Worried about Over-Dressing at Work (2020)? We Have the Best Styling Tips to Dress Casually at Work with Complete Perfection and Casual Office Wear to Slay at Office!

Perfect, dressing matters a lot when it comes to your professional attire. Your dressing greatly reflects your professionalism at your workplace. It can take years to learn to combine the perfect top and bottom. don't worry! We can teach you this art in one go with this article which contains tips regarding the perfect colour combination and correct pattern selection. You might also want to check out some great casual wear options available online, which will suit you perfectly!  

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What are Some of the Classic Office Wear Combinations?

Opt for Pastel Shades

Pastel shades look really nice when it comes to casual office wear. You can go for shades like pink, blue and beige. Pair two pastel clothing together, as it will give a formal look. If you are looking for casual office wear, then consider different texture of fabrics while pairing two pastel coloured pieces, so that it adds some variation.

It is a good idea to wear pastel coloured dresses to office as well. They look sophisticated and classy. You can go for high necks and long sleeves. Opt for cotton and satin fabrics while choosing office wear. You can also pair solid coloured pastel shirts with denims. It is a classic combination and it will look great for a casual day at office. If your office does not allow jeans, then go for palazzo pants or straight pants. However, keep it minimal and you will be fine.

Black And White Always Works

Black with white is a standard corporate combination. It just clearly emits a business vibe and thus, it will work for you anytime at office. You should opt for this combination if you are giving a presentation or conducting a meeting with an important client.

The combination is so classic that it works for both men and women. Pant suits work great with this combination. However, if you are looking for something more casual, then you must go for dresses. They look chic yet casual. Also, the colour combination speaks for itself and thus, you do not have to try and look serious for your work.

Apart from that, you can rock this combination with ethnic wear as well. There are a lot of kurtis that you get with this combination. Pair a short kurti with your jeans to the office for a casual work day. A complete salwar suit will also look great in black and white, as well.

Choose Baggy Pants with Shirts

Offices are the best place to wear shirts. The structure of the pattern makes you look serious for business. However, if you are looking to wear shirts on a casual office day, then opt for ones with prints. Do not go for solid coloured shirts that you wear everyday at the office.

You can play with the prints of your shirts. Go for floral and abstract designs instead of going for geometric prints. Also, choose bright colours, as they look great on a casual office day. You can even go for georgette shirts instead of cotton shirts.

Choose to pair them with baggy pants. They will be comfortable yet stylish. The shirt will give a formal look while the baggy pants will give a casual yet, playful look. It is a good idea to experiment with different combinations when looking for casual office wear. However, check the guidelines of your office for a casual day too. Some offices do not tolerate certain clothing on casual day, as well.

Wearing Bright Colours for Office Can Reduce Work Stress

A lot of research suggests that colours can have a huge impact on an individual's overall mood. Different colours can impact your emotions. Hence, it is important to wear certain colours at work to feel good and be in the right frame of mind for work.

Blue is one such colour that represents tranquility and evokes calming emotions. The association is with blue skies and sea, which always gives a calming effect. Every woman should have blue pastels to deeper tones in their wardrobe. Also, if you want to give out the professional vibe, then mix blue with black.

Another bright colour that can help you is green. It symbolises growth, nature and lush greenery. It can help you boost your creativity and help you feel more relaxed at work. Wear darker tones of green with earthy tones like beige, brown and white. They make a good work wear combination.

When going for casual office wear, opt for pink. It is a colour associated with femininity and love. However, the colour is super fun and it will invoke serenity and peace in you. You can always opt for a shirt or a pant suit in this colour. The authoritative patterns will create a contrast with this feminine shade, which will look fabulous. These were some of the colours that can help you reduce stress at the work space.

10 Casual Office Wear Clothes to Buy for Work

Ajio Longline Jacket with Tasselled Sleeve Hems

Source www.ajio.com

Jackets look great with dresses, pants and even skirts. They look great in office environments as they emit a confident and authoritative vibe. If you are looking for something similar, then opt for this AJIO Longline Jacket with Tasselled Sleeve Hems from ajio.com.

It is available in colours like grey and pink. It is made out of cambric cotton and comes with insert pockets. It has quarter sleeves with defined shoulders. The sleeves and shoulders both contain pleats to give a trendy look. The hem of the sleeves contain tassels of contrasting colour.

The jacket also has a lapel, which makes it look really chic. It is a long jacket as it goes down till the knees, based on your height. You can wash this one in the machine with cold water. Wear this with jeans and white colour top for a casual office wear look. It is priced for Rs.630.

Purys Women Beige & Pink Semi-Transparent Floral Printed Shirt

Floral shirts are the best option for casual office wear look. If you do not have one, then get Purys Women Beige & Pink Semi-Transparent Floral Printed Shirt from myntra.com. You can pair this one with a pencil skirt and formal pants both.

It is a woven semi-transparent shirt and is of beige colour. It has pink big floral motifs all over. It has long sleeves with cuffs, which gives a clean and finished look. It also comes with a full button pocket in the front and gathers in the back of the yoke.

It is made out of polyester and is a regular fit. You can easily wash it in the machine without any hassles. If you are looking for a casual office wear look, then wear this shirt with denim pants or white coloured pants. It is priced for Rs.629.

Melange Solid Cropped Ethnic Pants

MELANGE Solid Cropped Ethnic Pants from lifestylestores.com is a great choice of work-wear fashion. They are designed on a solid surface with vented details and cropped silhouettes. They are made out of viscose blend of fabric and hence, gives a shiny look.

They come in dark pink colour which will go with beige, black, white, yellow and emerald. You can pair this one with tops, tunics and even kurtis. It has a clean and finished look which gives a formal vibe. These cropped pants are perfect for casual office wear as the colour is bright and different. The closure of the pants is elasticated. You can machine wash them easily. They are priced for Rs.799.

MAYRA Striped Jumpsuit

Source www.ajio.com

If you are looking for something that is fashionable yet casual, then opt for this MAYRA Striped Jumpsuit from ajio.com. The best part about jumpsuits is that you can just add a nice jacket on them and look formal and professional. However, without the jackets, they give a playful and casual vibe.

This jumpsuit is perfect for office wear as it is printed in light tones. It is printed with long stripes with show authority and seriousness for business. The playful pastel shades of pink give a casual vibe. However, the stripes are accompanied with shades of grey, black and white. These shades again work well for the office environment.

The jumpsuit is made out of rayon fabric. It is sleeveless with a round neck. It also has a big belt of the same fabric and print on the waist which goes in horizontal stripes. This makes the complete piece look very fashionable. It is priced for Rs.798. If you are looking to pair a jacket with the jumpsuit, then go for one with black shade.

Dark Blue Embroidered Cuffs Shift Dress

Dresses are comfortable, yet fashionable. They are the perfect piece of garment to wear on a casual office day. This Dark Blue Embroidered Cuffs Shift Dress from veromoda.in just fits the casual office wear dress code.

It comes with a jewel neck and long sleeves. The cuff of the sleeves is embroidered and thus, they are the highlight of this dress. The dress also has a fabric belt on the waist, which gives the structure to the dress. The dress comes in a dark blue colour, which fits the office environment completely. However, the embroidery on the cuff is in red and yellow colour, which adds a little pop to the dress. You can pair this one with white pumps. It is priced for Rs.1,200.

White Cotton Straight Kurta

Source www.biba.in

You can even wear something ethnic to your office. It is comfortable and chic at the same time. If you are looking for something like that, then opt for this White Cotton Straight Kurta from biba.in. It is a straight kurta and is white in colour. It has chinese collar with quarter sleeves. It is made out of the finest cotton and thus, will be quite airy.

The best part about a simple white kurta is that you can style it in various ways. If you want to keep your look minimal, then just pair it with structured white pants. Although, if you are looking for casual office wear, then pair this kurta with jeans. You can add coloured pants as well. It will look great. The brand recommends washing it separately in cold water. Do not bleach at all. It is priced for Rs.1,199.

Bitterlime Women Mustard Yellow & Grey Solid Top with Culottes

Bitterlime Women Mustard Yellow & Grey Solid Top with Culottes from myntra.com is the perfect choice for casual office wear. The best part about this piece is that it is a complete set. Both the top and culottes are extremely fashionable. The top is available in yellow in colour and has ruffled layered short sleeves. The culottes have pleats and a belt on the waist. Apart from that, it's also has two big buttons, which look very fashionable.

The pants are ankle length only. They come in grey colour. The combination of yellow and grey is amazing. The yellow adds a pop to the look while the grey balances the office environment. The pants are high-waisted and so, it will be a good idea to tuck in the top. You can use both the pieces separately with different clothing as well. It is priced for Rs.899.

Rimsha Women's Wear Blue Formal Top

If you are looking for a top that can be paired with pants, jeans and palazzos, then go for this Rimsha women's wear blue formal top from shopclues.com. It is a simple top that is made out of crepe fabric. It comes in dark blue colour.

The top has a collar neckline with a flap. It has 3/4th sleeves and a button on the collar. You can pair this one with shades like beige, creme, white, black and even grey. If you are looking to add some colour, then pair it yellow palazzo pants. You can even choose to wear a scarf to add some colour. The top will look good with a pencil skirt as well. If you do not feel like dressing up, then just wear this top with simple black pants. It will look semi-formal, which will also be perfect casual office wear. It is priced for Rs.389.

Mulmul Posey Kurta

Go for this Mulmul Posey Kurta from shopmulmul.com. It comes in a soothing pink colour with floral embroidery on the front part. The embroidery motifs are medium-sized and are all over the front part of the kurta. The neckline has smaller embroidered motifs in the form of lace. This defines the neckline completely.

The sleeves and hemline have dramatic fringes, which makes it looks fashionable yet different as compared to other kurtas. It is a straight cut kurta which is made out of the best quality of the cotton fabric. It is airy and thus, it will allow your skin to breathe. The length is not that long. It can be paired with white pants or leggings. The complete look is minimalistic yet classy. Also, it fits the office decorum completely. It is priced for Rs.5,950.  

Spring Blouse Women Long-Sleeved Shirt

Casual tops always look great and can be paired with almost anything. One such top is this Spring blouses from onshopdeals.com. It comes in blue colour and is totally printed. The prints are white polka dots, which look very pleasing on the eye.

It is made out of chiffon fabric and has a pullover neck. It comes with long sleeves in a lantern style. The sleeves have defined cuffs with show buttons in white colour. The blouse is stylish and can be paired with; skirt, palazzo pants, jeans and even straight pants. You can choose between shades like white and black for the bottoms. You can wash it in the machine, too. It is priced for Rs.1,400.  

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Don't Choose a Dress with Too Much Bling!

When talking about floral prints and frill shirts, we must remember not to go overboard with these. It is important to be moderate in every aspect of your wardrobe. The last thing you might want is to be taken non-seriously at your work because of your dress. Another important point is to balance an eye-catching shirt with a neutral pant or skirt, and vice-versa. These are small tips that go a long way while styling your office wear!