Need Help with Picking Up Punjabi Lehenga for a Bridal Look(2022)? 10 Best Lehenga to Slay a Glamorous Look without Going Overboard.

Need Help with Picking Up Punjabi Lehenga for a Bridal Look(2022)? 10 Best Lehenga to Slay a Glamorous Look without Going Overboard.

When it comes to bridal lehenga, a bride always opts for the most gorgeous Punjabi bridal lehenga anyone can ever dream of. So, we decided to turn your ultimate guide and make it a lot easier for you by listing some fresh and latest punjabi lehenga for the impending wedding season. Stop everything coz' these stylish designer lehengas deserve all your attention!

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Punjabi Lehenga - Embodiment of Beauty and Elegance

A Punjabi lehenga is ethnic wear that embodies beauty and elegance to the one who wears it. They are considered to be classic attire that is rich and alluring thus making it an ideal choice for brides. An increasing number of brides prefer lehenga as their bridal outfit over traditional attire such as saree due to its comfort and numerous designs. Nowadays, a bride is spoilt for choice as numerous designers cater to the design needs of a modern-day bride. In this article, we take you through the various aspects to keep in mind while choosing a lehenga.

How to Find the Perfect Punjabi Lehenga?

A Punjabi lehenga is perfect for all occasions including weddings, gatherings, and festive occasions. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing your dream lehenga.

Choose a Lehenga According to Body Type

Every bride envisions looking gorgeous on her special day and begins planning days in advance. Be it a wedding or any festive occasion, choosing the perfect Punjabi lehenga is of utmost importance. Though the fashion market offers an array of designs, it is crucial to choose a design that suits your body type.

Here is a list of the common body types that will help your choose the perfect lehenga.

  • Pear-shaped body: Women who possess this body type tend to have narrow shoulders followed by broad hips mimicking the shape of a pear. Pear-shaped bodies must ensure not to draw attention to their broader hips. They can choose skirts that are simple and flowy making their hips appear slim. Whereas, they can highlight their shoulders by choosing heavily embroidered choli to accentuate their upper body.
  • Hourglass-shaped body: Women possess perfect symmetry with well-defined waist and shoulders. They can rock any dress type since all dresses look perfect on this body type. It is perfect to choose a lehenga that accentuates your hips and shoulders. once can choose flowy fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, silk, or velvet for the skirt.
  • Apple-shaped body: The opposite of a pear-shaped body. Women with this body type possess a broad upper body and less-defined or narrow waist. It is wise to choose a lehenga skirt that accentuates one’s waist. You can choose heavy fabric such as silk, velvet, or layered skirt to add volume to the waist. Inversely, you can choose a light fabric for your lehenga choli.
  • Rectangle-shaped body: Women with athletic body types fall into this category. Due to their slim body type, stiff fabric such as raw silk or flared is perfect for this body type. Flared or layered skirts accentuate one’s waist and add volume to the waist. Additionally, the same fabric can be used for styling your choli.

Choose Lehenga According to Event Type

The next important aspect when it comes to choosing the perfect Punjabi lehenga is the fabric. There are numerous fabrics available in the markets and consider these points before choosing the perfect fabric.

  • Firstly, if the festive event falls during summer, it is wise to choose a fabric that is light and airy. One can choose light fabrics such as chiffon, net, satin, and georgettes. For summer events, one can also choose bright colours that tend to add colour to the event. Moreover, these fabrics keep one cool and comfortable during the duration of the event.
  • If you are planning a monsoon wedding, it is better to avoid grand fabrics such as brocade, velvet, and silk due to their heaviness. Also, these fabrics tend to soak up water in case you get caught in the rain and take time to dry. It is good to choose light fabrics like crepe, chiffon, or georgette that are elegantly designed.
  • For events that are scheduled during autumn and winters, the climate tends to be chillier and it is wise to choose heavier fabrics. Opt for thicker fabrics such as raw silk and velvet to style your lehenga. You choose royal colours such as maroon, deep purple, reds, and pinks as your lehenga colour.
  • Day event – Play with bright and quirky colours if you are planning a day event. One can also choose pastel shades such as mauve, mint green, and pinks as your lehenga colour.
  • Night event – Opt for heavily embroidered lehengas as they tend to appear grand during the night. One can also choose heavily embellished metallic coloured lehengas such as gold, silver, copper, or bronze. They tend to add grandeur to the event and also highlight the bride.

Choose Quirky Colour Combinations


Colour plays a major role in choosing the perfect attire. Ranging from mesmerizing reds to pastel colour or metallic hues, a bride is spoilt for choice. Few brides tend to choose the traditional route by choosing lehengas in classic colours such as red, maroon, or magenta. However, an increasing number of brides opt for quirky colour combinations that are striking and considered to be bold.

Here is a curated list of some of the quirky color combinations that one can keep in mind while choosing your dream dress.

  • Pink and orange
  • Rani pink and teal
  • Burnt orange and classic red
  • Pastel green and baby pink
  • Electric blue and pink
  • Hot pink and pastel blue
  • Peach and emerald green
  • Blush pink and ocean green
  • Mustard yellow and maroon
  • Mint green and bright red
  • Royal violet and green
  • Maroon red and sandal
  • Pink and royal blue
  • Royal purple and black
  • Metallic gold with bright color (red, blue, green, etc.)

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Lehenga

Due to changing trends, brides often tend to ignore the basics before choosing their attire. Rather than regretting later, keep in mind the following tips before shopping.

  • Do ample research before selecting an attire.
  • Keep your body type and skin tone in mind before choosing the fabric and colour.
  • It is wise the keep the season in mind before choosing the lehenga fabric.
  • Give ample time for fitting sessions and alterations.
  • Stay within your stipulated budget.
  • Always choose your lehenga before finalizing the accessories.
  • Do not over accessorize if your lehenga is grand, choose statement pieces.
  • If you are shopping online, the order in advance to accommodate time for returns or alterations.
  • Opt for a trial makeup session before finalizing your look for the event.

Best Punjabi Lehengas

Here is a curated list of some of the best lehengas available online.

1. Stunning Peach Lehenga with Green Blouse


A Stunning Colour Block Lehenga that comes with a peach net skirt with heavy thread and multi-sequined Dori and Badal work. The sequined Dori work is majorly concentrated towards the hem of the skirt. It is made out of a combination of green and gold metallic thread. It comes with an emerald green raw silk choli with similar thread work on the bodice and sleeves. It consists of a closed neck with half sleeves along with a pink piping design. The lehenga is paired with a gorgeous pink net dupatta with similar thread work on the hemlines. The semi-stitched attire can be customized as per your liking. Pair it with statement earrings and you are all set to go.

2. Persian Red Floral Lehenga


An Alluring Persian Red Floral Lehenga that will surely light up the event and add sensuality to your beauty. Perfect for festive and traditional events consists of luxurious printed georgette fabric with zari work and sequins. The skirt is accentuated with floral vines all over it. The choli is made from red georgette fabric with elegant sequined work on the hemlines, waist belt, and bodice. The shawl is made of scalloped hemline with zari work and made from georgette material as well making it perfect for summer events. It consists of a deep neckline making it suitable to be paired with statement chokers or long harams. Get your hands on this heritage lehenga and make heads turn at any event.

3. Mesmerising Patola Lehenga

A colourful and traditional lehenga is a must-have attire in your wardrobe. The ravishing Royal Purple Patola Lehenga is an amalgamation of colours. The border attached to the lehenga is made of a rich golden border. An attire fit for the queen, the patola silk was created by dyeing the silk and weaving them by skilled artisans native to Gujarat. Moreover, the skirt is paired with a rich Banaras dupatta and choli that diverts the attention towards the patola design. One can effortlessly pair them with antique silver or gold jewelry such as neckpieces, bangles, and earrings.

4. Beautiful Ombre Lehenga

The Salmon Pink and Coral Lehenga Set is one-of-a-kind designer attire designed by renowned designers Poonam & Rohit. The ombre effect on the skirt changes from salmon pink to light coral that is accentuated by chanderi silk fabric. The chanderi silk lehenga consists of golden thread embroidery at the bottom and on the hemline of the dupatta made from net fabric. The set consists of a salmon pink choli with intermittent golden embroidered design with closed neckline and elbow-length sleeves. Style this elegant set with a parted hairline finished with a bun updo and statement earrings.

5. Quirky Purple Corset Lehenga

A lehenga that completes the quirkiness and style of a modern-day bride. The Purple Floral Lehenga is crafted from flowy crepe fabric overlaid on the shantoon base. The flowy skirt speaks for itself sans any bling work. It comes monochrome purple blouse made from organza fabric with off-shoulder sleeves. This set is perfect for all body types due to its fabric. It can be styled as a crop top and can be worn for cocktail parties or Mehendi functions. Chanel your inner Disney princess with this flowy attire.

6. Regal Teal Blue Lehenga

A timeless and classic set that is crafted from silk. The set comes in a striking royal Teal Blue with motifs. The Dori motif on the skirt is inspired by exquisite botanical motifs that are entirely handcrafted by skilled artisans. The off-shoulder blouse is crafted using a pleated overlay design imparting a timeless beauty to the wearer. It consists of a matching teal net dupatta made from net fabric with a minimalist design due to the richness of the skirt and the blouse.

7. Multicoloured Paneled Lehenga

A perfect lehenga for the bride who loves colours and may find it difficult to zero in on a single one. The lehenga consists of multi-coloured panels such as blush pink, yellow and grey. It consists of a chevron brocade design that consists of metallic gold and silver chevron prints on the entire length of the skirt. The Yellow Brocade Silk Blouse has a plunging neckline to accentuate one’s upper body. The set is completed with a bright pink silk dupatta with gold floral motifs to add an extra dose of colour.

8. Leheriya Printed Lehenga Set


The Printed Lehenga Set is a riot of colours and is perfect for Haldi and Mehendi functions. Leheriya is considered to be a traditional tie-dyeing art that is native to Rajasthan. The leheriya printed skirt made of elegant Vasansi silk is comprised of vivid colours with distinct chevron patterns. The lower part of the skirt consists of an elaborate kaalis and ghera with unique floral and animal motifs. It is paired with a pencil strap green colored blouse made from silk. The blouse consists of an open back complete with a bow. It is paired with a similar leheriya printed silk dupatta without any heavy work.

9. Black & Sap Green Printed Lehenga Set

A perfect piece for a woman who prefers a simple no-frills design. The Set is made from poly dupion silk that features a black and green colour. The skirt consists of foil printed floral motifs that add a hint of colour to the silk skirt. The set consists of a plain black poly dupion silk blouse with pencil strap sleeves and a sweetheart neckline. It is paired with a net dupatta along with a golden printed design along the hemlines. This is a perfect set for cocktail parties or family gatherings or can be even worn for weddings.

10. Banarasi Hand Woven Art Silk Lehenga

The Banaras Silk is native to the city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. It found prominence during the Mughal era and was preferred by women in the Mughal dynasty. The lehenga skirt comes in deep maroon color complete with golden thread weaves and meenakari work along the hemlines. The meenakari work is entirely handcrafted by a skilled artisan. It comes with a matching choli material that can be customized as per one’s preference. It comprises a contrast-coloured blue dupatta made from Banaras silk.

Bonus: How to Style Your Lehenga with Accessories?

Go a step further and mesmerize everyone by styling your lehenga with the right set of accessories. The right accessories accentuate your style and add grandeur to your look.

  • Earrings: statement earrings such as modern pieces or traditional chandbalis and matte golden jhumkas are preferred to be the best choice.
  • Bangles: Choose bangles that match your lehenga color to accentuate your looks. Additionally, you can also opt for stone bangles or Polki ones to add bling to your attire.
  • Neckpiece: Make heads turn by adding a statement choker with your lehenga. Polki, Kundan, or antique chokers draw attention towards your neck and shoulders. if you are a traditional bride, you can opt for a low necklace such as haram that adds a regal look.
  • Maang tikka: If you want to keep your look simple, you can skip the heavy jewelry and style your look with a statement maang tikka to highlight your look.
  • Statement rings: Bold and statement rings studded with Kundan stones, beads, Polki beads, or single large stones with bright colours accentuate your look to another level.
  • Shoes & bags: Choose a comfortable pair of heels if you are planning to stay on your feet for the entire event. If your modern bride, you can opt for bling sneakers that add quirkiness to your look while being comfortable at the same time. Accessorize your attire with embellished clutches that are easy to carry.
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Prepare Your Shopping List

Be clear whether you’re looking for a designer lehenga only for your big day or for other ceremonies as well. While doing your elaborate homework, you’ll come across a lot of designs & designer lehengas that will instantly catch your fancy. You can take screenshots or save them somewhere to understand the kind of bridal style you have an inclination towards.