Weary of Dull Skin? Get Glowing Skin With Our Simple Face Packs: 10 Simple Face Packs for Glowing Skin. And 3 Secrets for a Radiant Luminous Skin!

Weary of Dull Skin? Get Glowing Skin With Our Simple Face Packs: 10 Simple Face Packs for Glowing Skin. And 3 Secrets for a Radiant Luminous Skin!

Radiance and glow is the hallmark of healthy skin. Stress and other factors including environment can cause your skin to lose its glow and look lifeless. But, with the help of a few ingredients from your kitchen, you can get back your glow and lustre. Here are 10 face packs for all skin types.

Causes of Dull Skin


Stress can ruin your skin in a very aggressive way. It brings the change in the brain and body by disturbing the hormone levels. Stress can also impact the skin in many different ways. For instance, it can cause inflammation that leads to certain problems like hypersensitivity, breaking out and rashes. It does this by releasing chemicals like interleukins and cortisol. Furthermore, certain skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and hives may occur due to the decreased levels of hyaluronic acid and collagen. So, in order to achieve a radiating skin, one must develop a positive attitude and learn stress management techniques.

Getting Less Sleep Than Required

A key factor that makes your skin appear dull is less sleep than you need. Sleep deprivation can lead to dry skin, swallow complexion, dark circles, and acne, etc. Various researches have shown that seven to nine hours of sleep daily help the skin nourishing, repairing damaged skin cells, and prevent freckles. Thus, one must ensure to complete its daily sleep hours to achieve healthy glowing skin. A regular 7-hour sleep cycle is advised for most people.

Dead Skin Cells and Dehydrated Skin

One of the major causes of dull skin is the accumulation of dead skin cells. Exfoliation is very important to remove the outer dead layer and get clearer smooth skin. As the age increases, the sebaceous glands start producing less oil which causes the skin to dry. These dead skin cells do not shed without exfoliation and lead to flaky skin, dry patches, and closed pores. Thus, one must do exfoliation on a regular basis to achieve a smooth and improved skin textured.

In addition to this, when a person does not drink enough water his skin becomes dehydrated which causes premature wrinkling, dull appearance, and dark under eyes. So, one must drink at least three litres of water daily to stay hydrated and to get glowing skin.

The Diet You Have

Another major factor that plays an important in making your skin dull is your diet. An unhealthy diet can dull down your skin's brightness and fast the process of aging. Thus, consuming water-rich foods and fresh fruits can add to youthful and fresh-looking skin.

Your Environment

Skin gets greatly influenced by the environment as well. Factors like humidity, harsh winds, dust, sun exposure, and other chemical pollutants clog the pores, hence affecting your skin badly. For these and other reasons, people living in industrial areas are prone to acne, skin allergies, and rashes. This is also due to the bad quality of air and water. Therefore, you must wash your face daily before going to bed, try to eat more fruits instead of processed foods, and follow a proper workout routine.

Best Face Packs to Get Your Skin Glowing

Mint and Turmeric Face Pack

Both, turmeric and mint have a lot of skin benefits. For instance, mint is known to brighten up the skin, treat acne, and hydrate the skin as well. The antibacterial properties of mint soothe the irritation from mosquito bites and calm down the dry and itchy skin. Turmeric, on the other hand, helps to even out skin tone, lighten the dark spots, and give a glowing effect to the skin.

When mint is used with turmeric, it locks in the moisture by tightening the pores and makes skin smoother and softer. To make this amazing mint and turmeric mask, all you need is a handful of ground mint leaves and a pinch of turmeric to it. Now mix both the ingredients and add a few drops of lukewarm water. For application, apply this paste on your face for fifteen minutes and then rinse it off. Repeat this process twice a week to get fast results.

Marigold Flower Face Pack

Marigold is enriched with various beauty benefits for the skin. It is known to promote the production of collagen, an essential protein for radiating skin. It has many antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in treating wrinkles, acne, and discoloration. Also, marigold has been extensively used in many Ayurvedic face packs because of its antiseptic and healing properties. On the other hand, Yogurt has exfoliating properties that diminish fine lines by tightening and shrinking pores.

You can either use both the ingredients together or use them separately as well. To make this face pack, you need two marigold flowers and half tablespoon yogurt. Mix both the ingredients to make a thick paste. Apply the paste on your face and neck and let it dry before rinsing off with tap water.

Lemon and Honey Face Pack

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so they can help improve and lighten your skin when used over time. Lemons have natural antibacterial properties that help to slow down the process of aging. Moreover, it helps fighting skin breakouts like acne, blemishes, and blackheads by cleansing dirt and oil from deep within. It further helps in tightening the skin pores to give you clear skin. Whereas, honey also has many moisturizing and soothing effects for the skin. It has been used for thousands of years as a facial treatment. Raw honey can hydrate the skin, making it soft, radiant, and glowing.

To make a lemon honey face mask, you need a clean bowl and mix equal amounts of lemon and honey. Stir it well and add one egg white. Beat this mixture and then apply it on your face. Let it sit for twenty minutes and then rinse off with regular water.

Tomato and Multani Mitti Face Pack

Tomato has many amazing benefits for the skin. Tomatoes are a rich source of Vitamin A and C that helps to achieve fair complexion. They are loaded with health-protective antioxidants that help in the anti-aging process, treating blemishes, and blackheads. The enzymes in tomatoes have exfoliating properties that help get rid of dead skin cleanse the skin deeply. Whereas, Multani mitti, also known as Fuller's earth is known to work wonders on the skin. Multani Mitti face packs are very beneficial for reducing oiliness and treating pigmentation and tanning. It is very effective against acne, skin rashes, and infections.

To make this Multani mitti paste, you need one tablespoon of fuller's earth and two tablespoons of tomato juice which will need to be mixed well to form a thick paste. For application, apply this mixture on your face and let it dry before washing it with regular water.

Sandalwood and Rosewater Face Pack

Sandalwood is a very popular beauty remedy used to improve skin texture. It helps to treat acne, fight blemishes, and other skin problems. In addition to that, sandalwood has many anti-inflammatory properties that give a soothing effect and remove sun tanning. Also, it has many antiseptic properties that fight against pimples, allergies, and sores by removing the dirt and bacteria.

Rosewater, on the other hand, acts as a great cleanser that removes excess oil and unclogs the pores. The antibacterial properties help to reduce acne and the anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce skin redness and puffiness. Sandalwood and rosewater face pack is perfect for oily skin but can also work wonders on other skin types.

To make this mask you need, one tablespoon of finely grounded sandalwood powder and two tablespoons of rosewater. Mix these ingredients together to make a thick paste. For application, apply this paste on your face and neck for fifteen minutes and wash away it water. Repeat this procedure twice a week to get the best results.

Gram Flour Face Pack

Gram flour is an amazing skincare ingredient that works for all types of skins. It is enriched with zinc that helps to fight acne, seasonal pimples, and bumps. It also helps in improving the skin texture and treats pigmentations. Moreover, it helps control excess sebum production and calms inflamed skin. You can also use gram flour for exfoliation and instant fairness. You can make gram flour face packs by using various ingredients like milk, honey, turmeric, and curd, etc.

To make this face pack, take one tablespoon of gram flour and one tablespoon of full-fat fresh curd. Make a thick paste and apply it to your face. Let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse off with normal water. This face pack will help lighten your acne scars and tighten the loose skin. Also, it will renew your skin tone and give your face a radiant glow.

Rice Flour and Sandalwood Face Pack

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Rice flour is known to work wonders on the skin and has amazing absorbing properties. It is very helpful in removing dark spots, blemishes, and pigmentation. It is also very effective in treating acne, discoloration, and skin tan. Rice flour is a rich source of vitamin B which boosts the production of new cells and promotes collagen. Also, it can be used for several skin concerns, like whitening, getting rid of blackheads and spots, and even dark circles. When mixed with sandalwood and rosewater it becomes a very effective exfoliator for removing dead skin and unclog the pores.

To make this amazing face pack, you need one tablespoon of rice flour, half tablespoon of grounded sandalwood powder, and one tablespoon of rosewater. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to make a thick paste and apply it to your face. Massage this mask in your skin for five minutes and let it dry. Rinse off with cold water and then apply a gentle moisturizer.

Cucumber and Sugar Face Pack

Sugar is another great home remedy to achieve youthful and glowing skin. It helps to improve skin tone and texture of the skin. Also, it helps to hydrate, moisturize, and remove damaged skin. In addition to all that, sugar is a rich source of glycolic acid that removes all the daily dirt from the surface and gives a smooth and clear skin.

Whereas, cucumber helps keep your skin hydrating, prevents sunburn, provides a soothing and cooling effect among many others. Also, it reduces swelling, puffiness, and slows down the process of anti-aging. It also works against several skin discolorations like dark spots, acne scars, and dark circles, etc.

To make sugar and cucumber face mask, you need a half tablespoon of sugar and one and a half tablespoon of fresh cucumber juice. The paste is more beneficial if applied when cool, so, you are suggested to refrigerate it for some time before use.

Lifestyle Changes for Radiant Skin

Workout More and Eat Less Sugar

Exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them healthy by improving blood circulation to the skin surface. This helps to supply the necessary nutrients to the skin and the cardiovascular exercises make you sweat and also increase the removal of toxins through perspiration. Working out increases the heart rate which in turn delivers oxygen to the skin, promotes collagen, and growth of new skin cells which then keeps the skin glowing and radiating.

Furthermore, consuming too much sugar and sweetening foods also affects the skin. This can lead to inflammation in the body and aggravate skin conditions like eczema, acne, and seasonal pimples. Processed sugar breakdown the collagen and elastic fibers and causes darken the skin. Thus, working out more and eating healthy foods play an important role in keeping your skin healthy and shiny.

Do Not Drink Alcohol and Do Not Eat Junk Food

Alcohol has many various disadvantages. One of them is the amount of bad it does to your skin by causing dehydration. Alcohol absorbs fluid from your skin and dehydrates it, making it flaky and dry. This way the wrinkles on the skin also develop at a younger age and really fast. Other health hazards of alcohol include discoloration, redness, puffiness, and blotches, among many others. So, you should either reduce your alcohol intake or do other other things like drinking more water.

Additionally, as you might have heard, junk food does not affect your health but also destroys your skin. Junk food like fries, burger, and pizza, etc, cause spots to form on your skin and can also result in redness. So, you should either reduce your junk food intake or eat more fresh fruits and vegetables like oranges, bell peppers, tomatoes, and cabbage, etc.

Use a Mineral-Based Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most important parts of a healthy skincare routine. It protects the skin from harmful effects of sun, prevents sunburn, redness, wrinkles, and premature aging, etc. Also, it helps to tone the skin and minimize the variety of skin disorders. In addition to all that, a mineral-based sunscreen protects the skin from skin cancer, suntan, itchy skin, and other harmful skin problems.

Mineral-based sunblocks usually contain titanium oxide in them for providing certain benefits to the skin. Various studies have shown that sunscreens with minerals and other organic ingredients act as a barrier that slows down the process of anti-aging, dark spots, and pigmentation. Therefore, one must invest in a mineral-based sunscreen in their daily routine to get a glowing and youthful skin.

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Choose the Face Packs Depending on Skin Type!

It is easy to go overboard when it comes to natural ingredients. But, just like your skincare products, ingredients differ for each skin type. Clay masks work well for oily skin while dry skin requires some hydration. Sensitive skin, better avoid lemon. Do a patch test when in doubt. In addition to the above face packs, following a strict CTM routine is vital to healthy skin.