Give Your Friend or Family Member a Gift of Laughter: Check out the Top Gag Gift Ideas to Prank Your Loved One and Have Great Fun Together (2022)

Give Your Friend or Family Member a Gift of Laughter: Check out the Top Gag Gift Ideas to Prank Your Loved One and Have Great Fun Together (2022)

You are never old enough to play a prank on someone and have a laugh together. Whether you are kid or an adult you can always play a harmless prank which lightens the mood and is enjoyed by everybody around. Gag gifts are such gifts which enable you to play harmless pranks on your loved ones or colleagues. We have curated a list of the top gag gifts which are sure to make you extremely popular in your social circle as everyone will have a good laugh and fun together. Read on to take your pick.

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What are Gag Gifts?

Gag gifts are considered to be an informal name for a device that is used for playing practical jokes on unsuspecting people. These devices include properties, items, or toys that are used to prank an individual and to elicit a laugh from them. Often, these items are harmlessly designed to malfunction or confuse the person being pranked. They are widely used by children and adults to prank each other. Funny gag gifts are sold in novelty shops or they can be purchased online. If you are creative, you can refer to numerous online videos and customize your gag gift based on your preference.

Types of Gag Gifts that You Can Choose

These practical joke devices are used on a day-to-day basis, either as a mechanism of play by youngsters or among adult co-workers in a professional environment and are extremely popular at parties and gatherings. Pranksters have turned everyday objects into joke devices, in addition to commercially manufactured practical joke devices. Here is a list of some of the common types of gag gifts that are available:

Artificial Body Parts or Fluids

Artificial body parts and body fluids are popular among youngsters and they are increasingly used by them to prank their peers and family. Some of the most commonly used artificial body parts or fluids are as follows:

  • Miniature fingers and toes
  • Oversized feet
  • Protruding eye masks
  • Snooty nose
  • Fake blood
  • Injured and bleeding hands (eg. jammed finger)
  • Fake excrement
  • Fake soiled diapers
  • Fake vomit clothing

Gag Clothing

Compared to devices and toys, gag clothing items are a better alternative due to their ease of use and lower prices. Moreover, you can also customise these gag clothes according to your individual preferences:

  • Scary masks
  • Ghost clothing
  • Glow in the dark clothing
  • Fake fangs
  • Oversized teeth
  • Torn or bloody clothes

Everyday Objects

Gag gifts disguised as everyday objects are popular due to their simplicity and unsuspecting nature. These objects can be easily used to prank everyone irrespective of their age because of their unassuming appearance. Some examples are:

  • Shock pens
  • Ink-spilling pens
  • Squirting toy guns
  • Squirting camera
  • Fake chewing gum
  • Bitter or sour mints
  • Soaps modelled as food items
  • Containers with popping insects
  • Squishy toys
  • Novelty soaps
  • Fake toilet paper

Documents and Currencies

You might have seen numerous people pranked on TV shows with fake coins and currencies. Additionally, gag documents such as fake lotteries or traffic fines are also used for pranking people. Some examples of this type of gag gifts are:

  • Fake traffic fines
  • Currencies with images of funny characters
  • Passports of fictional countries
  • Bogus shopping cards

Fake Animals

Fake shark fins are used to scare or prank guests swimming on beaches. Moreover, rubber lizards, snakes, and mice always elicit a scream from the people who are being pranked. Some such examples of fake animals are:

  • Rubber lizard or spider
  • Rubber snake or robotic snake
  • Rubber mouse
  • Fake animal trophies
  • Shark fins
  • Exploding cigars
  • Squirting lighters
  • Burrito blankets
  • Fake nail polish spill
  • Magic ink

Do's & Don'ts to Keep in Mind While Choosing Gag Gifts

Giving and receiving gifts should be a joy for both the giver and the receiver. However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind while choosing gag gifts:

  • Follow the company policy while choosing a gift
  • Do use your common sense and good judgment when making gift choices
  • Always stay within a budget
  • Do spend time and effort to choose thoughtful gifts
  • Do not assume that people will share your taste in gifts
  • Do not cause any harm with your gift
  • Do not hurt any cultural or religious sentiment while gifting
  • Do not choose a gag gift that is inappropriate for work

A Curated List of Amazing Gag Gifts Ideas You Can Buy in India

Everyone deserves a good laugh, lighten up the holidays by gifting these laughter-inducing gag gifts to your family, friends, and co-workers. In this article, we have provided a roundup of some of the best gag gift ideas that are ridiculous and hilarious. From silly gifts like fish flip flops and burrito blankets to miniature fingers, these seriously funny gift ideas are something that everyone on your list will either love to hate, hate to love, or a mix of both.

1. Gift of Insults

If you believe that insults are a perfect way to convey affection, you have come to the right place. A box of 30 insult cards from Treasure Tales is ideal for best friends, siblings, and your love interest. This amazing gag gift consists of a treasure trove of insults that are carefully crafted by their team known as "happiness scientists". These insults are seasoned with sarcasm, love and laughter. Surprise your friends and loved ones by playing a game of insults and evoke some hilarious reactions from them throughout the game. Get this Gift of Insults for ₹ 399.00 from Treasure Tales.

2. Annoying Person Contract

Do you have a friend or a loved one who keeps annoying you day in and day out? Show your appreciation with a set of 3 accomplishments to honour your loved irritating person. The Annoying Person Contract consists of a certificate, a letter, and a badge engraved with a sarcastic message for the person. This customised item from Treasure Tales is a unique gift that is filled with puns, and light-hearted messages. You can get this hilarious contract for a minimal price and will surely be a hit with your loved one. Order it from Treasure Tales for ₹ 349.00.

3. Banana Phone Plastic Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Handset


Have a friend who is constantly glued to the mobile? Surprise your friend by gifting him a Banana Wireless Mobile Handset equipped with Bluetooth. This hilarious mobile handset enables you to make phone calls, and play music. It is equipped with high-quality audio and also has a dedicated voice assistant. The banana phone can be synced with an iPhone or an Android device. Additionally, it can be charged via a micro-USB cable and it also has good talk-time capability. Let your friend listen to music on a banana directly from your smartphone with good speaker quality and tunes. Choose the fun way by opting for a banana phone as a gift and make people laugh wherever you go. Finally, the proceeds from buying the phone go towards saving gorillas – a fun and thoughtful item indeed. Priced at ₹ 6,460.00 you can buy it from Amazon.

4. Potato Chip Snake in a Can


Prank your friends by giving them a can of potato chips and roll around in laughter when a snake pops out of the can when they open it. This is not a normal can of potato chips, when you open the can, a snake darts from the can by surprise, giving your friends a big scare of their lives. When not in use the dummy snake retracts back into the can thus making it an ideal gift that can be used repeatedly to prank unsuspecting friends. The can is designed realistically with a fake list of nutrient labels and graphics but it consists of a 4-feet long fake snake stuffed inside it. It is suitable to be used at parties, gatherings, or at home. Scare your unsuspecting friends with this amazing gag gift and watch the room erupt with laughter. Priced at ₹ 365.00 you can get it from Amazon.

5. Mini Finger Tiny Hands


Looking for a way to entertain kids when they are moody? Use these miniature small finger hands to improve puppet performance skills and make the whole family laugh. The miniature hands are hilarious and made from skin-friendly and non-toxic vinyl material. They are durable and can stand the test of time due to their sturdiness. Moreover, the pair comes with an ultra-stylish design that is unique from products available in the market. The miniature fingers are designed with highly realistic human hand shapes with special attention to detail. These hands perfectly reproduce human designs from nails, colours, and natural wrinkles! They can be used for entertaining children during puppet shows, or pranking your adult friends. Also, you can use them to prank your furry friends by petting them with these miniature hands. Get a pair for ₹ 705.00 from Amazon.

6. Dancing Cactus


The Dancing Cactus is a cool dancing toy that is used for entertaining babies, children and adults. The toy is capable of speaking and repeating the words uttered by anyone. It is a versatile item. Moreover, the toy is capable of encouraging your child to communicate and converse with it. It is a treasure trove of more than 120 English songs that can be used for entertaining your kids when they are moody or fussy. The unique feature of the toy is that it dances while mimicking the sounds with LED lights uttered by your child. It is made of plush, non-toxic and durable material. You can also gift this item to your friends or co-workers and see them burst out with laughter due to the uniqueness of this toy. You can order it from Amazon for ₹ 799.00.

7. Fake Cosmetic Bloody Arm

A fake cosmetic bloody arm is the best gift for a friend who is hosting a Halloween party. You can also use it to scare and prank unsuspecting friends and co-workers. The cosmetic hand is made from 100% non-toxic rubber and PP cotton which is environmentally friendly. You can scare everyone by placing them in unsuspecting places such as the buffet table, kitchen, or restrooms. The realistic bloody arm will surely elicit a blood-curdling scream from the people who discover it. Use your creativity and put these cosmetic arms to the best use. Since the arm is made from latex, it tends to emanate a weird smell. The smell can be eliminated by airing out the hand in an open space for a couple of days. Order it from Flipkart for ₹ 219.00.

8. Slushy Cupcake Soap

Prank your foodie friends by gifting them novelty soaps modelled based on food items. An increasing number of artists are creating realistic soaps that mimic food items such as cupcakes, chocolates, cookies, burgers, etc. This artisanal soap from Soapy Secret is modelled based on peach and lime cupcakes and made with nourishing oils. Watch your friend’s expression turn to laughter when they discover that the food item that you gave them is made of soap. Nonetheless, they will be happy to receive this uniquely crafted gift that is good for their skin and makes them look amazing. Priced at ₹ 270.00 you can get it from The Glocal Store.

9. Burrito Blanket

The Burrito Blanket had gone viral when it was introduced since it was considered to be a comfort food by many. The Burrito Blanket is made of soft and warm fleece, it will surely keep you cosy on a cold night. It is modelled after a tortilla giving it a unique look and making you want to roll inside to make a cosy ‘human burrito’. This is a perfect gift for a friend who loves burritos and the will treasure the prized possession. The tortilla blanket is bright-coloured that looks pretty realistic. Its flannel plush crust is ideal for snuggling and is more breathable, lightweight, and warm when compared to regular blankets. It measures 39 x 39 inches and is made of skin-friendly material. The blanket is crafted with advanced sewing technology and exquisite hemming workmanship to ensure it is durable all year long. Order it for ₹ 1702.00 from Ubuy.

10. Poop Velvet Emoji Cushion


Poop Emoji Cushion is a perfect gift for a friend who is obsessed with texting and emojis. The Poop Emoji Cushion from the brand ‘The Purple Tree’ is made from recycled material. It is wedge-shaped and measures 40 x 40 cm (L x W). It is medium-firm making it the perfect cushion for resting. The soft and comfortable cushion will be a hit among both children and adults alike, especially it will be the perfect gag gift for women. Surprise your children or friends with this Poop Emoji Cushion and watch them cherish this gift. It is available for ₹ 349.00 on Amazon.

11. Fish Flip Flops

These fun, fashionable and hilarious Fish Flip Flops are designed for outdoor enthusiasts. This unique flip flops can be used as pool, beach, or shower shoes by both men and women. They are lightweight and made from durable elastic material. They have anti-slip textured technology making them flexible and slip-free when worn on slippery surfaces. Additionally, the flip flops are contoured based on your feet and you can wear them comfortably without any foot pain. Gift these hilarious flip flops to your friend who is an outdoor enthusiast or to your kids and watch them erupt with laughter. These flip-flops will make them the showstopper at any event. Priced at ₹ 2,635.00 you can buy them from Ubuy.

12. 3D Toilet Pen


The **3D Toilet Pen is the perfect gift for a friend or a co-worker who loves writing. The click pen is made of plastic and pressing the button launches a 3D poop emoji from the top of the pen. The pen is perfect for combating stress and makes you relaxed. It is suitable for all ages and is a perfect gift for a stressed person. Order it from Snooplay for ₹399.00.

Bonus: Create Your Own Custom Gifts

Printed T-Shirts: Surprise your friend with a custom Nicolas Cage face printed t-shirt. You can also go ahead and choose any image that annoys your friend and get it printed on a t-shirt. The custom gag gift for men is economical and is available with an array of customisations. You can also customise them with funny dialogues, sarcastic comments, or memes.

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Always be Mindful of the Recipient's Sense of Humour and Sensitivities

When you are planning to gift a gag gift to someone you should always be mindful of his sense of humour and sensitivities. If the person is very serious minded or sensitive and doesn't like light-hearted pranks, it is always better to abandon your plan of gifting him a gag gift which he will not enjoy. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which gag gift you would like to buy for which of your friend or loved one. Share your experiences of playing the prank on your loved one with us and remain connected for more such engaging content.