Show Your Love and Affection for Your Mom this Mother's Day with These 10 Mother's Day Special Gifts (2019)

Show Your Love and Affection for Your Mom this Mother's Day with These 10 Mother's Day Special Gifts (2019)

Whether you're two or twenty, a mother is always there for every thick and thin! She doesn't leave a single opportunity to pamper you in her own ways! This mother's day, show your love and support to her in your own way! Here are the top 10 Mother's Day gift ideas.

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What Kind of Gifts are Special for Mother's Day?

Something Related to Memories

Why wait for a certain day to tell your mother she is loved, to show how much she is appreciated? There is literally no such thing as mother’s day special gifts or exclusive items. All you have to do is to find something that can strike the right chord in your mom’s heart to let her know about the love you have for her.

For this, you need to prefer the gifts which remind her of all the amazing memories she has with the family members. Some old photographs framed into new, portraits, collages etc., are a great option for the same.

Useful Gift Items

Some useful items which can help your mom in her day-to-day life is another option to consider as mother’s day gift. If your mom is a passionate cook then buy something related to the kitchen, if she loves to read then Kindle would be a great choice and so on.

All you have to do is to figure out what your mother wants the most in recent times. This will work as the best surprise ever for your mother.

Special One-Time Experiences

One time experiences are entirely different from other kinds of gifts that you can choose for someone. These are the ultimate way to create beautiful memories and it is definitely something which is totally irreplaceable with materialistic gifts.

A trip to some place nice, some adventurous sports or maybe meeting a celebrity, these are the kind of one time experiences that your mom would surely love to explore.

10 Special Gifts for Mother's Day

1. Bath & Body Spa Hamper

Source Flipkart

If you are planning something special for your mom then you should better focus on caring for her. So, we found a bath and body spa hamper which is going to help your mom in getting rid of that stress and she will be having a good time for sure.

The luxury hamper consists of various items which are all integral part of a nice spa session. These items are 1 strawberry shower gel, 1 bath puff, 1 body lotion, 1 diffuser, 1 t-lights, 1 rose potpourri and 1 rose geranium body massage oil.

The best part of this set is that it can be used by both men and women. In fact, the packaging itself is pretty amazing as the items come in a heart-shaped box. These products are perfect to nourish the skin and let go of all the toxins. You can buy this hamper on for Rs.1439.

2. Personalised Jewellery Box

What inspired us to include a Jewellery Box into this list of top 10 mothers day gift ideas is the love of every Indian woman for ornaments and a lot of jewellery items.

Your mom too would have a lot of jewellery items placed here and there. But with your help, now she can organize them properly and keep them safe too. We found a beautiful personalized wooden jewellery box for your mom as a gift on Mother’s Day.

You can get the picture of your mom personalised on top of it while the ornaments can be placed inside it. Although the box is small, the inner lining of soft fabric and the personalization definitely makes it super special. You can also prefer a bigger size than the box shown in the picture. Grab this personalized jewellery box for your mom on for Rs.549.

3. Rocking Chair

Source Pepperfry

Put the comfort of your mom on top by giving her a rocking chair as the mother’s day gift. Not only that a rocking chair is super comfortable and perfect for relaxing session but it looks absolutely gorgeous too.

We found a really nice and minimal rocking chair for your mom which is available in a brown accent. This colour goes well with all types of furniture and décor tones. This chair is also available in black colour too.

The chair is handcrafted and made out of teak wood which is of premium quality. If your mom has a spacious bedroom then this chair is going to accentuate the interior of the room even more. Not only this chair is great for relaxation but it also improves the muscle tone too. Grab this rocking chair on for Rs.9999.

4. Gold & Pearl Pendant

Source Tanishq

If you are looking for some of the most exclusive mother’s day unique gifts, then you are going to fall for this gold and pearl pendant mentioned here. You should know that the chain displayed is not included with this pendant.

The beautiful pearl and gold pendant is made out of 18K gold and has a floral shaped exterior of gold. It has one round cut, white pearl fitted in the middle of it and the entire design looks absolutely breathtaking. There is no way that your mom won’t like it.

The gold frame has a high-polished finish on it which gives it a lustrous and attractive appeal. Your mom can pair this pendant with any kind of chain and this will be suitable for all sorts of occasions too. Buy this beautiful gold and pearl pendant on from Tanishq for Rs.6453.

5. Foot Massager

Source Amazon

Giving a foot massager as a Mother’s Day present might sound like a weird idea but we really thought it through before mentioning it here. Your mom does a thousand things on a daily basis and there is no doubt that her feet ache at night.

But not anymore! This foot massager or foot spa cures feet pain and provide all-around care to the feet. In fact, operating this foot massager is literally a no-brainer.

This product helps in providing magnetotherapy, heat automation, shake massage, infrared physiotherapy and gas wave oxygenation. The built-in system of this massager is perfect for roll and bubble massage too which relaxes the muscles of the feet and cures the pain.

After plugging-in the massager, you can adjust the heat and air bubbles through the button easily. You can buy this electric foot massager on for Rs.1900.

6. Wrist Watch & Bracelet Set


Our next recommendation is a combo of wristwatch and bracelet. Do not worry because there is nothing too quirky which your mom won’t like. In fact, this set of watch and bracelet is quite elegant and goes well with all sorts of attires too.

While the watch has PU leather strap with rose gold alloy round dial, the bracelet is divided into three parts. The dial is super pretty with colourful patterns inside.

But the bracelet is the real star here which has one alloy gold band, one black and gold chain for the wrist and one gold chain for the wrist. Wearing all these items together would look quite pretty and it will give a unique and edgy touch to the watch too. These items come together in a really nice gift box which is just perfect as you can gift it directly to your mom. Buy this watch and bracelet combo on for Rs.1995.

7. Versace Bright Crystal Perfume

Perfume as a gift definitely goes a long way than you think. So, we decided to pick one of the most popular perfumes of the recent trend as one of the mother’s day special gifts. This one is called Bright Crystal by Versace and it is a very long lasting perfume.

The perfume mainly uses the base of flowers like Magnolia, Peony and Lotus which are subtly infused to create a nice and sensual fragrance.

In other notes, ingredients like Amber, Acajou and musk are used. Basically, it is a mix of floral plant family only. It doubles as a perfume as well as deodorant and even a small amount goes a really long way. Your mom is going to love the fragrance of this perfume and you can buy it on for Rs.2650.

8. Air Purifying Plant Pack

In order to keep the mood of your mom positive and happy all the time, it is important to create a healthy environment at home. For the same, we have picked this set of 4 air purifying plants for your mom. She can place them either in her bedroom or in the living room to purify the air of the surrounding areas.

These plants come in 4 colourful pots and these are decorated with pebbles. So, you can use them directly without having to put any efforts into planting them.

The plants which are provided in this set are snake plant, money plant, spider plant and rubber plant. You also get plates to place the pots on them to keep your home clean. This is a very thoughtful and quite an amazing gift for your mom. You can buy this set of 4 air purifying plants on for Rs.820.

9. JBL Go Portable Speaker


For the mom who is a hardcore music lover, you should better give her a portable speaker as the gift on mother’s day. We always recommend nothing but the best so this time we picked this JBL Go Portable Bluetooth speaker for your mom here.

It is available in pink colour but you can also choose from a wide range of different colours too. JBL is popular for its powerful sound delivery so this speaker won’t disappoint your mom at all.
It provides 5 hours of playtime and comes with built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery too. You can connect it with your smartphone through Bluetooth and play your desired songs on it.

The speaker comes with even 1 year of warranty too. So, do not waste any more time and grab this portable speaker on for Rs.1799.

10. Digital Portrait

Amongst all the mother’s day special gifts mentioned in this list, we would strongly recommend you to go for this one. The idea of a digital portrait is way advanced than normal portraits and you will be able to use this electronic copy in whichever way you want.

The site provides the facility to get this portrait in form of coffee mug editing, clock, gallery wrapped canvas and many other forms (with additional charges).

All you have to do is send them a high-quality picture of your mother and they will convert it into a really amazing digital portrait. You can get it done on for Rs.2500.

Other Interesting & Unique Gift Ideas to Consider

Apart from the ones mentioned here, we have some other interesting as well as special ideas to suggest for the occasion of Mother’s Day. These gifts are not the ones which require a lot of money to purchase but these are the ones which are going to leave your mom with a lot of beautiful memories. These memories are definitely worth more than any amount of money in the world.

Fresh Flower Bouquet

If you want to go for Mother's Day gifts DIY, then we have a really simple idea for you to explore. Rather than buying a flower bouquet, you can make one on your own. All you have to do is to pick flowers on your own and make sure to pick the favourite flowers of your mom for this.

Put these flowers together and tie them with some fancy ribbons to make a bouquet out of them. You can also use additional fragrance to make the flowers smell even more amazing and long lasting.

One Month Hobby Class Registration

Mothers who are homemakers would surely get bored at home at some point of time. All you have to do is to give her a chance to find her hobby and pursue it to make a difference in her life.

You can register your mom into a hobby class for a month. This one month will give her the time and space to find her hobbies and choices. No matter what her age is, she is never too old to learn new things in life and make most of her free time. And this will be the most special gift for Mother’s Day indeed.

Hire a Maid for Her

No matter whether your mom says it or not, she definitely needs someone to help her for the household stuff. Some of the most awesome Mother's Day ideas are the ones which make your mom’s life simpler and easier for a longer run.

Hiring a maid would be perfect for the same. This idea will come handy for her especially if your mom is a working woman. Now, your mom will be able to spend some quality time with herself.

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Do something different this Mother's Day

If you think, to gift the same old cliched gifts to your mother is not going to be enough, think something out of the box and plan something really amazing for her! She deserves to get all the happiness in the world so shower your love and make her happy this mother's day!