Stumped for Gift Ideas for Women in Their 20s? 10 Curated Options 
That will Undoubtedly Put A Smile on Her Face! (2022)

Stumped for Gift Ideas for Women in Their 20s? 10 Curated Options That will Undoubtedly Put A Smile on Her Face! (2022)


Shopping for 20-year-old girl can be a bit tricky sometimes. After all, they're often in that in-between phase where they're either attending college or just settling into the working world, so they have a unique set of wants and needs. That’s why we’ve researched and created this shopping guide just for you. Read on to shop our curated list of cool and cute gifts, including tons of affordable finds.

Tips on Choosing a Gift for a 20 Year Old Woman

What Do You Get a 20-Year-Old Woman?

It might be difficult to shop for 20-year-olds at times. After all, they're frequently at that in-between time of life where they're either attending college or going into a career, so they have their own set of wants and demands. While there are some interesting gifts for twenty-somethings, it's all about finding the right balance at this age. It's time to start letting go of some of the frills so that the more mature and "big girl" parts of life may take their place. You should consider how you may best prepare her for that change. Although it may not appear to be the most attractive gift, she will most likely appreciate it because it will allow her to mature and flourish.

Choosing the Right Gift

A girl approaching 20 is ready to embark on a new chapter in her life: her twenties. This can be a chaotic age. We usually recommend that a gift be viewed as a welcome gift for that particular age group. As a result, a woman's gift for a 20th year should be something that speaks to what it's like to be in her twenties. She is looking for things that are essential 'her' at this young age. She's building her own persona and finding herself. She'd enjoy something that calls out to her. Almost everything might be the case! Once you've gathered a little about her, it won't be hard to select the right surprise for her that she'll absolutely adore.

Gifts of Use

There is no such thing as having everything. However, if you're looking for a present for someone who appears to have everything they could ever want, consider what they could require. Look for things that will be handy to her in some way, and find something that will be useful. For instance, if she’s heading for higher education, look for something that would be useful in college or something that’s apt for someone starting work. In any case, a special connection is what makes a presentation memorable!

Top 10 Gifts for 20 Year Old Woman She Will Love Receiving

Anastasia Beverly Hills Fuller Looking & Dimensional Brows Kit

Do you know someone who is obsessed with her brows perfect? She'll be overjoyed if she discovers this set by her pillow! The Anastasia Beverly Hills Natural & Polished Starter Kit includes four essentials for a flawless lash and brow appearance. A brow definer is included to fill in and outline hairs, a brow pen is included to add detail and fullness, and a little clear brow gel is included to keep the look in place. What's better?

All of the goods are cruelty-free and vegan! Priced at Rs. 2,800, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brows Kit includes: All-in-one brow tool, a mini brow definer, a mini clear brow gel, for a natural-looking brow finish, a fine-tipped pencil, water-resistant mascara for luscious, colour-rich lashes, and a deluxe sample lash brag mascara.

Portable Lap Desk Cushion

When your favourite 20-year-old doesn't feel like sitting at a desk, this lap desk allows her to type college essays or polish her CV while relaxing on the couch. Ideal for use at home or wherever! The lap desk cushion's wide shape allows her to comfortably hold her laptop, mouse pad, keyboard, and even write on it; The adaptive broad design and high resilience (HR) foam comfort provide further support to her hands and arms, preventing symptoms such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, headaches, and other arm and finger-related issues. Moisture absorption, thermoregulation, pressure stability, and elasticity are all features of premium outer covers. The Portable Lap Desk Cushion is priced at Rs. 1,050.

Portable Charger

What happens if she’s out and about and her phone runs out of battery and she needs to send a text or make a phone call? She’ll start freaking out!! But not if she has a portable charger like the Anker lipstick charger in her backpack! Most phones get at least one full charge from it. It's small and compact, so it'll fit in a bag or pocket with ease. It adds that added layer of assurance that she can always contact someone in the event of an emergency. Anker PowerCore 5000 mAh Power Bank breaks the mold for portable charging.

It is able to offer an optimal, high-speed charge to all connected devices by intelligently detecting them. There are Apple and Android phones and tablets, as well as cameras, consoles, and other electronic devices. Anker's superior battery technology, PowerCore 5000's large capacity is easily squeezed into its space-efficient chassis, which is over an inch smaller than most smartphones and priced at Rs. 999.

Hair Straightening Brush


This is an excellent hair tool to have in her arsenal if she wants to straighten her hair. Cord Straightening Brush by Beurer Style Pro has a preset flow setting on the hair straightener which is required to assist her in straightening her hair without hurting it. This straightener will help her change the temperature effectively thanks to its six temperature settings. Because of its ergonomic design, you can easily style her hair with this hair straightener. Beurer Style Pro with Cord Straightening Brush is available in black and costs Rs. 2,680. It has a ceramic coating.

Blooming Flower Necklace


Inspired by the glistening dewdrops that have an unrivalled gleam, floral designs with studded zircons are strung together for an attractive aesthetic on the Anushka Sharma Silver Blooming Flower Necklace. Embellished with AAA+ Quality Zircons and constructed of 925 Silver the Blooming Flower Necklace is 38 cm long, with a 4cm adjustable link and has a Rhodium finish to prevent tarnish. At Rs. 1,600, it's a steal. The GIVA jewelry kit and authenticity certificate are included with the Anushka Sharma Silver Blooming Flower Necklace. A perfect piece of jewelry for her 20th year!

Smart Tracker


Is it common for her to lose her keys, wallet, phone, or other valuables? If that's the case, this Bluetooth tracker in Cool Grey is the perfect gift for her! She can use the chic tracker to attach to her keys or any other item. If she misplaces them, she can simply use the tracker app to find her lost items. With a 100 ft distance coverage and an SOS alert feature, she can enjoy a selfie camera control and 90db sound alert on the smart tracker. The Vaya Lynk smart tracker is splash-proof and comes with a replaceable battery. Priced at Rs. 1,500, Vaya Lynk Smart Tracker is paired with the Lynk app can be tagged to her luggage, wallet, handbag, mobile phone, house keys and more! She can tag her phone with Vaya Lynk, and whenever it plays hide-and-seek, she taps Lynk to make her phone ring, even if it's on silent mode!

Infinity Scarf


Scarves, hats, and gloves are wonderful gifts and are generally the easiest to purchase because you don't have to worry about the size. Infinity Scarves are simple to wear and flatter everyone. They're also really useful for keeping her warm on a chilly winter day. This unisex infinity scarf in natural sheep fleece hues has been meticulously hand-knitted with indigenous Himalayan sheep wool yarn acquired from the shepherd and handspun by a hand spinning artisan. It is priced at Rs. 1,900.

Bear Hug Backrest


Great for back and spine support the Coozly Backrest Pillow and Backrest Cushion corrects posture and aligns the back. The Backrest Cushion is a versatile backrest pillow that is perfect for reading/working in bed, watching TV, and relieving neck and back pain. Priced at Rs. 2,500, the Coozly Backrest Pillow and Backrest Cushion comes in Royal Blue color and measures 29” in height, 22” in width of the base with an arm height of 16” and length in 19”. The Bearhug Backrest comes in premium quality terrafirm fibres.

Mini Waffle Maker

Get the cute 20-year-old a small waffle maker that's quick and simple to use! This Waffle Iron has nonstick Belgian-style grids that make two 1.1" deep waffles, each measuring 4.07" x 4.92". This superior stainless steel waffle baker is not only easy to clean, but it also looks fantastic in any kitchen and may assist in the preparation of delicious waffles and more! Waffle recipes ranging from basic to gourmet are fun and versatile.

The power and preheat lights on top of the waffle maker indicate when the machine is turned on and when it is hot and ready to use. The Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker, which costs Rs. 3,400, can make her weekends more memorable with hot, delectable waffles.

Fitness Gear


If she enjoys sports and fitness, she might appreciate new athletic attire or gym equipment. A sports watch, such as a running watch, is another option. The Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker can help her track her fitness levels whether she walks, jogs, runs, swims, or participates in sports. With this swim-proof watch, new users can get a year of Fitbit Premium, which includes important tailored insights, all-level workouts, and step-by-step programs to help her eat more nutritious food, sleep better, and complete over 20 goal-based workouts.

She'll be sure to reach her exercise goals with this band, with such specialized instruction motivating her every step of the way! Furthermore, combining 24/7 heart rate with Premium allows her to see when she enters peak, cardio, and fat burn zones depending on her desired heart rate zones, ensuring that she gets the most out of her workout sessions. The Fitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker is priced at INR 7,600.

Bonus Tips: Quirky Ways of Presenting a Gift

Giving a gift and seeing your loved one's reaction might be almost as gratifying as receiving one. It's always a good touch to give your gifts a little extra oomph by thinking about how you'll deliver them. Arriving with an unwrapped gift from the store in a plastic shopping bag screams "I had to buy this gift" or "I picked up this present on the way." To add to the element of surprise, try coming up with ingenious ways to offer your gift. Here are a few unique ideas to spark your imagination... Good luck with your gift-giving!

  • Fake Make - Receiving a wine-bottle-shaped gift that turns out to be exactly that can be boring. A little clever packaging can transform your gift into something quite different. The idea is to make the gift appear less alluring than it is — not the other way around!
  • Treasure Hunt - Instead of handing them a gift-wrapped box, leave a trail that will guide your friend or dear one to the item. Are you feeling exceptionally astute? Make it a full-fledged mystery hunt, with each clue leading to the next. Make the hints, puzzles, or inside jokes that only you and your friend will understand.
  • Surprise Surprise - Your loved one will be on high alert if it's a birthday or anniversary. The key is to astonish them by giving them your present at an unexpected time. Send it to work, wait till the end of the day to catch them off guard, or catch them off guard first thing in the morning.
  • Knock, Knock, Who’s There? Because your buddy or friend will expect the gift to come from you, surprise them. Take them out to dinner and have one of the serving staff deliver the gift. If the recipient is a dog owner, try tying the present to the pet's collar, but keep in mind that the less human the delivery person is, the higher the risk!
  • Decoy - Allow the Sack of Troy to serve as your compass, but this time with a pleasant surprise rather than a war-ending one. Give your buddy a book you know he'll enjoy, but with concert tickets tucked within. Alternatively, tuck a set of earrings inside the pocket of your girlfriend’s lovely new outfit.
  • Balloon Notes - Make a note or a card and cut it into a few too many pieces. Fill a balloon with each item, pump it, tie it, and present it as a balloon bouquet. To read, the recipient must pop all of the balloons and put them together. This is also a great method to offer cash as a present!
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Gift Makeup to Make Her Day

Makeup sets can make for great gifts for girls. This is more so the case with the kits that come with a lot of different items in one. So, if you’re struggling to find presents for a girl, think about whether or not they’re into makeup. If so, it could make for an excellent gift set that they’d love to use.