30 Best Karaoke Speakers to Heat up House Party Sessions(2022)-It's Time to Sing to Your Heart's Content!

30 Best Karaoke Speakers to Heat up House Party Sessions(2022)-It's Time to Sing to Your Heart's Content!

While Bluetooth speakers are a must-have for most modern households, a Karaoke speaker system sets the party ablaze. Here we have compiled a list of affordable but feature-rich Karaoke speakers that can get the party started at home or during a vacation. Let’s get started!

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How to Set Up a Karaoke at Home

You might want to set up a professional karaoke system to practise your singing or maybe just for elevating the party experience at home.

The setup could be a bit complicated at first with the plethora of equipment you need to fix. There are a few things depending on which you will set up the karaoke including your purpose for having a karaoke system. Then there are other questions to be asked such as the budget that you want to spend on the entire karaoke system and so on.

Depending on these factors, you will choose to set up the karaoke system at home or in a professional set up. There are two different ways of setting up a karaoke setup with one being a professional set up wherein you buy all the required equipment. Other one would be DIY set up where you might have a few alternatives to the expensive equipment and everything goes into making a karaoke speaker. Depending upon the budget, purpose, space in your house or studio you will select the karaoke system.

How to Select a Good Karaoke Speaker


This factor also depends on the purpose for which you are setting up the karaoke speaker. For the professional system, you might not want to frequently move the equipment. Most professionals have their own studio to work in. However, if you are setting up the karaoke system at home then the speakers are best portable. It is because you might not always sit at one place and have parties or get together. Therefore, a powerful speaker which is also portable is best suited for such events.

Place of Use

Source vocal.media

Now, most of the karaoke speakers for home purposes are decent when it comes to performance. The professional karaoke set up on the other hand will have every note and beat of the music heard. For a larger setup, you would want to have speakers that come with built-in amplifiers.

Connection Points

The karaoke speakers should come with standard input and output. You might want to connect different devices to the speaker system; therefore, ample input and output should always be considered while buying the system.

Output Power

Depending on the wattage of the speaker, you will get a louder or lower sound. Again the purpose of the speaker is very important when selecting the wattage. You would not want to spend money on higher wattage if your purpose is to use the speaker for the smaller setup. On the other hand, buying a low voltage speaker will not give you the desired result for the professional setup

Top 10 Karaoke Speaker System under 5,000

Here are top 10 Karaoke Speakers under 5000 that you should consider while buying one.

1. Takara T-7106 a Karaoke Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

This is one of the most popular karaoke speakers with its powerful performance within the budget. The speaker system comes with a built-in USB MP3 player for Bluetooth connection. Along with the dual wireless VHF mic and additional wired mic slots for karaoke, the speaker also comes with MIC Echo and MIC echo control. Moreover, this speaker gets the recording function, music volume control, and bass treble control. Carry it anywhere to comfortably play the music for up to 5 hours on a single charge. Takara Karaoke T-1706 is available on Amazon for just Rs. 4,990.

2. Portronics Dash 40W Grey TWS Portable Speaker with Wireless Karaoke Mic, POR-1360

Portronics is one of the most popular brands in the audio system space and this portable speaker takes the legacy ahead. With the wireless karaoke mic, POE-1360 is portable and lightweight for a smooth experience. The seamless experience of the speaker and audio recording feature makes it one of the best karaoke speakers available within the budget. On top of these features, you also get the FM radio and multiple connectivity modes. The device has an aux, memory card slot, USB port and Bluetooth connectivity. With a decent power consumption of up to 40W, this speaker offers one of the best experiences. You can buy this karaoke speaker onmoglix.com for just Rs. 4,236.

3. DZK Sound Box Party Speaker with Karaoke

Source www.amazon.in

The portable, rechargeable speaker from DZK, has everything that you would want in your karaoke speakers. The speaker supports Bluetooth, aux/micro, SD/USB and FM radio modes. Further, the speaker treble is clean and defined and the bass is powerful. You get the wired karaoke mic along with the speaker for singing karaoke night. The carefully designed handle of the speaker ensures that you can carry it wherever you go. Buy this speaker from DZK for bull-bodied and bold sound on Amazon for just Rs. 1,380.

4. DETEL High Power Audio System

Source www.amazon.in

Get the best party experience with the DETEL High Power Audio System with the long-distance bass sound. In the package, you get two speakers with different connectivity modes such as Bluetooth, aux-in, mic, USB and micro SD inputs. Further, the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery runs for hours without the need for frequent charging. The remote is well-built ensuring that you have all the functions in the comfort of your fingers. The included microphones are perfect to kick-start karaoke nights. Packed with all these features, the speaker is available on Amazon for just Rs. 3,333.

5. Boat Partypal 23 15 Watts Party Speaker (Karaoke Supported, Black)

Source www.croma.com

Elevate your karaoke night experience with this Boat Partypal 23 15 Watts Party Speaker. In this speaker, you get awesome sound quality with the bass booster and built-in subwoofer. When it comes to connectivity, there is no dearth of options from Bluetooth to USB, radio and so on. Further, you also get awesome features such as party, light effects, DJ effects and other party modes. The total power output of this karaoke-supported speaker from Boat is 15w. Further, the battery life of the speaker is decent at 4.5 hours. You can buy this speaker on Croma for Rs. 2,499 only.

6. Zoook Rocker Thunder Plus 40

Source www.amazon.in

If you are looking for a speaker that has every fun feature and is karaoke ready, the Zook Thunder Plus could be a good choice. Apart from supporting different modes such as Bluetooth, the party speaker is equally efficient in small and large spaces. The flashing DJ lights, X bass and wireless microphones make it a perfect party and karaoke speaker. Further, you get the remote control with all the function controls making the speaker very easy to control and operate. With its trolley style, the speaker is very easy to carry. You can buy this speaker on Amazon for just Rs. 4,299.

7. OUD Bluetooth Speaker with Mic

Source www.amazon.in

OUD Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker with Mic could be your best bet under the budget. There are various features such as Bluetooth connectivity, and LED flashing lights. Further, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers music streaming of up to 8 hours on a full charge. This wireless speaker comes with an echo and mic for a superior balance of sound in karaoke. This speaker is available for purchase on Amazon for just Rs. 2,499.

8. KRISONS Cylender 4” Double Woofer 30W Multi-Media Bluetooth Party Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

The 30-watt output speaker brings on the maximum performance to the party. The speaker comes with multiple connectivity options like Bluetooth, TF card and FM radio. The portable party speaker comes with various light modes for a lasting visual experience. Moreover, the battery offers the audio output for 4 long hours without any interruptions. You can buy Krisons double woofer on Amazon for just Rs. 1,609.

9. Tronica Dual 6.5″ Thunder Vibra Party Speaker

Tronica Dual Thunder Party speaker perfectly matches the party vibes with its vibrant features. The karaoke-ready speaker comes with two mics and a vivid light effect for the best party environment. Further, the speaker supports all types of media input such as Bluetooth, USB thumb drive, aux devices and so on. On top of these features, you also get a very functional remote for controlling all the functions of the speaker. Going a step further, you can also download the app on your phone and control the speaker with your phone. Buy this speaker on troicaindia.com for just Rs. 4,888.

10.Persang Karaoke Persang Brilliance Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for an immersive audio experience and karaoke-ready speaker, then the Persing Karaoke Brilliance Bluetooth speaker is the best fit for you. Compact in design, the speaker is non-invasive and can be carried anywhere easily. Apart from the soft touch control the speaker also comes with a remote for easy operation. The powerful 3D sounds of the speaker fill the room without being too loud but reaching out to everyone. This speaker is laced with many innovative and patented technologies. You can buy a Persang Karaoke Bluetooth speaker on Flipkart for just Rs. 4,994.

Top 10 Karaoke Speaker under 10000

11. T-Series TR-S6 15 Watt 2.0 Channel Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

One of the most popular names in the music industry, T Series has come up with a high-quality speaker that supports karaoke. The speaker is designed to perform multiple functions with a built-in TF card reader, USB port aux cable, microphone input and Bluetooth. Compatible with the majority of Bluetooth devices, the speaker comes with two karaoke mic and remote control. The small, lightweight and portable speaker let you channel your inner DJ and become the life of the party. You can buy this speaker from T-series on Amazon for just Rs. 6,190.

12.Zoook Rocker Show Stopper 100 Watts Karaoke Bluetooth

Source www.amazon.in

Looking for a top-rated speaker that doubles as a karaoke speaker- then look no further as we got you covered. Zook Rocker show stopper 100 watts karaoke Bluetooth speaker is everything solid performance and fun. Be it the flashing DJ lights or the mic and guitar input, this speaker is a complete package to make your party fun. Further, the speaker has multiple modes enabled to let everyone play the music in any mode they want. Apart from the great performance, the speaker looks very beautiful and could attract everyone’s attention wherever you go. Buy this karaoke-ready speaker from Zook on Amazon for just Rs. 9,999.

13. Gadget Wagon Sonic 8" Bluetooth Trolley Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

A heavy-duty speaker from Gadget Wagon comes with all the desirable features on the side of karaoke compatibility. Loaded with features such as Bluetooth, FM radio, USB support and so on, the speaker is perfect for a party or just a quiet get-together with your near and dear ones. The telescoping rear handle and the wheels make it easy to carry the speaker easily. One of the mightiest features of this speaker is the treble and bass gain controlling circuit built-in professional microphone system. Use Bluetooth streaming, aux, FM radio and so on as this speaker is a complete party package. Buy this speaker from Amazon for just Rs. 7,900.

14. Acoosta Uno - 2000 watt PMPO Speaker

Source tatacliq.com

Acoosta Uno Karaoke ready speaker comes with 14000 pre-loaded songs so that you do not have to worry about the party playlist. The wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with 2 bass ports for extra thump during parties. Further, the fully featured karaoke enables mic control, mic echo and background music volume separately. Further, the voice recording feature lets you record your voice while singing. With Acoosta speaker, you get Bluetooth, and USB/Aux connectivity options. Further, the battery is rechargeable and provides up to 5 hours of run time. You can buy Acoosta karaoke speaker on Tatacliq for just Rs. 6,499.

15. Dlara Karaoke Machine for Adults and Kids

If you are looking for a karaoke supporting speaker that is good for both kids and adults then Dlara Karaoke Machine is a good fit. The speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity with a working range of 33ft which is quite strong. Not only the speaker is designed with advanced noise reduction but also a professional DSP audio processor and an EQ chip for regulating the bass and treble. The battery is powerful enough to give a run time of 4-6 hours. One interesting feature of the speaker is that it doubles up as a working station as you can charge your phone with the help of a USB port. You can buy this karaoke speaker on ubuy.in for just Rs. 8,458.

16. Portronics Dash 12 60W Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker with Wired Karaoke Mic

Portronics Bluetooth party speakers are portable, stylish and have a strong performance. The 60W Dash 12 boombox wireless speaker perfectly keeps up with your party needs as you can play songs and also do karaoke at night. Further, the Dash 12 wireless speaker comes with the TWS feature i.e. you can connect two dash speakers together through Bluetooth and amplify the whole experience. The wired karaoke mic is perfect for house parties that are no fun without karaoke. Further, the multicolour LED lights make up a perfect party mood. Get this Bluetooth speaker from Portronics on nykaafashion.com for just Rs. 7,499.

17. Zebronics ZEB-BT800RUF Tower Speaker with Wired Mic for Karaoke

Source www.amazon.in

This speaker from Zebronics has got pretty good ratings on Amazon for its looks and performance. In Zebronics ZEB-BT800RUF Tower Speaker you get five media controls for every occasion. Further, inbuilt in this speaker is dual 7.5cm, full-range drivers, for powerful bass. For karaoke nights, the speaker comes with a 6.3mm wired mic for the best performance. Stream the songs through your mobile with Bluetooth connectivity and make most of the party night. You can buy this speaker on Amazon for just Rs. 5,099.

18. kh Karaoke Portable Trolley Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

kh Karaoke Portable Trolley karaoke speaker comes with powerful audio performance and a long-lasting battery to make your karaoke night a perfect one. The wireless mic that comes with this speaker is perfect for hosting the party as well as karaoke. Even if you want to take the party outdoors, the portable speaker is very easy to carry and set up anywhere you want it to. While playing the songs, you would not have to worry about the battery running out as the trolly comes with a 6-hour battery capacity. In the pack, you get the speaker, mic, charger and remote. Buy this powerful speaker on Amazon for just Rs. 9,990.

19.kh Persang Karaoke Octane 8 inch Trolley Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

Persang speakers are known for their powerful performance and light on the pocket. The Persang karaoke octane 8 inch trolley Bluetooth speaker comes in-built with the latest technology promising maximum performance. Apart from Bluetooth and other connectivity options, the karaoke mic delivers a powerful performance. Further, features such as mic echo control, mic priority switch and mic volume control make the entire karaoke experience even more enjoyable. You can buy this speaker on Amazon for just Rs. 8,900.

20. Portable Karaoke Machine for Adults Kids - Bluetooth

Source www.amazon.in

T angxi portable karaoke machines are suitable for all ages to have fun. Perfect for all kinds of occasions, these speakers come with multi-function and can achieve a full range of stereo reproduction. You get features such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB/memory card and audio recording features. There are multiple sound effects such as classical music, treble, rock music and so on to select from. Buy this speaker on Amazon for just Rs. 8,332.

Best Premium Karaoke Speakers

21. Sony MHC-V02 with LED Light & Karaoke Bluetooth Party Speaker (Black, 2.0 Channel)

Sony is one of the most recognized global brands in the entertainment device industry and rightly so. SONY MHC-V02 with LED Light & Karaoke Bluetooth Party Speaker is another gem from this company. What makes this speaker a powerful audio system are the features such as angled tweeters, jet bass boosters option for controlling the settings and so on. The Bluetooth speaker enables the option of connecting a microphone and a guitar for karaoke nights. Sony karaoke-ready speaker is available on Flipkart for just Rs. 15,990.

22. Earise T26 Portable PA System Bluetooth Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

In the premium category of karaoke supporting speakers, Earise T26 Portable PA System Bluetooth Speaker is a shining name. Take your party anywhere you go with the HD stereo sound quality underlined with stronger and more balanced bass. Further, the speaker is laced with the technology of segregating the high and low-pitched sound. Remote control, chargeable battery, and multiple audio modes are other features making this speaker a good buy. Get this speaker from Earise on Amazon for just Rs. 14,469.

23.Costzon Portable 1600W 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System,

If you are looking to have a professional setup with the karaoke speakers then Costzon Portable 1600W 2-Way Powered PA Speaker System could be a worthwhile choice. 8 Ohm impedance and 98-decibel sensitivity make this speaker perfect for the parties in the larger space as well. The all-in-one speaker system comes with remote control and mic making karaoke a fun experience. You can buy this speaker on ubuy.co.in for just Rs. 27,538.

24. Truvision TV-333BT 2.0 Multimedia Speaker Remote Control,

Truvision TV-333BT 2.0 Multimedia Speaker has a classic finish with premium wood body. However, it is not just the appearance of this speaker that earns it a place in the premium category. With the output of 200 watts, the speaker is perfect for both personal and professional events. Multiple audio options such as Bluetooth, FM and karaoke among others are also desirable features. For the ease of use you get one cordless mic, remote control and aux wire along with the two speakers. You can buy this speaker on Flipkart for just Rs. 15,990.

25. Sony SRS-XG500 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

Source shopatsc.com

Sony SRS-XG500 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker is a big performance packed in the compact speaker. This karaoke-ready speaker is water resistant and dustproof and has a lasting battery of up to 30 hours. In just 3 minutes, the speaker will charge enough to run for 3 hours. Powerful sound, handle for easy portability, and X balanced speaker unit are a few other features that make this Sony speaker a good option for both indoor and outdoor events. You can buy this speaker on shopatsc.com for just Rs. 32,990.

26. LG XBoom OK55 Party Speaker (Black)

Source www.croma.com

The LG OK55 Party speaker comes with an amazing audio experience on the back of a powerful battery. One of the most unique features of this speaker is that up to three people can connect to the speaker at a time. Interesting features such as karaoke recording, party thruster, DJ Loop and multi-colour party lighting make this speaker worth the consideration. Use it as a speaker, karaoke recording machine or FM radio depending on the occasion and your mood. You can get this speaker on croma.com for just Rs. 24,490.

27. Whitesquare Handled Wired/Wireless Karaoke System

Source www.croma.com

A cute-looking karaoke speaker with a powerful performance makes Whitesquare Handled Wired/Wireless Karaoke System worth a try. The mono speaker comes with various connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB, SD card and so on. Along with the speaker, you get two wireless mics, a remote and a keypad remote. One of the top features of this speaker is 17,00,000+ hours of the latest online content with the best apps like MX Player, Hotstar, Zee5, Sony LIV, Voot, etc. The speaker is available on croma.com for just Rs. 24,999.

28. Samsung Sound Tower T70 2.0 Channel 1500 Watts Party Speaker

Source www.croma.com

As the name suggests, the tower speaker from Samsung is loaded with some of the most powerful features such as bi-directional sound, LED lights based on different moods, connectivity to multiple sound towers and so on. Further, the speaker also comes with the karaoke mode for those fun-filled get-togethers at home. Samsung Sound Tower T70 comes with Bluetooth connectivity and is water resistant. The speaker is available on croma.com for just Rs. 32,990.

29.Octane-9 Inbuilt Karaoke 50 Watt trolley Bluetooth Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

Octane-9 Inbuilt Karaoke can stream karaoke directly from the mobile device and TV. Further, the recording feature of the speaker lets you record and share the audio for a better experience. On top of these features, the speaker also comes with SD card of 2087 karaoke songs. Multi-audio supported, this speaker is easy to carry along to any party and easy to operate through remote control. Get this karaoke speaker on Amazon for just Rs. 26,505.

30. Sony MHC-V43D High Power Audio System with Bluetooth Technology(Karaoke ,Gesture Control, Party Light)

Source shopatsc.com

Sony MHC-V43D High Power Audio System is truly an innovation in its category. Apart from the Karaoke-ready speaker, features such as gesture control and party lights make it even more interesting. The high-efficiency mid–horn speakers on the front and back enable better distribution of sound with clarity and power. Moreover, the tapered bass reflex duct structure focuses all the flow on the airflow of the bass sound. Get the ambience of live music festival with the in-built DSP technology in the speaker. Moreover, DSSE helps in enhancing the quality of the compressed audio files. You can buy this speaker on shopatsc.com for just Rs. 38,990.

Commonly Asked Questions about Karaoke Speaker

1. Can I Use Soundbar for Karaoke

Source www.amazon.in

The short answer to this would be Yes, soundbars can be used for karaoke. However, it is often not the best option because most of the sound bars will not have the mic option. There is no specific reason as the manufacturers think that you would not need one. Moreover, soundbars are not the best choice for the professional set up as well. To connect the mic, karaoke mixer is the most preferred option. Karaoke mixers offer the option to connect your mic and also connect to the soundbars.

2. How to Set Up a Karaoke Speaker

Setting up a karaoke speaker might seem to be something that requires huge effort at first. However, knowing all the components, cables and their functions helps a great deal. In any speaker, make sure that you locate the ports correctly and that the karaoke machine is plugged into the receiver and speaker correctly. Set up the microphone and test the sound as well as lightning. These are the broad areas that you need to take care of and set up the karaoke speaker.

3. Can I Use Home Theatre Speakers for Karaoke

Yes, karaoke system can be set up with a home theatre but there would be a lot of efforts to be made with all the cable and stuff. Equipment such as RCA cables, karaoke machine and other such things should be kept handy before setting up the home theatre.

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