Hunting for a Perfect Corporate Look? Take a Look at This Best Formal Shirts & Pants for Men (2022)

Hunting for a Perfect Corporate Look? Take a Look at This Best Formal Shirts & Pants for Men (2022)

Formal wear helps ease the tension of making that all-important first impression by perfecting your professional approach. Associates in the business world tend to take your views more seriously when you are dressed in formal attire and polished in every sense of the word. Hence, we are here with the Best Brands of Formal Wear in 2022.

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Looking Professional with the Right Formal Wear

Following a formal dress code at the workplace helps in creating lasting impressions. It can change how your colleagues view you and help you earn respect. An acceptable corporate attire can also showcase your high levels of professionalism and establish your reputation. Dapper formal wear can help you increase rapport with others and clients too.

Power dressing to work can help in enhancing credibility and help command respect among sub-ordinates. You must choose a proper set of clothes to wear to work. There are several brands to choose from, making choosing difficult for you. We have discussed some of the best shirt and trousers brands for you.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Formal Dress

The Colours

One of the primary factors to consider when choosing formal attire is the colour of the shirt and trousers. The colour of your shirt must match that of your pants. Ideally, you must pair a light-coloured shirt with dark-coloured trousers. Also, consider the occasion for wearing the dress. If it is for a client meeting, you must choose the colour accordingly.

Ensure Proper Fitting

When you are wearing formals, ensure they fit well too. Too tight or too loose attire can be an eyesore at the workplace. While tailored clothes can be an option, several brands provide several dapper options for you. You must only know the size of the shirt and trousers suitable for you.

The Design

The design of the clothes you wear to the workplace is equally important. You can wear striped shirts that can add to your style. The formal wear must ensure a sharp look and add to your sophistication. The prints are another factor to consider. While off-beat combinations can work on weekends, don't choose them for your official meetings.

Your Confidence

Your armour for the workplace is your attire. You must wear comfortable clothes that can help to spruce up your confidence levels. It provides the feel-good factor that will help you perform better. It can also make your colleagues and seniors notice, enhancing your self-esteem.

Proper Etiquette

There may be special occasions at the workplace that requires you to pay special attention. There are several options before you, but you must choose the attire from the best brands. Your shirt and trousers form the foundation of your formal attire. An elegant dress will help you to express yourself adequately.

Best Formal Shirt Brands for Men: Pick to Fit Your Style

Van Heusen

The Van Heusen brand is known for its elegant design and impressive fittings. A sturdy collar adds to your professional outlook. You can choose from a vibrant range, covering chequered shirts or dapper white ones. The collars can be straight or band. These brands have elegant patterns, including striped, printed, solid, self-design, and checked. The magnificent designs provide the ideal choice for professional wear at the office or during client visits. The fabric is usually Polyester, Blended, Cotton, Stretch, etc. The shirts come in different sizes suited for all men.

You can choose this blue full-sleeved shirt from Van Heusen. The shirt provides the sophistication needed to complement your competence at work. It is made from cotton and can be worn to client meetings. It is of comfortable fit and has regular cuffs and collar too. The shirt is available in sizes 38, 40,42, 44, 46, and 48. Van Heusen Blue Shirt is available at Rs.1,784 on the company website.


Arrow is a globally renowned menswear brand. It produces the best formal attire for men and is known for its style and class. Men can choose from various print options, like soft solids, striped, textured, colour blocked, blocks, patterned, checked, etc. They can be full or short-sleeved too. It provides the ideal blend of style and comfort and pays additional attention to the cuffs. It can come in different fabric options, like linen, cotton, polyester, or rayon. The plackets can be regular, concealed or French.

You can choose this solid formal fit regular shirt from Arrow. It is blue and has a spread collar. The shirt is full-sleeved and a regular fit too. It is made of cotton and has a full placket length. The shirt is available in sizes 38, 39, 40, 42, 44, 46, and 48. Arrow Men Solid Regular Fit Formal Shirt is available at Rs.1,999 at the Lifestyle Stores website.

Peter England

Peter England is a renowned formal shirt brand in the Indian market. It has a standardised quality and elegant shirts. Their products are the best complement to your capabilities at your workplace. You can have a variety of products ranging from slim to regular fit. There is a variety of prints and patterns too. The shirts are available in different sizes, like regular, slim, super slim, nuvo, athletic, etc. The collars can be buttoned down, regular or band. The shirts are available at several online stores. It is available in sizes 36, 38, 39, 40, 42, 44, 46, and 48.

You can choose this blue, full-sleeved, checked formal shirt. It is made from 100% cotton and has regular cuffs. The shirt is of slim fit and is available in different sizes from 38 through 46. The user will have the sharp looks that are needed in professional life. Peter England Men Blue Full Sleeves Formal Shirt is available at Rs.1,599 on the Peter England website.

Louis Philippe

The Louis Philippe is another brand that Indian men commonly prefer. The shirts are elegant and can help you stand out in a crowd. It is an international brand that provides different fitting types. The products are available in super-slim, classic, slim, regular, and comfort fits. The shirts also come in various patterns, like printed, checked, solid, patterned, striped, Jacquard and dotted. They are available in sizes 38, 39, 40, 42, 44, 46, and 48. You can also have regular, band and buttoned-down collars like other brands. There is a wide variety of colors and sizes that appeals to all men.

You can choose this formal grey shirt that exudes confidence in users' minds. It is full-sleeved and made from 100% cotton. This solid design shirt has a classic fit with regular cuffs and collar. This shirt is bound to provide you with an edge over your colleagues. Louis Philippe Grey Shirt is available at Rs.2,999 on the brand website.

Tommy Hilfiger


The Tommy Hilfiger brand is known globally for its premium fabric. It comes with innovative formal shirts that form the ideal attire for the workplace. The cuffs come in various designs, and there are different colors and patterns. The sharp designs deserve to be a part of your wardrobe, and there is a clear focus on the buttons. You can choose from various shirt patterns, like striped, checked, floral, solid and printed. The shirts are usually made of cotton. They provide premium value and style to their users.

You can choose this blue cotton shirt from the Ajio website. The shirt has a slim fit and is full-sleeved too. The brand also has a collection of other garments for men. The soft-colored products, sturdy collars, and attractive cuffs provide the best professional looks. This Tommy Hilfiger Organic Cotton Slim Fit Shirt is priced at Rs.1,776 on the Ajio website.

Park Avenue

The Park Avenue brand is owned by Raymond and is also counted among the best menswear brands for formal wear in the country. The brand is known for its value for money formal shirts. The fabric is smooth and provides comfort to the user. The brand offers a collection of the best and most durable shirts for professionals. The shirts are available in different vibrant colors. You can also choose from slim, skinny, regular and contemporary fit.

This textured blue shirt is one of the options before you. The shirt has stiff collars and cuffs that separate its products from its peers. The shirt can provide the added elegance and confidence you will need before your client meets. The Park Avenue Blue Textured Formal Shirt is available for Rs.1,040 on the Nykaa fashion website.

Best Formal Pants For Men: Comfort and Style Together

Van Heusen


Van Heusen is a premier brand for men's wear in the country. We have already listed the brand for its elegant formal shirts, and it has a wide range of formal trousers. The products are known for their affordability and comfort. The fabric's breathability and clarity in the finish and cut are some of its other characteristics. The trousers are available in different shades and fits, like ultra-slim, regular, slim, comfort and skinny. The trousers are available in different patterns like solid, checked, textured, striped, and printed. They are also available as pleated or flat front.

You can choose this pair of dark grey solid Formal Trousers from Van Heusen. It is elegant and matches your personality. It is of slim fit and can be machine washed. It is available in multiple sizes, from sizes 30 through 38. The size 32 pair of trousers is available at Rs. 1,007 on Amazon.



The Arrow brand is renowned globally for its American style trousers. The range is brilliant, and you get trousers of different types of fit, shades and patterns. They are made from 100% cotton, and many of them can double up as casual wear too. Many of the trousers have a tapered fit and looks stylish. The trousers are elegant and decent for you. The trousers can be tapered, regular, tailored fit, etc. The patterns can be solid, textured, patterned, etc.

There are several options including this Auto Flex Pair of Trousers from Arrow. It has a flat front if you don't prefer pleats. It has a tailored fit and has a solid design. The trouser is available in four colors: charcoal, dark grey, light grey, and navy. It is woven and has a regular fit. The light grey pant is available at Rs.1,038 on Amazon.

Louis Phillippe

Louis Philippe provides a brilliant collection of formal trousers for men. You can wear them to work and improve your personality. It can also double up as partywear at times. They are available in different shades and patterns. They are stylish and raise to the mid-waist. The elegant trousers can be ultra-slim, slim, super slim, comfort, classic, or regular fit. The trousers can be textured, solid, dotted, printed, and striped.

You can choose this Navy Trousers from Louis Philippe. The formal trousers have a slim fit and a solid pattern. It has a flat front, and the fabric is made of polyester, elastane, and viscose. It is available in different sizes from 30 through 38. The pair of trousers can be worn with any light-colored shirt of different shades and patterns. It is available at Rs.1,299 on the brand website.


The Blackberrys has several decades of experience in the industry and is among the renowned brands for menswear. They are famous for their seamless finishes and elegance that can improve your personality. The trousers are priced in various bands, and you can choose one depending on your budget. The trousers are available in different patterns, like dobby, checked, structured, striped and solid. They are available in arise, phoenix, tapered fit.

Men find this phoenix fit navy pair of trousers suitable for client meetings. It has slanted pockets and a flat front. It also has a top button closure and a zip fly. The fabric is of premium quality, and it is made from a mix of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. It has a low rise and can be gently washed. Macian Formal Skinny Fit Trouser from Blackberrys is priced at Rs. 1,317 on the brand website.

Park Avenue

The Park Avenue brand has it's allegiance from the house of Raymond. It is among the top menswear brands in the country. The brand provides timeless classic designs that enhance your professional style. The elegant trousers from the brand are luxurious, and there is no compromise on quality. The trousers are available in various shades, fits and patterns. The products are textured, solid, checked, stripes, and self-design. They are available in skinny, slim, relaxed, tapered, and straight fit. The waist rise of the trousers can be low, mid, and high.

One of the options for you is this regular fit, dark blue pair of trousers. It has a mid-rise and has a solid pattern. This pair of trousers can give an uplift to your corporate attire. You can pair any light-colored shirt with this pair of trousers. It is available in sizes 30 through 44. It is made from a blend of rayon and terylene. This Park Avenue Dark Blue Regular Fit Trouser is available for Rs.1,319 on the Tata Cliq website.

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