Take the Guesswork Out of Finding the Best Gift for Your Mom. Here are 10 Handpicked Gifts for Mom from Her Son She Won't Forget (2019)

Take the Guesswork Out of Finding the Best Gift for Your Mom. Here are 10 Handpicked Gifts for Mom from Her Son She Won't Forget (2019)

Moms are the superwomen in our lives that we don't even notice. They nurture us, guide us and support us at every turn. She expects nothing in return, but some appreciation will melt her. So if you are looking for gifts for your mom that a son can give then you are at the right place. BP Guide India has curated a fantastic list of gifting ideas that will thrill your mom.

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How To Pick The Best Birthday Gift For Mom?

Give Her Something Related To Her Profession/Work

It is time to make an impression on your mom now that you are all grown up. You should consider such birthday gift ideas for mom from son which are related to her work. For example, if she is in the corporate sector, then gift her something formal. If your mom is a homemaker, then you can give her something that she needs at home. It will be so refreshing to your mom to see how thoughtful you are towards her.

Draw Her Attention Towards The Recent Trends

Introduce your mom to recent technology as a gift on her birthday. This can be a smartwatch or even the Kindle. In fact, you can even give her a brand new smartphone too which is going to be a fantastic idea to help her understand modern technology.

Give Her A New Hobby Through Your Gift

If your mom has reached an age where she is entirely free from her duties, then you need extra care while planning the birthday gift for mom. The idea is pretty simple, you need to give her such gift which can inspire her to find a new hobby in life. Gifts like sketching kit, knitting kit, typewriters etc. are great for sparking new interest in her. In this way, she will be able to utilize her free time effectively.

10 Birthday Gift Ideas For Mom From Son

An Amazing Coat That Goes With Everything

Source www.shein.in

Women in India, especially moms, usually wear sarees and suits on day to day basis. The usual jackets and blazers do not look that good on them and hence you need to think out of the box here.

You can pick an evergreen and ever stylish coat for your mom as a birthday gift. To help you, we found a brown suede layered wrap coat for her. The coat has knee length and it is going to look perfectly fine over sarees and suits.
Brown colour looks good on all attires and the trench coat is actually quite stylish too. It has an elegant waterfall collar and solid texture with no unnecessary prints and designs. The simplicity of this coat is its plus point. Buy this superb coat for your mom on Shein.in for Rs. 1080.

A Piece of Jewellery

If budget is no bar, then we got the most perfect gift you can give to your mom as a son. This one is a pendant available in white gold. The beautiful pendant is called the mother’s embrace and you cannot find something more suitable than this on your mom’s birthday.

The beautiful pendant is studded with diamonds all around in heart shape. While in the middle of it, you can see a mother embracing her son which is created in gold. The stunning design is going to make your mom emotional but it is something which really explains how much you love your mom. The chain is not included with this package, but you can find it separately if you want. Grab this really meaningful and stunning piece of creation on Bluestone.com for Rs. 17,669.

Customized Photo Collage

As we always say, personalized gifts for mom or anyone else are the best form of gifts you can give to them. So, we found a really nice personalized gift here which is a picture collage. This is actually a mix of collage and wall clock and the idea looks really beautiful too. Your mom can use this wall clock for her bedroom. The pictures fixed in it will always remind her of you and all the happy memories she has had with you and other family members.

All you have to do here is upload 9 quality pictures of your mom with all the family members or solo pictures of her. 8 pictures will be used for the frame around the clock while 1 picture will be customized inside the clock itself. You can personalize and buy this gift on Regalocasila.com for Rs. 1225.

Handmade Greeting Card

If you are tight on budget or you are planning to give something homemade to your mom, then a greeting card might come as an easy choice. Although it sounds easy, it requires quite a creative mind and patience to make greeting cards on your own. Especially when it comes to your mom’s birthday, you would not want to make any mistakes. So, make sure that you gather all the stuff required for it.

You can find various designs and ideas on the internet or you can simply look for it on Pinterest. If you are a complete beginner at creative works, then you can keep things simple or you can also buy handmade cards online too. However, you should better try making it. This might take you days, but eventually, it will be all worth doing for your mom.

A Long Lasting Perfume

Source www.amazon.in

The next one here in the list of birthday gift ideas for mom from son is a nice perfume. A quality perfume which is long lasting enough makes a perfect gift for anyone. We picked Skinn Nude Eau De Parfum by Titan for your mom which is specially created for women only. It comes in a nice fancy bottle and the packaging is suitable for travel purpose too. The fragrance of this perfume is quite feminine, yet subtle enough. They used the notes of lychee and raspberry and blended them with rose petals and super hedione to create the perfect fragrance that it has. As base notes, sandalwood, tonka beans, firmenich musk and firewood are used to provide the long-lasting effect. Buy this perfume on Amazon.in for Rs. 1749.

Beautiful Saree

Generally, guys are so bad in picking clothing for women. If you do not want to make any mistakes while picking a saree for your mom, then we have a perfect recommendation for you.

Here you have this gorgeous half and half saree in pink and olive green colour. This is a pure Banarasi silk saree which is definitely one of the classiest saree types ever. This saree is perfect for festivals and all types of functions as it has this regal appeal and nice work on it. Especially, the pallu of this saree is quite heavy with golden embroidery all over it, along with special kutch embroidery on the border. The saree also comes with a pink silk blouse piece too. This saree is available for purchase on Snapdeal.com for Rs. 6295.


A smartwatch for the mommy who is super tech-savvy is like the match made in heaven. But this time, it is not completely in tech-look. We found a hybrid smartwatch for your mom which looks just like a normal watch but has so many features in it. Manufactured by popular watch brand, Fossil, this one comes in a beige colour band and white circular dial. The blended analogue design is definitely a winner here. The watch is compatible with Android as well as iPhone and notifies you about all your smartphone notifications. Other features of this watch include clicking picture, text and email, music control, sleep and step tracking etc. The smart women of current time totally deserve this smartwatch. You can buy this Fossil hybrid smartwatch on Myntra.com for Rs. 11995.

A Nice Book

One of the best gifts for mothers birthday from a son is the compilation of all the feelings that he wanted to say but for some reason couldn’t. So, we found a book for the same which is called “What A Son Needs from His Mom” by Cheri Fuller. Sometimes the equation between a mom and a son can be confusing and complicated. However, the bond always remains unbreakable no matter what.
But if you want your mom to understand you better, this book is the deal maker here. This is such a unique and emotional gift to give your mom. But it will eventually strengthen the bond between you two. There are so many beautiful instances in the book which describes the beauty of a mother and a son relationship. You can buy it on Flipkart.com for Rs. 819.

An Elegant Handbag

Source www.amazon.in

When in doubt, always go for a handbag especially when you are shopping for your mom and sis. Women just love handbags which are spacious enough to carry a bazillion things they need on an everyday basis. So, we picked a tote bag from Caprese for your mom. It comes in a beige colour which is literally the most common and loved colour out of all. This colored bag also goes well with all attires too.

The faux leather tote bag has a single compartment which is quite big enough but luckily it comes with organizing pockets inside. This will help your mom to keep the small stuff in these pockets like keys, pen drive, smartphone etc. The bag is quite simple and has a slight tassel detailing on its handles. You can buy this cute tote bag from Amazon.in for Rs. 1445.

Sunglasses For The Chic Mom

The chic mom who is always travelling for either work or leisure definitely needs a nice sunglasses too. And if you are confused that which one is going to look trendy enough then we have a perfect recommendation for you.

We picked these John Jacobs tortoise grey full rim wayfarer sunglasses for your mom. It features a slight cat-eye effect which is very feminine and appealing too. These sunglasses are big enough to provide complete protection to your eyes and, of course, they are super trendy too. These sunglasses are fashionable and chic and most importantly great for sunny days. You can also choose different colours for this type if you want. Grab this cool sunglasses on Lenskart.com for Rs. 4500.

Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas for Mom

If you are that lazy guy who completely forgot about his mom’s birthday, then you really need to sharpen your memory. Anyway, now you need some good enough last minute birthday gift ideas for mom from son so that you can make it up to her. We are here to help you out and you can check out the ideas given right below for the same.

Woo Her With Last Minute Cooking

Women are crazy about DIYs, no matter what relation you share with her. So, you should better go for some homemade birthday gift ideas for mom from son. We know it sounds kind of impossible, but you would have to cook for her. This is going to be super stressful as you will be cooking for someone who is already a pro in it. However, this time, it is not about the taste, but about your efforts to make it special on your mom’s birthday. Make sure to cook her favourite food only.

A Spa Booking

Your mom keeps on working throughout the year and despite that, she manages her work and home beautifully. But it is the time that you set her free on her birthday to enjoy the day in a relaxed manner.
It is time to book a spa appointment for your mommy. She has done so much for you and your sibling(s) and you should better return the favour. An elaborated spa booking would be such a relaxed experience for her for sure.

Impromptu Dinner with Her Besties

Best gifts are those which are really unexpected. So, plan an impromptu dinner party for your mom and invite all her friends for it. Try to reach out to as many people as possible so that your mom can have all her friends by her side on her special day. This is the best you can do as your last minute gift for your mom.

Gift Card for the Help

We have already mentioned about making a birthday card on your own for your mom. However, it would be impossible to do so in the last moment, so you should rather buy a beautiful greeting card from a nearby store. This is one of the most basic birthday gift ideas for mom from son and you better not forget about it at least.

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Gifts that are meaningful and special

It might not be every day that your mom gets acknowledged for all she does for you and the family as a whole. Look for gifts that have your personal touch to make it more meaningful. In the busy rush of our lives, we often forget to express our innermost feelings to our loved ones. So add a personal note or say out your feelings if you can so she knows she is appreciated and loved.