Shopping on Instagram? Check Out These Instagram Stores of Dresses That Have the Very Best of New and Classic Styles

Shopping on Instagram? Check Out These Instagram Stores of Dresses That Have the Very Best of New and Classic Styles

Instagram is not just a selfie-and foodgasm platform anymore. With amazing collections, stores these days, which have a wide following on Instagram, offer clothes, accessories and so much more at affordable prices! So, ditch your online hunting and check out these Instagram stores of dresses.

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What is Instagram Shopping?

The spread of Covid 19 has restricted most of us within our homes and we have had not a lot to do for fun other than watching movies on Netflix. Well, here is something different you can explore if you are keen on shopping and want to look beyond the regular e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Yes, there is a new way to shop online and that is via Instagram stores. You may think Instagram is just another social media site but for some time now it has become one of the major ways to discover the latest trends in fashion, and also buy from amazing influencers, niche/boutique stores or even large brands.

Let us understand Instagram shopping a little more in detail.

  • An Instagram shop is a customisable store which lets people shop from within the app.
  • People can shop directly on business profile pages.
  • The product tags on the page highlights the products from the catalogue.
  • It has a product focused page that shows all the information of an item you like.
  • One can buy products securely through Facebook pay without having to leave the app and buy inspiring looks straight from the creators.

How to Start Shopping from Instagram?

If you love using Instagram then you must have landed on posts in your feed that have shopping bag icons on the lower left-hand corner. This shows the Instagram feature and through this, you can easily buy hundreds of brands from all around the world. Buying from Instagram using the shop feature is very easy, you simply click on the product name and check out the description page and either buy it immediately or save it for later. You can also buy some products without having to leave the app and some take you directly to the website from where you can buy it like from any other e-commerce site.

Here are the steps you can follow if you are new to this.

  • Start with launching Instagram on your smartphone.
  • Type in@shop in the search bar.
  • Go through the @shop feed and check out the things you like. You can also search for specific things from another account through the shopping bag icon on the lower left-hand corner of the post.
  • Click on the pic to see the item name and price and select it if you like it.
  • You can also select the size and color of the item of your choice and once done click on "Proceed to checkout".
  • If this is the first time you are trying to shop via Instagram then the app will ask you to enter your contact, address and credit card details.
  • Next, you click on "Place order" and get a mail regarding your order on your email.
  • You will also find websites that you can visit and look through other products available with them and choose from them.

8 Top Instagram Stores for Dresses You'll Fall in Love With

Here are 8 top Instagram stores that you can check out if you want to buy a cool dress for yourself to wear when the lockdown ends to party with your friends

Bombay Closet Cleanse

The Bombay Closet Cleanse is a very popular page on Instagram. It is a woman-run thrift and consignment store that brings fashion to your doorstep. They get their outfits from resellers and donors from across the world and make them available for you. They believe that throwing outfits in the trash does no good to the environment but letting others use it can make their life a lot happier. They collaborate with different brands, upcycle the products and create some funky pieces. You can check out their website to see their collection or visit their page on Instagram. This beautiful Vera Moda Animal Print Dress might interest you. It is made with polyester and you can buy it from from Rs. 850.

Copper Boom Vintage

Copper Boom Vintage is another very well-known page on Instagram which has some of the best dresses online. They are known to recycle clothes with style and have some of the best handpicked collections that you can buy right from Instagram. This elegant dark blue dress with gold details can make head turns as soon as you walk in the door. The dress is available for Rs. 1099 on here.


If you are into stylish outfits then you will like shop_e_24 on Instagram. The page not only has some of the cutest dresses but has a stylish clothing line for men as well. They deliver throughout India as well as around the world and offer COD as well which makes buying from them safer. If you want to buy a cute pink dress for your daughter this summer without spending too much money on it then you can check out this gorgeous embroidered dress for Rs. 850 only from here.


Another great store on Instagram that has some of the best-looking dresses. The page offers great outfits with discounts you can't deny. You can buy a cool dress this summer for the whole family from missa and chill out in style. Check out this smoking Hot Slit Midi Dress available for Rs. 1,899. The cool minty green dress with puff sleeves gathered bust and smocked waist will keep you the centre of attraction in a crowd. The thigh-high slit on the dress enhances its beauty. You can buy the dress from the website or from their Instagram page directly.

the Style Hive_

The name "thestylehive" says it all.  The page has some of the coolest dresses you can find on Instagram.  They are trendy and have more than 5000 followers which makes them very popular and in demand.  The dresses available with them can be worn at a party or to a beach with friends.  You can check out this Sexy Denim Dress for Rs. 2,350 and choose to pay when it arrives at your doorstep.  


burger.bae, yes the name might sound a little weird but you would be surprised to see their cool collections on Instagram or on their website.  The brand is known for creating the 90s look all over again.  You'll know what we mean when you check out this crop hoodie available on the Website for Rs. 1,045.  They are one of the brands that are environmentally friendly and plant a tree for every order they get so, here is a cause that might encourage you to shop from them. is an online thrift shop that brings back the 60s, 70s and 80s style back in your closet. The brand believes that buying thrifted or second-hand clothing lets you do your bit for Earth. Creating synthetic fibres like polyester uses up a lot of energy therefore buying it from this brand is an eco-friendly way of being in style. The brand offers a 14-day exchange and return for you to comfortably decide what you like. This Catina Dress is one such piece available with the brand for Rs. 1,299. It is an 80s inspired dress in black colour with multicolour dotted print. The v neckline makes it look elegant and stylish. You can buy this dress directly from the website or from the Instagram page easily.


in.urbansuburban was founded by three sisters in 2017.  The brand brings some of the best Indian and western clothes right to your doorstep. The clothes offered by the brand are unique and comfortable and can be worn by women of all ages. Check out this elegant and comfortable abstract print dress which is perfect during the hot summers of India.  You can buy it for Rs. 2,899 from the Website and have a blast on a beach with elegance.

Things to Consider Before Buying from Instagram

So, now that you know 8 best Instagram store for dresses you can visit the pages and start shopping but before that read on to shop safely.

  • You will find stores from across the world on Instagram but it is always a good choice to buy from local sellers to get some good deals.
  • The only way of buying dresses online is to check out their pictures so make sure you choose a brand that posts clear images of their products to avoid disappointment later on.
  • Search for the product name/company name before finalizing your buy. If you find a red flag then stay away from it.
  • Try to buy from a brand posting on Instagram with a website as well. Check to see if the URL has "https" not "http" because the "S" stands for secure.
  • Always check the terms and conditions of shipping and return/exchange policies before buying from a brand online.
  • Lastly check the reviews.
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