Best Diwali Gifts in Low Price: 10 Budget Gifts You Can Buy Online and Where to Find Great Diwali Offers in 2019

Best Diwali Gifts in Low Price: 10 Budget Gifts You Can Buy Online and Where to Find Great Diwali Offers in 2019

Make the most of the festive sales and land the best Diwali deals this year. The secret to staying within budget is not just shopping at sales but being prepared for when they begin. Find here the best Diwali gifts in low price, get the sweetest deals online and learn how to take the most advantage of Diwali offers.

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Why Exchanging Diwali Gifts is Popular Amongst Indians?

People Convey Their Love and Respect Through Gifts

Diwali is celebrated with utmost enthusiasm in India and gifts are an important part of our culture. The ritual of exchanging gifts has been present over the ages and continues to stay with us. It is popular as people can convey their respect as well as love to each other through it. It is indeed a great way of expressing your affection and conveying your regards on this famous festival. As the festival entails celebration, gifting something cheerful and useful is a great idea. What you gift others on Diwali says a lot about you and therefore you should carefully select the gift.

Helps in Social Bonding

Gifts are a great way of bonding with your friends and family. In the busy lifestyle that we lead these days, it can get really difficult to barely stay in touch. It is special festivals like Diwali that bring us all closer. Exchanging gifts with each other acts as a great way of keeping up in this fast pace of life. The gift you give helps the receiver in remembering you and it is all about the thought behind that gift. Some of the popular gifting options are diyas and lamps and decorative pieces for the home. You should always go for quality products while choosing the gifts.

Diwali Gifts Serve as a Symbol of Prosperity and Good Luck

Diwali witnesses the worship of Goddess Laxmi. The Goddess is symbolic of good luck, wealth and prosperity. It is often believed that worshiping Goddess Laxmi eliminates misfortune. Giving a gift on the occasion of Diwali is symbolic of prosperity. When you gift your relatives and friends during this festival, it signifies that you wish good luck for them. After all, festivals are about good vibes and love. Share your good wishes and spread positivity by giving a good gift to your dear ones. Show them that you wish all the happiness and good things for them in life.

Tips to Find Cost-Savvy Diwali Gifts

Keep an Eye on Diwali Offers and Sales

With Diwali comes the ordeal of finding the right gift for your loved ones. You certainly have a lot of relatives and friends whom you wish and it can get a little difficult to stay on budget while doing so. To find an affordable gift for Diwali, you should make the most of Diwali offers as well sale. You will certainly get good deals right before the festivals. In fact, a lot of popular online stores put their products on sale before Diwali. It is worth to keep a track of it and also notify yourself to avail best discounts. You might just end up saving a lot of money that you would have spent otherwise.

Homemade or DIY Gifts Can Cut Down Your Expenses

Looking for ways to save up on Diwali gifts? Go for DIY gifts or make a larger batch of homemade sweets and savories and distribute those! That’s right. Giving DIY gifts is not only super sweet but it is also easy on the pocket. The supplies that you need for making a DIY gift cost too less than some gift that you might buy otherwise. Moreover, DIY gifts are very easy to make and are unique. They certainly stand out from the other regular gifts. DIY gifts are thus a great way of showing your loved ones that you care and you can make them at home without any hassle. You no longer have to go through the process of finding a perfect gift as you can very well create it yourself.

Bargain with Shopkeepers to Further Lower Prices

Since the Diwali season is just around the corner, you might notice a surge in the cost of every gift. The shopkeepers can price the gifts high but you can definitely bargain with them. Asking for discounts and reducing the cost of Diwali gift is a great idea. You can avoid going to the fixed price shops as there is hardly any scope of bargaining. You might usually not think for bargaining in a rush of finding the right gift but you can certainly get things for a lower rate, especially when you are buying in bulk.

10 Best Affordable Diwali Gift Ideas for 2018

Little Glass Gel Candles


Diwali is the festival of lights and these gorgeous candles will help your loved ones and friends in celebrating it. The multicolor little gel candles come in a pack of 18. They are made with all bright colors and are decorated beautifully. This is indeed a very affordable gift that you can bestow upon others. These candles can be used to decorate the house and are perfect to be kept during the festival. When kept with flowers and other decorative objects, it looks simply amazing. The candle comes with a glass exterior which is sturdy. Shop for this beautiful gift from Amazon for Rs. 287.

Lucky Bamboo for Feng Shui


Give this Lucky bamboo as a Diwali gift to your friends. It is symbolic of prosperity and good luck and is perfect for Diwali. The gift includes a healthy grown plant that is kept inside a beautiful round glass vase. Since it is an indoor plant, it should be maintained with care. Its roots should be kept in the water and it should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The plant also comes with colorful crystal balls that add a classy look to this lucky gift. Show your family and colleagues that you wish them all the success and good luck. You can buy this from Amazon for Rs. 299.

Patisa Lachedar (Soan Papdi)

Traditional sweets are a crucial part of any Diwali celebration. Exchanging the popular sweets has always been a favourite tradition in Indian society. Perfectly flaky and soft, this treat melts in the mouth and is a popular sweet from Jammu and Kashmir. It can also be relished with a glass of warm milk. The wonderful flavor of patisa and its dense texture makes it a perfect gift for Diwali. This sweet is made with high-quality ingredients. Otherwise known as soan papdi, it can be easily wrapped beautifully and presented to relatives and friends alike. Shop for this awesome sweet from for Rs.222.

Fruit Candies


What is a Diwali without some tasty treats, right? This fruit candy by Nestle fox offers a real flavor of fruits. These candies have a blend of mango, honey, and jackfruit that gives them a delectable and amazing taste. It has a classic flavor that everyone will love and is made with fruit extracts. Candied fruits are not only delicious but also make for an affordable gift. It is ideal to be given to family members and friends on the occasion of Diwali. The candy has a refreshing flavor. Shop for this from for Rs.140.

Multicolour Solid Wood Elephant Figurine Set of 3 by Art of Jodhpur

This solid wood elephant set has 3 figurines that can be kept as home decor. The elephants come in three sizes and have an adorable print on them. The golden and red color combination gives it a classy and attractive look. These figurines can very well be kept in the living room. Elephants are symbolic or power and kindness. Give this meaningful yet affordable gift to your dear ones on Diwali. The small figurines look adorable. Its impeccable design along with the bright colors give a great impact. You can shop for this amazing gift from for Rs.199.

Designer Tray with Handle


This stylish designer tray is made with food-grade plastic. It is an attractive tray that can be used to serve coffee, tea, and other beverages. It has an intricate design all over it that gives a classy look. The designer tray comes with a handle to easily hold it and carry it. This tableware is very sturdy and it is made with quality materials. It is a good utility gift that is also very affordable. If you are looking for an affordable option for Diwali then this can be a good pick. You can shop for this awesome Diwali gift from Amazon for Rs.279.

Decorative Photo Frame


A stylish photo frame never really goes out of style. This gorgeous photo frame is made with premium quality synthetic wood. It can be hung both vertically and horizontally. The photo frame is very easy to install and has a secure hanging hardware that it comes with. It is very stylish and can be used to gift your business partners, family or friends on Diwali. Its artistic make is very catchy. Perfect for home décor, this amazing gift is sure to win the hearts of whomsoever you gift it to. Shop for this Painting Mantra & Art Street Decoralicious White Designer Circular Motif Photo Frame from Amazon for Rs.299.

Cadbury Celebrations Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack


Chocolates always make a great gift! Especially for festivals like Diwali. This gift pack has different chocolates in it like Cadbury 5 star, gems and Cadbury Dairy Milk. Packed with a beautiful outer cover, this gift is ideal to be given to your colleagues or relatives. Moreover, kids will absolutely love this pack of chocolates. This new pack comes with a catchy design and has delicious chocolates inside of it. You can shop for this from Amazon for Rs.180.

Multicolor Metal Leaf Ganesha Idol by Handecor

This divine Leaf Ganesha idol by handecor is perfect for home décor. It instantly accentuates the look of any room. The multicolor metal has a Ganesha carved on it. Lord Ganesha is symbolic of prosperity thus making it a perfect gift for Diwali. It is elegantly shaped and captures the essence of spirituality. One can it in the living room and even near the entrance of the door. The Ganesha leaf idol brings in good vibes and warm wishes along with it. You can shop for it from for Rs.299.

Dry Fruit Basket


Are you looking for a Diwali gift that is cheap yet presentable? This basket of dry fruits could be your pick! It has different dry fruits like almond, pista, raisin and cashew nut all in one box. The box is beautifully designed and has four different slots in which the dry fruits are kept. Packed in an attractive box, this gift looks amazing. The tasty dry fruits are of high quality. You can very well give it to your loved ones, family and friends. Shop for this awesome dry fruit box from Amazon for Rs.299.

How to Decide on a Budget for Diwali Gifts?

List Everyone You Are Planning to Gives Gifts to

Shopping for Diwali can be quite daunting. While it might sound easy in the beginning, the reality is far from the assumption. You definitely have a lot of gifts to buy on this special festival! But before you go ahead with the shopping, you should actually consider making a list of people that you want to buy the gift for. This will not only help you stay organized but will also help you decide the budget. It is a good idea to filter the list several times before you finalize it. This will save you a lot of time and most importantly, money!

Brainstorm Gift Ideas

The next step after you have decided upon your guest list is to brainstorm your gift ideas. The type of gift you choose has a lot to do with whom you are gifting. For instance, if your relatives and friends are mostly young then they would like modern gifts for Diwali. Whereas, if they are comparatively old, then going for traditional gifts can be a good option. You can also keep a good mix of both the types to select a perfect gift on Diwali. Having a clear idea about what you want to give will help you zero in on small number of products. Then you can move on to comparing prices and finding good deals rather than endlessly looking for suitable gifts.

Calculate All Potential Gift Amounts

Based on what you would like to buy, you can calculate all the expenses that you are likely to incur. After you are done with selecting the type of gifts that you want, write down its expenses. This will give you a rough idea about how much the gifts would cost on a whole. If you directly jump into buying a gift without giving it a thought then it might cost you way more. With proper planning, you can actually set a budget successfully.

If You Are Uncomfortable with the Numbers, Make Necessary Changes

While it is understood that Diwali is a famous occasion, it does not really have to burn a hole in your pockets. You have all the liberty to choose the type of gift that you wish to buy and if you are not happy with the overall costing, you can make changes. Maybe go for gifts that are priced a little low but still look amazing. There are several options out there and you simply have to put in more time to get something within your budget.

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Have your shopping list ready in advance

The best time to buy Diwali gifts can be right before the festival arrives, when stores are offering fantastic deals and great discounts. But if you go in unprepared and let the sales decide your gift purchases you may end up buying too many things, or inadequate gifts. Get your shopping list ready before the prices start dropping so when they do you get your gifts at great prices, and yet stay organised and within budget.