A Guide on How to Choose the Best Geometry Box with a List of the Top 30 Best Options So You Decide on the Right Geometry Box! (2022).

A Guide on How to Choose the Best Geometry Box with a List of the Top 30 Best Options So You Decide on the Right Geometry Box! (2022).

The geometry box is commonly needed in studying maths, painting, drafting and other such kinds of work. It may look like all of the geometry boxes are the same, but there are several things that need to be taken into consideration before buying a geometry box. In this article, we will give you a list of the top 30 best ones on the market and various specifications that you need to consider while buying the geometry box.

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Geometry Boxes - Your Kid's First Interaction with the Tools

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Geometry boxes are not just sets of some instruments that a student needs to buy because the teacher has said so. The importance of every instrument goes beyond just learning how to draw a circle or how to use the divider. Drawing angles on a computer with a click of a button comes far after students learn the angles and draw it manually with the help of instruments in the geometry box. It would not be wrong to say that the instruments in the geometry boxes are your first step to understanding concepts like angles, circles, radius etc and use it extensively later in your life.

Essential Items that A Geometry Box Must Contain

Let us discuss about the essential items that are mandatory in a Geometry box. In another words, you can say that it would not be wrong to call a Geometry box incomplete if any one of these items are missing.


Drawing as well as measuring of the straight lines are done through Ruler and therefore it is an important instrument in the Geometry box. You will see that a typical ruler has a marking into centimetres and millimetres on one side and into inches on the other side. With the help of the scale, it is possible to measure the metric as well as customary units.


One of the most important instruments in your Geometry boxes is the compass that is used to draw the circles and the semi-circles. With the help of a compass, you can also draw arcs and angles along with marking the equal lengths. Compass is of great use if you are interested in learning about the angles as you can also use it in the intersection of line segments and tools.


Often pronounced wrong, this semi-circular instrument is used in measuring as well as drawing various angles. The protractor is used for measuring 0 to 180 degrees and measures any angle that is within the range. One of the features worth noticing is that the inner as well as the outer reading on tis protractor is supplement to each other. Interesting fact about the protractor is that if the inner and the outer readings are added, it sums up to 180 degrees.


As the name suggests, the instrument is a V shape and has pointers on both the sides. With the help of the divider, you can measure the lengths for comparing it later. Although it looks similar to compass, the major difference between the two is that divider is used for measuring and marking whereas compass is majorly a drafting instrument.


The two types of set squares that you should know about is 45 degree and 30-60 degrees. Both the set squares are commonly found in the Geometry box. While the 45-degree set square is used for drawing the vertical lines, you can also draw perpendicular lines, parallel lines, standard angles etc.

Top 30 Picks In Geometry Boxes for Kids and Adults

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So, these are the standard items that a basic geometry box should have. You can also find professional or engineering geometry boxes that will have various other items apart from the above mentioned basic instruments. Here, we have curated an exhaustive list of 30 Geometry boxes based on the instruments. Let us discuss more about the features, price and specs of these boxes.

1. Camlin Kokuyo Nova Geometry Box (Multicolour)

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Perhaps one of the most notable names in the stationary world, Camlin is known for good quality and reasonable prices. This Kokuyo Nova Geometry box from Camlin comes with a compass and divider that are specifically designed for accuracy. The non-rusting material of the divider and compass also ensures the longevity and quality of the product. Further, the plastic used in the other instruments such as protractors, set squares and rules is also of good quality. You can buy this good quality geometry box from Camlin on Amazon for just Rs. 147.

2. Classmate Archimedes Geometry Box | Die- Cast Compass | Mechanical Pencil | Double Sided Tray

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If you are looking for a compass that is wobble-free while drawing then Classmate Archimedes geometry box is a nice pick. The die-cast component of the compass ensures that you draw the angles without the compass wobbling. Further, with the double-sided tray, you can be assured of scratch-free instruments. Draw perfect angles with spur gear technology without compromising on symmetry. You can buy this Geometry box on all the leading online stores including Amazon for just Rs. 114.

3. Nataraj on Point Geometry Box

A complete geometry box, this one from Nataraj is a perfect choice for the students. Within the pack you get a high-quality compass and divider, a pencil with a strong lead, Eraser for dust-free erasing and a high-quality sharpener. Additionally, you also get the protractor, set squares and rulers. The premium quality material of these instruments ensures the durability of the product. You can buy the Nataraj On point Geometry box for Rs. 100 on bazarr24.com.

4. Captain America Themed Geometry Box with Adjustable Lamp Light

Captain America has a fairly large fan base amongst kids and if your kid loves this superhero too then the Captain America-themed geometry box will be a delight for her. Apart from Captain America, another surprising feature is the built-in adjustable lamp. Another attractive feature of this geometry box includes the dual sharpener which is easily accessible with a press of a button. In this geometry box, you get two compartments and 1 pencil box among other features. You can get this Captain America-themed Geometry box on bazarr24.com for Rs. 220.

5. Staedtler Noris Club 55710 Geometry Box

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This geometry box from Staedtler is ideal for not just school kids but also professionals. The metal case is stylish as well as apt for the purpose of storing all the instruments and using them as and when required. Within the pack, you get basic geometry tools such as a compass, protractor, divider, ruler and set squares. You can buy this geometry set from Staedtler on Amazon for Rs. 231.

6. Faber-Castell Sphere - Mathematical Drawing Instrument Box

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If you are looking for durability then this geometry box from Faber Castell should be your choice. The compass and divider are made of specially reinforced sheet metal. Along with that, the double side plating ensures that the instrument remains rust-free. Apart from the basic Geometry instruments, the pack contains 1 mechanical pencil, 1 sharpener and 1 eraser. This pack from Faber Castell is available on Amazon for just Rs. 110.

7. Minions Geometry Box with Instrument

Perfect for kids who love minions, this geometry box is made from premium quality metal. Apart from the funny images of the minions which are sure to tickle the little ones, you get basic instruments inside the box. There are two compartments in the box ensuring the ease of putting all the instruments and other items such as pencils, sharpeners and erasers. This geometry box is available on bazarr24.com for Rs. 299.

8. Princess Geometry Box with Calculator

After the Minions-themed option, we have here a Princess Geometry box that's a great pick for the kids to instil their interest in learning geometry. The box is made of high-quality non-toxic PVC and comes with a calculator on the top. Since it has double compartments, you can put all the geometry instruments as well as other stationery items comfortably without having to carry two boxes. The geometry box with dual sharpener is available on bazarr24.com for just Rs. 299.

9. Classmate Asteroid Geometry Box

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Yet another geometry box from Classmate that we found perfect for the school-going kids is their Asteroid series. One interesting feature of the compass present in this box is that the arm is switchable i.e. the compass can also become the divider. Further, the scale is foldable with an auto press lock. Within the box, you also get a mechanical pencil to ensure better precision. Buy this quality geometry box on Amazon for just Rs. 235.

10. RIANZ Train Pencil Box for Kids with Moving Tyre's & Sharpener Geometry Case

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If you are introducing your kid for the first time to the idea of geometry then this train pencil box is a perfect idea to do so. The box has multiple layers with enough space for keeping all the items without worrying about scratches. Made of durable and high-quality material, this train-shaped geometry box is available on Amazon for Rs. 359.

11. Faber-Castell Stellar - Mathematical Drawing Instrument Box

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Faber Castell is synonymous with quality products and this geometry box is no less. The box comes with standard geometry tools and the tapered ends of the box make it perfect for the kids. All the instruments in the box are transparent which enables better visibility. You can buy this basic but all comprehensive geometry box on Amazon for just Rs. 242.

12. DOMS X1 Premium Mathematical Drawing Instrument Geometry Box

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This premium metallic body geometry box comes with all basic instruments that are made of non-rusting material. To make sure that the accuracy is not compromised, there are special mm markings. You can buy this very attractive and useful geometry box on Amazon for just Rs. 110.

13. Cello Geo Mathematical Instrument Box

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Yet another credible name in the world of stationary, Cello has launched this useful geometry box for the students. The instruments are made of the highest quality wherein you would not have issues like wobbling compass and so on. Moreover, to ensure the longevity of the instrument, the material used in making is non-rusting. Loaded with all basic instruments, this Cello Geometry box is available on Amazon for just Rs. 72.

14. Maped 9pcs Geometry Set

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The French Company Maped has launched this geometry set for students and professionals. In this pack, there are 9 essential geometric tools used heavily in the school curriculum. The pouch for carrying the tools can be comfortably put in the bag and comes with separate sections to keep all the instruments. You can buy this good quality geometry box on Amazon for Rs. 265.

15. Lukzer Geometry Mathematical Drawing Instrument Box

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This geometry box comes with 8 instruments in total making it a perfect pick for the students. The self-centring compass also ensures that you get the angles perfectly without having to adjust multiple times. Further, the instruments are made from high-quality plastic and are transparent. You can buy this Geometry box on Amazon for Rs. 236.

16. Milisten 4PCS Math Ruler Geometry Tool Set

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The lightweight instruments that come in this Geometry toolset are easy to use for both the students and the professionals. In this box, you do not get the compass and divider. What you get is the set squares, protractor and a ruler in this box. The built quality, markings and precision make the instruments in this geometry box a perfect pick for students as well as professionals. This geometry box is available on Amazon for just Rs. 819.

17. Smily Kiddos Plastic Geometry Box

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Another one that we liked specifically for the kids is this plastic geometry box from Smiley Kiddos. With every instrument having its own slot, your kid will not have to adjust the tools every time in the box. Further, the transparent box looks beautiful and ensures that your kid can monitor if the instruments are missing. This beautiful geometry box is available on Amazon for just Rs. 280.

18. Vinmot Spiderman Geometry Box Set of 11 - Multicolour

we have hardly met a kid who does not love spiderman and therefore this geometry box with the spiderman theme is a great way of getting kids interested in learning. Apart from the box, you also get a set of pencils, sharpeners and erasers ensuring that your kid has all the items to start learning the concepts. The blazing red colour of the pack is sure to incite interest in the kid and make her more interested in learning. You can buy this beautiful geometry box on firstcry.com for just Rs. 303.

19. M I Enterprises Mini Drafter Sheet Container Geometry Box

This geometry box from MI comes with a professional-grade compass, divider, set square mini drafter, sheet container and drawing pencils. Preferably for the professionals, the kit has everything that a professional needs to get started with their work. The drafter can be used for drawing circles without the use of a compass as it has 25 circles in total with clear and visible markings. The plastics used in these instruments are made from high-quality plastic. You can buy this high-standard geometry box on Flipkart for just Rs. 739.

20. Flair Pro-Math Mathematical Drawing Instrument Box Geometry Box (Black)

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The drawing instrument geometry box from Flair is yet another classy product that earned a mention in our curated list. The diecast compass in this box is perfect for making precise circles and angles without any wobbling. Further. The double-sided tray also saves the instrument from scratches and ensures quick access. The spur gear technology underlining the compass guarantees coordinated movement without compromising on symmetry. Further, you also get the mechanical pencil with this geometry box for the highest level of precision. Buy this Mathematical drawing instrument geometry box on Amazon for Rs. 124.

21. 2 Sets Math Geometry Kit, 10 Pieces Per Set Student

A complete value for money this geometry kit comes with 10 tools ensuring that kids miss out on nothing when starting with the concept of geometry. The box is very easy to carry with its compact size and hook that can be used comfortably to carry the box. Available in two different colours, blue and green your kid is going to love this geometry box. Talking about the design and comfort, the instruments are designed ergonomically. You can buy this Math geometry kit on ubuy.in for just Rs. 1743.

22. SquareDrop Teachers Geometry Box Attachi - Mathematics

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This geometry box from SquareDrop is a perfect kit for teachers and professionals. Although this geometry box can be used by the students also, the sophistication in design and build make it ideal even for the teachers to use. In the box, you get a protractor, divider, pair of set squares, a duster and an adjustable compass. Buy this smartly designed geometry box on Amazon for just Rs. 1,225.

Professional Geometry Sets

23. Maped Technic Compass Instrument Set

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Precision and quality are the two features setting this geometry box apart from other geometry boxes. In addition to that, the patented stop system concept keeps the leg in position for maximum control and precision. If you are looking to buy a highly effective compass system for professional use this pack from Maped is a perfect choice for you. You can buy this Maped Technic Compass Instrument set on Amazon for just Rs. 450 and add a professional touch.

24.USI Wooden Geometry Box Set of 7 for Teacher and Students

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If you are looking for a stylish and unique geometry set for professionals then this geometry box from USI is a no-brainer. The wooden instruments such as compass, divider, and set squares are made from wood but are extremely durable. Moreover, the 6mm brass fitting in the divider and compass is of good quality. This geometry box is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,499.

25.PMW - Plastic Geometry Box for Teachers (Superior Quality)

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Yet another meticulously designed geometry box for professionals and teachers, you get a total of seven instruments in this box. This box contains all the basic instruments that are required by both professionals as well as students. This uniquely designed Geometry box is available on Amazon for just Rs. 1,199.

26.Isomars Black Board/White Board Geometry Set

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For the professionals who are looking for Board Geometry sets, this complete set from Isomars is a perfect pick. Made from high-quality plastic material, the instruments in this geometry box are suitable for whiteboards and blackboards. Within the box, you also get the spare parts making it a complete set. In total, this geometry box consists of eight instruments, all of which are large in size. If you want to buy this geometry box then go and check out on Amazon where the item is available for Rs. 898.

27. Staedtler Professional Geometry Box

Known for its high-quality architectural drawing tools, Staedtler professional geometry box is worth consideration if you are looking for a precision drawing. This pack has a solid metal compass with a centre wheel, push-button and hinged lead. The lead part of the compass is interchangeable with a 4mm shank. Further, you also get the interchangeable pointed needle. Within the box, you get a compass, technical pen adapter, universal adapter and extension bar. If you are interested in buying this professional compass set then get this on htconline.in for just Rs. 6,000.

28. Engineering Drawing Instruments Box Geometry Box with Set of 13 Parts Full Brass

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If you are looking for a professional geometry set then this full brass bodied box is a perfect fit. Ideal for designers, architects, and professionals this box comes with 13 instruments ensuring perfect accuracy and precision. As every instrument has its own compartment to fit in, there is no risk of scratch. Further, the foam cover ensures that the instruments are in their place. You can buy this professional-grade Geometry box on Amazon for just Rs. 425 after a discount that is running currently.

29.Graphic on Engineering Drawing Instrument Box 12 Parts (Matalic Colour)

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This geometry set is perfect for engineers, aspiring students, architects and other professionals who are looking for a complete drawing solution. The Graphic engineering instrument box comes with 12 parts made of high-quality brass. Within the box, you get useful instruments like compasses, bow dividers, plain dividers, an inking pen, small screwdrivers and so on making it a complete solution for the architects. You can buy this geometry set on Amazon for just Rs. 360.

30. Bellstone Engineering Drawing Instruments box - Set of 13 Pieces

Featured on most of industrial equipment websites, this geometry box is custom-made for professionals and engineers. In total, you get 13 geometry instruments, each having a separate compartment within the plastic box for hassle-free storage. All the instruments are professional-grade and therefore guarantee precision. You can buy this geometry box on industrybuying.com for just Rs. 662.

What To Look for When Buying Geometry Boxes

Now that we are done with our exhaustive list of the geometry boxes suitable for both students and professionals, let us go ahead to understand the critical factors to look for when selecting a geometry box.

Basic Instruments

When you are just starting with learning a concept, it becomes significant to have access all the basic items. These basic items are nothing but the building blocks making the foundation strong. Imagine a kid does not know the use of protractor when using other tools in the box. It will not just hamper the basic concept learning of that kid but also more advanced concepts will be challenging for him to learn. Therefore, when you are looking to buy a geometry box for your kid for the first time, make sure that it has all the basic instruments. By basic instruments we mean compass, divider, protractor, set square, ruler and mechanical pencil.

Variety of Pencils

As the kids go through the more advanced designing, drawing and other principles of geometry, they will learn about the type of pencils used in this space. When we start learning the concept then we start with the wooden pencils. However, if you are a professional or learning some advanced concept of geometry then sharpening your wooden pencil might get a bit frustrating. There are various types of pencils that you can use such as mechanical pencils or pen pencils. Overall, better shapes and angles can be drawn when the grip is better.

Cost of Geometry Box

Again it depends on the stage of learning the concepts of geometry. There are different types of geometry boxes available today. However, you should buy the box according to the concept that your kid is learning. Buying your kid a very expensive geometry box with lots of instruments might only confuse him if he is just learning the basic concept. Similarly buying a very basic geometry box for someone who is planning on choosing a profession like architects might be the wrong choice. Depending on the number of instruments and types of instruments, the price of a geometry box differs. You can get an idea about the pricing of different geometry boxes depending on the number of instruments.

Material of Geometry Box

Geometry boxes come in all shapes and sizes. However, depending on the budget and purpose you can select different types of materials in geometry box. Geometry boxes come in stainless steel, metal, plastic and even the PVC pouches. Material of the geometry box can be chosen depending on your choice.

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So, here we are with our carefully picked geometry boxes for both students and professionals. Apart from these picks, we also tried to throw some light on the basic considerations one should make while selecting a geometry box. Do tell us which geometry box from our exhaustive list suited you the best and drop us your valuable suggestions.