10 Useful Promo Gifts for Your Clientele Plus How to Select the Right Gifts for Promoting Your Brand (2019)

10 Useful Promo Gifts for Your Clientele Plus How to Select the Right Gifts for Promoting Your Brand (2019)

Looking for some ways to promote your brand? Gifting still holds its fort among other branding strategies, as, everyone always appreciates a thoughtful gift which comes in quite handy in day-to-day life. If you were looking for the perfect and most relevant gifts to be used for promotion purposes, your search ends here! We're here to help you with deciding the most appropriate gifts for your clientele with our top 10 picks you can use as promotion gifts for your company.

What Makes Promo Gifts so Important for a Business?

Brand Recognition

If you think that spending money on promo gifts is a waste of time, efforts as well as cash, then these points are going to change your perspective for sure. It's imperative for you to send out promo gifts on behalf of your company to gain strong brand recognition in your niche.

Your brand must get such exposure that it should be recognized through its logo only, just like some of the famous brands out there. This is possible only when you plan out your promo gifts smartly.

Works Like a Business Card

Your business card is something which bears all the essential information regarding your company and you. These promo gifts work like a charm and function just like a business card for your company.

For instance, if you send out pen drives as a promo gift with your company’s logo and name imprinted, this will work as a business card for you. The recipient won’t have to go through their business card to remember you, but your gifts will speak for yourself and your brand.

Brings Exposure for Your Business

Promotional merchandise is quite like an asset to your company, which works as a milestone to bring exposure to your brand’s name. You must send out useful promo gifts which can be used by your recipients in their day to day life.

It will bring your brand into the perspective of your clients and customers. By looking at the merchandise and products, they will remember your brand, and hence it will bring more exposure for you.

10 Useful & Budget Promo Gifts for Your Business

1. Personalised Sleek Pens

Source vistaprint.in

Personalised pens are the most common yet effective type of promo gifts used by the companies as a tool of their marketing plan. You can use this sleek pen here as a promo gift for your employees and even clients.

This one here is a ballpoint pen with a metallic body. It exerts blue ink and has such a nice and sleek design that would make anyone want to get their hands on it. This pen is also available in various colours, including red, blue, black, and pink. Our recommendation would be to go for the black one as it has that formal touch to it.

You can engrave the name and logo of your company on it which will be done by laser engraving as it is long lasting. You also have the options to customise its finish and can choose from options such as velvet and matte. Personalise and buy this pen from Vistaprint for Rs. 150 apiece.

2. Personalised Embroidered Jute Bag

If you want to keep it simple and thoughtful, then you won't find a better option than this customised jute bag for your recipients. Whether it's your clients or employees or anyone else, jute bags send out a great message of avoiding plastic bags, which also puts your company’s name into positive lights.

Through Printvenue, you can buy embroidered jute bags which comes with this handle to carry them around. They are sturdy enough to carry vegetables and other grocery items too.

Available in green colour, these bags have the option to customise the name and logo of your company on them. You can choose the pattern and designs from their website and customise everything on your own. This jute bag is priced at Rs. 229.

3. Customised Printed Calendar

Source printland.in

Calendars are another useful and practical promo gifts which are much appreciated in the corporate community. They are an effective way of gaining brand exposure. As calendars are always put on the best display location in both homes and offices, you can pick this gift without any second thoughts.

We're here for you with this elegant blue calendar having an attractive design where you can get your company's name and logo personalised.

Each leave of the calendar comes with a great finish, and you can choose the option from gloss and matte. The logo and name will be printed on all the 12 leaves, and the blue colour makes them more visible and attractive for sure. You can further customise the font and other things as per your preferences. Buy this promo gift from printland.in for Rs. 185 apiece.

4. Promotional T-Shirts

Another great way to promote your brand’s name is by sending out the clothing with your company’s name on it. We have got the perfect recommendation for you in the form of this formal white t-shirt here. You have other colours to choose from like blue, red and many more.

These are collared t-shirts with elbow length sleeves on them. They are unisex t-shirts perfect for your male as well as female recipients.

Now, talking about the customisation, it entirely depends upon you that where do you want the logo and name to be printed. Have your logo printed on the sleeves too. The minimum order for these t-shirts must be 25. You can customise and order these online from Printstop for Rs. 350 per piece.

5. Universal Car Mobile Holder

Source brandstik.com

Our next recommendation for the perfect promo gift item is this mobile phone holder. This one is a universal car mobile holder with 360 degree rotating capabilities. This holder comes with a stand which is attached to the surface.

The holder comes with a claw in for through which your phone can be held firmly. It has multipurpose functions such as it can be used to hold your phone and navigate while you're driving or you can use this holder at some other places too like at home for watching your favourite TV shows and movies without having to hold your phone for hours.

For the personalisation, you are supposed to send them your logo and artwork in a certain format. They will send the sample of logo rendering, and if approved by you, they will proceed further. The minimum order quantity is 100, and you are supposed to quote your price for it, which varies from Rs. 101 to Rs. 250. Order these on brandstik.com.

6. 3 in 1 Clock with FM & Torch

It's time to opt for something different, and this is why you need to shift your focus towards this 3-in-1 clock here. This one is a digital clock which is quite compact and won’t even acquire much of your desk's space.

You can prefer such kind of gifts for your employees too. This is quite like a table accessory, which is pretty cool to use.

It has three combined in one which means the clock works as a torch as well as FM too. Isn’t that great? This multipurpose clock is truly one of the most useful items you can think of for your recipients. Unfortunately, there are no personalisation options available with it, and you would have to do it on your own. You can order it online on promotionalgifts.co.in for Rs. 490.

7. Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

A solid vacuum flask is undoubtedly one of the most useful products for someone who is always on the move and even is quite useful for us regular consumers as well.

This superb flask comes with a silicon strap to carry it around and has a capacity of 500 ml. It is made out of completely food safe stainless steel so you won’t have to worry about its quality at all. It can keep the beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. The convenient nozzle can be used to pour out the liquid quickly.

The cap, on the other hand, can be used as a cup too, making this flask pretty cool and multipurpose. It comes with only one con that is, the customization has to be done by yourself only. You can buy this vacuum flask on businessgifts.in for Rs. 482.

8. Personalised Cardholder

Source igiftshub.com

Even simple products like a cardholder can turn out to be an excellent choice for promo gifts. Take a look at this cardholder, which looks quite a piece for someone who is not able to manage all the important business cards they may have.

The cardholder looks quite sleek, and it made out of leatherette. It is capable enough to carry all your essential cards such as debit & credit cards with business cards.

Talking about the customisation part, you have the option to customise the logo and tagline of your company on it. It will get printed on the front side on the border. You would have to order at least 100 of these as the minimum quantity. You can buy them on igiftshub.com for Rs. 188 apiece.

9. Square Board Coaster

Source 5by7.in

Coasters are an excellent idea to be used as a corporate gift item. We found this set of 4 coasters available in square shape here. They are perfect for carrying your brand logo and name on it and would serve as a great way to spread your brand's image.

These square shaped coasters are made out of paper board which is thick enough to last long and easy enough to clean too.

Here you get a pack of 4 coasters, and the customisation can be done on one side. The price also varies with the quantity as more the number, lesser will be the price, and the minimum order quantity is set at 100 pieces. You can order 100 pieces online on 5by7.in for Rs. 120 each.

10. Promotional USB Pen Drive

And our final product for this list, we present to you one the most useful item for the corporate people, pen drive which is available in various colours and capacity options.

Such kind of devices has always been a great tool for brand promotion, and this swivel/twister type of pen drives serve best for your agenda. The logo will be printed on the steel twister of this pen drive.

You get the capacity options like 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB. The colour options to choose from include white, blue, red, and yellow. They come with two years of replacement warranty too so that you can make sure that you are not wasting your money here. The minimum order quantity for this item is 100, and you can order them online on brandedcorporategift.com for Rs. 595 apiece for the 16 GB variant.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Promo Gifts

If you consider yourself a beginner at planning and sending out corporate gifts, then there are certain things that you should keep in mind. From budgeting to the right kind of marketing tactics, you are going to learn it all through these little tips mentioned below.

Pick Something that Belongs to the Theme of Your Business

If you are sending out promo gifts for the first time, then make sure that you pick something which belongs to the theme of your company. For instance, a tech business must choose something related to technology or a printing company should send out stationery items as their promo gifts, and so on.

It will impact the mindset of your recipients and will also bring your brand into their consideration by establishing a long-lasting image.

Never Forget to Personalise the Item

Source etsy.com

You should never forget that personalisation is the sole key of the promo and related corporate gifts. It may only be a waste of your hard earned money if you are not personalising the gift item appropriately. Even a small gift item should have the logo of your company and its name imprinted on it. Your gift items are simply a part of a marketing effort, and you should get the best out of this opportunity!

Always Keep the Budget in Mind

You should know that promo gifts are sent out in bulk, which means a large amount of money is needed to be spent on them. In such cases, you should plan for the gifts in advance and decide the budget too. You would not want to play with the finances of your company by spending too much on the promo gifts. Also, you can also organise a team meeting to get ideas from your employees on this as well.

Buy Different Items for Different Recipients

Majority of the receiving parties for these promo gifts would be your premium customers and clients. Both are important to maintain the right finances of your company, and you can’t afford to annoy them. You can plan different gifts for different types of clients according to the bond your company shares with them. However, you can pick the same gift for your customers.

From our editorial team

Hand Out Gifts Personally

If you want to make an even better impression, then go out and hand these gifts out with your hands! Seeing you in person while you deliver these useful gifts will surely create an impression that you care for your customers, and this in return, would help you grow positively! Don't forget to add the personal note and also make it as relevant as you can while also keeping everything in line.